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The Hard Road to Business Success for Women Part 4

Updated on March 12, 2019
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Dr. David Thiessen is an educator, writer, pastor, and speaker. He has authored several books on a variety of topics including Archaeology


This leaves the question- where do women go from here? Women need to understand a few things. First, history tells us that the struggle they face for acceptance in the business and political worlds is not a new fight or a new problem. Women have been relegated to certain duties and deprived of participation in those activities that men enjoy for whatever reason their society had. These reasons could be religious in nature, personal, governmental and so on. There is really no one cause for discrimination against women in the workforce.

From ancient times on up, women have been taken advantage of when they want to be employed by businesses. The problem here is not to place the picture we have of the ancient world solely upon men. The survival rate of documents and manuscripts are not plentiful. While archaeologists do stumble upon a library or two, the contents of those libraries are not filled with written works by the general population. Most are just government regulations or some business transactions.

Even the original works of the great historians have not survived the ravages of time so to think that works written by individuals will survive is unrealistic. We really do not know who wrote when and on what subject. Time has taken care of that issue

Second, Women need to understand that members of their own gender who do not share their views or do not want to be employed in the workforce are not the enemy. There are many women who like being domesticated, raising their families, tending to the needs of their spouses and do not want to worry about employment problems. They are not wrong nor undermining the feminist or equality movements.

They have the right and freedom to choose how they will live their lives. They are not being detrimental to any effort to achieve equality or equal pay. They feel that they belong in the domestic realm and that is their choice. They should not be vilified because they refuse to participate in a fight they want no part of nor affects them.

In fact, those who are involved in this struggle need to make sure they know what is actually meant by the term equality. They may be surprise that some women in their struggle apply a different definition and have a different set of goals in mind.

They may not be fighting for the same purpose or same objective.

Third, women have an option. If they are not being successful in the business world or receiving equality from their employers, they can always choose the alternative and follow their passion and create their own employment and business operation. There is nothing in most countries today that stop a woman from establishing her own company.

If women can find the financial and mental support then nothing is really stopping them from setting the right example. Too often people complain about a system yet they have done nothing to show that their ideas are better than the ones already employed. South Korea experiences this for the last couple of decades as they imported westerners from 7 countries to teach English t their students.

These imported native speakers, not all of them, after a short exposure to the educational methods of the South Koreans would use any means possible to let their objections and criticism known. They were and are loud and obnoxious about their complaints.

Then they would complain that the South Koreans would not listen to them. The fact that these imported teachers normally did not have the experience to make such determinations about another country’s educational strategies escaped these complainers. Another fact was that none of these people who complained had run their own schools, recruited their own students, and so on nor shown in any way that their ideas were better than the ones the South Koreans employed.

Without that track record these imported native speakers were simply wasting everybody’s time, including their own. To be able to fight perceived injustice one has to show they actually have a better way than the one in current use.

Fourth, women cannot expect to be listened to nor have their complaints heard simply because they are women. Everyone has some sort of injustice done them and those being done to women do not necessarily mean all the other struggles are inferior to their own. The world won’t stop just because a woman cries foul.

This does not mean that women are not suffering from discrimination; it just means that their problem is not the only problem faced by businesses and government.

Finally, going for one’s dreams or passions is not wrong. It is a great way to spend one’s life and find fulfillment. If one can endure and persevere through the hard times they will finally rejoice when they become a success. History and modern times are filled with great examples for the woman of today to follow.

There is enough motivation and inspiration out there for them to latch onto and propel them into the business world, they just can’t put the cart before the horse and expect great things with little effort. It is going to take realistic thinking along with learning the right lessons along the way in order for them to become the success that they see others are enjoying.

Then they will need patience. Not everyone will be an overnight success and in most cases that achievement is better avoided than enjoyed. Taking one step at a time will help ensure stability and keep one from overreaching and ruining what they have started.

The business world and turning a passion into a success is not for the faint of heart.

© 2019 David Thiessen


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