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The HerbaLife Scam

Updated on February 15, 2012
Herbalife: worthwhile or worthless?
Herbalife: worthwhile or worthless?

HerbaLife: Scam or Not?

Have you heard of HerbaLife, or do you even sell its products? If not, then let me tell you about the Herbalife scam.

If you walk around any major city, you'll probably see flyers posted on light and electrical poles saying things like "Work From Home", or "Lose 30 lbs Now, Ask Me How!" The ads may all be different, but what they all share in common is the same phone number. When you call that phone number, you obtain a company by the name of HerbaLife.

Back when I was unemployed, I toyed with the idea of joining HerbaLife. Little did I know the company history or the other questionable business practices of this firm. However, after doing some online research, here is what I found out:

HerbaLife was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes, a guy who, at the young age of 44, was found dead due to a likely drug overdose. Still, HerbaLife continued on, and is now almost 30 years in business. As of this posting, the HerbaLife company states that it has over 1.8 million distributors in about 66 countries. The company is even on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: HLF). Annual gross sales for HerbaLife are roughly $3.5 billion, though they may have taken a hit due to the recent recession.

HerbaLife sells all kinds of vitamins and other nutritional supplements. There are shakes, protein bars, weight loss products, herbs, even meals replacements.

Do you like what you hear so far? Would you like to buy some HerbaLife vitamins? Well, you can't. First, you need to become a distributor.

HerbaLife makes the big bucks not by selling nutritional supplements, but by recruiting folks to become distributors.These distributors buy up a certain lot amount of the company's products, sample them, and try to sell them. More importantly, though, the newly-minted distributors are "encouraged" to recruit their friends and family (and anyone else they know) to become distributors too. And when I say "encouraged", I mean that the company will pretty much twist your arm in order to have you find new recruits. Weekly meetings, HerbaLife newsletters, company-wide e-mails, etc., will all repeat the company core motto until it comes out of your ears: recruit, recruit, recruit!

Of course, there is an incentive to finding new distributors: a portion of their earnings on products gets kicked up to you. And likewise, part of your earnings get kicked up to whoever recruited you. And so it goes, until the very few people at the top of this pyramid scheme rake in the big bucks while you drive around in your car with big boxes of muscle-building protein powder. It's multi-level marketing (MLM), plain and simple.

What are the costs for this pyramid scheme? It takes around $220 to enroll in the HerbaLife scam, er, I mean program. This money pays for your enrollment, your first pack of product, and also some samples for you (since distributors are highly encouraged to use the company's products as well as to sell them).

If HerbaLife would just stop here and allow you to just purchase and sell its products, I doubt you could call it a scam. However, the scamming really starts when you listen to what the company is trying to have you believe:

In its flyers, HerbaLife claims that you can make as much as $1500 per week for part-time work. If you work full-time, you can make $5500 per week. However, the statistics say otherwise. In actuality, about 1% of HerbaLife distributors make 85% of the company's gross sales. These distributors are in the upper echelons of the company, and were around back when the company was still starting up in the early 80's. The remaining 99% of HerbaLife distributors, who joined the company after the mid-1980s, make the remaining 15% of the company's gross sales.

What does that mean math-wise? Let's crunch the numbers: 99% of all reported HerbaLife distributors comes out to 1,782,000 distributors (99% of 1.8 million). Meanwhile, 15% of $3.5 billion comes out to $525 million. Divide $525 million by the 1,782,000 distributors and you obtain $294 in annual sales per distributor!! And keep in mind that is not profit, but sales, so the actual take-home pay is even less.

Of course, not all distributors are alike. Some may have enormous selling potential, and lots of eager friends and family to whom they can sell HerbaLife products. But that's still a big chance to take when your initial investment in the company is almost the same amount of money that you are likely to make over the course of an entire year!

Another problem with HerbaLife is market over-saturation. It's not as if nutritional supplements, vitamins or protein shakes are in short supply; just look through your local grocery store, sports nutrition store or pharmacy. And those nutritional supplements, vitamins and protein shakes are also priced far below what HerbaLife charges for its comparable items. Granted, when HerbaLife first introduced its products, the market was way smaller, giving HerbaLife a major advantage over its nonexistent competition. But nowadays, when such products run the length of two or more store shelves and are often priced at discount, what's the point of paying top dollar for HerbaLife? It is little wonder why so many HerbaLife distributors have resorted to selling their remaining inventory on places like eBay and Craigslist.

So, in conclusion, should you invest in the HerbaLife scam? Only if you have extreme sales savvy, as well as lots of spare time on your hands. As for me, I think I'll pass. I can think of many other businesses that pay a lot more money for a lot less work.

Would you recommend the HerbaLife business to a friend?

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    • profile image

      Cheap auto insurance in Houston 2 years ago

      What are my options for car insurance, being a US resident who is taking classes in British Columbia?

    • profile image

      NUTRITION24 2 years ago

      Sorry to hear that your experience with herbalife was not that great. Just because you did not work hard enough to build your team that u need to call it a scam. I knw people and myself who are doing well in the business. MAYBE IF U ATTENDED THE TRAININGS & BECAME A PRODUCT LOVER BEFORE STARTING THE BUSINESS THEN U WULD GET SOMEWHERE... THANK U..

    • profile image

      Urban Jedi 3 years ago

      As expected. Tumbleweed............

    • profile image

      Kevin 3 years ago

      Almost all of the information in this article is wrong, Mark Hughes died of a heart defect he had from birth, his mother died of an OD of diet pills and that's why he started Herbalife.

      MLM is not a scam, it's just that stupid people can't see you have to work for a living and it's not going to just make you rich for free. Every distributor has their own business, it's as simple as that.

    • profile image

      The Urban Jedi 3 years ago

      Ok, I have the following challenge for ANY Herbalife distibutor, earning '£1500 plus per month'


      If I earnt this incredible amount, I would lve other people to have the same opportunity, but instead of selling them the 'concept' (i'm not talking about the products here, the products are fine at what they do) I would simply show them my bank balance as PROOF!!!! One guy, who conned my ex into signing up showed off his six pack, and said he was earning £5k a month. Why does he drive a crapy 10 year old Renault, and still live with his mates in a shared house??? If I was 31, earning 5k a month, I would be living it large, again, even more stuff to show off to the new 'recruits'.

      happy herbalifer, SHOW ME THE PROOF!!!!

      Like I say, the products - although vastly overproced, are fine. No issues there. Ive lost over 2 stone in 14 weeks. However, THE CASH IS A LIE!!!!! Its all about pretence, fake testimony, and lies. The cultish atmosphere is also rather creepy.

      I CHALLENGE ANY HERBALIFER TO SHOW ME THEIR ACCOUNTS/P and L/BOOKS/BANK STUFF - SHOW ME THE PROOF!!!!! I think you are all deluded, chasing the top 1%er income, whilst kidding yourselves that you are minted!!!!!


      It is a big scam on the money front.

      I welcome any proof to the contrary.

    • profile image

      happy herbalifer 3 years ago

      I paid £31 plus postage to sign up in the UK, I earn £8000 a month after 6 months in the business, the sign up kit came with a tub of shake worth £28, so where is the scam? Sour grapes from a competitor company no doubt! Best decision I ever made, anyone not doing it is a fool. I'm not promoting it to sign anyone up, as I don't want team members who can't think for themselves, just stating the facts! Have fun hating x

    • profile image

      Purtier Placenta 4 years ago

      MLM is not a scam. Is a career which requires motivation and hard work.

      I am a distributor from Riway, Purtier Placenta. We are founded in Singapore and ventured into Malaysia market in 2008.

      Unlike other MLM company who has tons of products, other company only have 1 product which is Purtier Placenta. Yes, you heard me right. Only 1!

      Our rapid and steady growth has won extensive customers around the world, for our first 5 years.

      With the highest payout under the bonus system, SGD 250 millions has been paid out, helping many people to achieve financial indepence.

      I have to many to share and I'm afraid this post will be too lengthy.

      For anyone who is keen to know more, you can contact me via whatapp at +65 8668 3737 or email me at, you can also follow us on Instagram (Purtiersingapore) or like us on Facebook (Purtier Placenta)

    • profile image

      eye spy 4 years ago

      The comments on this post clearly demonstrate that the only source of information trusted by Herbalife followers, is the Herbalife organization.

      Herbalife is undoubtedly an extremely dangerous, and divisive, organization to get involved with.


    • profile image

      Kirsty Lou 4 years ago

      You really need to get your facts right before claiming a guy is dead! His mother died at a young age through seeing 5 different doctors to try and loose weight, she was on uppers to loose weight from one dr, downers so she could sleep from a different dr, and so on, not one dr knew about any other dr there for she got a leathal mix and over dosed, Mark started this business as a healthy way to loose weight there are top nutritionalists and scientists who work daily on these products.

      As with any business, you get out of it what you put in, if you cannot be bothered to put the work in, you will get nothing out of it!

      As others have said, you do not have to sign up as a distributer you can be a lifelong customer. I am afraid this post is made up of ill gotten facts, poor training and sour grapes.

      I can also help you out with regards to Herbalife if you are based in Essex and would like to know more, e-mail me I look forward to helping you reach your goals!

    • profile image

      YEN 4 years ago

      I'm not trying to be rude, but the majority of the things you have said in this article is soooo wrong. I have no idea where you have gotten your information from, but it's not correct. I became a distributor about 4 months ago and that was only because the price difference would only be $15 and I get 25% off products when I need more. It does not cost $220 to enroll. The prices vary depending on what you are all getting. The quick start costs $109. 70 (US dollars). To enroll to become a distributor and automatically get your 25% discount is about $60 ( I can't remember the exact price, but I'm very close). So with the cost for the quick start and membership fee is roughly $170 with an automatic 25% discount on that. My sponsor was not pushy at all. Like I said, I signed up to be a member to get the discount, but now I have fallen in love with the product and have decided to be more into all the perks they have to offer me as a distributor. After learning and trying more and more of their products I truly do believe they work. It has for me. I've actually bought products for family and friends that felt iffy about it. They have also fallen in love with it and no they are not distributors...I didn't push the products on them and pushed them to become members. I wanted them to be healthy. Yes, you may be able to find products in stores that are cheaper, BUT they may not be as healthy as Herbalife. The products are backed up by some really amazing scientists. Dr. Lou Ignarro, Ph. D. is on the board...he's one of the very few that has won a Nobel for Laureate in Medicine. Dr. Vasillios Frankos, M.S., Ph.D, was working for the FDA, while testing the products he ended up interviewing the company and asked Herbalife can he come on board because he knew it was an amazing product! I've met some of the most fit people..eating "healthy", exercising, taking all of their recommended supplements, etc. Yet when I've put them on a total body composition scale, everything is on the "healthy" range except of their visceral fat. I've altered a plan with Herbalife for them and within 2-3 weeks their visceral fat is at a normal range and they continue with the products because it's made them feel way better and it's not as many supplements as what they were taking before. Also I feel like the reason why the products are not in the store or you can't purchase them online, is because Herbalife wants you to have a one on one person to help you through your process. Every product is not for everyone, thats what your sponsor/distributor is there for. Think about many times have you just gone into a store to buy something you've seen on the counter because it sounded good? You bring it home and then you are completely disappointed because it didn't do what it said it would do. The problem with labels, everyone will interpret it differently. The great thing about having a sponsor/distributor/"coach", they can help you with the products or take you off of something and swing you towards another plan. I've personally have told people who have purchased through me, if they don't like it..I will buy the remainder back from them. I have not had one return yet! To the person who wrote this article, yes everyone is not a salesman...including me. I don't enjoy being a salesman. I've owned my own business and could make more by selling things to people they don't need, but I don't. I'm usually asking them questions why they want certain things and usually give them other options to save money..or even tell them they will just be wasting their money. Herbalife on the other hand, if you know the products well (because it takes more than just reading about it), the product will sell itself. As for all of the meetings and events they always have going on, because in every career if you want to succeed, you need to want to learn more, you need to leave room for improvement. These classes/meetings may seem repetitive, but if you are really wanting to learn theres always something new you will learn. Anything in life takes time and patience to succeed. When you see those signs about making such and such in a month, it is possible, but you have to truly believe in what you are doing and want to learn more and more. And I'm not making thousands..not even hundreds...I'm more in this business to help people with their health. Also my sponsors are the same way, they just want to help people get healthy. They have offered FREE fit classes 3 days a week morning and evening classes for EVERYONE..including non Herbalife consumers. You should sit in one of the STS meetings they have..and really get educated about Herbalife..I promise you it will change your mind about it. And I would also like to apologize to anyone that has ever had a sponsor/distributor/"coach" that treated you like a sale. I'm sorry if you didn't get the full benefits that Herbalife sponsors should provide. You can always contact the corporate office and let them know your concerns. They may be able to send you to someone else. If you want to learn more, and really know about Herbalife, I would be happy to help you. You can send me an email to

    • profile image

      Alisa 4 years ago

      i just became a distributor .. my sister in law is one and she has went from a size 11 to 4 in 3 months with no working out. just herbalife. however i dont know that many people to sell it too so they told me that actually i can just use my starter kit for my personal use. supposedly a lot of people do that to get the discount.

    • profile image

      Herbababe 4 years ago

      I agree, most of you information is 100% false. It is $60 to become a coach, which includes business kit. If you want it with the product, you can pay $104 with tax... which is about a 70% discount on the QuickStart program. Learn your facts. I made $800 my first month from merely posting twice on instagram....

      Btw. to fitness guru- thermo bond is not just fiber with a laxative effect... it also absorbs 50% of saturated fat for "cheating" days.

    • profile image

      HERBALIFE 4 years ago

      Most of your information in this article is false. Do proper research.

      From and Herbalife Distributor

    • profile image

      Fitness guru. 5 years ago

      Just seems over prices, when thermo bond are just a fibre product that have a laxative effect. A good quality meal replacement shake, taken for breakfast and Lunch with a normal evening meal. Will be just as effective at half the price. If you must throw in some fibre gel supplements twice a day, which will have the same effect as thermo bond, laxative! Do the thermo bond experiment with some fibre gel, it has same effect on fat as the herbalife tablets, with the fat dropping to the bottom, the so called fat binding affect.

    • profile image

      kerri parker 5 years ago

      I make £5000 a month and I've been selling since February, I have a team of 50 distributors in just 3 months, I made £1000 of their sales last month and sold £4000 of my own products which go in hours, everyone wants a tub and I cannot keep up with the demand.

      This month I am set to make £3000 bonus on top of sales, and next month I hope £5000. This is the best thing I ever did, and my team beneath me are doing incredible.

      Don't knock something you have not tried, as trust me WE are the ones laughing not you. I love the products and will never use anything else.

      If you want to join my team and actually succeed and let these fuckers stay in the 9 to 5 jobs they hate then drop me an email and il send you the details needed to join a winning team.

      You can contact me through my website

      I didn't need this job I own several companies, but after seeing the rewards of selling I signed up and now make it 100% of my focus to grow my team and get them where I am now.

      Herbalife is taking over the world, and if you aren't on the bandwagon to sell it then you will miss out on a slice of a billion dollar pie.

      Herbalife gives back 74% of its 8 billion a year profits to it's distributors, and I am very very thankful for this.

      We offer free training to anyone who wants to join us, get where I am in just 4 months, and where my supervisors are retired in Marbella after less than a year on £10,000 a month.

      I didn't believe the money until I saw it, it does sound too good to be true and I am the biggest doubter/disbeliever ever until I saw it with my own eyes. Which is why I'm happy to publicly put my name to this is the best thing I ever did.

      Get on it or miss out, trust me


    • profile image

      Shark 5 years ago

      Wow... Just wow. To be honest, this is probably the worst article I've read on Herbalife-Scamming. Not only are the so called "facts" completely wrong, and a complete lie, but they're also not what I was expecting. I expected some extremely convincing facts, but instead, I get this big lie. Herbalife is NOT a scam. The only reason why it would seem like a scam to you, is first: You didn't work hard enough to achieve anything, and because of that, you are now sitting inside your home, wondering what the hell you were thinking.... and Second: You're not making anything out of the MLM business because your upline sucks. simple as that. Your uplines are supposed to help, and guide you through your business. If they don't, then chances are, you won't ever move forward in you business, you'll lose money, you won't follow through with the marketing plan, and you'll end up like Hally. Hating Herbalife because she didn't try hard enough, and her upline sucks. Either way, you should all just find something better to do, than to create these articles and lies about MLM businesses that are actually succeeding.

      Much love,


    • profile image

      Jason 5 years ago

      There are so many people here defending Herbalife by using key words such as "I MADE 10,000" and "MERCEDES". Those are some of the lies they also feed you during the lectures at the company.

    • profile image

      Niel 5 years ago

      Its a cult.

    • profile image

      karen 5 years ago

      this is not true. first of all, you DO NOT need to become a distributor in order to buy products and if you do it is no where near $200, it is only $110 which comes along with different products (shake, multi-vitamin, cell activator, lift off & tea) so technically you are already receiving a discount once you purchase the membership. If Herbalife were to be a scam do you think it would continue to expand its business the way its doing so? some people aren't well prepared to start something like this. But I do happen to know people who make over 10k a month just by this. It isn't called "luck" or "scam" but it is called HARD WORK. You can't expect to become a distributor and all the money will come flying at you. Use some common sense guys. But yes this article is completely false and I disagree with every word of it, I would know because my mom is currently in Herbalife and she is doing pretty great. So do not believe everything you read and great things will come your way when you put in effort.

    • profile image

      cindy 5 years ago


    • profile image

      NO NAME 5 years ago

      Herbalife is a scam I worked it hard for 3 years and when I finally was willing to admit I was "in over my head" and got out I saw the backlash of these so called "mentors" was full time but changed to part time when I had to get what they call a J.O.B. (just over broke) to be able to pay off my creditcard bills (only had them to support my herbalife distributorship to "keep my status") that was when my "mentor" or upline sponcer turned on me, the few consistant customers were contacted by her to sign under her. she told them lies about me, like I was a thief and a cheat. for one I have no criminal record and only one speeding ticket my whole life!! but thats not how she portraied me at all to them. so my sells dropped drasticaly to the point I'm all through, I can't even now afford to buy the products at the highest discount they offer for my use! don't get scamed like I did, these people get you to trust them and make you feel like "family" then they backstab you when you are no longer " like a little puppy dog" doing what they say to make them more money.


    • profile image

      Mike Clarke 5 years ago

      Anyone interested in Herbalife, or anything MLM based needs to read this article...

      At the same time, testimonials praising this company's products or sales tactics cannot be heeded for several reasons; they cannot be authenticated, and two, every single distributor has a financial conflict of interest that very likely prevent him or her from voicing any reservations, should s/he have them.

    • profile image

      James Doright 5 years ago

      I worked inside corporate. It was a known fact that friends of Hughes were given first shot at best territories and an early start into those areas giving them the upper hand over those who were bound by contract to start on such and such a date or month.

    • profile image

      OrTrout 5 years ago

      There's a White House peition for this

    • profile image

      Logic 5 years ago

      Michelle - You must've had horrible diet habits. There are lots of MLM companies who sell supplements and have people claiming the same things, even stories about these products curing illnesses like cancer.

      Buy the overpriced products if you want while the rest of us eat healthy foods and take care of our bodies but don't promote the business. You're only helping the company produce more victims. Read what's been going on with Herbalife in the news these past few days. Hopefully, there will be an investigation on the company.

    • profile image

      Michelle 5 years ago

      I started the products because I was so results were so spectacular, I signed up to get the discounts. People see what happens to you and all your energy and they ask YOU what you are doing. I actually have talked to 6 people the last two days while shopping who all want to lose weight and need energy. Not all will make the big bucks, but by sharing and helping, my reps and customers make enough to pay for their product and we have a great time. I made World Team by accident, and a few hundred a month. Not everything is about big money. Quality of life and good health are worth way more than any amount of money. Herbalife saved my life, literally and is saving the lives of many people I know. Please research and know what you are talking about.

    • profile image

      Logic 5 years ago

      Herbalife along with all of the big MLM companies are elaborate scams mainly because there isn't enough demand for their overpriced products in the marketplace. Want proof? If there was enough demand and the products are really good and their prices are actually reasonable, they wouldn't require a monthly purchasing quota for their distributors. Distributors would just buy them anyway.

      MLMers are blinded and brainwashed by the thought of making money. One reason why companies like Herbalife and Amway are still around is because the FTC is corrupted. There are people connected to the MLM industry within the FTC department.

      On top of that, not many people file complaints to the FTC mainly because they don't know it's an option or because they bought into the lies that if they fail, it's their fault. Here's the link to file a complaint.

      Sorry to say to you MLM lovers but the typical MLM plan is designed for 99% of distributors to fail. Do the math. If just 25% of people in MLM succeeded in making just minimum wage, every human on Earth would be a part of an MLM right now. The only reason why there are still people to recruit into your scam is because so many people fail. You have a better chance succeeding with a restaurant.

      Again, if your products are really that good and there's plenty of demand for it, why is there a monthly requirement? Logic will tell you that it's there because it's the company's way to sell overpriced products. Do most people who leave Herbalife continue to buy the products or greatly reduce or stop buying the products? Numbers don't lie. It's all about recruiting. If recruiting stopped, Herbalife would collapse.

      It will only be a matter of time before the public and investors (the ones with the real power to make a difference) will wake up and discover that MLM is the biggest scam in history. Herbalife was declared a scam last year in Belgium so it's a start.

    • profile image

      Chris 5 years ago

      Hally, I am not sure why you wrote this article without really knowing what you are talking about. Why would you claim that Herbalife is a scam when you obviously know nothing about it! Fortunately there are many people who know the truth and are not allowing you to get away with misrepresenting a really good company, and an amazing business opportunity. Check this out

      to get your facts straight.

    • profile image

      Brisser 5 years ago

      There is ALOT of false information in your little "i think this is how it works" page you made here. You "DO NOT" have to be a distributer to get the products. You just have to buy from one. Its just like avon. You dont have to sell the product to be able to buy it. And as for buying the same stuff at GNC. Not even close! All of Herbalifes products use ONLY pharmaceutical grade ingredients which 99% of gnc's products don't. Herbalifes docters are some of the best in the world! Dr Louis J. Ignarro being one of them. Look him up! So after you really research this Horrible page and find out the truth about herbalife and how its quality and results are superior. Get ahold of me and I will NOT MAKE YOU A DISTRIBUTOR... and sell you the products that will make you healthy and if you want to lose weight, help you with that as well. find it there Have a wonderful day!!

    • profile image

      Jay 5 years ago

      Herbalife will never be a scam. This is proven cause i get the product results. I'm new in herbalife business and the earning was cool, 2k-3k per month. I do it as a part timer distributor. all you need to do is to talk to people around you, telling the truth about herbalife effectiveness. About the market plan, 1 word to describe "easy"! and the earning was fairly distributed. you work hard, you earn more. n there's no pyramid system in herbalife, all depends on your hardwork. if you work better than your sponsor (upline), u'll earn more than him/her. is that pyramid system when u are able to exceed you upline earning? :)

    • profile image

      Brendan 5 years ago

      Herbalife is NOT a scam. It really is all about the products, if the products didn't deliver results and the company didn't have a legitimate compensation plan then Herbalife would not be in 85 countries and definately wouldn't be a 5 Billion dollar company. I'm am 18 year old kid that does this business part time around school and sports and my organization does 1/4 of a million dollars a year. If I can make this work, anyone can, everyone has the same 24 hours in the day. Your success is completely up to you!

    • profile image

      Alexandra 5 years ago

      I have now been with Herbalife for 15 years. I started as a customer(not a distributor!!!!) as I needed to lose weight after my baby and and after a consultation, was given a fabulous programme to suit my needs and budget. All through my weightloss I was followed up by my coach to check that I was staying on track. I went on to lose my weight and people started commenting so I referred them to my coach from whom I had had a 1st class service. When I had referred 5 people my coach advised me that these referrals could be my customers and recommended that I become a distributor so that I could make the commission instead of her. She said that over a period of time I could develop a secondary income and possibly overtake my primary income with some commitment. My health result attracted attention and them my customers results attracted attention and so the cycle organically started , customers with great results wanted to become distributors, no sales pitch just the products speaking for themselves. I have maintained my weight now for 15 years which is more than I can say for a lot of my friends and health wise I am not a burden on the Government with any diseases related to being overweight ie Diabetes, heart problems. cholesterol, high blood pressure.

      Last question how can this be a pyramid, the 1970's pyramid schemes meant the man at the top made all the money so how come anyone can overtake anyone else's earning no matter how long they have been in Herbalife??There is no commission on recruiting people, money is made when value is brought to the marketplace i.e. when a customer has a product that works!! If we are illegal/scam how come we have been approved by 85 governments worldwide and support 50+ Casa Herbalife's for children worldwide.

      Piece of advise, you probably failed because you didn't take the time to understand what you were doing which is clear, so please don't try and pull down other people to make yourself look better. You failed get over or try again and realise that failure isn't important unless it is the last time you're going to try.

    • profile image

      Min 5 years ago

      WOW so many haters!! I've tried herbalife products and found them great I lost weight, gained more energy and felt better about myself. At first was very skeptical about it working and after only 3 weeks my family and I noticed a lot of difference. After trying the products have decided to become a distributor and have recently signed up. I have seen a doctor to be sure that this is safe for me to use as I am on medication that requires me to lose weight, doctors said this is perfect as I'll still be getting the right nutrients and vitamins so nothing will have to be eliminated.

      I think before one goes on a rant to maybe try the products and see how they work for you, don't take someones word for it when all they have done is some kind of research.

    • profile image

      Steven 5 years ago

      Been with Herbalife for two Months and making over $1000.00 Month cant be that bad! and only spent $70.00 to sign up.

    • profile image

      richcal 5 years ago

      Its funny how HL has been a "non-sustaining" business for 33 years now; millions of product users are happier & healthier (myself included), tens of thousands of people are earning honest income from selling useful products (myself included). And the obesity epidemic is growing faster than the weight-loss industry can keep up. The one reason why the HL name is kept back at the beginning when someone is inquiring is because there's so much wrong information promulgated by people who have not experienced HL that we have to be gentle and educate to the facts first lest someone prejudge and miss out on an opportunity to get healthier or earn add'l revenue. The negative reports above are full of typical wrong information. There's one thing HL cannot do for people: It can't fix stupid.

    • profile image

      delemarc 5 years ago

      First I'll share my own personal experience as an HBL distributor, then I'll share my analytical thoughts:

      Before going further, I will state that I'm staring at an $79.99 "Supervisor" Annual Processing Fee. This fee was NEVER mentioned in any of the hype to become a "Supervisor". Last year, I paid it with no hesitation, but this year...?

      So, it's been two years, and I got started by going to a nutrition club, getting a daily "lunch" shake, and it seemed legit, so I kept going back. My wife, the more financially desperate of the two of us, was looking for extra income.

      I decided, against my better judgement, to attend an "Herbalife Opportunity Meeting" -- since Herbalife products are placed all over the nutrition club, I already know about the company I'd be introduced to. Decided to sign up with the expectation of running a business.

      Back between 2004 and 2008, I had lost 95lbs on my own due to a permanent eating lifestyle change and exercise. Was running 2 miles easy, increasing my time, too. Without "24" :)

      Suffice to say, I got started and lost a few pounds, but like someone else stated, it can be attributed to water loss, and a focus on counting calories -- that's what worked for me back in 2004. Anyways, I lost a few pounds and decided to have a grand opening "shake party". Hey, if you're going to do it, then give the ol' "college try" I always say.

      The first thing that caught me as odd was having to hide the "Herbalife" name. If a product brand is legit and reputable, it should not have to hide itself from the public. Period.

      I liked the idea of "retailing" well enough, however passing out flyers is risky at best. The issue I ran into the most is the "overpriced" products. I will say that while a Healthy Meal (made with the Protein Drink Mix) cost around $2 (part of our retail sales pitch), I can go to the local grocery, buy oatmeal and soymilk and come out at under $1 per serving -- LESS than what I pay per serving for a shake at the 50% discount.

      However, I realized that in order to approach, or sniff, the "promise land" I had to recruit people, and in my heart of hearts, I had a problem with that aspect of the business.

      Now, signing up "discounted customers" is all the rage around these parts - except that if I were to sign up someone, he/she is not really a "discounted customer", but rather a "duped" Herbalife Independent Distributor. I just couldn't bring myself to doing that. Seems deceptive.

      Second thing that really disturbed me was the money needed to travel the out of state events. Didn't make good fiscal sense to spend $75-$90 for a training ticket + hotel + travel + money lost by not being at work if working an hourly job. That's alot of money spent in this economy.

      Third thing I noticed was a claim that folks who go to trainings are 5-6 months ahead of those who don't. All I need to do is find one example to the contrary, and I did.

      Herbalife appears to be all about selling a "dream". Yes, the products work, but as I demonstated above, I got better results w/o the products and my energy was at a good level. The real money is made in selling the "business opportunity". There are scripts and if one is willing to perfect them, I tip my hat. Just not for me.

      (FYI: I never want my energy to go through the roof. Ever.)

      Despite my initial skeptism, I decided to give it the ol' college try and I decided to NOT look up any "contrary" reports. I had customers who lost weight and are happy with their results, and I'm happy to have been a part of that. If I believed that's what HBL was about, I'd be all about it. Sadly, it's not, IMHO. It's about getting people to order 2,500+ volume points at a one time -- heck, bring a buddy or three, the more the merrier!

      That, to me, is not a sustainable business model, and as others have stated, the "nutrition" market is over-saturated.

      I do like the "Nutrition Club" aspect on the surface, as it attempts to put a legitimate face on HBL.

      That said, there are fees that you don't learn about until later, like that $79.99 "Supervisor" Annual Processing Fee.

    • profile image 5 years ago

      what is the salary for bpharmacy graduates with 1year experience in pharmaceutical companies?i want to know the exact pay scale for herbalife nutrition department in india.

    • profile image

      Katriona 5 years ago

      I make £100 a month. I started 1 month ago. The products work, you don't need to try and sell them, or even look hard for customers. You walk around, look great and people flock to you.

      Its not a scam, and by turning it down, you are a completely un educated fool. Another point, if you turned the opportunity down, how can you preach about it? You've clearly never been to any form of meeting.

      As for the recession, Herbalife did not suffer, it grew. In fact, it nearly doubled in price, now reaching 5billion dollars.

      You lucked out.

    • profile image

      james watson 5 years ago

      my stepfather makes 300,000 a month in the herbalife business

    • profile image

      Chelsea 5 years ago

      I noticed close to the beginning of this article that you are wrong. You DO NOT have to become a distributor in order to buy Herbalife products. All you have to do is find someone who is a distributor and purchase products from them. I know this because I just started selling it. I am also on the products. They are 100% worth the money. They give you an easy way to lose weight and it is not god-awfully expense. (Averages out to 8 bucks a day). Within a few days, they make you feel better. Not only do you lose weight, but you get all the vitamins your body needs.

      Herbalife is absolutely NOT a scam. The money you make depends on how much product you sell. If you only have a small group of customers, you won't make much. However, if you have a lot of people that buy from you, you will make more money.

    • profile image

      Copasetic 5 years ago

      You forgot to say how successful you were before you met Herbalife and, now that you have nothing to do with Herbalife, how successful you are now in what you're doing? Could you also tell us how much you're looking forward to going to work for someone else or, if you're self employed, how motivated you are about business loans/debts, overheads, staffing, support systems, the economy. Finally, I really want to know how excited you are about the prospect of retirement in X years and being able to live the dreams that you feel that you deserve to live. I trust that you have a better way that you'd like to share with us? Thank you, #Copasetic

    • profile image

      Dave 5 years ago

      The ones that have no success in this business are ones like yourself. Helping people get healthy and lose weight with products that cost less than groceries is awesome. I lost 45 pounds to date am no longer on blood pressure pills or cholesterol pills. Find out for yourself by contacting Herbalife and don't listen to blogs from one person who had a bad experience and wants to now bash the company that has saved lives financially and by changing their health.

    • profile image

      Jamie m 5 years ago

      There are some people who may operate like the article says, but that's not the correct way. I love herbalife. It saved my life financially, and it saved my health. You do not have to become a distributor to buy product, and you certainly don't have to buy product to keep on hand. The CEO, Michael O. Johnson is an amazing business man who left Disney International to run Herbalife. I hope this article does ruin herbalife for people who need it.

    • profile image

      halley 5 years ago

      more than ALL of what you said there wasnt true

    • profile image

      Sly 5 5 years ago

      This is absloutely correct. Listen, I saw the check for myself. This company is very rewarding if your willing to work. In our society, people want to make money without working. Their used to getting compensotory treatment such as medical, 401 k, etc. If your in these jobs, its a good stop gap for a while and it will help feed your family...but wages rarely go up past inflation and this cycle becomes a trap door.

      MLM is a better route for the ambitious and young at heart. If you want to improve your lifestyle, Herbalife is a good business for "people that want to work." In Sales, there is a high degree of failure and rejection...that's the game. It sucks...but its fair. You can call it a scam if you want to. If you believe this without through research (learning, obseration, & participation), you're watching this game from the sidelines like everyone else. You can't differientate from the got to be a player, mover, or shaker (require hard to smart work) or just run life's rat race. Your choice.

    • profile image

      alison22000 5 years ago

      Jane.T, I am truly sorry for what may have happened to you, and I say "may have" in the sense that you may be truthful, to which I am sorry for, but I also know some people just like to tell tales.

      Basically about your story, your holding it against the entire company for what 1 Distributor did. Did you even contact Herbalife directly, because you never mentioned that. We have high values and we expect every single Distributor to abide by those values, if you had contacted us directly and were able to prove what was happening, that Distributor would have been thrown out of Herbalife as we do not want people working with us who hurt others.

      As for you calling us Scammers, a scammer is someone who doesn't provide what they offer or advertise, in which you stated we do, If you work, then you may as well call him a scammer and also the person your brought your shopping from etc, because no matter what Money making business it is, there is always someone getting richer of others. At least we walk our Team members through all their training, but I am tired of seeing our name abused by people with once off experiences, which most here are simply because they failed, Take care guys, you can think what you all want, just base the info on facts and not fiction, and on personal direct experience and not here-say, I am sick of seeing that crap on here, slandering our good name.

    • profile image

      JANE.T 5 years ago





    • profile image

      alison22000 5 years ago

      @indira, I think you need to take responsibility for what happened to your family and not blame Herbalife for your family problems, you choose it.

      I have been working for Herbalife for 3 years and make a profit of $23,000 per month. Before this I was a Pensioner, I tried other systems that were real scams, but none of them provided ongoing training and assistance, no one helped me, but Herbalife did.

      Those of you who want to read this one sided view story can believe what you want, but we DO NOT say "You WILL make $500.00 a month", WE say "You CAN make $5000.00 a month" There is a big difference between the word CAN and WILL, we also state on all advertising videos and Tutorials and various other means to help Distributors etc, that, we do not guarantee you will make money, that it depends on how you advertise your products and how motivated you are.

      Most people who sign up think that they just sign up and they will make money instantly, not from what we tell them, but due to other massive scam MLM websites out there they have tried. We are a Business like any other, there is no Serious Money making business that is not in some way a Multi Tier process, You may just call them your Boss, or CEO or Manager etc.

      If we were such a scam, why would we be listed on the New York Stock Exchange, scam companies do not get that right. I think people have to learn to start reading the full page and not just the bits they like. In that case, why not just read 1 page out of a book and ignore the rest and then blame the publisher because you didn't like what it said and then call him a Scammer because he Published it.

      You make from the effort and work you put in, our Seminars are like all others, there to inspire you, to show you the success we have had, the success that our Distributors have had, we who love our work enjoy it and love to show others how happy it has made us by feeling stronger, healthier and happier.


      To his comment, All you need is a Computer is a fact! You don't need to leave home to be able to sell it, there are many Distributors that just stay home and use their computer to do all the work and they make the amount they wish to. So it isn't misleading, it is simply what people want to believe when they read it. If you think you can just read the ad and expect that to work for you, then it is your fault for being gullible, you need to put in the work to get the profit, that is the same in every job, if you do not do the work you need to, you wont get paid, now read this story posted at the top again, and read the IF, CAN, WILL, DO words in the statements and you will see what I am talking about, do not slander our name because you fail, you get back, what you put in, realistically, alot of people here haven't even used or seen the system and slander us, it is an insult to be slandered when half of you don't even know what your talking about, the other half simply cannot do the work needed, some maybe had problems somewhere, but you cannot expect everyone to be perfect and if you had any problem with your Team Leader or Sponsor, you would have been told many times you could contact Herbalife and request someone else.

      As for the original post "Hally" some of what she has stated is fact and some is misleading Fact's. Mark Hughes did not simply die of a Drug Overdose, simply worded by "Hally", He led a huge enterprise and then we hit a recession, Herbalife fell, he was on Anti Depressant's, and atleast 17% of the world are, and he had an ACCIDENTAL overdose caused through Alcohol, which atleast 40% of the world drinks, so he was HUMAN, we have always worked by trying to get our Customers to become Distributors, they then become their own Business.

      If your a Dentist and you do not do Dentistry good enough, you wont get anywhere, you become a Great Dentist by being a Great Dentist, not because your told your one in a Flyer, that's the way it is. If people wish to scorn Herbalife because some people fail of trying to hard than what they can truly do, that's not our fault, we ask them their goals and try to help them achieve it and most do, some don't and need extra care and we give it to those who are serious about what they want, not because they just give up on the 1st time they hear a customer say No. Be Well, Eat Well and above All Live Well and stop giving into these falsehood stories with only 47 followers.

      Kyle says in Canada MLM is another word for Pyramid Scheme, which is Illegal there, he implies Herbalife is a MLM, if MLM is Illegal, why do we have Huge Business Growth coming from Canada? He just Contradicted himself in his own post, doesn't know what he is talking about, and there are massive numbers of people who just simply buy the products from a distributor and do not become one, just use the products, so we do not twist everyone's arms to be one as another post stated. I said enough to prove who we are, we are a team and some failure isn't going to get out team down because they want to cry and blame us for them not making what they wanted, this last comment might sound harsh, but a tit for a tat, she claims we are a scam because she was a failure, that's the facts!!!

    • profile image

      Hb 5 years ago


    • profile image

      dick smityh 5 years ago


    • profile image

      indira 5 years ago

      my and my husband started herbalife two months ago and what did it do it did not make me lose weight but it made me lose my husband and my kids a father it is a scam.

    • profile image

      mutal 5 years ago

      You are right. Its just a con and it shows how many gullible people there are in the world. From those that endorse this rubbish and its method of selling it, to those that are so damn lazy to go out and just buy and eat healthy foods. Why not make your own shakes with real fresh fruit, some protein whey products, add in some husk fibre and pop a multivitamin pill with that? Then see how much money you can save,.. no need to join and sign up for such over priced products. If herbashite is so great, why not sell it in shops rather than this recruiting method of a pyramid scam?

      And those here who are promoting this product, ofcourse they will be rude and angry towards your article. They must have signed up to the herbalife rubbish and when someone with all their vigor is just starting up, they would hate to see the real facts that they so easily brushed aside for their wanting of a promise that really is not that easy to achieve.

    • profile image

      kapcomm 5 years ago


      It's fine to disagree with a company's approach but until you build a company with a 30 year reputation and consistent growth on the stock exchange I suggest you take a drink from big cup called "shut the *^!£€¥;" up

      A meal replacement and vitamin may actually do you some good because your poor understanding of difference between an MLM and a pyramid scheme leads me to believe your simply undernourished.

    • profile image

      lol 5 years ago

      yes i get its an open discussion hence why i posted my view but to read so many people who defend and yet all there start up fees are so different and to see them attack others views is why i posted what i did to see what the responce would be. but the way people attack others views which are wrong or right is unreal.if people have that much free time get a job,and the harshness of the reponces by a fare few herbal dist is just wrong if you back the company that much, you do it no favour but help discredit it to all those who dont know the company.and as for my veiw thats all it is i tryed herbal 5yrs ago and gave it up when they told me to pay for as much as i could to get me to a higher lvl and to meet people at a seminar who spent 2000 up to get the discounts, higher lvls and yet have no sales because there coach said it was better that way hence why i dislike herbal.but seeing that united online business is either a cover for herbal or a seperate busness is the question.but to all those who have succeded i congrat you i think what most people have said is true you get what you put in.i work hard to support my living .but spending $500 on company like herbal makes me think can i afford to loose 500 or more if its lie.

    • cmtrefz profile image

      cmtrefz 5 years ago from australia

      Please can all you people who know so much about scams kindly and maturely explain to me how is it so this "scam" has made it to the stock market, how it has the best renown doctors behind it, how it sponsors the L A Galaxy and motor sports and thousands of top athletes, how it has changed peoples lives how much it does for the youth foundations, its really really pathetic when people have a say that its a scam when its really because you dont have the right mind set to make a small investment into a successful business opportunity , I paid $189 au very small investment and I pay an annual fee of $12, and I have filled in an application for tax and if my earnings get any bigger then I would need and ABN number, the Australian Government will not let the 'scam run if it were a scam. Seriously people, some people dont know how to run a business and what it takes those are the ones that have a very negative attitude to Herbalife, this is why some people out there like my friend who is earning #15.000 au a month but she puts in the effort and she gets out the results, I put in a part time effort and I get out a part time result however for my health I put in all the effort and I got 100% results, and those who know me stand testimonial too it. I think learn the facts and keep quiet!!! Go run run a business and then compare it to Herbalife business then you will see for yourself, its like any other business, you will get all sorts of people, when you go to woolworths and the teller is giving you shit service its not woolworths its the employee, Ive met some Herbalife people where I personally dont like them, but hey thats like in any business!!!! and to lol, this is an open discussion obviously you have people "defending" it if know one said anything then it will be a scam!!!!

    • profile image

      lol 5 years ago

      what a load of crap to hear thatall you pay is about $70 to get started.i looked into it 2 days ago and when they told me that the $70 startup was just to get info and then once they confrence you that you could choose between 2 packs in which the first pack was just over $100 and the second which would give you all the access to there garanteed leads and to give you a edge in starting your buisness would cost over $400 to get the starter pack to start so thats just over $500 to get started with a internet buisness through to hear that people only paid $70 means they are full of s**t or the distributors and mentors have changed the rules for there own means and profit.eitherway it seems like a scam to me and after reading so many people jump to defend the company wow thats just priceless.

    • profile image

      Mr. Money 5 years ago

      I started doing sales as a distributor 3 months ago and I have so far made almost 14 BILLION dollars! Ppl just don't know how to lie good on the internet. My epeen is like 16 large!

    • cmtrefz profile image

      cmtrefz 5 years ago from australia

      I just don't get it, how people will go through so much trouble and sound so intelligent trying to put doubt in others mind. So what if its a "pyramid scheme" its not a scam, its a MLM. You know from just an average person who had ill health and nearly gave up on life to now,I have been on Herbalife for a year and my Doctor was the one that told me to keep taking Herbalife I have never been healthier, no scheme no scam all facts. what Herbalife does for this world is truly amazing we have top athletes taking it to amazing sponsorships not to mention the youth foundation that we all contribute to. I started selling Herbalife cause I was amazed, my kids are healthy Ive even converted my husband who was the biggest critic, to him realizing this is top top top of the range. I run an actual business , just like what I would do if I had a beauty salon, I provide products a service and make up adverts to advertise. I do Demos etc etc etc, I am actually very busy but all around my family, I was over the moon when I bought my own Mobile with my earnings and I worked for it!! We have ladders to climb that reward us the higher we go, Im nearly to my next level Im so excited. If Herbalife dont work for you then it dont work for YOU but it does not mean that the millions of others it has helped is a SCAM!!!! Honestly the lengths some people go to spoil things grinds me!

    • profile image

      jack 5 years ago

      yes,i strongly recommend Halife herbalife i was overweight,tired,suffer from high cholestrol and sinus.after herbalife my health improved tremendously,highly energetic and best of all i lost 7 kg in just 6 spreading d good news around helping them in their health herbalife give me d opportunity to make money,real big money cos before herbalife i was a teacher earning usd1,000 a after 4 yrs helping people improve their health,i earn between usd 3,000-7,000 a month.i love herbalife mission: helping people change their lives......unbelievable

    • profile image

      Marvin Yanez 5 years ago

      this post should be erased!

    • profile image

      Earl Grover 6 years ago

      This is an amzing scam in itself! Not Herbalife, but this web page. I have lost 53 pounds and feel better than I have ever felt as a result of Herbalife! As far as Masrk hughs, don't know about all that or what was going through his mind, but I know what the products have done for me. Maybe you had a bad experience because you refused to have any personal development and got stuck in the same mindset that keeps you as a failure, but Herbalife, my mentor , teaches me that your retail should be about 40% of our total business sails. This is a far cry from the sales come by only recruiting as you claim. You have listened to a liberal media that unless the government is not behind it, then the product has to be bad, i.e. the state of California's lawsuit again herbalife in the 1980's that you are refering to. As far as I am concerned, you can stay broke and a failure by keeping your liberal mindset as far as I am concerned

    • profile image

      Michelle 6 years ago

      I didn't bother reading past the first gross error about not being able to buy Herbalife products unless you are a distributor. The CORRECT informaiton is that you can only buy products FROM a distributor or if you are a distributor - i.e. they are not in shops.

      If you're going to accuse something of being a scam (which Herbalife isn't, or I wouldn't be taking the products and getting my health back or have decided to get involved in the business so I don't have to return to a desk job again), then at least get your facts right!

    • profile image

      Doug 6 years ago

      LMAO! You know it's a scam when you have so many people pounce on this one article to state that "NO it really works" "I've lost 30 pounds"


    • profile image

      Bob 6 years ago

      Just because a business is " legit or legal or not a scam" doesnt meant that its not a scam, rather, the owners creatively " packaged" the entire business model to " legalise" their businesses....its the same how u called a spade a spade, MLM, network marketing blablabla... pls be aware that consuming too much protein could lead to kidney damage in the long term...i have been approached by many MLM companies and their tactics to recruit oretty much the same tactics...and anyone can buy an expensive looking Jaquar or BMw portraying themselves as successful when it only cost a little as is second hand car..

    • profile image

      Petria 6 years ago

      Well this is an absolute load of rubbish!! Herbalife has actually changed my life with their products. The guy that sells me the products has never once asked me to sell it.

      And MATT you are an idoit talking about PHD!! I also have a PHD (big deal!!) and not once have I seen a distributor claim they have a PHD!

    • adriankhy90 profile image

      adriankhy90 6 years ago from Georgetown

      This hub is really successful! Congrats!

      You've got your point but I'm sorry to say that I think that MLMs are not scams. I'm not into any MLM right now (as I've heard many like HerbaLife, Amway, and many more Ways that approached me). I hate selling things! I think it is based on your own effort of being willing to commit yourself into the business. Your won't learn or earn by just sitting there. You gotta work.

    • profile image

      Jacinta 6 years ago

      Hally, you are dead wrong on this one.I started my work from home business 5months ago.Made AUD 500 in my first month and now I earn $3000.Herbalife has provided me with the job I never had, as well as good nutrition for my family and I.

      Jst arrived from a fantastic training in Chicago(all the way from Australia to the US).We use a proven marketing system we call United Online Business, so no door to door sales, no pestering friends and family.We work with people who are serious and have a can-do altitute and also people who are teachable and want make changes in their life for better.No arm twisting period.

    • profile image

      Matt 6 years ago

      But then someone tell me that there is absolutely no purpose behind the choice of abbreviation PHD (professional herbalife distributor)? It had nothing to do with most people not knowing that PHD (as above) requires absolutely NO EDUCATION and has nothing to do with the academic title Ph.D. (philosophiae doctor or doctor philosophiae) to anyone who has successfully obtained a doctorate from a real university. Having a REAL Ph.D. myself I find it a scam that people who sell this product tell people that they ARE PHD and lead them to believe they are highly educated. That is a slap in the face of us who spend years in school to get a REAL education; so scam well that part is definitely a SCAM!

    • profile image

      Everything is a Scam 6 years ago

      Everything is a scam. I cannot see you and you cannot see me. Who really knows if any comment in this web page is true.

    • profile image

      Michael Montano 6 years ago

      Well I'm an herbalife distributor and the only thing I had to pay was for the IBP(64.99) in order to get started.They didn't ask me to order anything else or anything I didn't want(although they do recommend website companies,pay pal, etc)The problem is that people only market to family and friends and don't know how to get the home run audiance(the Internet).I made almost $1000 in just my first month.I don't think you could do that with a pyramid scheme,or that quick anyways.Anybody thinking about or already is in Herbalife can contact me at I can give you tips or try to help you increase your business.An opinion is always great but don't take it from close minded people that have never even given it a try.

    • profile image

      Richard Tuten 6 years ago

      I was looking into becoming a distributor for herbalife, and I did do about 2 hour of research once they told me the name of the company. Herbalife is a ligit buisness its the distributors that are their main source of income not their product sales. To become a distributor you pay for the first package 39.95 and S/H charges 9.99 , you get pulled in then pay 200-400 for the second package (depends on your coach). now your at 250-450 and no money made yet, and you still have a ton of training to do. Now to make sure your really understand this the companys profits from herbalife is 14-15% of its sales, the other 85% comes from distributors signing up and the money trickles upward from there; known as a pyrimid scam you only make money once youve got higher up in the pyrimid. This is a good point to check out youtube a guy there will tell you how its not a scam and he does it, but with hundreds of people under him he makes his money off of the supervisor commision fromt he distributors. Like I said Ive done a lot of research the money from the distributor is not from the sales they do, but in the product herbalife gets you started on then you as the distributor buys everymonth for yourself; face it if you sell it you have to be a user right? Save your money and dont get scammed, unless you have around 5000-8000 average to waist to get ahead your going to go in the red with this type of a venture their their trying to trick you into.

      So quick facts:


    • profile image

      ton 6 years ago

      crazy that I found this article over a 100 times all posted by different people on all kinds of different webpages, I belief posting this article is a scam

    • profile image

      ana 6 years ago

      I would like to say that the blog that has been published is not based on complete facts. I for one, have just started taking Herbalife products. and I was not recruited into being a distributer, and I did not have to pay two hundred dollars to start taking the product. I did notice the product cost me a little more then what the distributer gets it for, but hello thats how businesses work. And it's not even a big profit unless you sell a lot, or start your own home business or something. All in all it is expensive, but thats the case usually if a product actually works. I feel great so far, I still eat healthy meals, but my eating habits have become smaller portions which is great. I have just begun taking the product, and I know some people don't get results right away so I'm not stressing over that. I run 2 miles at least three times a week, and I have family members that have lost weight mainly just by cutting eating portions down and taking herbalife. It's a good product for me, being a wife and mother and in nursing school, I'm hoping it will give me the nutrition I don't always have the time to get because of the hectic schedule I have. a good sales person will make money, those that are not good sales people are probably the ones wasting their money.

    • profile image

      Kelly 6 years ago

      An Herbalife Distributorship is only for the RICH & UPPER MIDDLE CLASS If your in the LOWER MIDDLE CLASS, POOR or UNEMPLOYED, Herbalife is not for you. You give $400.00 to your coach. $100 for your website. $19.95 or $79.95 monthly for you Back Office. $50.00 to sign up for a merchant account. The Merchant account costs almost $48.00 monthly & if you cancel your Merchant account before six months before six months is up, then there's some hefty fees that go with it. Why when you pay to ship the CD, does it say Online Business Systems & not Herbalife? OBS is just your Back Office & not the company your signing up to work for. Now that's dishonest!!

    • profile image

      Liz 6 years ago

      Completely undermines true health and fitness.

    • profile image

      HLF 6 years ago

      HLF stock down over 36% in the past week over rumors of their questionable sales practices. Its only a matter of time before the FTC shuts this scheme down.

    • profile image

      Stats 6 years ago

      According to the 2011 HLF financial statements, the company had net sales of $3.5 billion. Sounds great, but... There are 2.7 million distributors worldwide. Do the math, in 2011 the AVERAGE Herbalife "distributor" bought $1,296 worth of product from Herbalife. See, the customers of Herbalife are the "distributors" and they recognize the revenue when a "distributor" purchases the product. Moreover, the average discount that products are purchased at by a distributor is 33%. Thus, when resold to the public, the AVERAGE distributor (assuming they sold all of their purchased product) sold their inventory for $1,934. An average profit of $638 FOR THE ENTIRE YEAR. Also, to become a distributor, you have to pay an entry fee of roughly $100. So yeah, lets hear more stories of how you helped people and earned thousands in extra income. The $638 is average, but when you include that there exists many more at the top of the pyramid making a killing off of chumps, you couldn't even expect for a new distributor to break even given their $100 investment.

    • profile image

      Trollolol 6 years ago

      Hello everyone, I believe that the writer of this article thinks that you all are absolutely retarded to be still typing on this page. Seriously, two years ago and you all still have something stupid to say? I honestly don't think that she meant LITERALLY twist your arm. I get a kick though about how angry/upset some of you got. Anyone can say, "OH MY GOD! I MAKE LIKE $12,000 a week working there!!" Doesn't mean anyone is gonna take your word for it. Stop trying to gloat on the internet you failures! TROLOLOLOLOLOL!!!

    • profile image

      Michael Montano 6 years ago

      Well I understand that some people may struggle but I made a little over $1000 in my first month.However just because somebody doesn't succeed at something they are quick to call it a fake or a scam.I am willing to show anybody that its not email me at for info on products and more.

    • profile image

      Jenn 6 years ago

      I have seen some hard core evidence showing that herbalife actually works.. So dont go saying its a scam when it really is not. Have you even tried it. You trust what the internet tells you. Did you not know that alot of information on the internet is false... dont knock it till you try it.

    • profile image

      Joel 6 years ago

      I buy the product from a distributor and no one has twisted my arm to try to make me become one. I don't want to sell the product and if I meet someone who sees the success I have had with Herbalife, then I will refer them to the person I purchase from.

    • profile image

      Gosia 6 years ago


      With all respect Hally I think you need education regarding pyramid scheme, MLM and Network Marketing. First of all, pyramid shames are illegal and before you write comments about companies you didn't do a proper research on, please make sure you know what you are talking about. I'm using Herbalife product for about 5 years and I have no doubts they are high quality. I'm also distributor. I might not making a big money but it is only because I'm not dedicated to it. The beauty of the Network Marketing is that you can do it any time anywhere and you can also combine with another Network Marketing business like I'm doing it with Worldventures.

      All the best!

    • profile image

      Jennifer 6 years ago

      I can personally say Herbalife is far from a scam. In fact, it is probably one of the best companies to work for today. I personally know 4 close freinds that are making over $50,000 a month in the business!! Everyone starts at the same place in the marketing plan, as a distributor and succeed based on their level of commitment and work they put into anything and everything else in this world. It is an incredible company to be involved with and dont let negitive people of post divert you from realizing the amazing potential available with Herbalife!

    • profile image

      Undecided. 6 years ago

      I have just purchased the $9.95 pack. Too American by far. The concept is good. I have lovely coach, unfortunately she is not very well informed, nor hasn't a clue how to run a business. She just wants it for pocket money. I want it to be a full time income work from home business. Can anyone suggest how I change my coach and get someone more dynamic without hurting her feelings. She is extremely forgetful even with the most basic questions and keeps having to refer to her coach. It is driving me crazy. I don't want to use the products as I don't need them. The nutritional knowledge of my coach is minimal and airy fairy. I want a more experienced coach plain and simple. This one just doesn't give meany enthusiasm

    • profile image

      Natasha 6 years ago

      ummm... to me it just sounds like you got burnt lol. I have been with herbalife for about a month now and i have not had to join to get product. every time i want a shake i go in pay and leave just like a starbucks. and no, they don't twist your arm, and no it isn't a scam. in the month i've been on products i've lost 15 lbs and 23 inches.... nothing about this company is scam at all. stop trying to tarnish their name just because you weren't smart enough to make it. sore losers never win, they just make people dislike you.

    • profile image

      Thomas 6 years ago

      Hebalife is not a scam anyone saying that is wrong,its products are exellent and first class,its mlm yes but mlm is only a scam if no products are given if you get involved you have to work at it and it has rewards,if your someone who sits on thier backside and waits for the world to knock on your door then forget it.

    • profile image

      mel 6 years ago

      This is all crap! You can be a 'RETAIL purchaser' any time you want.. whether you KNOW a distributor... or the site finds you one in your area! The only reason I became a distributor is to get the 50% DISCOUNT off the PURE products that even DR OZ has 'never' put on the 'FAKE LIST' like the crap you see over the counter in health stores.. with FILLERS and high prices!

      My son has only been in it for 3 years in Orange County CA, and he and his wife now earn $15,000. a month! That's right, 15K!

      AND I had Diabetes, leaking heart valve, I.B.S., Diverticulitis, Inflammation of the stomach lining, fatty Liver disease, and was on a cane for three years due to NO cartilage at ALL in my left knee.

      But NOW... 2 years later I can report that these products, especially the pure Omega 3 fish oils and KRILL have absolutely HALTED, healed or put in remission ALL of my ailments! I have NO diabetes now.. and I can walk again without my cane, 1/2 mile, 2 times a day! I don’t even need that new knee now!

      SO.... unless you are just a bitter fool... out of touch and misguided... you better do your homework dude! You are DEAD WRONG! My initial start up cost to be a distributor, with a large black briefcase, sample products, DVD tutorials, guides and literature for passing out and learning, cost a mere $67.00! Period! Stop lying to everyone!

      PS: an MLM is NOT illegal.. and is NOT a pyramid scheme! Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware, Herbalife, etc, are All ‘legitimate’ MLM business models. The things you see that ask you to ‘invest’ in ‘stuffing envelopes’ are the illegal pyramids! Get it?

    • profile image

      Ace 6 years ago

      Most Herbalife distributors don't distribute to anyone but themselves, which is the cause to the slant in the numbers. Becoming a distributor simply gives you a discount on products you're already buying. It's like when you become a member at a bookstore for a yearly $20 or so, and then get 20% off of everything you buy. There are distributors who aren't interested in starting a business, just interested in their discount. I'd recommend more research.

    • profile image

      Bryan 6 years ago

      It's illegal to me when they don't tell you about later charges to join, after making you think your in the program by buying a stupid training pack, that doesn't mount to anything anyways! Now they want a hundred for "phase two" of training, and I'm broke, so that's why I CAN'T. I thought this was an opportunity, not a funnel for my bank accounts money! Then making you send it back or else you get charged $35.95 so now I'm either in, or owe this fee. So that's like sticking a gun to my head and saying pay this, or that. NOW I OWE 39.95 and will get a overdraft fee thanks to this illegal marketing tactic. I hope they go down. I'm fighting for what I think is RIGHT.

    • profile image

      OMEGA 6 years ago

      The will of a few fat Dudes who must haved tried just about every crap in the world to lose 20 lbs, yet they spend their life being overweight and suddenly found themselves with a stomach ache or their shit jets out like milk and finds nothing to blame but their last attempt to cheat their sorry ass will. HMMMMM ! Yeah, Yeah... Keep Putting the blame on the Product instead of taking a few true seconds of your life and look at the mirror to see who's to blame... There was a Guy who already mentioned above, I'll just weight in with the key words to an awesome company (which by the way to that list of the so-called good companies to work for, such as: Walmart, Microsoft, Banks of what? or who else) Exactly the ones who fucked the economy for good, sent the jobs to other contries and sold you a cheap HDTV made in who knows where for you to watch more TV and GAIN another 40 lbs of fat added to the couple 100 lbs that you already knew about... Here is the fact: Herbalife: Top Company in the Stock Market, made it through the crysis without bailouts of shit from off-shore banks, More than 5 Billions ANUAL SALES, Sponsors Pro-Soccer Teams like Barcelona, L.A. Galaxy. etc., established in 82 countrys, Scientific Team of Doctors at UCLA with Novel Price of Medicine DR. Ignaro ... And more people making over 10k a month than any other company in the world .... So WHAT IS IT THAT IS SO AWFUL ABOUT HERBALIFE? That is You! You can be the only thing that can stop you... If so, at least step aside and have the honor to let those go on and have a better chance at life...

    • profile image

      Tara 6 years ago

      WOW! All I can say is the funny thing about opions is everyone has one! Fact is "I don't know about that" all I know is I lost 50lbs in 18 weeks on Herbalife and in less than 2 years have been able to grow my income to ove $8000/mth. If that's a Scam I am sure glad I feel for it ;) if your intrested in learning how I did it check out

    • profile image

      Junlins 6 years ago

      I have been taking the herbalife shake for 16 months now. I just love the shake. And honestly, I don't care about the business side, all I got to say is that I lost 15 lbs in my first two months of taking the shake and I've never been this fit in decades. Thanks to Herbalife.

      As for this article, it is a bad case of sour graping indeed!!!.. I bet the person who wrote this is either too fat to lose any significant weight or too negative on anything. Peace and be happy!!

    • profile image

      Jack 6 years ago

      Has anyone looked at there stock prices they are going through the roof..can that be a bad thing

    • profile image

      Phil 6 years ago

      I tried the Herbalife way and found out it was way more time than just a part time thing. In fact, after awhile I said forget it I have better things to do than waste time chasing people down and trying to get them to try the product. Way overpriced. I do not believe it is a scam I just wish they would have been up front when recruiting me about what this is really all about. I leave with this. I signed up as a supervisor and received my "product" tried giving it away no luck. My "teacher" said he would take it back and try to sell and send me the money. I have yet to see a red cent come back. My "teacher" is in all the advertisements and even "won" a Porsche. Maybe he is too busy driving around than in selling the product??? He is supposed to be a major distributor but he cannot get the product out the door??? Probably too busy trying to get another sucker signed up.

    • profile image

      Phil 6 years ago

      this post is so old and outdated!!! NONE of this is even true!!! Corporations are a scam there's a CEO and everyone under him that will never get an opportunity to make big $, with Herbalife everyone has the same tools to make it, so it's really up to you and how you wanna pursue it! Making 50% profit isnt a scam, getting healthy isnt a scam, building muscle with there products isnt a scam, getting taken off of perscription meds isnt a scam. It's an investment not an expense!

    • profile image

      Paul 6 years ago

      Let me tell you something about my personal experience with Herbalife for the last 10 years.

      First - the product.

      Yes, it helps you to loose weight, as long as you replace your regular meal with Herbalife, at least two meals a day. You may start to feel better, all true. Downside: as soon as you lower your Herbalife intake to one meal a day or stop taking it - you're gonna regain your original weight and get 20 lbs more in no time. I was 198 pounds when I started, was 170 five months later and now I'm 220. Bottom line - you're hooked for life. Are you ready to take it for the rest of your life, and pay for it $450-$480 a month till the day you die? I'm not saying it's as addictive as cocaine, but you are hooked.

      Second - social consequences.

      You attend Herbalife seminars and "Extravaganzas" (and pay a lot of your money on travel and books). The tell you to start small, obviously with your family and friends, just to warm up.

      In a short while, all your friends stop returning your calls and your family can't look straight at your eyes. I had more than 50 friends before my wife started her Herbalife carrier, not I have 0.

      Most of the people stop at this point and try to forger the whole ordeal and get their life restored and their friends back. The stupid and stubborn and the desperate ones don't. So, here starts phase two.

      Phase two.

      A year or two later, you're still "6 month away from making $10,000 a month" - a magic figure . You're gonna be 6 month away from it for the rest of your life. You attend more seminars, buy more books, go to more extravaganzas...Obviously, someone is paying for it. My wife spent all her paychecks for 2 years and unemployment money for another year and than cashed her 401k out to keep going...And still you are 6 months away from magic 10k a month... Here starts phase three.

      Phase 3.

      You're told to open a health club or wellness club or whatever. So, you open one. You sign a lease and find partners, who are ready to invest in the product. Great. This phase would not last long. It lasted a month in my wife's case. The partners fall apart, the lease is broken. "Wrong neighborhood or "wrong partners" or whatever. Here starts phase four.

      Phase 4.

      You move on to other place (city, state etc) to start over.

      Your ex-partners hire a lawyer and sue your for breach of contract etc. One day you come home and are greeted by a constable who servers you court papers...that's the stage I'm in now.

      Bottom line: I lost my family, my friends, my savings, I lost my dignity and I'm going to pay lawyers for the rest of my miserable life. Nice retirement, ha? How much do you think Herbalife is paying corporate lawyers to make a separation of the company from the customers this way? Did they ever tell you not to sign contracts if you have not formed a corporation? No they would not. Do you know what portion of the company's 2.5 billion budget is spent on marketing and protection (lawyers)? You don't, but I guarantee it is probably more than they spend on development of new products. Did you notice that most of the workforce is composed of the least educated and most vulnerable folks, single moms, unemployed and unemployable? People with poor English, recent immigrants with no marketable skills.

      Don't be a fool. There's no light at the end of the tunnel. Invest your time and money in something useful - learn some marketable skills, become somebody. Or you end-up like me.

      Get over it.

    • profile image

      Danser 6 years ago

      Why would you think their cancer went into remission because of herbalife. Cancer goes into remission all of the time and certainly not because of herbalife.

    • profile image

      Anon 6 years ago

      Its a scam retards

    • profile image

      go get da $ 6 years ago

      mlm is NOT a pyramid system! In a pyramid selling sytem the product is onsold to people down the line to a point where it no longer holds the value that it was sold at. So that people at the bottom are buying a product that has no way of selling at a profit. in a mlm system the product will always have a profitable sale price and yes it is true that the peple above you will obtain a portion of the money but it is entierly possible to make more money than the person who is above you... if you dont understand that then you should look at the way it is structured AGAIN till you get it. A pyramid system IS a bad thing but MLM is not a PYRAMID.

    • profile image

      DEBBIE 6 years ago

      Hally u are such a negitive person, unbelieveable, You are just a person that does not Like anyone to be better than you . You don't even understand the concept Or the marketing plan of Herbalife. I wonder what you are like, are you a person that is overweight & has tried every little thing too lose it & it didn't work for you, so u are trying to reck it for otheres. All the products work & work well i might add, The marketing plan also works . If it doesn't work for people ,it's the people that dont work, not the plan.

      You have no idea what you are talking about, Get a life


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