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The HerbaLife Scam

Updated on February 15, 2012
Herbalife: worthwhile or worthless?
Herbalife: worthwhile or worthless?

HerbaLife: Scam or Not?

Have you heard of HerbaLife, or do you even sell its products? If not, then let me tell you about the Herbalife scam.

If you walk around any major city, you'll probably see flyers posted on light and electrical poles saying things like "Work From Home", or "Lose 30 lbs Now, Ask Me How!" The ads may all be different, but what they all share in common is the same phone number. When you call that phone number, you obtain a company by the name of HerbaLife.

Back when I was unemployed, I toyed with the idea of joining HerbaLife. Little did I know the company history or the other questionable business practices of this firm. However, after doing some online research, here is what I found out:

HerbaLife was founded in 1980 by Mark Hughes, a guy who, at the young age of 44, was found dead due to a likely drug overdose. Still, HerbaLife continued on, and is now almost 30 years in business. As of this posting, the HerbaLife company states that it has over 1.8 million distributors in about 66 countries. The company is even on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE: HLF). Annual gross sales for HerbaLife are roughly $3.5 billion, though they may have taken a hit due to the recent recession.

HerbaLife sells all kinds of vitamins and other nutritional supplements. There are shakes, protein bars, weight loss products, herbs, even meals replacements.

Do you like what you hear so far? Would you like to buy some HerbaLife vitamins? Well, you can't. First, you need to become a distributor.

HerbaLife makes the big bucks not by selling nutritional supplements, but by recruiting folks to become distributors.These distributors buy up a certain lot amount of the company's products, sample them, and try to sell them. More importantly, though, the newly-minted distributors are "encouraged" to recruit their friends and family (and anyone else they know) to become distributors too. And when I say "encouraged", I mean that the company will pretty much twist your arm in order to have you find new recruits. Weekly meetings, HerbaLife newsletters, company-wide e-mails, etc., will all repeat the company core motto until it comes out of your ears: recruit, recruit, recruit!

Of course, there is an incentive to finding new distributors: a portion of their earnings on products gets kicked up to you. And likewise, part of your earnings get kicked up to whoever recruited you. And so it goes, until the very few people at the top of this pyramid scheme rake in the big bucks while you drive around in your car with big boxes of muscle-building protein powder. It's multi-level marketing (MLM), plain and simple.

What are the costs for this pyramid scheme? It takes around $220 to enroll in the HerbaLife scam, er, I mean program. This money pays for your enrollment, your first pack of product, and also some samples for you (since distributors are highly encouraged to use the company's products as well as to sell them).

If HerbaLife would just stop here and allow you to just purchase and sell its products, I doubt you could call it a scam. However, the scamming really starts when you listen to what the company is trying to have you believe:

In its flyers, HerbaLife claims that you can make as much as $1500 per week for part-time work. If you work full-time, you can make $5500 per week. However, the statistics say otherwise. In actuality, about 1% of HerbaLife distributors make 85% of the company's gross sales. These distributors are in the upper echelons of the company, and were around back when the company was still starting up in the early 80's. The remaining 99% of HerbaLife distributors, who joined the company after the mid-1980s, make the remaining 15% of the company's gross sales.

What does that mean math-wise? Let's crunch the numbers: 99% of all reported HerbaLife distributors comes out to 1,782,000 distributors (99% of 1.8 million). Meanwhile, 15% of $3.5 billion comes out to $525 million. Divide $525 million by the 1,782,000 distributors and you obtain $294 in annual sales per distributor!! And keep in mind that is not profit, but sales, so the actual take-home pay is even less.

Of course, not all distributors are alike. Some may have enormous selling potential, and lots of eager friends and family to whom they can sell HerbaLife products. But that's still a big chance to take when your initial investment in the company is almost the same amount of money that you are likely to make over the course of an entire year!

Another problem with HerbaLife is market over-saturation. It's not as if nutritional supplements, vitamins or protein shakes are in short supply; just look through your local grocery store, sports nutrition store or pharmacy. And those nutritional supplements, vitamins and protein shakes are also priced far below what HerbaLife charges for its comparable items. Granted, when HerbaLife first introduced its products, the market was way smaller, giving HerbaLife a major advantage over its nonexistent competition. But nowadays, when such products run the length of two or more store shelves and are often priced at discount, what's the point of paying top dollar for HerbaLife? It is little wonder why so many HerbaLife distributors have resorted to selling their remaining inventory on places like eBay and Craigslist.

So, in conclusion, should you invest in the HerbaLife scam? Only if you have extreme sales savvy, as well as lots of spare time on your hands. As for me, I think I'll pass. I can think of many other businesses that pay a lot more money for a lot less work.

Would you recommend the HerbaLife business to a friend?

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    • profile image

      keyje 8 years ago

      i know some one who is in herbalife who is making more than $10,000 a month!!!!

    • profile image

      Liz 8 years ago

      I wasn't aware MLMs are actually illegal. Oh wait, they're not.

    • cashmere profile image

      cashmere 8 years ago from India

      Its a realtive thing. Some succeed others don't.

    • profile image

      Neil  8 years ago

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      Hello Hally,

      Yes, i agree that Herbalife's marketing claims are questionable. But the real issue stems from the fact that people have no clue as to how to market an MLM business.

      They believe the income claims and join the program based on an emotional decision, but after they join, then it's a case of "Now what?" They don't have a plan of action in terms of getting leads on autopilot and converting those leads into sales. They are only told to make a list of friends and family (rarley works, and who wants to pitch there best friend or brother anyway?). So what happens is the product sits on the shelf, nothing happens and they call it a scam.

      It's a shame because it gives the whole Network Marketing business a bad name. Herbalife is one of the more questionable companies to join because of it's reputation and marketing tactics, but the answer to success in MLM is picking an honest company with a GOOD reputation (that is also distributor friendly, as Herbalife is NOT), and having a plan of action and executing that plan on a daily basis. Over time, you WILL get results.

      Have a great day Hally,

    • profile image 8 years ago

      I am working on a new website with shopping links. I am removing the herbalife link now. Thank you for this excellent page.

    • profile image

      kldzx 8 years ago




    • profile image

      The Tech 8 years ago

      Dude..... it looks like a case of sour grapes. Just because you lacked the spine to succeed, it doesn't make it a scam. Just think, if it were really that bad, it wouldn't have been so successful in over 70 countries & wouldn't have been in existence for the last 30 years.

    • profile image

      The Tech 8 years ago

      Dude..... it looks like a case of sour grapes. Just because you lacked the spine to succeed, it doesn't make it a scam. Just think, if it were really that bad, it wouldn't have been so successful in over 70 countries & wouldn't have been in existence for the last 30 years.

    • aussienwealthy profile image

      aussienwealthy 7 years ago from Western Australia

      Each to their own. Personally I have my own successful, home based direct marketing Personal Development business where I make 100% of the profit!

      Make it a great day everyone, because you absolutely do deserve it!!

    • profile image

      hirnakshi 7 years ago


      I use herbalife too. In fact, I recently became a distributor for gaining financial benefits. Earlier I used to buy the products from a distributor.

      I joined on May 25th and by the 31st, I had sales worth 6000. In June, I've made 10,000...

      Its not a bad opportunity to be honest. I work full time in a school and do herbalife only on weekends and its working out great for me. I've not yet recruited anyone yet but I am satisfied with my sales which I have achieved partly on my own, partly with the guidance and technical support of my sponsor.

      Unless you take an initiative, nothing happens though...but that can be said for just about any business.

    • profile image

      Lefez 7 years ago

      Hi Hally,

      Thank you for giving us the opportunity of growing our business. Herbalife is a complete scam to negative people like yourself. In fact, you can use as many Herbalife shakes and proteins without ever signing up. There are no shady marketing practices. Only an exclusive part of humanity is meant to join Herbalife, the selected ones, or else, who would run the rest of the world while I enjoy my money? I have been a member since 2002, and have experience average growth, personal and financial. I have travelled the world, literally, giving conferences to the ones who want to take this opportunity. I can tell you, yes I encourage the ones that I have signed to recruit more people, so they can make money like I do. How else do you expect to get paid in a network business like this? We do hold meetings every week to encourage, the ones who have DECIDED to work hard to make money. It is not just about buying the start up program; people think that will make a lot of money, and it does not. I am right now about to become a 30K president after a 7 year career; some are brighter and have done it in 3 or 4 years. The truth is that, if you want to call it a scam, so be it, I am enjoying my 800 thou to 1.2 M a month, while you are still making up your mind and have decided to make posts like this. I encourage everyone to have an experience of their own. This is my experience, you might have a bad one like Hally, but the worst of all, is not even trying.

      So, Hally, before you take it out on Herbalife, or any other successful network; do some research and profound analisys on the different situations. The friend who talked you into Herbalife might as well be making millions of dollars per year, as they decided to pursue a dream.



    • profile image

      DJ 7 years ago

      My wife and I signed up with Hebalife a couple of weeks ago. Hally is totally wrong about the enrollment plan, the recruitment plan, the arm twisting, the need for extreme business savvy and just about everything else she suggests that is wrong with the company. We have been very impressed with the program and the training and the support that has been offered. I was a little skeptical at first but, even after only a couple of weeks I can see that this is a program that, if you are willing to work the program, will work for you. I emphasis the words work and program. The program is phenominal and the guidance along the way is superb. But it still takes work. If it didn't then everyone would be doing it. Even Hally!

    • profile image

      Israel 7 years ago

      Herbalife is helping others to get the nutrition they want. Obviously, we are at the top and this part where you say "Do you like what you hear so far? Would you like to buy some HerbaLife vitamins? Well, you can't. First, you need to become a distributor." is not true. You dont need to become a distributor to buy this products. Get the facts and then start hating. Thanks for your time. We HERBALIFE are #1 We have the best scientist.

    • profile image

      TONY MAHDOO 7 years ago

      Jus want to say that i jus started program from herbal life and i think everybody should be more concern about the product and if it works

    • profile image

      Sean Davis  7 years ago

      I would just like to say that herbalife is not a prymid scheme scam at all, and you can buy the products with out joining the business otherwise yes it would be a scam and in the case would not have been around for so long. However yes it is true that to do well you need to be really good at sell, if your a lot like Mark Hughes, the guy who started this then join herbalife, I think he was great, he could sell anything. Am I in herbalife, no! but I do think it is one of the better mlm companies, ofcourse it is a cult like every big mlm is, but that doesn't make it a bad cult.

    • steffer profile image

      Stef Verheyen 7 years ago from Belgium (Europe)


      I used to work with Hebalife as well, and i can tell you one thing, it is NOT a scam.

      The products are great, The trainings, and support are to, but saying they pull your arm doesn't make any sence, since you don't have any quota's to make. My best friend still works with herbalife and made it to world team member in 2 years, has a very nice income, and is happy, me on the other hand found an even better company, with better products, better payplan, easier to get promoted and even mercedes-benzes as an incentive.

      I just received my Mercedes slk 200, and with my next rank, there's another mercedes for me.

      This Company is called LR health and beauty systems from germany.

    • kiaranfinn profile image

      kiaranfinn 7 years ago from Perth Western Australia

      Interesting article-curious about the motivation sounds like you got burnt-They were huge in Australia 20 years ago plenty of Hype but I knew some big earners-was a bit skeptical when I read how their inspiration Mark Hughes lived his life. Are they the same HerbaLife that sponsors Davis Beckham's US soccer team-they have that name on their shirts?

    • steffer profile image

      Stef Verheyen 7 years ago from Belgium (Europe)


      Yes they are the ones.

    • profile image

      sharitaboo 7 years ago

      hi guys. I just want to know for real. can i really make money from using the systems? it seems to real to be true. do i have to purchase the product first? I just; want to know do i have to put any extra money in the business besides paying for the enrollment? because if so that's were my problem comes in at. if someone truly understands my questions or concerns. please feel free to contact me. thanks,

    • profile image

      christine 7 years ago

      For all of you who think Herbalife is a scam: U R ALL NUTS!

      dont go and believe every single lunatic that didn't try hard enough to succeed and takes it out on the company! Try it yourself and THEN judge.

      Herbalife is the best thing ever, i recommend it to everyone!

    • profile image

      Kyle 7 years ago

      Don't listen to these people, Hally. It's obvious that they're all Herbalife distributors and have scammed or are scamming people. I was one at a time and I didn't get any training duing my phone conversations with my uplines. When they felt they couldn't bilk me for more money, they stopped calling and taking my calls. There are legitimate companies out there, but the MLM program associated with Herbalife isn't one of them.

      By the way, multi-level marketing is another way of saying pyramid scheme, which is illegal in Canada.

    • profile image

      Amy  7 years ago

      I joined Herbalife over a year ago and I didn't have to invest any money except £78 for my initial start up pack. And that came with a 30 day money back guarantee.

      Some of you people don't know what you are talking about, researching a company over the internet never works.

      I make more money than my sponsor because I work harder and that is why Herbalife is not a pyramid company.

      And maybe 1% of the distributors make a lot of money but they have been working extremely hard for over 20 years and still do every day!!!!!

      This is not a get rich quick scheme it take time and hard work to build a successful business and if you can't be bothered to do that then you don't have the right attitude to be a distributor anyway

    • todd_mckay profile image

      todd_mckay 7 years ago

      The Truth is the people that say its a scam are people how need to get a job not a business.If you want to learn how to be a money maker contact me

    • profile image

      philip 7 years ago

      I think you should get your story straight. Any person can purchase Herbalife products through a Herbalife distributor. You do not have to join the business. Furthermore if you are a student of network marketing then you will realize that there are other ways that you can build your business other than recruiting your family.

    • profile image

      zulma 7 years ago

      maybe it didn't work for you but it a good company and you dont need to sign up to buy herbalife

    • profile image

      lld 7 years ago

      I'm thrilled to death with Herbalife--I started using the products in July and have lost a good amount of weight and feel fantastic. I joined the program only to get the discount. I feel like if other people are interested, I'll help them to get their products, and the fact that I'll benefit is just gravy!

      No one ever asked me to sell anything to anyone, but my "coach" just said, if you're interested, let me know and I'll help you. That's it. No pressure.

      I've had a great experience with Herbalife and would recommend it to anyone.

    • pageantgirl31413 profile image

      Heather Nickless 7 years ago from England

      I am also another person that can say that Herbalife is not a scam. I also can say that my team does not do it the same as the rest does. We are internet based and never leave our homes for home presentations or meetings. Everything is done by phone. I also don't have to hunt down friends or family, cold call or walk around town putting up advertisement on cars, or any type of advertisement other than a car sign (which was my choice to do). It is my second month in business. This week alone, I have 6 new customers and 8 new distributors and the week isn't over. Tomorrow, I have 6 appointments for people wanting in the business. I am on track to do $10,000 and make world team my 2nd month in business and this seems to be more and more common in our team. Herbalife isn't easy, I will say that. It is a lot of work, but if you stick with it, it is very beneficial.

      As for the products, I do take them myself. I have lost weight and inches which is exciting (12 pounds in 3 weeks), but I'm more excited about having more energy and feeling so much better rather than having sugar rushes or things like that. I HATE running but with these products, I am constantly wanting to go running.

    • intelligentplan profile image

      intelligentplan 7 years ago from Cambridge. UK

      Please be aware that MLM and Pyramid schemes are completely different. MLM is not illegal. I used to be a distributor for Herbalife & although I struggled to make a life changing amount of money, you can make a great income if you stay in the business long enough. I am also a great fan of the products which I still use today.

      I only quit the Herbalife / MLM business because I found a way to earn a living using the internet in the direct sales industry.

    • profile image

      Paul 7 years ago

      Not only is your logistics wrong, your entire perception of Herbalife is based on biased facts. You are the kind of people that discourage individuals in succeeding both socially and economically. I'm sure your one of those individuals who are unhappy with their style of life and parasite of making other peoples life harder. Not only is my entire family in Herbalife, we are extremely successful, happy and very well rounded. We all began as distributors and now hold high positions; all very well earned. Please reply to comment I would love to hear more of your "opinion" of Herbalife because that's all that is an opinion.

    • profile image

      Herbalife Scam 7 years ago

      Herbalife is not a scam. There are some people who make really good money. Most people don't really make anything but that's the nature of this business. Most of the people who commented on this article defending Herbalife don't make much either. It's always someone they know who make a lot. Your success in MLM shouldn't really be based on how much you make anyway but how much your downline makes.

    • profile image

      kris 7 years ago

      i LOve What im Doin at herbal life im making 23,000 a month and ive been doing this for 4 months now i recentley went poor and now i have alott of money

    • profile image

      Rob 7 years ago

      If you're covering up for this unscrupulous business, then you're a liar...just another Herbalife crook covering up for an extremely horrible company! Get a life!

      I wish I would have checked with the Hubpages and Ripoff Report before falling victim to this crooked scam. With all the overwhelming negative reports on this so-called business, it's far too obvious that Herbalife is nothing more than a total & complete fraud, cheating people out of thousands of hard-earned dollars!

      The crap inventory they have delivered to you is just that...crap! Good luck trying to sell that junk. It's not going to happen.

      I can't understand why the law doesn't protect us from these creeps and put them behind bars where they belong. Anybody involved with this company shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets! STAY AWAY FROM HERBALIFE INTERNATIONAL!

    • profile image

      Rick 7 years ago

      I was very skeptical when I heard about Herbalife too. But here is the bottom line. It is 100% legitimate. The reason that many Herbalife distributors fail is because they want to make money without working. It's a business. What other business earns you money without work? NONE! If you have a good work ethic, a desire to make money and a no quit attitude Herbalife is awesome! People give up at the first sruggle all the time, but the ones who are sucessful push through the struggle and pursue their dreams. I will stand by Herbalife until the day I die because it affords me a great life and a healthy one at that!

    • jimbo9 profile image

      jimbo9 7 years ago from Kettering, Northants. UK

      I was a Herbalife distributor when it first came to the UK. I made money at it but not real big money as I joined a perfume company instead. I found Herbal life worked for me as I lost 2 stone in six weeks and I really did feel great. As for front loading of products, that is outlawed in the Uk. I introduced people to the products I was taking and ordered them for my customers who paid me on delivery, no problems. I liked Herbalife and met Mark Hughes when he was over here, found him OK.


    • profile image

      Nkem  7 years ago

      I like Herbalife. I'm a customer and I'm apply to become a distributor... I was researching the company online for more info and came across this site. As a customer, my coach is really supportive and I know she's very successful in Herbalife business. I don't think the article is fair and I'm not sure it's true. What I know is I don't think the quality of my life would be this good if I hadn't become a customer. I've been a customer for 5 years... so now taking the leap to become a distributor and very excited :)

    • profile image

      ash 7 years ago

      I went to and found home based business from there i had to pay 10.00 for a booklet and cd via fed ex then a lady call me and now is asking for a 149.99 to start and she stated that they go via herbal life, is this correct or legit. i have never tried the product but this lady and the cd state that i will easily 5000 a month is this how many of you started and are now making money ? if not please tell me how my email

    • profile image

      Claudia 7 years ago

      People have to know that a mlm company doesn't have any products to sell. Herbalife sells products and yes recruits people, but most become distributers to get the discount on the products and the ones who want to sell and become supervisors is a totally different story.

    • profile image

      Chenga 7 years ago

      I really appreciate everyone's comments. I'd never heard of Herbalife till a few weeks ago, I work in health and nutrition and kind of stumbled across it and have been researching it since. I really do think that Herbalife does have the stronger argument here. They are perfectly legitimate and their products really do work. Mark Hughes's story is very sad, you can take or create herbalife products it does not make you invincible, but it does improve your health, but if you have other drug problems and alcohol problems obviously herbalife is not going to "cure" you. Obviously Mark Hughes had certain problems, everyone does. The fact that he created these very effective and healthy products and then died at an early age, that is just unfortunate. He did leave behind an amazing legacy non the less, which seems to be very successful and has HELPED people throughout the world both health-wise and financially. The reports that I am hearing about herbalife in foreign countries is amazing, because it is something that is POSITIVE and helping to improve other countries economies!! And especially now, that is remarkable. Herbalife stocks have not dropped during this economic struggle but have RISEN. People are taking a look at their lives and realizing they need to take BETTER products and they need to work in a BETTER business, so they are turning to herbalife.

      I am not an herbalife customer, or distributer, but from what I have read and witnessed I have encountered many more people who were effected POSITIVELY by herbalife rather than negatively. Out of all the drug companies out there that REALLY ARE SCAMS! who tell you you can loose weight by taking something that is NOT healthy, and don't even get me started on what doctors and insurance companies are doing to older people these days. Don't tell me that herbalife is a scam when INSURANCE COMPANIES are making you pay out your retirement or kids college fund or something, even certain doctors and hospital policies are completely ridiculous!!

      Herbalife is all in a good spirit. Their work is CENTERED on making people happier and healthier, not on ripping them off. I have met people who use these products and their cancer has gone into remission. Everyone I have met who is somehow involved in herbalife has been extremely genuine and unpretentious.

      There is such a problem in America with people who are overweight and unhealthy and Insurance Companies are taking full advantage of it. And the statistics involving kids (1 in 3 is overweight) is so scary. Things have to CHANGE! And Herbalife is trying to make a difference, a positive impact! Can you really say that Insurance companies and hospitals are doing the same? WHO IS THE REAL SCAM??

      Stop allowing yourself to be brainwashed, get out of whatever ignorant hole you've dug for yourself and start looking at the bigger picture, for everyone's sake!

    • profile image

      mona 7 years ago

      i am from romania and i make over $1500/month in herbalife, since 2007. it is not a scam. truly....sorry for my english

    • profile image

      CJ 7 years ago

      your an idiot. Your just lazy and want that instant money. I am not a distributor but i use the products and like other people said if it is that bad it would not be arounf for over 30 years. Try working the plan!!!!

    • profile image

      Frank 7 years ago

      Kyle your an idiot too. MLM is leagal in Canada and one of the largest groups of herbalife right now is growing in Canada Dumb%$%.

    • profile image

      Sarah 7 years ago

      My fiancé and I just started on the products, and they are great! From taking the vitamins I feel so much more energetic and I no longer fall asleep during class.

      My fiancé went in as a supervisor and just finished his training yesterday... he already has two people recruited that he never met before. So, you really don't have to ask your friends and family to join unless you want to. You just have to remember that success wont just drop down on your plate, you have to work for it. Overall, the experience so far has been very pleasant and in no way pushy.

      Things will only change if you are prepared to change yourself. The problem is that most people are really afraid of change, whether they are aware of it or not.

    • profile image

      Jen 7 years ago

      About 7 years ago I lost a lot of weight on Herbalife. I was never asked to be a distributor, I just bought through a friend of a friend. In two years I went from 300 pounds and almost a size 30 to 200 and a size 20. I only stopped Herbalife when their flavor of the chocolate mix changed. Sadly, it wasn't the same after that.

    • 1337guy profile image

      1337guy 7 years ago from Ohio USA

      Boo Hoo , wah wah wah , I'm going to complain about something because I don't like it!

      **Insert filler , loser verbage about how the world is an unfair place , blah blah blah**

      Maybe I should become a blogger like you and post worthless drivel?

    • profile image

      Realist 7 years ago

      It truly is a pyramid scheme. They prey upon the uninformed, with the promise of making big money. Here is the secret; everyone in America is seeking the Holy Grail to weight loss. Answer: eat healthy or less, and work out. Herbalife sells that concept, but claims it is due to the product. No one doubts the quality of the product or the benefits of using it. The main issue is that the product isn't worth the price. You can buy meal replacement shake powder at a GNC or from a grocery store (try "Carnation Instant Breakfast", same ingredients). The aggressive marketing campaign results in selling this product to a relative or friend, who feels bad for the distributor, or is too uninformed to do a comparative analysis. There is no financial support from your "Senior" distributor, but you pay all of your "Senior" members in the pyramid a commission. What type of corporations work this way? To all of you “Herbalife Distributors”: You are the consumers of Herbalife! You do not appear on their income statements or audit reports as an employee. The firm has no liability or insurance on your practices. It is a real firm with a stock ticker, but you are being misled to believe you are a part of the corporation.

      The spread you pay for the product is simply to compensate all of the suppliers ahead of you in the pyramid. Also, people who make the investment to buy into this scheme tend to get themselves so far involved that they continue to sell even though they don't make a profit. If you are successful in acquiring distributors underneath you, you simply pass off your misfortune to another individual. Also, once you have several distributors beneath you, you completely saturate your target market. I once heard a Herbalife distributor tell me that the average new distributor can get 3 new distributors underneath themselves per month. “Imagine the up flow of commissions,” they say. The problem is that if everyone added 3 distributors per month, within 21 month, everyone in the world would be an Herbalife distributor (3^21 ~ 6 billion). What type of business model encourages its own target market to also sell the same product? Want proof, search for Herbalife on Ebay. Everyone trying to unload the inventory they purchased. Herbalife has the volume of sales they claim because much of that is sitting in the trunk of “distributors”. They don’t realize revenue when it is sold to the end consumer, but rather force inventory on distributors.

      Want the same but better business model? If you have been successful with Herbalife, imagine how successful you can be with that drive at a real firm that pays a salary, benefits and commissions on sales. Or, start your own real business. Sell your own protein bars, varying flavors of protein with ingredients from a direct supplier, or vitamins. Buy them direct from a distributor and private label. You can sell a tub of protein for the same price as Herbalife, let’s say $50. But your cost is now less than $10. Herbalife distributors, is your margin $40 per product? Didn’t think so.

    • stal2020 profile image

      stal2020 7 years ago

      Leave out the scam talk, it is plain bad for you. It is not good for kidneys, there is nothing natural about it, it is loaded with fillers..... Stay off the junk. Yes I am very qualified to say this.

    • profile image

      cjcox88 7 years ago

      My boyfriend and I tried selling the herbalife products. It cost us 70 bucks for the start up pack. We wound up not having enough time to put into selling and our couch kept getting more and more pushy to recrute others to sell aswell. My opinion: is it a scam, feels like it. But it does have some potential if u have the time to put into it.

    • profile image

      trevwoh 7 years ago

      I have lost 70 pounds now since I have started herbalife products.. they actually work beleive it or not. your decision

    • profile image

      Smarter 7 years ago

      herbalife, like amway, and other companies make their money out of exploiting ignorance and greed. I've met people that sell those products, and they sound like members of a cult. It's all PR and marketing. I've also known people that end up with boxes of herbalife products they couldn't sell, but paid por those products. It's simple: You have to be a real salesman to make any money out of selling herbalife. It is a scam, allright,

    • profile image

      Smarter 7 years ago

      One more thing: in our system, the majority's loss becomes the minority's gain. And that applies to all trades and professions. My case: I'm a TV producer who does shows for stupid people with no education and with simple tastes. My source of income? Providing cheap, meaningless entertainment to a lot of stupid people who eat up all the commercials from our sponsors. Who do I profit from? Stupid people who watch our shows. maybe my IQ is higher than most people, or something, but I wouldn't watch the shows we produce for entertainment, 'cause they're garbage (ok: i'm a cynic, you guessed right... ) The same principle applies to the herbalife way of doing business: a minority (1 or 2%)actually makes money at the expense of the majority (98 or 99%) So don't blame herbalife or amway or mary kay; blame the stupid people (the majority) that fall for it. They might be good products, but they're overpriced and overrated. Anyway: your loss, my gain... fortunately, i belong to the 1% that provides entertainment to the other 99%... good night, and good luck... lol

    • profile image

      ??? 7 years ago

      Wow, Ive sold Mary Kay made my money back plus profit. Ive sold herbalife made my money back plus profit. What part of that is a scam?? This is life,you only get what you put in!! I'm sorry for anyone who's been mislead in the past but that's no ones fault but yours your homework next time and stop playing the Blame game!!

    • profile image

      Bob 7 years ago

      For anyone buying or distrubiting the formula 1 shake, the 750gm shake says you get 30 servings per container. I measured several containers and ended up with 23.5 servings at two level scoops per serving. I brought this to the attention of herbalife and was told to loosen up the canister by gently shaking it before use. I believe that shaking the canister incorperates air into the powder. This is not 30 servings per container! please to those who aren't measuring count your servings, I bet you will come up short. wonderful product and very expensive even at 50% off being that I am a supervisor only for the discount not for profit. Someone said to me that this is false advertisement... so please measure up and leave feedback.

    • profile image

      Rob 7 years ago

      WARNING: Pay no attention to anyone favoring Herbalife!

      This is definitely a crooked Pyramid scheme out to totally steal your hard-earned money. 100% scam!

    • profile image

      mei-mei 7 years ago

      herbalife is not a scam... i tried the product for a week and I really loose weight fast and now i decided to be part of the team....

    • profile image

      BillyWOH 7 years ago

      Herbalife products may very well be great suppliments (albiet grossly overpriced), however the pyramid scheme is SO very obvious. You do not succeed by selling products - you succeed by recruiting anyone and everyone who USED to be your friend or even relative! In essence, it's a huge and profitable CULT and it is painfully obvious by these comments who drinks the "Herbalife Kool-Aid" on a regular basis! Remember Jonestown??? NO THANKS - I DON'T DRINK!!!

    • profile image

      BillyWOH 7 years ago

      P.S. It's strangely curious how the "Amway Kool-Aid" tastes just like the "Herbalife Kool-Aid" don't you think?

    • profile image

      healthy guy 7 years ago

      Herbalife is not a scam. People die because they use it wrong,people explain it wrong. I drink herbalife and I feel great. I have been drinking it for a long time and I'm not dead. So just be careful with the distributors because I heard that some of them are assassins so be careful.

    • profile image

      John Turner 7 years ago

      get. your. facts. straight.

      first of all, its not HerbaLife,

      its Herbalife.

      second, you do NOT have to be a distributor to buy products.

      I am a distributor myself, and the battle i face is getting clients to re-order their products, ABSOLUTELY no one is locked into any kind of commitment.

      I cannot believe you can knowing post false information like this on the internet

      you suck! thanks! ha!

    • profile image

      interested 7 years ago

      Eaten herbalife for more than seven years now, It helped me turn my health from good to bad, thanks to great nutrition. Great food science great results. There if you want it. Guess what? No one came knocking on my door. I was looking for a solution and I found it. Thanks Mark Hughes for starting this great company and helping me keep my life on track.

    • profile image

      Scam 7 years ago

      Scam Scam Scam Scam Scam

    • profile image

      Schott 7 years ago

      Notice how all the pro-Herbalife posts are written using terrible spelling and bad grammar?A popular choice for those with limited intelligence perhaps?

    • profile image

      noname 7 years ago

      I use the products, sell the products make a profit and no downline. It is a good way to earn retail income. I have great upline who are there for me when I need them. The training given is second to none. It is all up to you. Good Luck everyone.

    • profile image

      jlotz 7 years ago

      99% of all internet money making schemes are scams! made by the very scum of the earth. these con artist would even say this against each other then tell you theirs was legit. which only proves that they are all scams!

    • profile image

      Sbadger 7 years ago

      I think the scamming part is the beat around the bush with the prices and the money you have to shift out.

    • profile image

      snobeaver 7 years ago

      All very interesting. A mix of "drown the witch" and "herald the lord, he cometh again". If you think MLM's are pyramid schemes and illegal, go and get yourself educated. If you believe Herbalife is a scam and aren't intelligent enough to provide reasoned factual debate on the subject, you're perfectly entitled to do so - but that also makes you an imbecilic twit. On the other hand, nobody is asking you to kneel at their altar either. I don't use the product or sell the product so have no beef to grind either way.

    • profile image

      Rob 7 years ago

      Doesn't make any difference wheather you work the program or not. Herbalife International is a fraudulent scam based on chronic lies, deception and bullshit. The sponsors are two-face liers, too!

      They'll screw you over royal with their phoney training program and unscrupulous business practices, while practically twisting your arm to become a Supervisor.

      The crap inventory that is delivered to you is just

      that...crap! You'll spend $3000 on worthless inventory you could get at WalMart for way under $300!

      Herbalife products have NOT been evaluated or approved by the Food and Drug Administration!

      I can't understand why the law doesn't protect us from these creeps and put them behind bars where they belong.

      Anybody involved with this company shouldn't be allowed to walk the streets! Law enforcement agencies definitely need to crack down on these rip-off companies, not to mention dish out severe, long-term prison sentences to the criminals involved! Herbalife ruins lives!

    • profile image

      The Shaman 7 years ago

      Lots of folks start up different types of businesses. Most don't make it. Herbalife seems no different in this respect. Work hard, make money. Don't follow directions, won't lose weight, get healthy or make money.

      I took Herbalife many years ago and lost quite a bit of weight, but one can lose weight in lots of different ways.The pay schedule is not a lot different than a brick and mortar company, only here it goes to other people instead of rent, utilities and advertising from a store location. As to the pyramid comments, there is an interesting history here, dating back to the Mark Hughes era (mid '80's I think). Herbalife was investigated by Congress and the Feds. and were found to be NOT a pyramid. The main function of Herbalife is product sales, unlike a pyramid that functions purely on find new people who pay big fees, that go to people above the line.

      The comments on quality dim when you know about the extremely high profile doctors who are now and have been in the past, part of a medical panel. It includes a Nobel Lauriate, Louis Ignaro.

      In my personal experience, weight loss was sort of a bi-product of getting healthy. No, it's not a magic pill. Nothing is. But you start feeling better, sometimes after many doctors and many thousands of dollars have done nothing. It appears to me that most of the comments about scams are unfounded and they state facts that aren't facts at all. Next time you see a pin on someone, stop them and talk with them about the product and tell them you don't believe anything could be good with Herbalife. I'll bet they will be glad to explain the history of Herbalife and why it can work and won't push you into anything.

    • profile image

      Juan 7 years ago

      this has been an intresting blog to read and all that has happened on this blog is to get good results of how good herbal life is really and what ppl does benefit to join as an distrubutor so i think hebal life must thank haly for this blog

    • profile image

      Lori 7 years ago

      I believe that this company is legit but what bothers me is the way they go about getting you to become part of the company. I decided not to become part of the company after reviewing the materials and regardless after receiving only the first package I will be out $150. If you are looking into this company and trying to decide weather or not to go ahead and be a distributor and they are taking your money regardless that to me is the scam. If this guy takes 150 dollars from x amount of people in a month and none of them sign up he is going to get rich just by doing just that.

    • profile image

      Diana 7 years ago

      Herbalife is the best thing that has ever come into my life. It is shameful that those people who don't have a burning desire to better their health and their wealth without complaining. So many false claims like being out $150 dollars by looking at the material is just wrong it doesn't happen. You people who don't understand how this company works shouldn't try to lie about the things you do not know what you are talking about. I am proud of our Marketing Plan which the company gives back $.73 of every dollar back to every distributor. You have to work, maybe a process that is unjfamiliar to most of you. This is not a get rich scheme or pyramid scheme, no we'll leave that to what you are doing in conventional workplace (a true PYRAMID Scheme). How are you going to get to the top position in your J O B your not thus PYRAMID. I Make $5000 per month and have great health from the best products on the planet. I also deal in the 10% fact instead of the 90% opinion of this web site. 5 Billion in sales, 74 countries, nearly 2 million distributors Get on the train or get off the tracks.

    • profile image

      JASMIN ROSAS 7 years ago


    • profile image

      yasmin valle 7 years ago


    • profile image

      Ferro 7 years ago

      Actually, its not a scam. Im guessing that those of you who said it was a scam didn't do your research, and have not tried it. My husband and I use Herbalife and recently became Herbalife distibutors. It only cost $70 for the start up pack, which includes your herbalife bag and information books. We love the products and made profit our first week. Let me ask all of you "anti-Herbalife people"; Are you overweight? Do you want to loose weight now? ASK ME HOW! :) Oh, and by the way, Schot, I am pro-Herbalife, and did use correct spelling and grammar! Thanks!

    • profile image

      Casey 7 years ago

      I have been involved in other "sales programs" (you know ... cosmetics, jewlery, candles, etc) and they all have the same base principle. You can be a customer for life purchasing your product from a consultant (or a "sponsor" or "distributor" or whatever) or you have the option to join the company and begin purchasing your products directly at a % off discount. Of course it is intended that you then begin selling this product to other "life customers" until one day they also join the company, thus repeating the cycle.

      Personally, I have only joined these programs for personal use & personal discount. I could sell to others & make a profit if I wanted to, but i already have a full time job & a part time hobby that I am content with.

      My husband began using HBL summer of 2009 & has lost 60 pounds and 2 pant sizes. He is a tall, strong, muscular man who works out regularly & was in need of supplements & protein to feed his muscles while weight lifting.

      I began taking HBL 7 weeks ago, not for weight lose but instead to try to fight my chronic acne. I have been battling acne for most of my life, but only recently have i gotten it under control. My dermatologist helped me achieve 75% clear skin, but after living with 75% for a few years, I decided that it wasn't good enough & I wanted to get myslef to 100% clear skin. Getting my body healthy from the inside out has had the most positive impact on my skin. I still go to my derm & use the prescriptions she gives me, but now my body has the nutrients it needs to battle the acne before it is formed.

      As a complete side effect, I have lost 10.5 pounds & 14". i have gone from a size 10 to a size 8 & I am hoping to get into a size 6 before the end of the summer. i DO NOT exercise! I know I could lose more weight fast if I did, but i just don't care to! Like I said, my weight lose was a complete accident. I only use HBL for acne reasons.

      My husband & I signed up to become HBL distributors recently as a way to save ourselves 25% on our purchases. The sign up cost was approx $65.00. There are no minimum purchases required, you can order one little bitty thing at a time if you want to. Yes, you can earn a commission check if you get others to sign up "under" you, but it is in no way required or demanded of the distributors to do this. That is one thing I love about HBL (as opposed to a certain "pink" cosmetic) they are not pushy. they don't try to force feed you "consultant" info. i didn't even know i COULD sign up until 2 weeks ago ... and we've been dealing with the samd HBL distributor for 10 months! she never pressured us.

    • profile image

      Numbers 7 years ago

      From the 2009 Financial Statements for Herbalife:

      Net Sales in 2009 - $2.3 billion

      Number of Independent Distributors - 2.0 million

      Simple math states that the AVERAGE Herbalife distributor sold $1,150 worth of products last year. That is sales, not profit. Assume a 25% profit margin (which is really high), that is $290 per AVERAGE distributor.

      Now, keep in mind that the top 1% of distributors (at the top of the pyramid) account for 85% of the sales.

      Again, Herbalife products are high quality, and if you simply use them for health and nutritional purposes, not a big deal. But, they are entirely overpriced due to the multi-level marketing scheme. Try Ebay, previously duped distributors sell at heavy discount.

      One who attempts to sell the product is not in the wrong, but one who attempts to get others in their "network" to sell the products under them has poor business ethics. While multi-level marketing isn't illegal (yet), it is incredibly unethical to persuade someone that distributing this product is a feasible business model.

    • johnalex4000 profile image

      johnalex4000 7 years ago

      It sounds like you tried to become a distributor (start your own business) and failed (as do 95% of all business attempts even outside MLM).

      Now instead of improving and figuring out how to succeed next time... you are blaming the business. Don't worry... you aren't alone, most do the same thing.

      Some folks are just not cut out to handle the failures that come with business. People who can't "take failure" may be better off working for someone else who did go through the failures themselves and finally succeeded; making enough money to employ people who can't.

      I failed plenty of times while learning how to run my own business. I now run very successful businesses both in non MLM as well as an MLM.

      It's not the Business or the "MLM" concept that causes most people to fail. Failure is part of Success. Failure is a requirement before success can be achieved. Don't give up... try again, and then again. Someday... you might achieve what I was able to accomplish after many, many, many FAILURES... earning a million a year from home.

    • profile image

      arthur key 7 years ago

      well i have something to share with everbody what iam about to tell u herbalife has been around for 30 years and made there first billion in 8 years u tell me a business that can do that just too name one fact but what do everbody needs to live a good healthy life VITAMINS,NUTRITION,AND PROTEINS just to name a few this is it why dont u believe it can u see the people is losing,gaining,and maintaining there weight in real life.i call that "HOW TO EAT TO LIVE" If u can believe in that then why can't u believe that u can make $5,000 or more a month!i was told that people say "i will believe it when i see it" why believe in one and not the other u must "believe it before u see it" that is the key to success we only use a short part of our brain and they are giving us the key to success PTI has team up with Herbalife to help assist with making the money u only dream of and giving u great health at the same time but for the record if u dream of sometime atleast make it become truth because guess what u r wasting a part of your mind and i believe two things let me share with u i know PTI isn't a scam because Herbalife really works and i believe something u believe and everbody else do too "A MIND IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTED" i told u most people say "i believe it when i see it" well if that is the case stop daydreaming about having a lot of money u just wasting your time and mind if u r not going to do what it takes to achieve it oh one more then "mind over matter" who believe in that if u do then u already believe u can make the money before u see it if u need me to break down "mind over matter" then comment back and i will do just that if not then look at the money like u making an investment now what u put in is what u get out so if they asking u do u want to move up that is the key to start seeing your money sooner then later and please don't think; "just do it" that is from nike which has made a lot of money by telling u to do something now i thought we like people to ask us to do something well just to let u know they give u the blueprint on how to be successful so i leave u with this the more u investment into the business is the big picture since u can't see it

    • profile image

      Diane 7 years ago

      I almost spent the money to become as a supervisor, but I did some research and saved over $2500.00. Herbalife products are great and I am so glad I started using them. I have lost weight and I feel great. All the “mentor” wants is your money to come in as a supervisor to build their pyramid scheme. It is sad because the products really do work and I really wanted to sell them but I could not even get my “mentor” to return my calls about training or give me my Id number to buy from Herbalife. I sent over $250.00 on trying to become a distributor. I am so glad I didn’t spend more. I just buy the stuff on ebay now from all the other “distributors” who were ignored by their “mentors”

    • profile image

      Ian 7 years ago

      I have come across many of these MLM's in my time. Everything from Amway to Forever Living and they all sell the same concept :"the dream". Become rich, lose weight, feel attractive, be popular, etc, so what else is new? We are constantly bombarded by these ideas and images daily through tv and now the internet, the concept is the same: sell ignorant people products they don't really need. There is no magic pill for the above, hard work in equals prosperity, food in must equal energy out otherwise it gets stored as fat. I have read most of the posts on this blog and laughed at Shott's comment on "stupid people", he is so right! Makes you wonder how many of the top distributors of Herbalife actually still use their own product! Like anything else I recommend to tread carefully, especially with some of those who post ridiculous earnings through such schemes, makes you wonder if they are not just using blogs such as these to hard sell and recruit? On the subject of pyramid selling, it is a very grey area, but Wikipedia does help to clarify the situation, just type in "MLM" and see for yourself. Enjoy!

    • profile image

      mare 7 years ago

      we signed up 3 months ago andcannot get anyone in the company to help us set up the merchant account, supervisor doesn't answer his phone.... and they are deducting the cost of the website from our checking acct

    • profile image

      Joe 7 years ago

      If you actually read the legal financial statement from the company you will see exactly what average earnings are. I know presidents teams that are turning over more than £3m

    • profile image

      Anthony 7 years ago

      I responded to a radio advertisement, espousing average to fortune. The person I spoke to was very effusive, and suggested I pay $50 to receive a DVD that would answer my queries. I stupidly paid the money, only to find the information on the DVD was as vague and non specific as the person who gave it to me. Upon calling the person to find out what the hell was going on I was informed that the business was herbalife. Seriously if MLM is the answer, someone should rephrase the question.

    • profile image

      UniversityStudent 7 years ago

      From all the comments and the blog, there is quite the battle going on. Either you are for it or not. I think everyone should really be looking at it in a different way. Herbalife is all about money, not health. If is was all about health people would not be so concerned about buying the products but getting their nutrition and exercise improved.

      I lost 25lbs. all on my own by eating and exercising, not by taking pills. I have to say that if you are malnurished, some multivitamins may be needed. You don't always have to buy something to loose weight, just change your attitude about food. Figure out what your relationship to food is and maybe you'll discover that you don't know anything about your diet(nutrition). READ! Research! Ask questions! That's all it takes. Just because some website says that you can locate a distribtor to help you find the right products, doesn't mean it is the best way. People believe everything they hear. I am personally a skeptic of anything that says I can become rich fast. Good luck! It is easier than you think to loose wieght and find a moment to exercise.

    • profile image

      Harry Hole 7 years ago

      To all of you hard working "achievers" out there, congratulations. I'll bet 95% of the people that get into this end up storing their product in their garage where it never sees the light of day or they end up giving it away. I worked at a large sports venue where they hosted Amway conventions. Yeah I saw a few expensive cars but a lot of the people who showed up looked like they might have slept in their cars and their clothes. Remember Nu Skin? I knew a dozen people that sold that crap at one point.

    • profile image

      Nate 7 years ago

      Here's a suggestion for all the Herbalife haters... Just go get a regular job, continue to trade your time for money and just stay broke - it is easier after all... but you shouldn't discourage those of us that want to WORK for a better future. People that see Herbalife as an opportunity think like Business people - all the others simply have an employee mindset.

    • profile image

      da 7 years ago

      wow a lot of distributors lying their asses off at this web sites. Cigarette and alcohol are around forever and it does not make the product safe. herbalife makes most of their money not from the products but from the people they recruit. $299 to start, not including all the hidden charges afterward. w go with ur gut instinct. if it doesn't feel right, get out.

    • profile image

      Me 7 years ago

      My husband and I are looking into becoming Supervisors with Herbalife. I've read a lot of good things and a lot of bad things. I've talked to people who have used the product and loved them. I haven't talked to anyone (other than reading a couple in this blog)who didn't like the products. We have the extra money to make the investment to get into the Supervisor level but we haven't made our decision yet. We are meeting with our mentor in the morning to talk more about it.

      If we decide to take the chance on it, I'll come back and keep everyone posted on our success or failure. I'm not sure which way we'll go yet though.

      A little history: We paid $9.95 to have the first training package sent to us and then we met with the mentor (who was not pushy at all) and she introduced us to the Distributor level. We decided to move forward and paid the $149 for the starter package. They have not charged us yet and after discussing our concerns with the mentor, she is waiting to put in the order until we make a decision so that we will not be out the $149. There was a money back guarantee on the site we signed up through.

      One last note for the person (Schott) that said all the pro-Herbalife people were bad at spelling and grammar...ummmm...did you read every post? There were just as many people against Herbalife with bad spelling and grammar. Some of them I couldn't even read they were so bad. So your comment was truly unfounded. Not to mention that you forgot a space between sentences in your own post!

      I'm not for it or against it yet...but I'm definitely curious.

    • profile image

      Barb 7 years ago

      I decided to join Herbalife as a distributor and went through the training. The first 2 parts are about how to do things and the 3rd part is sheer greed. I am not interested in greed but in having an online web mall and that's it.

      I am not being pressured by my upline at all. In fact it's probably the other way around. I started this business with a specific amount that I was willing to spend to start this business and have stuck to it. Money that if I lost, and it is NOT a lot of money, I wouldn't go into debt. I'm building it slowly. No one is complaining or shoving me. I listen to the group calls that I feel will help me but if they get into the greed mode I just hang up. Heck they have so many people on these loop calls they don't know.

      So for me it is a business not a way to become uber rich. I like to work hard but not as some espouse 24/7. UH people I do have a life!!!!

      So we shall see where this goes. Right now the products are good, I'm in control and that's fine with me

    • profile image

      Frankie 7 years ago

      Barb you couldn't have said it better about greed. I never want to be rich either, infact it makes me sick having lots of money in my bank. Been there and it was such a low life.

      I like your philosophy Barb, if you could email me on how you handle yours same time coz i just started few weeks back, would be awesome. I just dont know anyone who uses this at the moment. my email is

      God Bless

    • profile image

      Barb 7 years ago

      I just tried to respond to you Frankie and the e-mail came back as undeliverable. I copied and pasted the e-mail so I know I didn't mess it up.

      I did try to answer you.


    • profile image

      Lourens 7 years ago

      Guys I agree there are a lot of scams out there and there are also a lot of mixed feelings about Herbalife and if it works as a business. I am not a member or user or distributor.

      I have in the past been conned into a "scam" and I am still paying off on the debt. Therefore I am very sceptical about these type of business opportunities. How I found this site is because I remember my mother being part of herbalife and using their products. In those days she had to drive around and sell to people and go to see people.

      From what I can gather Herbalife has kept up with technology and you can do it all on the internet. My mother made her money, but stopped due to time constraints. She still hypes about the products and I know she still uses the products.

      I see Herbalife as any other business. You will never get a business for free except if you inherit it. No business will be a success if you do not put in effort. I guess the people calling it a scam are the ones that thought they will buy in and just sit back, but I might be wrong as I have not tried the business myself.

      Good luck to everyone that is part of the business and good luck to the people that call it a scam. I hope the name sayers find something that will provide them with instant wealth. To be successful you have to work hard and that's the only way of becoming successful....financially, spiritually and physically

    • profile image

      Miram Lara 7 years ago

      It is sooo not a scam!! I have lost 48 ponds in three months, they have aweso products.

      I am not a distributor, there is this place down the street where you can buy your shakes (like a sturbucks, but only herbalife products) from a distributor.

      You need to do something othere then trying to be a writer, journalist or wahterver you think you do!

      Should try to use the product first instead of writing about what your neighbor told you!!!!

    • profile image

      Factual 7 years ago

      My OH is a distributor - has been for 7 years, works all day and weekends at it and the business is just "making its costs"

      This stuff is hard to sell in a recessionary economy, hard to justify when there are many cheaper alternativbes.

      Shame - it's damaged our family beyond repair, all we have is threatened. They sell a dream, but only a select few, in early, get to live that dream. The rest are in a saturated market.

    • profile image

      Jakl 6 years ago

      This has been facinating reading. It is just like the Climate Change scare and Global Warming. Someone says somethiung with emotional words raising an alarm and then others jumpo on the band wagon. The biggest scam is Global Warming and Climate change. The real issue is that there are too many people who are too lazy to do the research and go beyond the popular press which is left wing supporting. As for Herbalife, 15 years as a Millionaire Team member, no one ever told me to do anything they had not ddone themselve and I did not have to do anything I did not want to do. I have worked in 7 different countries helping Herbalife open new markets and built my own business doing it. There are some people who want to get rich quick and when they find out you have to actually work and develop a business mind set and business practice, they leave looking for someone else to feed them because they are too lazy to feed themselves. Just like the other left wing, socialist scammers who are trying to rip the rest of us off by grabbing our taxes and using emotional guilt trips to bring in political correct speak. Pleasae WAKE UP!! Your life is in your own hands and up to you to make it so others can follow your example. Ask yourself, what have you done today that would inspire, encourage and give someone hope of raising their life to a new level. Let no one get in your way and don't listen to fools who cannot do anything but criticise those who want to make a difference and not be a burden on society by sucking like a parasite on those who want to get of their ass and do something. Life is a risk, step up and take it, you will be amazed at what you achieve.

    • profile image

      sadako 6 years ago

      nah...ur just trying to put negative thoughts bout the product...and herbalife...FYI..its up to you if u wanted to be a member of herbalife or not..we are not forcing anyone to join..but the product shows result and theres no doubt about it because ive seen it by using it..losing weight..gaining more energy and happy with the resluts!!

    • cjkoutz profile image

      cjkoutz 6 years ago from Texas

      Hello. I just started the products and started selling them after reading through this blog and making a decision to give it a try. I really like the products - I think they are great. As far as the business goes, we aren't looking for a get rich scheme - just something to make a little extra money for us. If it goes well and we make enough money for my husband to quit his job then we will be even happier but right now, we are taking it slow and seeing how it goes. Check out our story at

    • profile image

      MikeyT 6 years ago

      Let me explain what I think is a pyramid scheme - it's right under our noses.

      I work in the IT industry, work hard - for a decent wage. If our company does well, I get a bonus. My boss gets a bigger bonus and his boss probably gets an even bigger one. So for all the hard work I put in, those above doing well also. Sound familiar....?

      Prior to this job - I worked for a start up IT company. Again, worked hard, for a decent wage. After a few years the owners sold and probably made a very nice amount of money. So again, for all my hard work - those above did well.

      Those above me in my current work deserve to do well - they are the ones who have shown commitment to get where they are. Similar to Herbalife.

      I'm not yet a distributor, but am seriously considering it - with a view of how to create a business model, which will give me additional income. Yes, those above me will benefit - the same as those above me who benefit now!

    • profile image

      Ana 6 years ago


      You said it best for those arguing about the pyramid scheme :)

      After hearing about all this Herbalife negativity I decided to join and try it for myself and really live the experience and take it as a challenge...well this is my 2nd year doing the business and I love it! Its NOT easy and NOT for everyone...if someone is looking to get rich fast...this is not for them. You actually have to work at growing and helping others grow :) there's so many ways to do the business and it never gets old for me.

      Congrats to all of those who have stayed and are working at it hard. Its a challenge and not many can stick trough it because they expect lots of money right away.

      For me, I do this part time, I go to school and work full time, and I'm still able to do this and enjoy it! I'm making money since I joined and I'm looking forward to one day being able to make a living out of something I love!

    • profile image

      jose a gutierrez 6 years ago

      i start my own herbalife business two months ago and i am selling about 3000 dollars a month which 1000 are of revenues. also, people may not lose weight becuase they do not follow a types of diet. also i have being consuming herbalife for one year and i have not lose weight, but herbalife have help my blood pressure and colosterol.

    • profile image

      Luke 6 years ago

      So I laugh at the people who are angry and negative. 1st off a traditional business is a true "pyramid" scheme. You will never earn more than the person who hired you point blank! Unlike what these negative people will have you believe, I lost 21.5 pounds in about 40 days, with little exercise, and I'm a rehabilitative exercise specialist and also studied nutrition and the products DO WORK! 2nd you don't ever have to "join" to use the products, and if you decide to join and purchase inventory then never do anything with your inventory well that's your own fault! As for any business in order to move products especially ones that work and get people results like my younger sister who lost 30 pinds in just under three months, you have to obviously sell them, I don't know any company who gives away their inventory. The negative people need to enroll in a busines course. As for the business structure, you are basically in business for your self and if you decide to do nothing than you get NOTHING, however those who decide to do more get much more. Personally my wife and I are business owners and do Herbalife part time and have not earned less than $2,000.00 per month, and we don't have "useless inventory" sitting around. As for the people who said you can get stuff from Walmart, think again. All the products are pharmecuitical grade which is better than food grade, meaning its more pure in its delivery and potency than "off the shelf" supplements. Lastly the FDA does not approve any supplements because they are FOOD not DRUGS, and further more there are prescrption drugs on the market right now that people are taking which have harmful side effects that are not "FDA APPROVED" much like many medicines that are regularly prescribed. What's really unfortunate that any, excuse my termonology, idiot with a keyboard is free to write what ever is on their mind with no proof to back any of it. This company has more 6 figure earners than any other US based company, and that you can take to the bank along with their double digit growth in a recession. now who is really the foolish one.

    • profile image

      Barb 6 years ago

      Well I have been working at this now for a couple of months or so. Sending out e-mails, flyers, etc. Have attended their webinars and followed their module. Not one sale - zip, zero. Why is this?? Not complaining about the product as it is good. People DO lose weight and do feel better.

      However, what I am seeing is that the people who want to just sell as in retail are not encouraged as are the people who want to sell the business. That's where the real money is and where you are encouraged to go. Since I have been having a rough time, haven't heard a word from my upline at all. No surprise as I am not making any cash for them to skim on. What I do find puzzling is their getting leads for customers. They are so overpriced to purchase a few leads that it is prohibitive. Now I used to be in advertising and checked with some friends who are list brokers and they just didn't get the high price for a few leads. Well I got it - they use their own company to get the leads and then charge a lot and skim it.

      However, what is stressed all the time is that we are helping people. Well I don't see much help for those who want to do just retail.

      Now I have another retail business that is doing just fine and to be honest that has taken a hit since I have been devoting so much time to this.

      I am finishing a mailing list, AKA target marketing, and if that doesn't bring me any results then I shall call it a day. I set a price in my head about what I was willing to spend, just as I did with my other business and once I hit that ceiling, if I get no returns it's time to move on.

      I have read a lot of horror stories about this company but I have not experienced them. Maybe cause I have been in marketing before and know how it is done. For those of you who have made it congrats to you!!!!

      Not griping here at all. Seriously it has been a learning experience for me. That alone is worth the price of admission.

    • profile image

      Ex-Supervisor 6 years ago

      Hi There,

      I was Supervisor myself a few years back. My feelings are mixed since business was no good but I recon $5000 I gave for supervisor’s package was the best investment I‘ve made in my life.

      I was seriously overweight (over 120 kg) and could not lose weight not even with HL. Herbalife as any other WL program did not address emotional eating and that was the end of it. I did not have to curb my hunger, because I was not eating when I was hungry!! That’s how I tipped the scale over 120kg: eating between the meals when I am not hungry. Food was my best friend, enjoyment, soothing corner and many other things. And I had to give up all of this. I didn’t. So that was the end of my business venture. It was a joke, OK? The whole business was like a joke. I mean, who would buy weight loss program from seriously obese woman? That’s right – no one!

      About the earnings – to earn $2500 profit you have to sell 20 “Quickstart programs” at the price of $250. Half of it would go for advertising because after you’ve sold products to your friends and family you have to move on. Just the follow up of those people will give you the whole week of full time work. So unless you are recruiting there is no way you can meet “$1500/w part time” promise.

      I didn’t like the idea that I am spending my own cash for advertising of Herbalife’s business. That was just not fair. Products were overpriced already so everyone above can have a cut, not giving me anything back, really.

      Herbalife is the best investment I made because of STS’s (monthly meetings) which set up my mindset on the right track. I am so grateful to Herbalife for setting me up with the different way of thinking. It opened up channels for many great things to come.

      So I am forever grateful to HL even though the business part of it was complete disaster. You just never know when the pay back time is coming and which door is gonna knock on.

    • profile image

      Serge 6 years ago

      Dear Everybody...

      I don't like MLM systems... as a matter of fact I DISlike them. Therefore, I would not get involved in them. But (...always a "but") I have to admit that although MLM systems work for many, they are not for everyone. The 9 to 5 mentality is way too engrained in the collective psyche and many that get involved in HL, for instance, do not have the foggiest idea how to market themselves and/or find prospects to feed their business.

      Many don’t understand that they would have to devote (or sacrifice?) some of their previously leisure time to succeed in the world of businesses. They simply cannot get their rear ends from the couch and drop the remote control to go out and build their future… So it may come as a painful surprise to them that HL… or AMWAY… or Mary Kay (not sure about this one)… or any other so called multi level marketing type businesses is not for them.

      I don’t understand why Hally’s attack is so virulent. This is America and if anyone wants to try their luck at owning their own business… GOD, KEEP BLESSING AMERICA!... forever!!!!

      Hally if you are so ticked off at HL… please take a look at PRIMERICA… and revise your concept of scam (if not fraud)… Primerica uses the same concept to market people’s futures, financial security, and… MONEY! If you raise your voice agaist things like this… you may have a lot of credit and credibility and you may not look like a person who tried, or didn’t have the guts to, and discharges her frustration against what she could not conquer.

      Hally, you are attacking Herbalife in a country with Bernie Maddoffs; a country with cancerous Mortgage industry (and don’t get me started on that one) that poisoned the biggest and healthiest economy ever created; a country with companies that successfully market cancerous products like cigarettes (don’t get me started on that one either); a country where businesses’ health is far more important than, lets say, our children’s health… (and I have a looooooong list of those)…

      …why don’t you use your gun powder on bigger game?

    • profile image

      trinidad 6 years ago

      no man!!! ur so wrong and ignorant. you speak of the "men at the top" making the money while we work and recruit!!!! but my last job and any other is the same!!!! and a lot worse! we make like 300 bucks a day while they made hundreds of thousands. so you make no sense!!! herbalife is an opportunity and its great and the best well researched! you should try it and maybe it'll help you think straight! the business could rise or fall, it up to the individual, and like any other business it needs a lot of hard work esp at the beginning. the thing with HERBALIFE is that we dont guess!!!!!! we know before we speak that why we use our products, see the results and share our testimon and then the product "sells itself". and the weekly and monthly meetings are there to educate the distributors and encourage them, i mean c'mon, what is so wrong with that? i'm sure that if it was the other way around, like they just joined us to the company and threw us into the ocean, you would have had something to say about that also!! and i have numerous testiimonies about people who were had no where to go and they turned to HERBALIFE and the transformation was so amazing that im leaving my job, which pays so well, b'cuz i joined! and the thing is that i knew these people before herbalife so no one can tell me that its a scam!!!!!!!!

    • profile image

      trini 2 6 years ago

      bad business management,sour grapes, whatever this is all so good for herbalife.

    • profile image

      trini 2 continues 6 years ago

      i,m a distributer supervisop level.I know better my health is 100% better so is my income and i work dilligently with my downlines to help them achieve what i have herbalife is WONDERFUL

    • profile image

      leopard  6 years ago

      I would be very concerned at buying a product from people who have no experience in diet. How many of you know what to advise someone who has blood pressure issues in what they can and cant take? There are many things people need to be aware of before loosing weight and I am sure your only told to push the product and that it is safe.

    • profile image

      kp111774 6 years ago

      I have been looking into being a distributor. The price has gone up to $399. I also found out that it cost $100. for a startup website after you sign up and then $50/month. However if the income is as good as they say that may not be such a bad deal. Still trying to decide.

    • profile image

      Barb 6 years ago

      I just stopped being an Herbalife distributor. No regrets, learned a great deal. I would say they are not scam artists but it did concern me that unless I purchased every product they sold that I would never learn what was in it. Yes I asked many times where I could get the info and to this day I have not been given an answer. I also felt uncomfortable being positioned in selling health items that I had no idea what was in them and if any ingredient could harm anyone. For example I have Celiac Disease AKA gluten free diet. There is only ONE shake that I can take and some of their supplements. That restricted me right away. Then I am also highly sensitive to caffeine and their weight loss metabolism pills are loaded with natural and man made caffeine. Couldn't take them either.

      So it made it tough for me to present a product that I couldn't take!!!

      One issue I did have though is that the market is over saturated. No not with Herbalife dealers but 60+ pages on e-bay and many more on Amazon. Their prices were incredibly discounted so they obviously were buying at a cheaper price than I could. These are not people who bought product for startup but have STORES selling the entire line!!! I have said in previous posts I had a set limit in mind to spend and once I hit that if it wasn't doing what I wanted I was leaving and I did.

      Their product from what I have seen is good, their training is adequate however, if you know how to read you can learn. There is a great emphasis on bringing more people on board as supervisors then in retail and that bothered me. Perhaps that's why I could get no info about what was IN the product. I had a mall site on the web and to get into it, per Herbalife, you had to have a password. Well that was a huge turnoff to potential customers. When I asked about the password nary an answer.

      So I already have my own business and was looking for p/t money and this was eating into my primary business with time spent and money.

      So I live and learn and move on and wish all that join very good luck.

    • profile image

      JAF 6 years ago

      No tienes ni puta idea de lo que dices, muchos numeros pero ni una sola conclusion cierta.

      Trabajo en LR Health and Beauty Systenm en España,una MLM alemana, durante un año, gano mas de 10.000 euros al mes y creciendo, tengo un mercedes SLK en la puerta, y me rio de gente como tu que en vez de ayudar y dejar soñar, dando una oportunidad a las personas, todvia no sabe lo mas basico de diferenciar un negocio de network marketing de una piramide. Bah!, sigue diciendo que es una estafa, creetelo, fustrate, de moento te escribo desde la playa, sabiendo que este mes ganare esos "imposibles" 15.000 dolares que dices.

      Hasta la vista fustrado.

    • profile image

      Kelly 6 years ago

      I am in Herbalife now and just want to say that it ISN'T a scam- you just need to ASK the questions. EVERYONE is upfront and honest about the COSTS- if you ask. And there is NO FREE MONEY. You have to front thousands, just like in a normal start-up business. No one opens a cafe for no money down. No one starts a contracting company with free tools from Home Depot. This is the SAME thing. You buy your company's materials, products, and other costs (websites, advertising, etc.) and you will reap only the profits you EARN from hard work.

      Just remember, no free money. This is a real business made from your investments of real money and lots of time.

    • profile image

      john cena 6 years ago

      herbalife is all true i know someone that wins more than 100,000 a month

    • profile image

      john cena 6 years ago

      herbalife is all true i know someone that wins more than 100,000 a month

    • profile image

      RLM 6 years ago

      to leopard : I was in Herbalife for about 6 months and I lost a lot of weight while I was also marketing the products. When I was asked about pre-existing conditions (such as high blood pressure) and how the nutrient supplements would affect their condition, I always advised them that if there is any concern they should discuss it with their doctor. And there is a place where a distributer can get the basic info about what is in any Herbalife product, directly from Herbalife. I know, I used the website several times to help my customers decide if it was something they could take or if it would affect their condition in a negative way. I had a customer who was on the shakes to lose weight. She had been told that her blood pressure was getting too high and the doctor told her she could either lose weight or he would have to put her on medication. She hated taking any medication and started the shakes. She lost about 15 pounds in 3 weeks on just the Herbalife Shakes and went back to the doctor and her blood pressure was at an acceptable level. Any doctor will tell you if you're even a few pounds over weight and you are experiancing stress in your life, that losing weight will help lower your blood pressure. Does that mean it'll help everyone? No, but everyone is different and that's why it's always important to discuss any nutritional supplement with your doctor before taking it, even vitamins have this warning on them. Herbalife distributors are not expected to replace a persons family physician. I stopped distributing because I moved and divorced. I've since remarried and I would love to start with Herbalife again.

    • profile image

      jon 6 years ago

      i am in the process of becoming a distrubutor and need some advice since money is tight for me since im just starting my first year of college. anyone who has been a part of herbalife and sold there product as a distrubutor and is willing to inform me of the in's and out's of being a distrubutor please email me

      god bless

    • profile image

      Eddie Flynn 6 years ago

      If you plan on screwing over everyone you know and everybody you plan on meeting in the future, then Herbalife, Primeamerica, and Amway are awesome and you will make millions.

    • profile image

      John Glanz 6 years ago

      i am a HerbaLife distributer and i know many other herbalif distributers who earn more then me and i earn $1000-$2000 per month very part tim around my 50 hour a week.

      herbalife is not a scam you have to work for your money yes.

      but if your willing to just talk to people you can make money

    • profile image

      Eddie Flynn 6 years ago

      Herbalife is a scam, first off because the only people who make any money are the ones who recruit other distributors and this by definition makes it a pyramid scheme. This is a thirty year old scam which seems to never end because there are suckers born every minute with hopes and dreams who believe they have what it takes to recruit more suckers into their miserable industry.

    • profile image

      JLP 6 years ago

      Who wrote this original comment; meaningless. It sound like free publicity for HerbaLife.

      Even, so called, bad write-ups are good for a company when they are written as poorly as this one; just when I thought I was going to get the scoop on HerbaLife, I get nothing. Not one person within this discussion thread has any REAL SUBSTANCE within their comments; just sticks and stones.

    • profile image

      Bret 6 years ago

      I'm not sure where some of you are getting your numbers but it only costs around $65 to become a distributor. Also, if you don't want to sell the product you can just be a customer as well which is no problem. I started using the products personally in April and since then I've lost 25 lbs. People started asking me how I did it so I decided to become a distributor, started selling the product, and since then it's been great. I'm sure WHO is in your up-line can definitely have an adverse effect on your experience, but mine is incredible and have been nothing but amazing.

      It's only been 3-4 months now and working part-time I'm making a steady $1,000/month now. Nothing ground breaking but I just wanted a supplemental income anyway which is what I got! I do have to agree with some of you though, THIS IS A BUSINESS. If you wish to succeed you HAVE TO WORK. There is no such thing as a "Get rich scheme." Can you make a lot of money in Herbalife? Yes, I personally know a few people who have made millions, but they've also worked extremely hard for what they now have.

      Btw, it is ILLEGAL for distributors to sell their additional product on ebay, craig's list, etc. and your distributorship will be revoked. Why? Because this company takes great pride in what they do and want to make sure the people who work with this company work with the same attitude.

      This is definitely not for everyone business-wise, absolutely not, but if you've ever used the product then it's really hard for me to believe that you could have so much hate for the company. I guess the entire LA Galaxy team takes crappy supplements for all of their soccer workouts? ;)

    • profile image

      Almost got taken 6 years ago

      Wanting extra income, I signed up and sent in the $9.95 for the Training Package. What should have been a red flag to me, was the fact that my mentor wouldn't tell me what the product was. Why be so secretive? I had to wait for our appointment and to listen to the audio to find out it was Herbalife. When I hesitated about the $149, she quickly dropped it to $75. When I questioned her about a website, she said that would be answered in the next package. Through my research, I found out that would be an additional expense. I found enough info online to know that I wasn't going to put anymore money into this and help the ones at the top get richer. Ebay alone has over 4,000 Herbalife products for sale for much cheaper. Think about how many thousands of websites are out there trying to sell this same product.

      When I emailed to pass on the further appointment, I was immediately emailed back a letter explaining the procedure of mailing my training package back. If I did not, I would be charged $39.95 for it.

      If the company takes such great pride, why are they afraid to tell new potential buyers the truth about who they are?

    • profile image

      Julia 6 years ago

      Actually, i got my starter kit for all depends on how you work the business. Sure, some people will think it's easy money, but you do have to actually WORK. You have to be smart and willing to try something new in order to succeed in health, and in the process you'll probably end up making money and helping other people (:.

    • profile image

      Bret 6 years ago

      @Almost Got Taken,

      Obviously you were approached by someone who has no integrity for the business and truly is trying to "scam" people. They are an independent distributor, but Herbalife as a company would NEVER tell anyone to go about marketing the way they do, and honestly if their identity is found out, Herbalife will actually terminate their distributor status for breaking company policy. No, I don't work for Herbalife, I'm just an independent distributor like many others out there, but one of the things that attracted me to this company was the integrity they run by. Sorry that you got scammed by a low-life who probably won't be in the business much longer, but a vast majority of people who work in this company do it because the product is great, we've had great results, and because we love to then help others feel the same.

    • profile image

      A Friend (A REAL TESTEMONY) 6 years ago


      It's a system made only for a few to win the others will actually lose their money.

      Only a few get o the three upper levels of the hierarchy where the real money is won.

      All the other lower levels are just "pay to work" not payed to work.

      The products may not be bad at all, but are not exceptionally good - and one thing is certain: the product's price are ridiculously inflated.

      You start as a distributor, and you are encouraged to buy and consume their products as well as get new people to sign-up as distributors.

      YOU HAVE TO PAY for all of this.

      - You PAY for signing-up

      - You PAY for using their products regularly (they encourage you to use them)

      - You PAY to the attend the STSs (training reunions)

      The only thing you do not pay is the first reunion which they call something like "Business Oportunity".

      Well but that's only the first one, and when you go, you don't even know what you're getting into - you don't even know it's Herbalife or ShapeWorks or what ever they are called now! (they've scammed so many people they had to change teir name lol)

      Anyway just a conclusion, the only ones that make real money are the ones from the top levels of the scheme, the rest just lose money and a lot of it.

      The lower levels are always regenerating, cause most people from these levels (distributors, supervisors,...) either go bankrupt or at some time hopefully sooner than later get the real picture of it and get conscious they are being scammed.

      At the same time there are always new people signing-up as distributors.

      And the big guys from the upper levels get rich at the cost of the people from the lower levels.

      One final note: Don't forget that when you sign-up as a distributor you will be trying to sell products at inflated price, trying to get your friends and family to enter the same scam you fell in, paying to go to the training sessions (STS)...


      Take Care,

      A Friend

    • profile image

      Joan  6 years ago

      Go to single product has a label listing each/every ingredient in PDF format.

      I started the product about 2 1/2 months ago - have lost 13 lbs. but more importantly lots of inches. I look great in my clothes & down 2 dress sizes. I have taken a myriad of weight loss products to no avail. Even did W.W for 6 months - was hungry ALL of the time. Previously chalked the weight gain up to aging process. Finally, I feel GREAT (GOOD NUTRITION), look great with lots of energy without the hunger. HIP HIP HOOOORAY!!! HERBALIFE ROCKS IN MY BOOK. (another plus - I don't fall asleep when I sit down any longer plus getting things done that I've ignored for YEARS. I'm a believer. I'm sorry it didn't work for you.

    • profile image

      Larry 6 years ago

      My wife Debra and I are supervisors with the EHome Business Network and Herbalife Interbational. We see this attitude everyday. We deal with people daily that actually think all they have to do is sign up become a member and start receiving a check in the mail. Here's the thing. This is a business, it's your business. You have to work it like a business. You will get out of it what you put into it. If you put a nothing into it then guess what you'll get back. Nothing! If you put a little into it then you'll get a little. If you put a lot you'll get a lot. As far as the investment. I challenge anyone out there to tell me a business you can start without investing any money. No matter what kind of business you start there are start up cost. Inventory to buy and tools of the trade. Yes Herbalife does encourage it's distributors to use the product. Why? Common sense will give you the answer. How can you sell a product you know nothing about? How can you sell a weight loss product if you weigh 300 pounds? All of these people that want to cry scam are people that have tried and failed or they know someone that has failed. What is the biggest reason these people fail? They didn't do anything or they didn't want to work hard enough to do what it takes to build a customer base. Now, the ones that want to call it a pyramid by saying the people at the top are making all of the money while the people at the bottom make nothing. Again, Someone please tell me of a business where the people at entry level make as much as the CEO'S and presidents of a company. You can't! Because it doesn't happen. This is why we say things like, climbing the latter and working you way to the top.

      Determination, dedication and motivation is the key to success. If you have these three thing you will succeed in anything you do, no matter what it is. On the other hand you will never succeed in life sitting on you butt expecting someone to give you something for nothing. Life just don't work that way!

      To round this out. This business does work and it works very well. It is not a scam! But for it to work for you you'll have to make an effort. the bigger the effort the bigger the return. The beauty about this business you can work it how you want. You can make as much money as you want. You can supplement your income, you can make a good living or you can make a million. But no matter which one you choose it all depends on one thing. You! Your drive and motivation will dictate what you make.

      If anyone wants more information about this business or wants to start you own business please send me an email at: I promise to be completely honest with you and if you want to start up my wife and I will help you every step of the way and the people that helped us start will be there for you as well. We want you to succeed!

    • profile image

      Becky 6 years ago

      I worked for herble life and i didn't get any customers and i have on my mom's credit card bill for 4,000 dollars. i quit the job. they tried to make you take there products

    • profile image

      Phil 6 years ago

      Wow, isn't it amazing how someone can spread negative information about a legit company without fully understanding.

      All I can say in response to Mr. Hally Z - Sir, you are wrong !!! You said that the only way to buy vitamins from Herbalife is to be a distributor. EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

      Wrong....I am not a distributor nor have I ever been a distributor of Herbalife and I purchase products from them all the time.

      Herbalife has a good line of nutritional products and I buy them occasionally. I do not intend to ever be a distributor BUT, I do intend to keep buying products from them.

      So, Mr. Hally Z......make sure the next time you spend all your energy writing an article or blog, bad-mouthing a company that you do your due diligence and make sure you are telling the truth.

      It's people like you sir, that gives legitimate MLM companies their bad name.

      Thank you.

    • profile image

      Sharon 6 years ago

      My mentor is supposed to call me any minute. I am going to pass on this. I had the exact same experience as "almost got taken", but the price quoted to be a distributor was $399 and I did not know I had to pay extra for the website. I am glad I found this thread. I was wondering what the leads cost. Sounds lke a lot. I would have to buy leads to make this work. If there are whole stores on ebay then that defeats the whole purpose of this. I agree the market seems saturated and now with high unemployment, people are less likely to spend the big bucks on supplements they could get for less elsewhere. I think my mentor lied to me too. She first said she was doing the business full time and that it was self-sustaining. Then later in the conversation she said she wasn't at that level yet. It was weird - I was like, did I hear you correctly?? I think she was lying to me.

    • profile image

      Nicole 6 years ago

      @almost got taken:

      The same thing happened to me. I am fighting right now with my so called personal coach about returning that little brochure or having to pay $40 dollars for it. Is your coach's name Mary Elizabeth? If yes, we should talk...

      And who do I report those people to??????????????????

      Anybody got specifics?

      It's great that some of you make a nice income with Herbalife. But the people who practice like that need to be stopped.

    • profile image

      Masae 6 years ago

      Herbalife a scam i don't think so 30 years in the buisness in 75 countries they must be doing something right that means 75 governments have looked at the products and the buisness opportunity hence allowing if in their countries.And yes herbalife is not everyones mountain but it is for some :) and my gosh has it helped a lot of people financially and health wise.

    • profile image

      Lauren 6 years ago

      People are so funny... How is maintaining a nutricious healthy well balanced diet a scam? It makes it easy to lose weight, be healthy and feel great about yourself. Herbalife is number one in the health industry and has the only doctor to receive a nobel prize for their product on the team. It is not exapensive and actually saves you money... But hey, some people don't want to give up their bad eating habits and fast food. Each person is different... I prefer being healthy.

    • profile image

      Crystal 6 years ago

      Barb - 4 weeks ago you commented about retailing. I have only been retailing for a month and I had 7 new customers last month and I have had 3 new customers this month. I have moved over half of my Supervisor Order from my personal inventory and am selling a lot of the skincare line. I decided about 3 weeks ago to start doing a personal newsletter that I email out to all my potential customers. I let everyone know on Facebook, my personal blogs, etc. that I had a newsletter and they started sending me email addresses like crazy. I have over 100 people reading my newsletter and I've only put out 3 issues so far. I get request to be put on the newsletter subscription list daily. It has really picked up my retail business. I don't push the business side of it at all in my newsletter. Just an idea. It helped me.

      Everyone - Read my personal Herbalife Independent Distributor story at You can see how these products really do work and how they are helping me.

    • profile image

      raja 6 years ago

      Herbalife was ordered to take off shelf by U.S. FDA before. Do they still use "Ma huang" for their "slim" products? I never trust Herbalife. I saw young distributors who took their "slim" products and got very "sick". Good luck to all existing distributors.

    • profile image

      should i 6 years ago

      Hi, i'm thinking onbecoming a supervisor but $2,400 it's a lot of cash. Any comments or advise on should i go for it or not?

      please help

    • profile image

      Conor O Brien 6 years ago

      when i read this i had to laugh.there is no arm twisting of any sort either.i have been using herbalife for 4 months and have lost 2.5 stone and have never felt better.i have been a distributor for 3 months and have a lot of very satisfied customers.its a wonderful company which had a turnover of $3.7 last yr.73% of this goes back to the companies distributors.i dont know of any other business which gives back this much,do you?the company also does great work through its family foundation "casa herbalife" which is dedicated to improving children's lives by helping organizations provide healthy nutrition to children at risk. Additionally, HFF often supports relief efforts in response to natural disasters.

      conor from ireland

    • profile image

      Al 6 years ago

      Hey i like to know if the author has any good alternatives. Mail me at

    • profile image

      obzerved 6 years ago

      This business works if you are willing to deceive people on the telephone, to trick them into signing up, and then to lure them into considering using this very same trick on others, playing upon their hopes of quickly recovering their initial investment(s).

      If you are a good liar, and don't mind conning unsuspecting people out of their money, this may be the business for you.

      The Premier Team International Recruiter, in order to make a sale, will have to withhold certain information from their mark- the unsuspecting person on the telephone- information containing fairly important things like: What the work is- How much it will cost- the actual product name 'Herbalife'- and basically dodge any answer to any and all questions that the "applicant" may try to ask during the "interview". The recruiter's task is to manage the atmosphere of the interview; from a personal description of dim futures and lost dreams, in order to achieve a sympathetic harmony, then bursting into a sense of possible financial salvation and hope, and finally offering the video as the answer.

      If you experience the PTI interview, you will watch a video wherein you will see luxurious estates and tropical resorts, and people gushing about their success in this yet-to-be described business. The video will suggest that Herbalife is just awesome, and that your new business will have something to do with this product, and you will learn that your first significant expense, to learn what you would actually be doing, is the $299 'Business Package'. Without explaining what the "business" is, this is a membership fee, plus an alleged $100 worth of Herbalife, which PTI pretends is their real business, and lovingly refers to as "The Products". If you buy this, and this package, you'll find that they also throw in a plastic Herbalife ball-point pen that really works. This membership also gives access to the PTI online training tools, where you, as a new recruit, will learn how to:

      a. Immediately make up a personal success story, a fabricated tale of deceit, (since in reality you've lost $400 already, and you're only in step 1 of the "training").

      b.Withhold information from your 'leads' until they pay to find out what the actual work is.

      c. Hide that sinking feeling as you realize that you've perhaps made a mistake by ordering this "Information Package", you've perhaps been scammed, and that you'll now have to consider scamming others to recover your losses.

      You will need to fake some enthusiasm, and act excited about the business, like your "mentors", who will, by now, have excitedly told you that you need to spend an additional $2500 immediately to become a "supervisor" so that you can "start making money right away!"

      Your mentor may tell you that PTI system brings your customers to you, in order to initially persuade you to purchase the $299 starting package business kit, but what they haven't told you yet is that you'll be smart to spend another $900 for a small list of names and phone numbers to begin calling. The first purchase of 'leads' will be something like $199 for 50 "internet leads". These leads are just lists of people who have simply been mislead, generally honest people who answered, at no cost, an online ad for a work-from-home business, supplying only their phone number and email address. You will have to be exceptionally cold-hearted and an excellent liar to trick these people into joining, but you'll need them to join, to help you out of this PTI problem, and you will be encouraged during the required group calls to practice the provided scripts in order to master this deception.

      Next, the 3 Step Training (don't skip any steps!) will explain that, now that you've bought your low-quality leads, for the more "quality" leads, and to reach your goals and dreams, you'll now also want to purchase the more expensive "paid leads'- a short list of those potential suckers who paid $10 for the information on how to start a home business. You'll be told that these people are SERIOUS about starting a home business. This pack of leads starts at about 700 bucks. (Better start practicing that script!)

      At some point you will realized you've been tricked. You will realize that the 'work' that your mentor has been so cleverly elusive about defining all along will be to simply copy this same trick.

      Your mentor will give you the password to 'step 3' of the training, (each of the 3 steps requires a password so that you can't read ahead) and by then you may consider becoming a professional huckster in the PTI tradition just to try to recover the ever-accumulating expenses that have been squeezed out of you so far. You will be provided a script, with sections for you to make up a personal lie, in your own words,  to play upon your prey's natural fear, then offer the "solution". You will call people, ask them for their own personal heart-wrenching stories of financial struggles, relate to their situation with false passion, and then trick them into a worse situation, all according to the precisely scripted "interview".

      "Get through the steps quickly!" (Spend a lot of cash just to find out what you'll be doing to earn money)

      "Put your full faith and trust in your mentor" (Again, spend a lot of money, in wanting to be "teachable")

      This system plays upon the mind of it's victims. "The only way you can NOT succeed is if you don't even try." Nobody wants to be a person who "didn't even try"... great fortunes are being made off of those who don't want to be so labeled by their families and friends. This is one reason that PTI tries to get it's members to pitch the program on family and friends- the announcement of a new business venture by a family member puts the pressure on, and helps create a sense of obligation in the new member's mind to succeed, to prove their worth.

      The Distributors (recruiters) for this business are to be pitied- the "Supervisors" even more so. Many of these poor souls are only trying to recover the money they were tricked out of, and most people don't enjoy tricking others out of money every day on the phone.

      I spent about $700. I wanted to trust my Mentor. In about two weeks, I listened to numerous "Listen and Learn Calls", where new recruits would have the mentors make the calls for them, but I never heard anyone sign up. The calls were obviously not well received- nobody could afford to be interested after the first video that mentions the $299. Most people were clearly sorry that they had answered the phone, some just hung up during the video. Not pleasant phone calls, no matter how the mentors tried to shrug it off.

      Imagine doing that all day, trying to recoup losses, trying to dig your way out of the sinister Herbalife hole. It's true, after one single call attempt, I didn't even try, as soon as I realized that lying by omission, and knowingly deceiving honest people, was not the way for me, even though that meant that I would never recover the money that was spent.

      It was an expensive lesson, but I'm glad I didn't lose a lot more, as many people have, in accidentally learning a devious, crooked trade that steals from the poor and trusting, and uses the hopes and dreams of it's victims as a vehicle for this wicked device called PTI.

    • profile image

      rpm55 6 years ago

      Your statements on this add are WRONG...

      1st) I was able to buy all the products I wanted and DID NOT have to become a distributor.

      2)Since 1980 herbalife has become one of the world's largest distributors of herbal products through network marketing, with sales of about $3.5 billion in 2007.

      3)Mark Huges death the Los Angeles County coroner's office concludes he died of a toxic combination of alcohol and Doxepin, an antidepressant he was taking to help him sleep. The death was ruled an accident. This could have happened to any of us who take meds.

      PEOPLE please check out the info before you believe it is all I'm trying to say. Herbalife has saved my life I have lost 25 pounds and over 15 inches in 2 months. I chose to lose it slowly and keep it off. I have more energy than ever and I will continue to endorse this product, and NO I'm not a distributor yet.

    • profile image

      Sue 6 years ago

      I'm not a distributor yet but having been on the products myself for a month and a half now I can honestly say it's the only thing that's helped me lose the last of my pregnancy weight & I actually have some energy again so personally I don't care if someone makes money out of selling me the products cause they actually work! I'm so impressed I am going to become a distributor but this is my choice & no-one has pushed me into it or even tried to pressure me.. by becoming a distributor I get the products cheaper so even if I don't sell them on it doesn't matter cause I'll use them myself so don't honestly see how I can lose & certainly don't see how it can be classed as a scam - I'm getting exactly what I pay for which is exactly what I want... each to their own, make up your own mind but I can't sing herbalife's praises enough for what it's done for me!

    • profile image

      obzerved 6 years ago

      rpm55 wrote:

      "3)Mark Huges death the Los Angeles County coroner's office concludes he died of a toxic combination of alcohol and Doxepin, an antidepressant he was taking to help him sleep. The death was ruled an accident. This could have happened to any of us who take meds."

      The Herbalife products were causing me to have insomnia also.

      I quit taking the Herbalife products... problem solved.

    • profile image

      Colbeit 6 years ago

      Herbalife is a big fat scheme to enrich the top guys from the chain.

      Only desperate people fall for the scam!

    • profile image

      Ginger 6 years ago

      First off, well said Obzerved!

      I've been losing sleep not because of the products (I'm pregnant and can't take most of them) but because of the fear that I've been scammed! I decided to quit my teaching job over the summer when I found out I was pregnant because of the crazy stress that teaching creates. Unemployed, I applied to every job listing I saw. I don't know if I'm overqualified or underqualified to work entry level retail. Maybe I should ask. Anyways, saw a blip about working at home and shizam. I'm a supervisor and out about $3,500 dollars. (The way they present it to you, you'd be crazy NOT to become a supervisor.) Also, they barely mention how much you need to spend to become a supervisor until she's asking, "So, should I just use the credit card I have?" It's funny. Getting you to sign up is all very rushed but then they want YOU to go step by step and have the patience of a saint while waiting for a password on a training call. Well, I followed directions and sent the "Practice Partner" e-mail to 99 people and only three actually completed the poll. (Why did they make the video 30 minutes long? People love and want to help me out but 30 minutes? Come on!) I was about to set up some practice calls with my mentor but decided to call the 800 number first to see what I would be subjecting my family and friends to. Yeah, those numbers lead to a machine response to leave a message instead of the Herbalife spiel. Hmmm...come on tight business machine...get it together.

      I got through with the first two steps (pat myself on the back) and was ready for prefocus calls. Roll call for 15-20 minutes, then listen to a guy's success story for 10 more minutes. (I already heard that same story three times already.) Was that a prefocus call? I hung up sometime during the part when he was bragging about his awesome cars. Well, I guess I missed the meat part of the call and need to go through the whole thing again this week.

      It was time for my 90 day plan with my mentor's mentor on Friday. She just encouraged me to buy Paid Pack leads, 12 of them, for $129 each. (Supposedly, chances are 1 in 12 become supervisors.) And once again, I felt like I needed to do it NOW! Like those late night infomercials that have the timer pacing down. If you don't call in the next 30, 29, 28, 27 seconds, you'll lose this great deal and opportunity!

      I was confused and she made me feel pretty stupid. I asked, "Um...Am I ready to recruit distributors since I haven't even sold ANY of my inventory yet? Don't you think I should sell some of the products so that I will know what I'm talking about?" Her response: "No." Just that since I wanted to be a supervisor, I should be recruiting. I even cried and she still had me buy the leads. She explained to me that I was a paid pack lead. My mentor had spent $129 on me and made about 20 bucks when I decided to go forward with the business and spent $149 to get the "starter kit" which is really just a black bag with some literature, samples and a loooooong application for international business. I became supervisor ($3,249) and got started on the products ($94). I didn't quite understand why I couldn't just start the products out of my own inventory but had to buy separately from her. Oh, yeah...duh! So she could make money off me. As I will when I recruit. BUT, and I asked her, "What if the lead changes their mind? Are you out $129 dollars?" Her answer: "Yes, but that hardly happens."

      I've posted pulltab flyers all over town. (Most stores take them off at night to clean the windows.) I'm going to have a "Grand Opening"/garage sale this weekend and pour shakes, teas and liftoff samples while selling all my teaching stuff.

      I've already requested that my paid pack leads get cancelled and I get my $1548 back. I had to use a different credit card for that charge.

      I believe that these products work. (I'm forcing my husband to use the stuff I can't use and he's losing weight!) I just want to sell the products and help people lose weight before I push the biz on others. I like the idea of the Fitness Coach following up and calling to see how the products are working for the customer. As a fitness guru myself (I don't need to lose or gain weight) I was looking forward to being a Coach. Sure, I want to make money in the process. I'm not showing too much in my pregnancy but once I do, I feel it will become even harder to get employment. I thought Herbalife (when they finally revealed themselves as Herbalife) was the answer to my unemployment woes.

      We shall see. I just feel like if I start recruiting people, I'll have to lie to them. What am I going to say, "Well, um...I haven't sold ANY of my inventory yet and I've done pulltabs, sent a video to 99 friends, posted my website on my facebook page three times, and basically told everyone I know." Their response: "Use somebody else's success story." So, if someone asks me point blank, "What about you?" The only way to not sound like an idiot is to LIE!

      And before a bunch of Herbalifers tell me I'm not working hard enough (because I AM), I'd like you to tell me how many family and friends are/were buying products from you? Maybe you have richer/fatter friends.

      Being fit already, I don't have a very good weightloss story to tell. Also, being pregnant, I can't take any of the "tablets" (never pills) that make me more energetic. The shakes alone aren't cutting it. Mama needs caffeine! Thank goodness my husband has a slow metabolism and has weight to lose. These products are great with the metabolism thing!

      I wrote a snide e-mail to my mentor and mentor's mentor. Kind of feel guilty but not quite. Am I wrong to actually want to SELL products before I try to sell a Product-selling business opportunity to somebody else? Now I never went to business school, but isn't there a whole course on ethics?

      Anywho, wish me luck. At this point, I just want my money back! This business creates rifts between believers (I SO want to believe!) and realists like my husband. Never told him a lie...before now. Good thing I have my own credit cards. Is Herbalife worth lying to my husband? Is it worth lying to prospective leads? And I thought I was going to help people while helping our financial situation. I guess I was just lying to myself, huh?

      Well, my Herbalife road continues. I'm hoping to be so awesome at this business that I can come back here with confidence and tell everyone it's worth it.

      Talk to you later,


    • profile image

      Juliet 6 years ago

      My neighbour is currently trying to recruit me but she's got no chance. In fact she disturbs me because she's so evangelical and slightly obsessive. I have just skimmed through the above comments and must say that I'm amazed some Herbalife distributors cannot spell the word distributor, and in one instance Herbalife. Oh dear.

    • profile image

      Stuart 6 years ago

      Personally any company that wants you to put money into them befor they will put money into you isn't worth doing unless your verry brave i can respect people wanting to do this and i allso was thinking about it myself

      but i have been reserching the company and i checked them out with the bbb and im not convinced by it atall

      that feeling youv all been having in the pit of your belly and that little screaming voice youv been listening to at the back of your head

      yeah that's all the signs of get the hell outta there

    • profile image

      whippy 6 years ago

      lots of names for the same company lots of unsound action on their part deception and all round untrustworthy

      dosnt matter if you can make money from it or not dosnt matter if it really does help people

      these days money is everything apart from your family are you willing to risk everything ?

    • profile image

      Karen 6 years ago

      I'm sorry, but Herbalife is not a scam at all. It is entirely possible to make large sums of money from the programme. But just like any other job, not EVERYONE will be successful. Not everyone is going to become CEO of their own company.

      To be able to make money from Herbalife, you have to be prepared to work incredibly hard to do so.

      I found this article which explains the situation perfectly.


    • profile image

      Heather 6 years ago

      I don't think Mark Hughes' personal life should really influence opinions on Herbalife. Hughes may have had a dodgy privatre life, but his business life was crystal clear. Dabbling in drugs did not affect the way Herbalife was run. Think of all the musicans off their faces on drugs. It doesn't stop them from producing absolutely amazing songs.

      I think Herbalife is worth investing in, and the fact that Mark Hughes died from a suspected overdose should not affect that at all.

    • profile image

      Andrew 6 years ago

      I guarantee you that most of the people replying to this with good things to say about Herbalife are paid to do so...

    • profile image

      Andrew 6 years ago

      I guarantee you that most of the people replying to this with good things to say about Herbalife are paid to do so...

    • profile image

      Bell 6 years ago

      I have been taking herbalife and I am not a distributor. You don't need to be a distributor to buy these items, you get them at a better deal if you are a distributor though. I have had good results with this. And I am NOT being paid to say this, I was pretty stubborn at first in taking it but it has helped and I have seen what it can do. Yeah you put a little money in it if your a distributor but what do you expect? Nothing is free in this world. I personally think its worth it but I have no time to sell it or I probably would.

    • profile image

      odag 6 years ago

      I became a distributor and bought the product to become a supervisor. Granted I haven't put the time into it that I should have. I have invested aprox $3400. What they don't tell you is that the best recruiting leads are what they call Pay pak or Prepaid leads.(people who spent the $9.95 plus $39.95 to buy information before they even know what it is when they are exploring the web looking for a program to work-from-home). You can't even get the information concerning the cost of these leads until you become a Supervisor. And even better, it is way at the tail end of their training. So they are sort of hiding this information. Is it a fear of losing many prospects before they get them properly brainwashed and hyped up? Probably. Makes me feel a little insulted. Like they assume I was not intelligent enough to handle this information without being hypnotized by their pocket watch swinging back and forth until lulled into submission.

      You can buy your Supervisor title for around $3000.00 or you can build up a little @ a time by selling product at the retail level and trying to recruit your customers into distributors at little cost. These Quality leads (paid pack -prepaid leads) will cost you $700 for just 5. Wish I knew this first. And to have success they tell you to purchase minimum 20/month to reach your goals. That's $2,800.00 dollars/month just to get the emails and phone#'s which they claim will get you 3 out of five new distributors. If you do the math thats's 5/$700 = $140.00 per lead. They then want to push you to buy 20 leads per month on the minimum plan. So, 20/5 = 4. Take this times $700 that means spending at minimum $2,800 per month on your recruiting leads. If only 12 sign up, then you will have sucessfully spent $1680. wasting $1,120 on those that don't sign-up. Adding in the monthly web site access fee of $85.00 and the products they want you to be taking yourself at $104.00 per month assuming your @50% level, your monthly expendatures are now costing you $2989.00. So you will need to sell to enough customers and distributors to cover these costs to be successful and make a profit. If you apply their principles and can stand the repetitive hype of the higher ups telling their success stories over and over during the training modules and webinars, then it seems like with time this will work as the prices for the products should cover the costs. So you need to keep these costs in mind when you start just incase it takes a while to get it off the ground. I've learned this the hard way. I crashed and burned. I will need to start from scratch now that I totally get their whole program. The [problem is they don't let you have this from the start). Maybe it's part of their plan, to fail before you can succeed. This works to separate the quitters from the ones who are really serious. It takes a lot of work, the products work and the hype is thick and nonstop during the training portion. If I had to do it over. I would buy the products on Ebay or craigs list, and make some money on the retail side to be able to afford the better leads at a later date. They really try to push you into recruiting and my advice is. If you don't have at least $3,000.00 to blow for 3 months straight, don't try to recruit unless its your own customers. The people you try to recruit that you don't know will cost you tons of money and get you very discouraged. This has wasted my time in this business, so I will regroup and do it right now that I fully understand it. I still think it will work but I'm a lot more realistic about it now and realize that slowly but surely this program will work. I still wish they would let you have all the information before they surprise you with it in training masked by the Hyped up repetitive success stories they feed you.

    • profile image

      Ginger 6 years ago

      Odag said it right! But I still don't see how it will end up making money if it's REALLY HARD to sell the products. Recruitments are costly and if they say no, you are out $140. If they say yes, you'll be making about $10 when they order their Herbalife bag and junk. This costs $150 and isn't much, some literature, some samples and I guess you are registered for the Weekend Seminar. Woohoo! Now I need to buy a plane ticket and a room. If the person you sign up becomes a SUPERVISOR you'll be making about $320 off of them because you get 8% of the supervisor's first inventory shipment. The way they make it sound, if you decide to become supervisor, you will be getting the products at 50% but it's really only 42%. If you sign somebody up, you'll also be getting a customer although that customer won't be paying full price for their first order. The whole thing is insane.

      I'm pretty sure I'm getting out of this. Flyers all around town (been called by several stores to STOP-made me feel like a cheap, desperate whore!), pestered 99 friends and family, had the Grand Opening (people were sympathetic and want to help but it's just cheaper on e-bay!) and the list goes on...didn't sell ANY products. NONE! Now I haven't purchased any retail leads. I'm sick of all the costs. I'm also annoyed how long it took before I was told what the business was-Herbalife. If they are so proud of their products and business, it should be mentioned in every advertisement!

      What it comes down to...I don't want people to see me and turn the other way. To sell the products, you really do need to be a pest-or a walking billboard! No, I haven't lost any weight because I DON'T HAVE ANY WEIGHT TO LOSE! This business works better if you can really show that the products are worthy.

      Anywho, wish me luck on the getting out process. I already know this is going to be about a $500 mistake. Wow, $500 dollars for being sucked into something that I had all intentions of turning into something awesome.

      Someone needs to explain to me their personal (not hypothetical) month by month experience that has lead them to making a profit. I don't care if you made it to a certain team, I want to know PROFIT which means SUBTRACTION of costs (leads costs, hotel and flight costs, personal inventory costs, website and credit card upkeep costs, IOffice costs, printing costs, shipping costs, faxing costs, free sample costs, etc.) Those 2000 dollar checks seem impressive, but how much of that is actually PROFIT? They just want to rush, rush, rush you to get to the next level. Is it actually worth it?

      Also, I'm still pissed about what my mentor's mentor said to me. When I asked, "Shouldn't I sell some products first before I try to recruit others? Doesn't that make sense?" She said flatly, NO. Um, in ALL of the plans of being successful, it says right there that you need to get 8-10 customers!!! She also tried to lift my spirits by saying some of the expenses are a tax write-off. Lovely.

      K, I want to help those who might be considering this so here are my costs so far. Just to let you know what you are getting into. I live in Arizona.

      $9.95 Initial interest DVD

      $149.95 Herbalife bag and samples and the "plan"

      $39.95 I'm not sure what that was for.

      $199.95 EHome business network

      $21.95 Staples for ink


      $12.95 More Ehome busness charges

      $39.95 Cardservice Internet (?)

      $136.23 Domain names for websites

      $95 For personal products to use

      $32.75 Radioshack for phone headphone/microphone thingie

      $14.68 KMart for business card paper

      $19.95 More e-home business charges

      $3224.74 Shipment for being an awesome supervisor

      $6 to fax the international business agreement

      $20 gas driving around town to put up flyers

      Don't forget about the loss of sleep due to worry. Also, I had ordered 12 paid packs and cancelled them. That would have been another $1600. So, yeah, if you have money to burn...

    • profile image

      veronica vallejo 6 years ago

      ITS NOT A SCAM!!!

      I have a company built around Herbalife, called StartToLive101 an organization that is committed to fighting obesity, and improving the lifestyles of individuals.

      Herbalife is a great company with a lot of success and great products. As far as the training goes herbalife gives you all the tools necessary to have success with their company. From training videos, phone call trainings mon wed and fri at night, seminars, online lectures and much more. All so you can grow your herbalife business. They even teach you how to open up a nutrition center and or do a weight loss challenge (which is what I do). They do not twist your arm. U truly earn what u put in with herbalife, so work your but off and make great money to the point where u have people doing all the hard work for u. Its only $60 to join and it is a business starter pack that money goes to yourself, u get the membership, samples, some marketing tool, and more when you but this. This is really all you need to get started. The money from this $60 goes to no one, so I am not trying to sell it to you. It’s simply a great opportunity! Join today contact me I will coach u personally for free of course (anywhere in the world)., or at (818) 478 3072 Los Angeles ca. Email me at Add me on skype, twitter, facebook @StartToLive101. You are not alone we all help each other.

      It’s simple, sign up> buy a starter pack (all u need)> u will get assigned to your personal coach to help you or pick your own coach ( Not all are good coaches so make sure you get someone that will help you grow your business, not just hangs out and doesn’t return your calls> Start selling, using and sharing your herbalife products and story.

      Te secret to making money in this "BIZ" is to truly love the products, love the company, use the products yourself to reach your own goals and you will see results physically and make money motivating others to do the same. When something changes your life you will want to tell everyone you know, so it will get easier

      Herbalife is the #1 wellness company in the world! Making over 3.5 Billion a year, be a part of it.

      Don’t hesitate! I can explain it all to you. Just contact me for info, Its free lol. I want to help those that want to get started in the business not just recruit. It’s great!

    • profile image

      nicki 6 years ago

      I ended up getting a link for a home business after seeing a Kelly Richards ad and apparently she has been everywhere.

      I was contacted by my coach by the name of Carla Fowler from california. They talk about selling things online using an ioffice which looks legit from anything I have found online. My problem is some ppl do it and can make good money and some ppl aren't. I'm starting to think that maybe that there is one legit one and one scam since the business has been running for so long.

      It would be awesome to work at home but I have no money. My credit card is overdrawn and I told them that she said that she would see what she could do for me.That was yesterday she was suppose to call me back 20 minutes ago so maybe it turned them off that I have no accessible money. I also told her that we went Bankrupt and that was the reason I was looking to make extra money.

      I also went to the Herbal Life website and filled out a form there just to see if the same things happen. From what I have learned so far is that working you shouldn't have to front any money and if they are really making money off of this and everything is legit than they should have no problem fronting the 150 to get me started and allow me to pay them back.

      The thing that got me confused is I started looking up this Kelly Richards and found one story in another paper that took me to something different where u only spend like 50 dollars and they send u a book that teaches u how to do auctions online. The thing with this is it explained quite a bit before u bought it. But I just don't know what to think I would love to be able to work from home but it is starting to seem nearly impossible with all the scam going on you don't know what is real and what isn't...

    • profile image

      Shanda 6 years ago

      Herbalife has an army of zombies doing damage control all over the web...

      ...for a simple reason: cause it's a big scam to take advantage on people who are unemployed and people who are employed but are looking for alternatives for extra income.

    • profile image

      Melissa Coleman 6 years ago

      I have been signed up with Herbalife for one week now. I had to struggle a bunch to get the $300.00 to get the initial kit. I started taking the products as soon as they came in. I have seen a lot of things happen. Just after one week I am totally convinced the products work. My problem is: there is not way unless I rob a bank to step up right now and become a supervisor. For those who are in the program and know the progam works, I am asking for your help to sponsor me to become a supervisor. I am asking for a loan which will be repaid within six months with interest. I have two girls I am pretty much trying to raise by myself. My family cannot loan me the money because they are not in a financial sitution to do so. I want to move to the next step, but financially I cannot right now. If anyone is willing to help me I would be truly indebted to you. Melissa @ (910)770-3018 Thank You so much

    • profile image

      Brooke 6 years ago

      Well this blog has been interesting. I've signed on with Herbalife about a week ago through PTI, been taking the product for 3 days now. And yes I can already feel the difference by using the products. Yes it does take some money to get going, but what business doesn't. There are NO "free rides" you get what you put into them. By the way there are several organizations that sell herbalife. I have not been pressured at all to buy anything. I did pay the 3K to get to supervisor. The website only cost $25 a month and i only paid $12 for the domain. As far as recruiting, there was no pressure to go after anyone i knew. I do work a 40 plus hrs day job, and i put in another 4 to 5 hours for my home business when i get home. Yes it was a struggle to put out the money to get started, but most things in life aren't free/easy. My sponsor has been great and have had more than ample support from her. I will have my training done in a few days and already have my website set up. And yes I understand that u have to put out money to make money. To me all the negative comments on here are from people misinformed and/or want a free lunch.

    • profile image

      Christie 6 years ago

      I sold herbalife for a while and no one and I mean no one ever forced me to go to a meeting or recruit anyone. They asked me what I wanted to get out of running my own business and asked me how they could help me make it a reality. You need to do a whole lot more research before you post up an article like this.

      All of these businesses require work on your part to be successful. Not a single one ever guarantees you millions at the get go. If you expect to get rich, expect to work at getting rich... I didn't see any where in the literature a guarantee that I could sit on my backside and hit it big...

    • profile image

      Crystal 6 years ago

      i used herbal life without having to be a member or a seller and for twon months equal to about 130i lost 20+ pounds, and she was always nice to be, wiegh ins were free, drinks once amonth are free, certain there are free facials and everything. a very good buisness, expenisive, but now i only have another 20 pounds to go i went from 160 to 135 and my goal weight is 100. so ha not a scam get ur facts straight

    • profile image

      Robin 6 years ago

      I consider myself a victim in the Herbalife scam. They reel you in little by little. It starts with 49.95 to get the decision package, then $399.00 for the starter kit and then you are a distributor( distributors make 25% retail profit), Then they say the goal is to be a supervisor because you then make 50% of all the Herbalife you sell. Well I went all in by buying $3043.00 worth the product. Which I was told I would be able to move fast. NOT!!!!!Then there is a $49.95 mounthy fee to be a member. $50.00 to be able to charge credit cards. (plus a monthly fee after that. (It cost me $75.00 to cancel credit card service once I decided this was not for me.)$100.00 to upgrade and get the 800 number. Then after all that I have no leads to call. Yes you have to buy them too. $500.00 gets you 4 people that have went online and purchased the decision package for $9.95. If not returned in 14 days an additional $39.95 charge. You also get 12 call me leads. These are people that have been online and left a phone # and would like more info about working from home. Now with the people that have ordered the division package which yes you have to buy then too. A lot of 5 is $149.75 (29.95 each) You charge their cards first $9.95 and then in 14 day you ding them for another $39.95. When cards were declining I asked my couch what to do? She e-mailed me back Just keep charging!!!!The whole time you are reading off scripts when you are trying to get others roped in. Everything is scripted, they even have a script for the person that asks too many questions. Unless you have about $5000.00 to $6000.00 to invest and have no morels or ethics. You are a shoe in for a on line business system/Herbalife Distributor.

      My letter I wrote to my couch when I quit....

      This is really not for me. I think that there are so many questionable things involve. I feel as though I have been taken for a lot of money that I worked very hard to get.. Maybe some people are making a lot of money doing it but, in reality it is not the product your selling it is scamming more people into the system. I feel morally it is wrong. Sadly I think it is a good product but, let's be honest the money is not really in legitimately selling Herbalife.



    • profile image

      Ginger 6 years ago

      I'm back. Of those costs I posted above, E-home business and the domain names website returned all my money in full. But woah, I can tell that E-home business HATES being affilitated with Herbalife. I left a message with them twice (they returned my first call but I didn't get it) and both calls and e-mails stressed with exclamation marks that they (E-Home business) gladly refunded my money but any qualms with Herbalife would have to be done via another phone number. They must get hassled a ton by people annoyed with Herbalife.

      My mentor (nice enough lady) has sent me e-mails too basically saying she's disappointed that I'm giving up so soon. And that if I kept working at it...yada yada yada. That this is an "opportunity" and not to expect a "free lunch." I wasn't expecting a "free lunch" but I also wasn't expecting a negative $4000 dollar lunch either. I've never worked for "Corporate America" but yeah, seems like it would be less work and WAY MORE MONEY! For those of you that are "sick of working for Corporate America" and want to work from home, can we switch? Also, who are all these people working for "Corporate America"? All my friends are teachers or work in retail. Is that "Corporate America"?

      Anywho, I called Herbalife and had a forty minute convo with a nice guy that basically agreed with everything I said but also tried to encourage me to stick with it. I had a rebuttle for everything he said. Then he told me I had to fill out some return forms that listed all the products I wanted to send back and fax a letter of resignation. I did that and now can add $5 fax to my list of expenses.

      Melissa Coleman-please, DO NOT GET INTO THIS BUSINESS!! It sounds like you don't have any money to spare. I'd suggest trying to get some baby-sitting clients. Maybe two or three extra kids at your house? If you get a loan from somebody else, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PAY IT BACK and that will create enemies. Or shoot, those of you HERBALIFERS that are making SO MUCH MONEY and are SO SURE OF THIS SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS should be able to just give Melissa the money. She sounds teachable and willing to work.

      I'm still waiting on Herbalife to do the next step. When it comes to getting someone started in this business, everything is so rushed. When someone wants to quit, it's taking forever! I have a feeling that Herbalife is so shady that they'll extend things to the point that I'll lose more money because "I didn't send back the products in a certain amount of time" or something. And a 10% reshelving fee? What a crock!

    • profile image

      Bret 6 years ago

      I'm usually pretty nice when I post responses about Herbalife, but to those of you who got "scammed" or spent a crap load of money to get started, are you all retarded? I paid my $65 to sign up, and enough product for myself for 1 month. After that 1 month I had great results, people noticed, and like any other business I began building my business up based off of results, referrals, etc. Nobody needs to spend x amount of dollars to become a supervisor, to pay for leads, etc. etc. To the people who actually paid all of the above money you said you spent without first thinking "hmm, this doesn't seem right?" well then I hate to say it but that's your own fault!

      True, I'm sure that some people's mentors on here are greedy, practice poor business ethics, but that's going to happen in any business, with many people, anywhere, so of course it's going to happen with Herbalife as well. However, if you do your RESEARCH beforehand, actually USE the product, and can actually back the product, then there is a great opportunity here. Plus, once your clients start having amazing results it's a great feeling knowing that you were the one who helped get them started.

      If you've been scammed it's probably because of your own ignorance. Like peopl have said over and over, THIS IS A BUSINESS, not a get rich scheme. Like any business, make sure this is for YOU first, do some research, and THEN take the next step. Good riddance.


    • profile image

      Sherry Hansen 6 years ago

      The reason I found this site is because I was looking for an Herbal Life distributor in my area. I was in Herbal Life years ago in California. When I moved to Utah I did not continue my business but I allways found Herbal Life to be above board and my arm was never "twisted" to become a distributor. I love the products and as I say, am looking to get back on the program. I read one blog that said it sounded like "sour grapes", I agree. I hope people are smart enough to check it out for themselves.

    • profile image

      roxy1735 6 years ago

      i think you need to do a little more research because i have herd of customers that take the vits and shacks and are NOT signed up with the company. it is def not a pyramid scheme, as i also no people who have made alot more then there mentors have! its a choice, wether or not you make it work for you.

    • profile image

      John 6 years ago

      Great article, thanks Hally! I'm sure Herbalife is a great thing for some people, because they can meet and make friends with other Herbalifers, get sales training, and maybe even make a few bucks. But thanks again for the warning!!!

    • profile image

      herbalifesux 6 years ago

      Lets see if they post this one. Herbalife is nothing but a group of liars and thieves. They say anything too get you to join and tell lies all the while they are taking your money to their bank. Some of their products are OK. Taking Herbalife products and selling Herbalife products are two completely different things. You will never make a dime of money selling Herbalife, all you will do is put your self in the poor house giving them your hard earned money. DONT DO IT, IT WILL BE THE BIGGEST MISTAKE YOU WILL EVER MAKE, IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE. The comments from people that say its OK, are the people higher up the ladder that are taking YOUR money. Words too remember -- LIARS -- THIEVES -- SCAM -- Its a CON game.

    • profile image

      Lisa 6 years ago

      Herbalife ruined my family - my mom was in a bit of debt and thought she'd get some extra money selling herbalife - 10 years later she's now lost her house, her friends, and lost contact with most of the family - she is obsessed with herbalife, invests all her money and time in it and gets NOTHING out of it, yet she does not realise that. She actually still thinks she will be a millionaire soon. "I only need to sell 10000 more points and I will advance to the next level..." It's like a religion to her. I am getting married in December and my mom won't come to my wedding as she got upset with me when I told her to leave her Herbalife tablets at home that one day. I have had enough! The whole family has had the AGGRESSIVE sales pitch continuously drummed into us. It is incredible how they allow these people to continue. My mom can't afford a present for my wedding (that was before she cancelled) but she's signed up to go to the next Extravaganza (mass guru led sales event) which costs her hundreds of euros in fees and even more in travel costs. I'm baffled, I thought she was a sensible woman, but she has been brainwashed... sad to see your 65 year old mum lose everything in life...

    • profile image

      Bret 6 years ago

      Lisa, no offense to you but it sounds like it's your MOM'S own problems that are allowing her to "lose her house, her friends, etc." not Herbalife. Sure, she has allowed herself to become obsessed but that's not the company's fault. Most people would recognize that they were about to lose everything and also get nothing in return, quit, and look for work elsewhere. You can blame your mom on not being more responsible, but don't blame a company that probably had no direct effect on your mom's actions.

    • profile image

      Jessica Fulton 6 years ago

      Herbalife is in no way a scam! My mom actually lost 40lbs in 3 months! And by the way Mark Hughes is still alive. His mother died from an overdose of perscription weight loss pills. This is why he created Herbalife, a safe, healthy product that really works. You may want to do some more research bud.

    • profile image

      Jessica Fulton 6 years ago

      It seems to look like you who got scammed, scammed yourself. It is $65 to become a distributor. From then on you buy only your own product if you use it. People pay you the money before you order it so it is completely impossible to call it a scam. It breaks down to the fact that you don't understand how to run a business and you decided to spend your own money for your customers which is no ones problem but yours. :) I'm 17 years old loving the product and making more then enough money to pay my way through my last 2 semesters in college. Who do you know that can do that!

    • profile image

      Naomi 6 years ago

      yeah well I don't care much for the sales side of things all i know is as a consumer of herbalife, this chic was my sister's driving instructor and ended up talking us into herbalife and lied to my sis who is a vegan and told her there were no animal products at all ( knowing how serious my sister takes her vegan diet due to medical reasons). 1 month later my sis finds out it does have dairy products in it and that's why she has been feeling sick, as for me I feel good for 10 mins after drinking the shakes and then I throw up and feel like crap, i told the chic i felt worse on herbalife than before I started it and she told me it was just the cleansing process, i went to my doctor 2 weeks later (for my regular blood tests that I have to have) and i told my doctor about it and she said that is not the reason I was sick (you know cos I'm being cleansed) and that the real reason i was sick is because my immune system had become low probably due to lack of real meals 3 times a day and she put me on antibiotics because i picked up a simple cold and it turned into a virus because my immune system was so low, my bad iron levels (which i had been told would dramatically improve) indicated through a blood test I was exactly the same as I was before I started herbalife (which was really low) so I've now stopped it and just take inner health plus and womens multivitamin and eat very healthy and I feel 100% I haven't thrown up once and my iron has improved and my vitamin levels are great and now also, I've lost more weight then i was losing on herbalife (yoyo diet) and I'll maintain my weight now cos I just drink lots of water, healthy meals and exercise 30 mins a day and not have to change my diet I can just keep it the same, they'll say anything to relate to you so you buy the product and that is the end of my experience on herbalife so maybe it works for some but before you take it I would talk to your doctor first to make sure you know just exactly how much you'll benefit from it and how less you'll benefit from it because people who sell herbalife will lie even if you explain your health problems they'll just lie so you buy it so they earn money and brownie points.

    • profile image

      Lisa 6 years ago

      To Bret

      I understand your point, but I still believe it is the way Herbalife works that made my mom lose everything.

      Herbalife people were preying on my mom's dependence on loans and her naivety - my mom had debts to start with, was then strongly encouraged to "invest" in Herbalife - basically she was offered loans and credit cards to buy thousands of euros worth of stock with the promise that she would make so much money that she would be able to pay back in no time and have thousands spare.

      That did not happen, you simply can not sell these products (as there are so many other distributors trying to undersell) without becoming the most hated person in the universe, pestering everyone around you - so she couldn't pay back the loans in time.

      Then they kept offering her help on how to improve her business - so she attended STS seminars, Extravaganza meetings etc all events for which you have to pay entry fees!

      She could not quit as she didn't have money to pay off the loans and they kept telling her she was going to be the best distributor / get team / millionaire team etc because she has what it takes to make it with Herbalife (all crap, my mom can't sell a thing!). They encouraged her to take out even more loans as that would surely build her herbalife empire. So she bought more stock so she could get to another level. None of this was sustainable.

      She still believes one day she's going to make it. We have as a family begged her to give up, pleaded with her and debated, but we have been brandished the bad ones, the "negative influence" that stops her from succeeding. This was another Herbalife top man who told my mom to sever connections with "negative influences". She does not see reason. Do I need to kidnap her and lock her in some sort of Herbalife rehab? Joking! But I am very very concerned about this glazed look when she talks of Herbalife - she's obsessed, brainwashed and she's not alone.

      I went to a Herbalife meeting one day to see for myself what goes on there and my opinion was that most of the distributors were lying about the huge profits they were making - one of the "big" sellers said he was making 3000 euro a month. It later turned out to he was selling products worth 2000 euro per month therefore making about 840 euro on these products. Then you have to deduct all your costs - petrol, printing flyers, website rental, telephone costs, attending meetings etc and you're left with maybe 400 euro, nothing like the 3000 euro he was bragging about!

      All the distributors there seemed to be obsessed with recruiting more vulnerable people, not a single thing was said about losing weight, healthy eating etc during the meeting that I attended. It was about profits, recruiting and future events. Oh and a video message of some orange coloured geezer in the US in front of a mansion and big car claiming he was a millionaire thanks to Herbalife - that when recent figures show the average Herbalife distributor earns less than 1000 euro per year on the products... People were bragging with pictures of themselves at various events shaking hands with more orange coloured (fake tan) "herbalife millionaires" and it was as if they worshipped them.

      This is a cult, a sect, a religion, not a business!

    • profile image

      Jessica Fulton 6 years ago

      Everything you both are saying is generalized. Of course, like any company there are the people that are just after the money but thats definately not all nor even 50%. You can't blame herbalife for your moms issue with not knowing when to stop spending money. Some people just aren't salespeaople, like you said. But to give the company a bad name is rediculous. I'm SEVENTEEN years old, a college student. like I'm in no debt and it pays for my school. And they wouldn't say anything. I would rather have someone go to the doctor and take all necessary precausions if their nor comfortable. My mom lost her 40 pounds quick and the doctors say it saved her life. She's off all her pills, cholestrol, fibromyalgia, blood pressure, deppression, everything. Actually, every person I have ever sold to has lost weight and become more healthy. Just like anything, its only a yoyo diet if you make it one. It's a lifestyle change, some people just can't do that. As for it making you sick, VERY rare but it happens, just like anything. It all depends on who sells it, The shakes have vitamin K in them which is bad for people on blood thinners so they NEED to check with doctors before taking products..hmmm but I'm just a stupid distributor who's lieing to take people's money. lol

    • profile image

      C Phoenix 6 years ago

      there’s suckers born every second and judging by the comments on this board there is a lot of people celebrating birthdays. just because it’s not wrong doesn’t make it right.......

    • profile image

      Jhon Salgado 6 years ago

      It's great to read how opinions are more than real facts. It's something normal in a free market economy. Most of the article is absolutely wrong and fails to the reality, Herbalife has never forced anybody to sell or recruit new distributors, everybody is free to become an independent distributor of the products, many people is getting the membership, because they can get a 25% permanent discount for the products, and they are free to sale the products at retail price to friends and family in order to make some additional income; based on purchased volume, the discount could be even 50%, which means better income for that distributor.

      We are independent distributors, and actually we have many customers (no distributors yet) that get the products to the retail price, leaving them the option to become distributors (for discount or business). If they see the opportunity we offer them the option, showing the marketing plan, which permit them to get an additional income that could be as high as they want, depending on the work plan that they have. We know many people with less than 5 years in the business and more than $20,000 income (and we know them personally, not pictures), so the opportunity is there, the chance to increase the income too, but nothing is free, of course, everything is based in the individual work capacity.

      The training and monthly STS's are designed for any distributor interested in increase the knowledge of the products and the business, bring new people interested in the opportunity, but nobody is "encouraged" to assist neither to become distributors, the membership has a cost close to $100, including a package that contains more than $120 in products, so worth it.

      The pyramid structure is not real neither, because the income is not based in how many people you are bringing to the organization, if you invite somebody to the business, and that person is doing the right work, and your are not, your distributor will get a better income than you, obviously, so the income is based in the individual work. The best part of the opinions versus facts is that the company will continue increasing the sales, helping more people to become healthy and wealthy while you are still looking outside for the best way to make money for doing nothing, and that’s OK too, lol

    • profile image

      elaine 6 years ago

      hi everyone

      i live in australia and just signed up to be a Distributor with my goal being to become a supervisor.

      Everything they teach you in the website sounds so good i'll be crazy not to do it isn't it?

      Now, before i "invest" my money i want to be sure of how much money i am to pay exactly and what does that money accounts for, but my coach can't answer those questions clearly, all she does is to copy the script she was given and send me emails with spreadsheets showing how much money i'll be making per month in any of the different escenarios i can choose...., it all looks pretty helpfull but...she does't sound too knowledgeable, it looks more like copy and paste to me, and it is a pitty because i really am interested in growing my own business and start making some money to help my family pay our mortgage and credit cards.

      Now, can somebody from Herbalife please explain to me how if a Volume Point equals to 1$USD, if i have to make an order of 4000VP to become a supervisor, my coach tells me i have to pay $6950AUD? today's rates tell me $4000 USD are $4334.12 AUD why is she charging me $2615.88 AUD more? -well, she did send me a Supervisor order that shows that the cost for postage is $683.09 AUD and the Handling is $340.74 AUD, which doesn't add up to the $6950 AUD she told me before. Where is the rest of that money?? and isn't it a bit too much to charge for Postage and Handling?

      Adding to this "investment" i have to think of how much money i want to put into advertisement, and believe me, i know advertisement is important, that is what my bachelors degree is in, Marketing and Advertisement. But so far i have already paid almost $400 AUD of money i don't have and now i am facing paying another $7000+advertising budget before i make any money -not counting $49.95/month for the website, $25/month for something call VIPS, $24.95/month to be able to get payments by credit card and some seminar going on every month for $35 and $70 USD for 10 call me leads and $310 USD for wheel slots.

      Please, i need to start making money ASAP, my credit cards are maxed out, my house is mortaged paying $4000/month to the bank, i am pregnant, and and mine and my husband's jobs are barely covering the basic bills after paying the mortgage.

      I'll like to talk with some body with real knowledge, not somebody following a script. I need answers before i commit to spend so much money.

      email me to

    • profile image

      Jhon Salgado 6 years ago

      Elaine, tonight I will be sending you an e-mail with some very helpful information, I hope it will make you keep the right line to grow up on the Herbalife business.

    • profile image

      Alexis 6 years ago

      Guys, you are selling a product that's not only non-fda approved but encourages people to drink meal replacements as well as take vitamins without teaching proper nutrition. I am distributor and I disagree with the system completely. Many of my collegues sell this stuff without knowing what's in the ingredients or understanding it's reactions to people with allergies or disabilities. Sure it promotes a health lifestyle, but each person is different and people are using sales tactics to sell a product disregarding the safety and effects on it's users. My sister is a Dr. and after discussing the product with her, we determined that multiple ingredients can be harmful to older people as well as diabetics. There is no such thing as a quick fix and in a country with increasing rates of child obesity, we should be working to educate people on exercise and nutrition. I recently stopped selling this product after hearing about the ingredients and the harm it's doing. Keep in mind,the second you go back to normal food and no longer use your replacement shakes, you gain all the weight back. Distributors who are in the business are well aware of this, in fact, there are many distributors who don't use any of these products and just live healthy lifestyles. They lie to their customers and tell them that they've lost 20 pounds on the plan, when they haven't lost a pound, nor do they need to. The whole idea of Herbalife is messed up, it promotes dishonesty and unhealthy lifestyles. If people would just learn how to eat healthy, they'd save a lot money, time and the aggravation of only drinking a shake for lunch.

    • profile image

      you want facts Jhon Salgado 6 years ago

      From the Herbalife 2009 Audited Annual Report: "We are one of the largest network marketing companies in the world with net sales of approximately $2.3 billion for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2009. We sell our products in 72 countries through a network of approximately 2.0 million independent distributors."

      Do the math. 2.3 billion / 2.0 million distributors = AN AVERAGE OF $1,150 PER DISTRIBUTOR IN SALES (NOT EVEN PROFIT)


      Here is the real problem. You are encouraged to sell this "business opportunity" to others. In order to start you own "business" you HAVE TO buy a starter pack for over $50. Thats like McDonalds forcing you to buy your uniform prior to starting work there. By recruiting others and not controlling the overall numbers they recruit under them, you simply are saturating your market with other sales reps. I have an MBA, and there is a definition for this practice. It’s called pyramiding. It is legal, but unethical at best.

    • profile image

      Alison 6 years ago

      The first major claim that is wrong here is that Mark Hughes died from an overdose of diet pills. This is completely false, his mom died using diet pills and this motivated Mark Hughes to come up with a safe all natural way of loosing weight and becoming healthier. Second of all they are not a pyramid. Pyramid MLM companies limit the number of people you can profit from and only let you go a certin number of people wide and a certain number deep. Herbalife lets you go to infinity. Lastly it does not cost two hundred some odd dollars it costs fifty five plus tax. I do this very part time and maka about $800 a month, and I am very happy!!!

    • profile image

      Jhon Salgado 6 years ago

      For the Frustrated MBA. I do not need an MBA to understand that if you want to get a McDonalds Franchise, it has a cost, it could be more comparable than the labor relationship between McDonalds and an employee.

      The pyramid structure is absolutely not related to the Herbalife Marketing Plan as Alyson explained, but leave it to the experts. Now, about the excellent math exercise, of course facts are based only in real knowledge, for example, not all the distributors are active buyers, and many of them got the subscription only for a discount purchase, so, not all of them are in the business actively and nobody will force them to do it. Finally, to close this idea If you analyze the marketing plan, you will understand why more than the 70% of the sales are returned to the distributors, and probably after that, I could be your sponsor in the business, don’t worry I had the same ideas at the first time somebody showed me the opportunity.

    • profile image

      the truth 6 years ago

      If your a complete ignorant go ahead buy this product the protein is complete shit it's so overpriced yet it has maltodextrin which could contain msg and for what they give you is complete shit they get the same whey and vitamins from the same place other products buy there's they just overprice there shit do? research many people that join this business are ignorant.The science part makes me laugh how stupid people are the product complete crap for it's price honestly.

    • profile image

      the real deal 6 years ago

      If your a complete ignorant go ahead buy this product the protein is complete shit it's so overpriced yet it has maltodextrin which could contain MSG and for what they give you is complete shit they get the same whey and vitamins from the same place other products buy there's they just overprice there shit,do research many people that join this business are ignorant.The science part makes me laugh how stupid people are the product complete crap for it's price honestly.

    • profile image

      bitch 6 years ago

      Jessica Fulton your dumb honestly mark hughs is dead he died in 2000 you must be getting confused with a football player

    • profile image

      I'm a SCAM 6 years ago

      So by placing your name the truth or the real deal, are you really the truth or real deal which are you? I think the stupid one is you. If you do your research to find out which group of scientist is behind these products? These products comes out from the research lab in UCLA (The Mark Hughes Cellular and Molecular Nutrition Laboratory). Like you are even smart enough to get into UCLA? Why not you personally get into the Lab and challenge the scientist there? i would love to see you try.

    • profile image

      unknown 6 years ago

      You're a retard. You must of been one of the failures in life who comes into a business thinking that money just comes in and you don't have to work for it. What a weak excuse. You point your fingers at the company because you're not where you want to be in life. That's a coward move if you ask me. I'm 21 years old and I'm making over $5,000 a month with Herbalife. You're probably just lazy and stupid and can't follow simple instructions. You should stand in front of the mirror and then point your finger. And instead of wasting your time writing another false information essay on Herbalife, try do something productive with your life.

    • profile image

      mary 6 years ago

      hey this is a great review of this business. because it is a business, and its customers are the distributors. They prey on single mothers, and people of less intelligence and who have been dependent most of their life. they brain wash people, and try to pin friends and family against eachother. they try to make people believe they are starting their own buisness. its evil, this is evil. these people they force to buy their shit could be spending their time finding a real job or starting a real business of their own or going to school or doing something REAL insted of spending hours watching their commercials disguised as training. if you are thinking of selling herbalife or anything like this THINK AGAIN, ask somebody you know who is smart, and independent, and has a REAL JOB what they think about it honestly, and then GET A REAL JOB AND GROW THE F UP!

    • profile image

      Eddiejoe 6 years ago

      wow, it is a scam or not?

      I'm really thinking about trying it?

    • profile image

      Samantha 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Tim 6 years ago

      WOW! The Herbalife sheep on here have a really tough time with the English language! Looks like the top-tier distributors have suckered in some real winners! Hopefully when the economy picks back up, people will be able to find reliable jobs and won't have to resort to risky schemes like Herbalife.

    • profile image

      Ms. Martinez 6 years ago

      All I know is I have brought the products and they work great, I didn't have to sign up (although I was asked). I'm not a sales person so I didn't take the offer. I don't know what's going on within the company with the distributors but I recommend the weight loss products. Its pricey but I lost 20lbs in a month and I felt great.

    • profile image

      Bloop bloop 6 years ago

      Its the same thing as mary kay and everything that you sell from the home not just herbal life

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      I think what is most important is the kind of crap herbalife is putting in their products. They are supposed to be all about health and wellness, and with a name like herbalife the least they can do is produce natural products. Read your labels, the pills are artificially bound, coated, and preserved. Not only are they not going to break down entirely in your system, so you only absorb about half of what you paid for, the remaining piece of chemicalized nonsense is going to go straight through your system and into our sewers, our water supplies, and our natural environment. I didnt pay to have this junk enter my body, so its not fair that I am getting trace amounts of pharmaceuticals and herbalife products in my drinking water. The shakes are full of artificial ingredients also, the primary ingredient is nutritional value, just a cheap filler. Plus they have artificial butter flavoring and acesulfame potassium! Yuck! The skin care line is a health hazard as well, parabens, dyes, fragrance...This is not a wellness promoting company with natural products. They are making money, which is what they set out to do, so good for them. But other than that, they are using harmful ingredients and should stop pretending to be a health conscious business.

    • profile image

      samantha 6 years ago

      that is a load of crap have a look at all the doctors and scientists and the medical advisory board, look and find out the facts for real there is solid proof that the products are all natural, when there is something good a good business there has to be twisted bitter people who have to drag it down, cause everyone wants to make money thats how you survive but herbalife tries to make people healthy and wealthy and thats what they do, they have changed thousands of peoples life and feel rewarded in doing this, go back and do your research properly, how can you spread all this crap you wanna be on the inside and see what its really like and see what its really about, go and do your research properly, it really annoys me how people can be like this its an oppurtunity to be healthy and wealthy if you want to, and just by feeding your body the right nutrition and food your body looks after itself and heals itself of many things, if it was not healthy why is that that anybody who takes it properly EVERY person has a health testimonial even are normal doctors now know off herbalife, and say its safe and you can take it no matter what medication you on, there is not many good things in this world and when ther is you get twisted people that have to spoil it with there lies and bitterness,

    • profile image

      samantha 6 years ago

      but yes herbalife is not a weight loss company its a wellness company and there is no quick fix, you eat food as well with these products, wow your sisters a doctor go tell her to look at all the BIGGER doctors and scientist behind this,

    • profile image

      samantha 6 years ago

      but yes herbalife is not a weight loss company its a wellness company and there is no quick fix, you eat food as well with these products, wow your sisters a doctor go tell her to look at all the BIGGER doctors and scientist behind this,

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      Guess who writes the textbooks that doctors learn from...DRUG COMPANIES! So the average doctor isn't going to have any objection to these types of products, which is why doctors are still reccomending people take centrum multivitamins. Its not their fault, I am so thankful we have doctors and scientists and such enormous medical advances these days, we are a lucky generation because of it. However, natural substances are where scientists get the ideas for these chemical based products like acesulfame potassium and parabens and other crap found in herbalife products (as well as many other companies) for example, asprin originated with white willow its often a petroleum product. Like I said in my first post, good for herbalife for their success, however, their products are not natural. google it.

      Oh and by the way, Samantha, have you ever stopped to think that maybe companies like herbalife are the twisted bitter people out to spoil things with their lies and biterness? Maybe they are full of crap and just try to make cheap products to maximize their income. Ace-K, parabens, FD & C yellow, blue lake # 30, etc....these are NOT natural ingredients...but they sure are easy and cheap to manufacture!

    • profile image

      Gees$$$ 6 years ago

      Very interesting, why do you fight over such a little issue? This person who started this blog is making money with Triond? LOL... the more we reply including me, the more money for the dude. I must say you are a genius friend. I need some tips give me a subject to make at least $1000 with man? We got Herbalife now, Does Amway go for a hit? Let me Know dude. Awesome stuff, don't you think? Debate Unbelievable!

    • profile image

      linda 6 years ago



    • profile image

      Rosemarie 6 years ago

      Mark died from congenital HEART disease. He developed the Company back in the 1980's right after his MOM died of the very SAME Congenital Heart Disease. Mark wanted to find a way to save his OWN life as well, as HELP other people get HEALTHY!

    • profile image

      Herbalife is a SCAM. 6 years ago

      and distributors are just like any other customers (not people with their own business cause they won't make any money on it - only spend), a source of income for the top hats.

    • seanwalters profile image

      seanwalters 6 years ago from Portland Area

      Well there are a lot scam out there and I am sure that in any company you have your die hard distributors that will defend it to the death. This industry is a mess because a lot of people come into it look at it as a plug and play business in the box. I think not.

    • profile image

      ricky71 6 years ago

      I really feel outraged with the amount of sites i see with people using the phrase SCAM.If you look at herbalife as a company there structure is sound and there testimonials are true otherwise they would not be trading on NYSE and be making sales close to 3 billion .

      maybe you just haven't got the right composure to be in the buisness and if you can find a buisness working from home which makes you close to 5-6,000 a month with very little investment pls let us all know.

    • profile image

      bildo-in-ya 6 years ago

      You all need to relax and stop "debating" over this. Not every job fits every individual nor does every company who has its failures deserve to be called a scam. The real crime is our health care system. How the hell does Canada offer its citizens proper care when the worlds most "powerful" country can't figure out how to provide care for millions of hard working, tax paying, contributors of society? That's the real issue. Why do you think everyone is participating in this recent "get healthy" fad? People are trying to prevent health problems rather than spend the rest of their lives paying off ridiculous hospital bills. The Health Care industry and Hospital's overcharging everyone are the real criminals.

    • profile image

      MoonWolf99 6 years ago

      I worked as a telemarketer for this company. Even though I made sales for the company, I NEVER got paid! Also, I was told to make up some sort of success story to the people I was calling (i.e. "I used this product and lost 20 pounds."). After being told to tell this out-and-out lie, I quit. I'm amazed they're still around!

    • profile image

      6 years ago

      this is a lot pf shit! i know someone who does herbalife, and they dont get "there arm twisted" to recruit people, i have attended a sample meeting, and only good things have came from it, some people like it, some dont, you may aswell start putting down weight watchers aswell, as im sure yous will find a way to twist words to make that sound like a lot of shite aswell.

    • profile image

      Cathyrne 6 years ago

      You are lame!!! It isn't just going to happen over nite! I'm a distributor and I am making a profit. Geez, money isn't just going to be handed to you. I just went to a seminar and met ALOT of people making $20K and over a month!! They haven't been in the business that long, actually a few of them have been in it for 3 years or less! My upline makes $4000 to $7000 a month selling the products! So before you go spreading rumors about something you don't know you need to get your facts straight! And the products DO work! They have worked for me and everyone around me!

    • profile image

      Christie 6 years ago

      I am planing on purchasing the 399 package and was wondering what other cost will come of that. Please send me an email at I dont have alot of money so what to get it all figured up befor i do this.

    • profile image

      Stuart 6 years ago

      You seen angry at Herbalife but the strange thing is your fundamental argument is wrong.You do not need to be a distributor to buy the product. I started 8 weeks ago as a distributor as it will compliment my personal training business. I invited my friends, family and clients to an info night any 18 people were interested in trying the weight loss programme. I made £400 in my first 2 weeks and not one of my clients is a distributor. Can you let me know where you got all your misinformation as you may stop some one from trying a business they may be very good at. I am going to a seminar next week to listen to a husband and wife team who are earning just over £20,000 per month from Herbalife. Take care my friend and try to destress.

    • profile image

      G in Phoenix 6 years ago

      I can empathize on the large number of emotions being displayed on this subject. I too, felt the same emotion, but I can say one thing; the products do work! I started to lose weight and feel healthier, as soon as I stopped taking the product I realized that the Herbalife life style that I was living was a big desire I had been contending with. After 2 years of not being on the product I will be returning to use the product, on the other hand, I , like so many people came into Herbalife with the great expectation of making the big sums of money that they claim you can make. The key words are "you can". This a free market and this does present an opportunity and with the drive and coaching "you can" be successful as much as you want to be on any level regarding this product line. Good luck to all that are pushing to take advantage of this opportunity.

    • profile image

      jesus 6 years ago

      I dont think its a scam .I'm a distributor and a as my own boss the job its like any other start from the bottom to the top like in any job in the world. The mission of Mark Hughes is to change the life style of unhealthy people. Him doing drugs or what ever, which sounds like a personal problem not an Herbalife issue. The harder you work the better. I have a job, go to school, and distribute herbalife doesnt sound like i have too much time in my hands.>

    • profile image

      Lori 6 years ago

      Herbal life products does work, but working for Herbalife, as I did, changes the tune a little bit. I did not like their scripts, you had to read. I feel like they were scaming people in and not telling the real truth. I notice on my last call with one on the coaches, she would not let the person ask the question. And she did not get the answer she was looking for. I felt my coach was so rude to her. And they all tell the same story. After while you start to catch on... Yes, I know there is alot of people makes money on this, but let me tell you, they will take your last dime. They say they made 10,000 dollars a month. But, they don't tell you, they don't get all of that money. It is distributed to all the big dogs. You get very little out of that money. And they don't tell you how they had a class action law suit aganist them either; They lost the suit. And to pay out millions. It is not the products they sell. It is how they scam people to sell it for them.

    • profile image

      Rolland 6 years ago

      I responded to a radio ad for income at home, not having any idea what kinds of products were involved. I had no idea that it was Herbalife tlll well after I had rec'd the info package and talked to a "mentor" on the phone. I was assured that no telemarketing was involved and that I would not have to try to sell to friends and family. It even said this in the DVD that came with the info package. All the work would be done online, not on the phone. I then was pressured into buying a large amount of the product and had to endure several lengthy training sessions that consisted mainly of sales pitches and pep talks, all very boring, and then after all that I came to a step that required me to try to sell to friends and family after all, and that I would have to do telephone sales pitches after all. If that's not telemarketing, then what is it? The only good thing was that I did eventually get most of my money back except for the shipping charges to return the products.

    • profile image

      celi 6 years ago

      sorry to say it works my sister in-law bought the products with out being part of the business she lost alot of weight 2nd ill be woring for them n 3rd my female friend been working for them for 4 weeks n she mad $2500 with out trying to get sum one to join the business its a great business theres a great market for it theres over weight ppl that want to loes weight there ppl that want to gain weight theres ppl that r all around healthy that takes vitemins if u dont like then dont do it n if u r im happy for u u need to be deteremd n it takes money to make money that the way it is everywhere

    • profile image

      common sense 6 years ago

      Think about it, what legitimate company would have to sell it's product via MLM? Multi-level marketing is illegal unless there is a product being sold. If Herbalife is a weight loss or wellness product that works THAT well, the obesity rate in America wouldn't be 60% and the nations health care crisis would be a moot issue! It seems that the only way for them to sell there product is to "force" (i.e. twist your arm by being a distributor) to purchase them and use them first. If they worked that well, you'd buy them off of the store shelf. Furthermore, how many websites does one company need? If you need a website, you are now competing with all of the other Herbalife distributors.

      Good luck!

    • profile image

      m king 6 years ago

      Herbalife products are good, but the way the company goes about its business stinks.

      I paid around $7000 to get "supervisor" status. In return for this investment I received a range of products to sell. I paid the money but told my supervisor not to deliver any goods so I could choose which products I wanted to receive. This was ignored, the products arrived at my home and were signed for by my partner. The company would not allow me to exchange products so I was stuck with a range of products (eg cosmetics, shampoos) which I had no desire selling.

      Also, on paying to become supervisor (ie you receive products at about 50% of recommended retail price),I was led to believe that this status was permanent. It wasn't, after a certain period of time passed I was stripped of supervisor status because sales quotas had not been met.

      Also, an annual fee is charged (from memory about $100) to maintain a license to sell. I was not told this when joining.

      I don't feel herbalife is a scam or a pyramid company in the way this is traditionally defined. However it is a pyramid operation in that it overcharges for its products to support a relatively small number at the top who don't have to do much work. In my experience is is dishonest in the way it treats people.

    • profile image

      Robert 6 years ago

      I have been using herbalife and have looked at becoming a distributor. In all honesty I will become a distributor early next year.

      After paying the $65USD to become a distributor i'll place an order worth 500VP points (getting a 35% discount) after doing the math on the products I and my girlfriend will use we will save more than $640 which easily covers that pesky little $65 fee. If I decide to sell herbalife it would only take me 125 sales (of the large formula 1) to make my own products free. anything after that is money in my pocket.

      Hally needs to retake college algebra her math is way off.

    • profile image

      Robert 6 years ago

      Allow me to explaine why her math is off.

      3.5 billion is what herbalife takes in. once you figure in that a distributor can easily get to the 35%, 42%, or 50% volume level (you start at 25%) you'll see that 3.5 is with the distributors discounts. So if the average distributor has a 42% discount you'll see that

      3,500,000,000 x 100 / 58 = 6,034,482,759

      taking that number and dividing it by the 1,800,000 distributors

      equals $3352.49

      take 3352.49 / 100 x 42 = 1408.05 in profit...

      thats the average, i could create a graph and set up a Z table, but i'm not going to.

      bottom line you can create a successful business out of it. $1500 a month? maybe once you have a lot of clients but it won't happen the first month, maybe not the first year. Whats important is that you understand what you're profit is on the product and sell as much product as you can to reach an income level you desire.

    • profile image

      Tommy 6 years ago

      If Herbalife was a "scam" I don't think it would be aloud in 80 different countries and/or be still running after 30 years. I was a long time customer never pressured to become a distributor before I decided to join for the discount. When my friends and family saw my results (55lbs lost) they wanted to try it as well. I sold products to them at 25% profit margin and after a few months built enough volume to get a 50% discount on the products. Doing minimal advertising mainly just word of mouth I am bringing in over $2500 a month almost effortlessly. I'm sure if I really tried I could do better, but for me this is so simple.

    • profile image

      Ynot 6 years ago

      According to Herbalife's own website (one of many), "Any representation or guarantee of earnings would be misleading. A typical leader (approximately 25% of participants) in this multi-level marketing plan earned $3,600 per annum based on the year 2009." $3,600 seems like a far cry from $2,500+ per month.

      Smells like a scam, or should I say MLM.

    • profile image

      mojo 6 years ago

      signed up a couple days ago before i knew it was herbalife. my "free" info package is on it's way, after i used a visa gift card that had $11.95 left on it. my "mentor" lives in oregon, 2500 miles away and has called a bunch of times already. my initial thought was i was getting into an online type business but this blog has me thinking otherwise. the website i signed up on did say he would refund my $9.95 shipping fee. guess he'll have to if he wants his package back.

    • profile image

      robyn 6 years ago

      been a distributor for 8 months now, bought in just to get discount on the products which has made myself and my husband lose over 50 lbs together. Wanted to pay it forward and I started weight loss challenges...there are no gimmicks, there are no sales pitches, there is no pressure from anyone to sell a certain amount of product a month. You get out of it what you want to put into it. It's a more rewarding job than my full time job by helping people take back their health and feeling good about themselves..amazing product!

    • profile image

      NO scam 6 years ago

      all you have do do is work hard.You can work at the pase you want.(fast or slow)!!!

    • profile image

      Bruce Reader 6 years ago

      In my 17yrs of working in this industry I know MLM is not a scam. I am not a Herbalife distributor, it has been my obsrevation that Herbalife is a great company and worthy of recognition. I have read how you have marketed yourself to gain readers and one has to conclude YOU ARE THE SCAM!

    • profile image

      SInd 6 years ago

      I decided to use Herbalife products for weight loss... Can anyone please put in your suggestions? Many of my friends lost weight after using this.... It would be of great help if you could tell me if its worth it or not. Thank you so much!!

    • profile image

      ar 6 years ago

      I use the outter nutrition part of the products and it is awesome products. I am giving my dad the weight managment program in one week he lost 30lbs, but of course make sure that the person that you get your products from helps you personlize your own weight management program.

    • profile image

      Sally 6 years ago

      This is a business like any other. If you treat it as a business and put in the work you will succeed! Plain and simple. I had other businesses before this one and this one in comparison is very low cost, low risk, high return. Most franchises cost $100 to $200k to start, then you have the running costs. They are not guaranteed! This in comparison is a safe business opportunity! And the products are brilliant. That's why they have been around for 30 years and have been approved by 70 plus countries!! This Halle person musn't have anything better to do then slander something that she obviously knows nothing about

    • profile image

      Herbalife distributor 6 years ago

      Without knowledge, People PERISH...they are misinformed, they think they know better. For them success lurches in the distance. Mr. Halle, if you keep doing this, success will be afraid of you. Let success come to you, accept the way things are and find the truth in all things. You reacted like a business man never should, that is why you are not successful at herbalife

      Herbalife is #1, BECAUSE IT CHANGES LIVES

    • profile image

      Karrie 6 years ago

      Herbalife is NOT a scam. It changes people's lives and helps people lose weight. The person who wrote this article should do a little bit more research before trashing companies on the internet.

    • profile image

      for rael 6 years ago

      it not a scam the thing is herbalife is for everyone but not eveyone is for herbalife.

    • profile image

      Carl 6 years ago

      How pathetic are you to write such negative thoughts about Herbalife! You must not have anything better to do. Or maybe you tried joining Herbalife and realized you are so uneducated that you had to trash Herbalife instead. Herbalife is great, maybe not for everyone but it is a business that, yes, you will have to put some money towards it just like starting any other business. They don't FORCE you to retail, it is truly up to you. So get your facts straight and quit bashing Herbalife. Don't be jealous that millions of people are making a great income off of Herbalife!

    • profile image

      NeedWisdom 6 years ago

      I was just wondering why is everyone all about money making i would really need to know if this company sell the products that would help people get healthier ie loose weight or gain if needed and just i hate anyone that would try to recruit on basis of making money like this is the only machine to do it which i know is not i've seen over the years people working for this company and really struggle to sell and get more sales but they stuck long enough eventually they ware making a little check back but like anything is a business..... Well if i pay the initial fee this is to introduce the product and the samples but not commit to sell but just to buy???? right and so if theres any Herbalife distributers out there answer this with honesty how long and really what you had to do to acquired sales if i sign up what % i get discounted and i don't want to be committed to have to sell for Herbalife......

    • profile image

      Eugene 6 years ago

      I signed up with herbalife about a year ago and i have mixed feelings about the company. They do have great products that work. I would love to be successful in this company but the problem is that in order to be successful you have to shell out a ton of money for various things before you really start to make any money. You have to buy this in order for you to do that. You dont have to buy anything but you wont be as successful if you dont buy all the tools. I know you have to invest in ur company to make it but damn im not about to go broke trying to make money before i even put a single dollar in my pocket. There has to be a better way. One thing i really didnt like was that they dont tell you anything about herbalife untill you have already paid out money. Why cant they just tell you up front? Im not one who shy about hard work but truth is it takes money to make money and i just cant afford this business opportunity.

    • profile image

      AK 6 years ago

      Long back in school, I read this mathematical phenomenon of MLM. They gave the example of Bicycle Sales Scheme in Russia and the way it spread like wildfire. At the end of day, most of people were left with coupons in hand and no buyers as everybody around was holding the coupon. Well, all MLM work on the same phenomenon. Purpose of such MLM is not to sell the product, but the MLM itself and entire business model thrives on Ponzi Scheme of making money.

      As my wife is insisting to meet this new "Employer" from Herbalife, for "work from home", I decided to go thru. I do not digest such concepts unless they are of serious data entry on computer. It took time for me to dig and I went thru all comments. While some were genuine, most of positive comments look to be written by Herbalife Distributors / Employees, posing as if they are the consumers. They are just so plain flatery that they become indigestible.

      In this increasingly knowledgable society, we all know the menace of MLM, be it Amway or Herbalife or Gold Coin Scehme et al. With each new "Distributor" pushing his relatives, friends and neighbours to buy or become next line in MLM, they do not realise that that one hard sale made one more family hate them; while, as a whole, company makes money. Not everybody is a skilled seller and not everybody is a needy buyer. Each new distributor is forced to sell to recover the loss made in "forced investment" and as a result, he forces his friends to be the next... and story continues. Now its upto us whether we join the mob or find some sensible way of earning.

    • profile image

      Johnny75 6 years ago

      So, do I stay or do I go??? Getting heavily pressured to to this by my "coach." It's not the investmentthat is bothering me, it the fct that when you say, "I'm selling Herbalife," people turn and run to the hills!

    • profile image

      Crystal 6 years ago

      For starters, it is not true that you must become an Herbalife distributor in order to purchase their products. It is a company driven by independent distributors, yes, but you do not have to become a distributor, you only have to purchase from one. Herbalife provides healthy quality products along with meetings and information on how to move towards a healthier lifestyle. This in my opinion and perhaps in the millions of people who are part of the company is far better than fad diets or unhealthy dangerous weight loss methods. And yes, Herbalife is a business, and it consists of different levels of a pyramid, but that does not make it a scam. You can climb this pyramid based on effort and merit, this is an equal opportunity company, just ask the illiterate peasants turned millionaires.

    • profile image

      Michael jones 6 years ago

      I have three school frinds who run herbascam from south wales,they have been in in it since the 1980`s made lots of money on other peoples backs. when I meet them they all say how dumb the new sellers are, and keep selling them the dream. look out for Jeff Williams (Port Talbot)Mark Sterio

      also of (Port Talbot)they are the top earners in the UK.

    • profile image

      Heather 6 years ago

      I have lost weight on Herbalife. We do it as a weight loss challenge and it is fun. There are 2 or 3 Herbalife distributers that run the contest, but we are encouraged to lose weight however we want. We can try the Herbalife products or just do it with another program. I have found the Herbalife products to work very well and no one has asked/pressured me to become a distributor. I like it.

    • profile image

      Nikki 6 years ago

      you cant say its a scam my mum has been doing it for years its had work and makes people feel good about them selfs!!! maybe you should try it

    • profile image

      Siddy 6 years ago

      don't ruin someone else dream. Herbalife is such a great product. You do not get forced into. It's a fantastic company with excellent product.

    • profile image

      Lisa Thatch 6 years ago

      I actually agree that MLMs are not illegal and that they can be successful for the right person. I also do not personally know enough about the company 'herbalife' or its products to provide an opinion about it one way or the other.

      However, my opinion is related to the 'way' the information is being shared. I believe the 'business' opportunity is very 'cloaked' and misleading. I believe that during a economic time such as this, when people are desperately searching for an opportunity to be made available to them, that they can work from home - or anywhere for that matter, that I felt vastly mislead. First by the original website which I only pursued because the 'advertiser' was one I trusted. Please know that I will be taking it up with THEM directly.

      Then, provided $10 worth of very 'vague testimonials' that could easily be about anything, from lots of people who they are trying to represent as 'average americans' (of which I am not) and at the end of the video to still have NOTHING about the program concrete and no option except to 'call' back the person who I ordered the program from.

      Fortunately, I am a bit resourceful and internet saavy and found some details relating to the original website then its corresponding websites and finally to Herbalife. Quite sincerely, health and wellness are well in line with what I do and intend to continue to do, however, because of the manner of which this information was presented (or hidden - depending on your perspective) I probably won't be doing it with this company.

      I await the call back from my 'coach' and we'll see what he has to say before I send the package back. Thanks for the comments. I wish you all the best.

      Keep walking on water!

    • profile image

      Gio 6 years ago

      So, they use pyramid selling tactics (which I thought was illegal) and they are also floating on the stocks?

      Granted, it's not for me but it's obviously for some people.

    • profile image

      Nos4ra2 6 years ago

      I was on the fence about Herbalife. But after reading these posts I stopped ignoring that feeling in the pit of my stomach. Stopped ignoring that little voice in the back of my head. I saw my exact same story posted at least three times on this site. The $9.95 DVD that doesn't tell you anything and actually costs an additional $39.95 because you aren't provided with the return info and can't get it before the 'guaranteed return' time is up. I too got a call, from a woman with none of the excitement and enthusiasm so evident on the DVD.

      But I've been self employed for decades, started, built and sold at a profit, 3 different companies, (2 corporations). I know how to organize, how to be motivated and how to get off my butt so I can pay the bills. Been there. Done that. So I ignored Ms. Herdman's lack of enthusiasm and bought the package, hook and line. $399.00.

      I tried the products and actually liked them. I did the research, the due diligence. But after days of reading the material, researching it on the web and getting no response from my so called 'mentor', I didn't swallow the sinker.

      So I'm out $448.90. Thank God I won't starve because of it. I'm just so grateful I took the time to read the books and do the research before I pressed that 'join now' button and lost another $100 + $

      I only found out about the 'paid leads' by reading some blogs from people who described the exact same situation as mine. And what ticked me off most is that I heard the ad on my favorite talk radio station. So you left wing radical liberals can get a great laugh out of that, screwed by my right wing conservative commentators for allowing this advertising during their programs.

      So for all you people who say we 'nay-sayers' are stupid or lazy I just have to ask. Why is this business so secretive? Why do the 'coaches' and the DVD's all say the exact same thing, word for word? It's like something out of the Stepford Wives. Why does the mentor insist that you have to follow instructions, without question? The last time I did that, I was a United States Marine serving my country and still I didn't like being told what to do without question. That's because people with more than 1/2 a brain ask questions. It's the difference between being a blind follower, (sheep) and a free thinking individual.

      In response to my simple questions, my 'coach' told me, "This is a step-by-step business and until you sign up, (another $100 + $49.95 per month), I can't 'teach' you.

      Good Lord. Yes, the products may be good. Yes, you might actually succeed at this if you can blindly follow orders. By the way, a true entrepenure does the research first, before diving in at the deep end.

      If this is so up-front and legitimate, why do they string you along, dollar by dollar without disclosing the important details? Isn't that a definition of scam or brainwashing?

      I'm actually disappointed. I wanted this to be something worthy. I'm retired and comfortable but I needed a new mountain to climb. Something worthwhile I could conquer and succeed at. A challenge I could feel good about.

      Thanks to all you folks who told the true details of your experience. You saved me a lot of time, money and most importantly, my self respect for not acting like a sheep and being intimidated by those who criticized me for it.

    • Pale Blue Rose profile image

      Pale Blue Rose 6 years ago

      Watching a friend and her mother become distributors and brainwashed zombies who couldn't talk about anything except how wonderful Herbalife is is just one reason I'm commenting here now. Herbalifers are indeed part of a cult. Lisa, I know that "glazed look in the eyes" you mentioned so well! People they knew their whole lives started to disappear. I won't go on about how much the rest of the family suffered because of the personality changes. I could easily write a book about it.

      Most people will feel better after one week of using the products. The first week is the most important- you lose a couple of kilos from the water loss. From then on it stagnates, as with every other weight- loss program.

      The ugliest thing about Herbalife though, is that the distributors are NOT TRAINED NUTRITIONISTS. They'll ask you what health problems you have and promise you the sky. Most of the sellers I met had no scruples at all about suggesting (no, not only to me) taking massive amounts of vitamins-- the more the better! Anyone with no knowledge about nutrition will do this and destroy their health. They even suggest giving the stuff to your pets! Animals can't break down certain substances as humans can.

      Kudos to all the people who got out of this horrible business and took the time to share their experiences.

      Don't just read the initial hub. Even I as a vehement anti- Herbalife person will say that a couple of the statements were incorrect. Read ALL of the comments before making what could be the worst decision you've ever made- and ask yourself what reasons the people for and against have for writing here.

      I'm gaining nothing from it except a positive feeling that I may, hopefully, stop a few people from harming their health and even ruining their lives.

    • profile image

      EC 6 years ago


      I am in Australia. About 7 years ago I saw a business advertised for which I had to pay $30 for a CD to explain it. It was very compelling talking about the business and at the end I found out that it was Herbalife. I joined for about AU$100 and got my $30 back. What attracted me to the business was the fact that they allowed you to advertise, unlike others like Amway.

      The first thing I did not like about it was that the size of the first product order determined your discount amount for the life of your business and I was encouraged to make the maximum $5000 order. I could not afford this so opted for the $2000 order.

      The second thing I did not like about it was that my sponsor moved overseas about a week after I joined and so I felt alone. She did send me lots of motivational messages.

      The third thing I did not like was that I was made to pay for a message service so she could send me the motivational messages.

      I worked very hard at it. I spent lots on advertising and printing and I used the products. I worked 8 hours a day at it. I delivered my pamphets to letterboxes. I studied the literature and spent hours listening to the motivational messages.

      Then I found out the company founder had died from a drug overdose - a fact they do not advertise. I felt cheated in some way.

      I used the products but I did not need to loose weight. Eventually I became so skinny that all my ribs stuck out and my boyfriend insisted I stop taking the products.

      Over many months I only found one customer. People do much better in this business who have a personal weight loss story to tell. If all your family, freinds and work colleagues see you loose weight they want some of what you have.

      The meetings I found quite strange - although there was plenty of free shakes to try.

      Eventually I went to see a Minister because I felt that somehow it was a deceptive business - not morally right. Of course I left.

      This year I have had a lot of health problems ans so I actively sought Herbalife products to buy - but I would not join again. Amway is a much better MLM company. They have a good reputation and products.

      If your a female I recommend Avon - It is not a MLM - everyone deals directly with the company, and everyone pays the same price.

      Herbalife is not illegal but it is not morally acceptable to me to be in it.

    • profile image

      Bank Pyramid 6 years ago

      every single job is a pyramid, customer pay for a service or goods, portion of that money is to reestock suply, pay for utilities, pay for employees, managers, supervisors and the gain gors to the ower/s that are taking vacations every holiday, every birthaday and twice a years, while everibody else down the line are working 8-12 hours a day, on weekends, night, holidays, we miss our love ones merorable moments, and in order to take a vacation we have to get a loan to repay it later with high interest, at least an MLM let them have more quality of time with their families and if they lear to do it the right way they rich a very stable income...

    • profile image

      Montclair 6 years ago

      Hi I am in montclair CA, i tried the products to help my neighboor that was desperate trying to sell all the product she had ordered, and wanted me to join the company with her, but when she explained to me that she invested $2,000 to start and was not given any other instruccion on how to move the products, I told her that there must be a way to do it, but she insisted in that the was just to sell it, she lost all her investment because when offered to other people they wanted to pay later, and never happend. she was frustrated and she put in the trash the resto of the products, then I found a MLM compnay that teach trough a very good educational system the way MLM is done and the only investemt is one time a month, i am doing it as part time and I share with her and other now we are getting addtional income, without the stress and we do not have to get thousand in product, If you are interested in join a MLM look for a company that have a good supporting team and a good educacional system, follow it and you will see the results. Thank you

    • profile image

      Susan Snider 6 years ago

      Four of us just discovered this...we were so excited to join The Biggest Loser Challenge in our area. Nothing about Herbalife was mentioned on the email flier we were sent...they call themselves •SMarT Nutrition here is the link....http://www.smartnutrition10



      What a bunch of BS!!! VERY DECEPTIVE!!!! We were not happy when we realized the first night that this was sales reps from Herbalife trying to promote their product/make money. Started seeing the Herbalife Lanyards (what you put around your neck and they hold a name badge at the clip)and the Herbalife shake info. etc. in the folders they give you. But, we decided since we were there, would continue on and see how the classes were conducted... Well, the first night it was very subtle. The second night out come the sample shakes they had made up for everyone and the discussion promoting Herbalife products started. Hoping that that was the end of it and that product would just be there if people wished to purchase it at our weekly class meetings. Well last night took the cake when there was a 5 minute informational talk on negative calories and then right into the speal about getting off medications and trying this and that instead...this and that being Herbalife's magic potions. NOT what we signed up for!!! The gals that are heading up the class are, obviously, there to promote/sell Herbalife when, instead, the leaders of the class should be there because they want to promote health in general, healthy eating, weight control management, and support for loosing weight and eating healthier, exercise, etc., which is what the Biggest Looser concept is all about. There are more/have been more issues with the class, but this is the biggest one. Next week we are going to bring the topic up in class for discussion...will be an interesting night...especially since I have found your blog! LOL So now our goal is not only to lose weight and get healthier, but to also win proving that exercise and eating normally/healthy works and Herbalife is NOT needed!!!

      The funny thing is...they have SparkPeople on one of sheets they gave us as a good place to get support.

    • profile image

      Carmen 6 years ago

      I absolutely love Herbalife products and helped my mother and my brother with health issues even the doctors were not capable of getting rid.

      I myself benefit from consuming these products and not only that, I earn more then $294 profit each month so I don't know what this dude is talking about annually...

      Just because one person doesn't succeed doesn't make something bad.

    • profile image

      karan samal 6 years ago

      hey, sounds interesting, buying in lot, becoming a distributor, selling the products and recruiting people under you.. waao!!!! :)

      sounds vry exciting.. want to know more

    • profile image

      Abby 6 years ago

      worked for as a distributor for a bit and strongly DO NOT recommend it. I may good at sales and a hard worker but i did not do well in Herbalife. maybe it is not technically and scam or illegal but it should be!! I spent so many days and finally sold something. the woman who recruited me tried to convince me how easy that was to make 50 bucks. then i realized it took me days to do that and the products were honestly not even good! very few people make it in Herbalife even the good sales people don't make it.

    • profile image

      Warren 6 years ago

      I've been an Herbalife Distributor since mid October. I'm not going to point fingers or argue with anyone - and I'm not going to pretend that I know everything. What I'll tell you is my experience so far.

      Signing up for the business cost me less than $200 USD (I think it came to about $170, but I don't have the exact figures in front of me right now). While they do want you to use as many products as you can, there is no minimum that you have to buy. Me personally, I spend about $100 a month on my stuff; depending on what you want to get, you can spend more or less.

      The products have worked for me. I've spent thousands of dollars on items from the various nutrition stores, and NONE of them worked for me - I've quit smoking with no weight gain (I had gained 30 lbs in a month the first time I quit) and I have a ton of energy. I feel great. That's how the product has been for me.

      Should you consult a doctor before using the product? Definitely. I would tell you to do that if you're just drinking Slim Fast - we aren't all the same, and we need to make sure that what we do works for US.

      As for the business side of things - I wasn't really out to sell anything initially; I bought the business pack "just in case". However, when family and friends saw the results that I've been having, they came to me. I'm not an aggressive salesman, and I've tried MLMs before (yes, Herbalife is MLM - case closed there). I completely failed before, and didn't even earn back my initial costs. With Herbalife, I have.

      Am I going to be a millionaire? Nah. I don't want to put that much effort into it. But I feel great, and if I can help someone else with that, I'm going to. The only way I could imagine the product not working is if you aren't taking it properly or cheat too much (I cheat a bit...just a bit). Or, maybe something in it isn't right for you. Check with your doctor, and remember - there IS a 30 day money back guarantee.

      Whatever you do or however you feel, I wish you all the best. Reading this article is a GOOD sign - you're doing research. Just remember, you can write anything on the internet, and find studies or articles to support just about any opinion. But in the end, YOUR opinion is the one that will make the difference for you. Believe in yourself and aim for the stars, in whatever you decide to do!

      (And if you made it this far, thanks for putting up with my rambling :) I appreciate you hearing me out).

    • profile image

      Eddie 6 years ago

      Herbalife is too expensive.. they sell a box that has 12 bags of tea for $47???!?!? I can buy an organic tea for $6.... Just go to trader joe's store and buy raw foods...

      That will help you lose weight and get all the nutrients that you need. As for protein shake, I suggest sprouted brown rice powder... it's only $8.99 per lbs..

      $36 for 5 lbs... Herbalife sells their protein shake for $75....2 LBS. The sprouted brown rice protein that I buy has 25g of protein per 30g serving. ^^

    • profile image

      Eddie 6 years ago

      I would become a Distributor if it was cheap. I don't want to rip people off. I rather tell them what to buy in the health store and to avoid hearbalife. Don't fall for this company. Go 70-80% raw diet and you'll get better results.

    • profile image

      bobsue 6 years ago

      you should like a total whiner who just didn't want to put in the time to succeed. so just because you wouldn't put in the time doesn't mean its a get over it and stop putting junk out for gullable people to read!

    • profile image

      Edward 6 years ago

      Haha, I love everyone trolling this thread. They either can't spell or use capitals to type out their entire post.

      If you want someone to take you seriously, try spelling correctly and normally.

      Herbalife is a scam, plain and simple. Just because they hide it well, does not mean it's not there.

    • profile image

      nick matter 6 years ago

      Excuse me sir but next you write like a two page report on herblife make sure you double chech you stuff. and by the way it dont not take 220 dollars to be a seller it's 65.00 without the samples and 110 with samples so get you S**** right.....

    • profile image

      Jenny 6 years ago

      Herbalife is a wonderful product that has turned my life around. I have lost weight, gained energy and made money. You are NEVER required to sell to take the products. All we ask is that you follow the plan of a healthy lifestyle. You WILL see results.

    • profile image

      Elsa Venter 6 years ago

      All I want to know is if the products actually WORKS, not if you can make money..

    • profile image

      Liz 6 years ago

      Herbalife does work... I'm been using it... N I love it oh I'm not selling it but I love the products....don't hate cuz you couldn't sell a shake

    • profile image

      Bensgirl 6 years ago

      Edward, I agree there are a few posts with gramatical and/or spelling errors.

      You, my friend, are among them.

    • profile image

      Ballsoftring 6 years ago

      Simple sums. They estimate their turnover this year will be $3,800,000,000. They say they have 2,000,000 distributors. Therefore the average sales per distributor are $1,900 per year. If there are distributors making thousands of dollars per month then there must be a huge number not even covering the cost of their initial 'investment'. A classic pyramid scam. Unless you got in early, keep clear.

    • profile image

      hey 6 years ago

      "I can think of many other businesses that pay a lot more money for a lot less work"..Hally can you please suggest a few business? really looking out for something.

    • profile image

      dhurandharsingh 6 years ago

      Harbalife is wonderful product.That has turned my life. I have lost weight two month ,gained energy.You are never requaired to sell the product, all we ask is that you follow the plan of ahealthy lifestyle. you will see results

    • profile image

      Cezar  6 years ago

      Herbalife is actually a BBB Accredited business since April 19, 1990 with a rating of A+.

    • profile image

      audrey 6 years ago

      Well I have been going to a "shake shop" for about a month now and have even bought product and I am NOT a distributer. I have however told my family and friends about the place but only AFTER They noticed my extra energy and weight loss i have achieved through the products and support of the wonderful people at the 'shake shop" called Nutrition sensations. The products are wonderful and if you have allergies to certain issues you need to make sure to let the people you are working with know. If I ever would sell a product this would be it....because the results sell themselves.

    • profile image

      audrey  6 years ago

      And yes I know you can get the same results if you watch what you eat and work out but for some of us we like having the extra motivation of others that Herbalife has.

    • profile image

      amy 6 years ago

      No u dont have to be a herbalife member to experience a healthy lifestyle. Ive drank herbalife and i personally love the teamix. It is working real wonder. The urination colour is not as yellow as i thought and i am starting to feel lighter when i walked. The funny thing is, when i smell the market oily food, im starting to feel vomitting. I can never believe why have i ate those oily things in the past without even feeling its Y.U.C.K. It is never the same again.

      About the MLM concept. Learn more as you see me and hang out with your friends. Keep your mind neutral. The more u learn, the more knowledge you gain. Again, if your friend forced u to join, it is your own money to handle. You handle your own money. No one can steal from you.

    • profile image

      john 6 years ago

      waste of money and time.

    • profile image

      Andrew 6 years ago

      I'm sure the products are OK but why are they so secretive and deceptive in telling people who they are initially and about all costs required for setup? If not a scam highly unethical.

    • profile image

      Luis 6 years ago

      I just cancelled my Herbalife Distributorship, Herbalie is not a scam but a con, never do they tell you about the $5,000.00 it takes to setup, and I wasn't done yet, I still had to buy their stuff for advertising and retail, plus I made myself of a $2000 dollar a month debt, because you buy the leads (names of people who inquire) on a monthly bases, where 12 names cost 1500 dollars and they make you commit to it each month, plus the use of their software for $60, e-commerce, 3 web sites, etc. a trip to vegas for $500 and you have to watch videos and attend webinars 7 days a week at odd hours, if you say you can't, they give you a guilt trip. "your not interested, you will not succeed, its your money, etc."

      And while you are spending 1500 or more a month buying leads of which you might get 5 to sign, the sponsors are buying 40, 50 leads, competing with you and It wouldn't surprise me if they are getting the best leads possible

      So if you are thinking of becoming a retailer, Distributor or supervisor for Herbalife, make sure you have money and time to make money about after 6 month of throwing money, while the big fish keep getting fat

      Thank you

    • profile image

      GINA 6 years ago


    • profile image

      Michael 6 years ago

      Hi, I am new at this thing. I was told that there was no investment fee at all. I later found out that I had to pay $9.95 for shipping and handling, which I understood. When I had an appointment with my "mentor," I found out that I need to pay $199 to start my own business. I told her that I did not have the money so I will need to find a job to make money first. I am so tempted to do this, but MONEY is the thing that is holding me back as I do not have a job nor enough money to pay for the program at all.

      I have looked at the Better Business Bureau on the company and it is rated A+ so I am sure that it is a very legit company and I have personally seen one of their products. I do not believe it is a scam. I believe that the people who call it a scam are those who have not worked hard enough to succeed in the business. When I get enough money to start, I will go back to Online Business Systems. For now, I am not going to enroll, due to the lack of money. I feel that this is going to change my life once I can afford it. I know that there will be many people against my doing this, especially my father who believes anyone who tells you that you need to pay to be paid is a scam. I am willing to put my bets on this company once I have the money to pay for it.

    • profile image

      Trace 6 years ago

      I have some friends who started their Herbalife business in their home for a few years. No they didn't make a killing off of it the first few years. Then my friend had a weightloss challenge. I know of people who use their products and liked them and as a matter of fact, lost weight using them! My friends who sell it use it as well and they have lost a lot of weight using the products along with diet exercise. I have to include they have a store as well and sell Herbalife products on the shelves. Not everyone likes using it. But I really do not believe it's a scam. Specially if I have seen the products work myself.And I know people whomake it. If it's a scam, so is Pampered Chef and all thos other compnaies. Because you cannot buy direct from those companies. You have to buy through a distributor AND they have to buy from the company themselves in order to get the product to the customer. And not everybody else likes Pampered Chef or Tupperware. It's just a personal view. And your claim isn't a very strong one.

    • profile image

      herbalife 6 years ago

      thanke you herbalife

    • profile image

      Gregory 6 years ago

      Sadly for the person who wrote this ummmm ,lets call it an article for the sake of the writers ignorance.....once you have managed to step out of your cocoon in which you house the personality with which you associate yourself,I personally guarantee that the good that comes from using herbalife products....let alone being a distributor by far outweighs the troubled mind you have gathered over the years to define who you think you are....................Good luck with that !

    • profile image

      Uranus McGhee 6 years ago

      This is the job you get when you have no real skills. Your other options are telemarketing or selling Cut Co. Knives. Anyone who believes that it's not a scam is ignorant. IF MY BUSINESS DEPENDING ON RECRUITING PEOPLE DO YOU THINK I WOULD BAD MOUTH IT? NO! I would say that I make tons of money and life is great! Fucking idiots

    • profile image

      Randy 6 years ago

      Yes if you are willing to lie and scam people you can make money with Herbal but My consciene wouldn't let me!!!

    • profile image

      Steve F 6 years ago

      I believe the scam element is not the products. A lot of companies sell overpriced worthless crap and if that were illegal the whole cosmetics, fragrance and luxury watch market would collapse. For MLMs the issue is when they make more than a certain percentage of their money from training courses, starter packs, seminars, websites and other fees than they do for the products. Both Amway and Herbalife appear to have stayed on the right side of the law by having enough product sales to avoid legal issues. The other aspect of MLM is that it allows plausible deniability of all kinds of consumer legislation by using personal selling. I had a friend who became a Herbalife zealot and at one point she was making claims that Herbalife could cure cancer. We stopped inviting her to parties after that.

    • profile image

      Katie  6 years ago

      I believe that everything happens for a reason. Maybe you non-believers are here to motivate the believers. My personal story is that I had a beautiful little girl six years ago. I have been struggling with my weight ever since. I started Herbalife weighing 277 pounds. That was Sept. 7, 2010. I am now starting 2011 at 232 pounds. I am the only person in my family that lost weight during the holiday seasons!!

      You might think it's a scam because you tried the products and failed or because you tried to start the business and failed. I am not judging you, but both of those reasons would be the result of a lack of participation, drive or general common sense. You have to put in effort to receive results!

      I think that everyone should use these products. They are not that expensive, you should caculate how much you spend per meal daily and I am betting it would be anywhere from 1.75-3.00 per meal. If so then Herbalife fits into your budget. Also, I recommend you do it with a buddy! Find a local shake shop/shake club and sign up for their weight loss challenge. Then you have others to motivate you that know what you are going through.

      Educate yourselves people. Try the products and give it your all!!! They will work.

      P.S.- Find a distributor to work with you. If you cannot use soy, or milk there are other options that you would not normally know about on your own. :)

      Have a blessed day!

    • profile image

      nick 6 years ago

      you can buy the products with out being a distributer. i have had great success with herbalife i dont sell it but do buy it

    • profile image

      danielle lavia 6 years ago


      I am not a distributor yet although i am interested in being one

      AT HOME BUSINESS- if you owned oyour own business from scratch you would work really hard why would this be any different

      I do not know who your sponsors were but they obviously were not doing their job right!

      you cant expect to earn big money and do nothing you have to work for it personally i th ink you sound lazy

      I cant wait to get started because like any job i have been in i will put 110% so i will make it work plus my sponsor is a lovely lady! sounds ver suportive

    • profile image

      In GA 6 years ago

      My experience- Hearing the ads on radio called: 'Income At Home' Send $39.99 to receive info- return in 7 days but was charged $9.95 to find out it was Herbalife distributorship.

      After talking by phone, to my coach located in BC Canada. He quoted a starting limited website access of $79 or FULL access at $399.00.

      I too believe Herbalife is legit after 30 years and people attest to the products. But distributor's are in business to get you to come aboard and are going to charge you for it. I have passed on it.

      BTW - Mark Hughes(1956-2000) has passed away.

    • profile image

      In GA 6 years ago

      My experience- Hearing the ads on radio called: 'Income At Home' Send $39.99 to receive info- return in 7 days but was charged $9.95 to find out it was Herbalife distributorship.

      After talking by phone, to my coach located in BC Canada. He quoted a starting limited website access of $79 or FULL access at $399.00.

      I too believe Herbalife is legit after 30 years and people attest to the products. But distributor's are in business to get you to come aboard and are going to charge you for it. I have passed on it.

      BTW - Mark Hughes(1956-2000) has passed away.

    • profile image

      Rena 6 years ago

      K you need to get off your soap box because you do not have to sale the products to use them....I know from expereince!!! So get your facts right before you post things some people may believe because they are too naive to look further into it.

    • profile image

      Chris 6 years ago

      My whole family does herbalife... My parents made close to 400,000 last year, in 10 years did it take them to get there... Every year its always been better since theyve started. My parents organization grows when there dist. Organization grows... Sponsors have genuine interest to help you grow your business... Im a distributor im 24... I started at 17 i constantly train... And i train my organization... Last month i made 8400 in royalties and production bonuses... Apart from my sales.... Im free from being an employee.... And i look forward to helping my group build there business to reach there individual goals. Theres really no "one" only way to do this business.. Listen to the facts everyone... Herbalife will keep growing and expanding... You just watch - god bless

    • profile image

      EMMA  6 years ago





    • profile image

      EMMA  6 years ago





    • profile image

      truth 6 years ago

      For all of you that believe this is not a pyramid scheme, show me a "distributor" that has made a lot of money off of their OWN sales (no underlying distributors). There are none. A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment, services or ideals, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme or training them to take part, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public.

      There is nothing wrong with the products. There is nothing wrong with the company. There is a problem with the way the products are marketed.

      Herbalife distributors are not Herbalife employees. Do they provide you health insurance? Do they have a 401k? No. Wake up, the "distributors" are the customers of Herbalife. The executive sit upstairs and laugh becasue they host "training sessions" at nice locations for its "distributors", but in reality these are simply marketing efforts to fill you up with false hope.

    • profile image

      ?? 6 years ago

      Herbalife is plain and simply a business that has great products. You can buy from a distributor or become a distributor yourself and buy from the company. There is two packages one is $65 dollars and the other one is $100. That is it. Every thing else depends on who you are talking to, wich means it is not part of the actual company, it is a way of working. If you want to be a distributor and the person you are buying from says you have to buy these leads and join the pti thing, they are lying. That is just a system that uses Herbalife as its vehicle. I am a distributor and I have never used any of these pti and other stuff. I builb my business one person at a time. If you have money to invest use it to advertise on your own, like flyers, pull tabs, clothing, basically branding yourself so that others know you are and independent distributor of Herbalife products. The best thing to do if you dont have any money is use the button and make sure you have good results, yes it may take a little longer to build a team but it is free, and there is a lot of people looking for Herbalife products. So if you want them to know you sell them where the button and things that let them know what you do.

      Take care of your customers and make sure they get good results. That is the best way to build a retail base. Wich is the best way to find people that want the same financial results you will be getting. It takes work and time to build any successful business. Good luck to all of you with what ever it is you have chosen to do as a business.

    • profile image

      allmostbought intoit 6 years ago

      Me and my husband almost paid a lot of money into this company. Thankfuly we did not. We did pay the 9.95 for the info package and need to return it before the 7 days are up. Their is no return address though does anyone konw what it is? I would appreciate it. thanks

    • profile image

      new distributor 6 years ago




    • profile image

      Ben Marner 6 years ago

      I became a distributor when i was 18 and invested $6,000 to become a recruiter. I eventually gave up on it as it was too much for me to handle at the time. I had a lawyer write a letter to them and i got most of my money back. Now here is my honest opinion; Herbalife is not to be held accountable for my lack of success. They never lied to me about a thing. I think they try and make things sound a lot better than they actually are, but that's how you sell in the business world. I was in it and i could definitely see potential in making money, how much i don't know. They make it sound easy to do because the fact is that it is easy to join and start selling and recruiting, but the hard part is when you have to put in the work necessary. I think a lot of people like myself want fast cash, but in reality the only way to do that is to steal it, and thats that. So it is what it is. you can't call it bad or good unless you know everything.

    • profile image

      Izzi 6 years ago

      i joined herbalife after being sent an dvd & booklet to watch which raved on about becoming wealthy - 'that' was called ONLINE BUSINESS SYSTEMS - then I got sucked into joining, spent $6000 to 'buy' my supervisor level (what a wrought) and i'm still trying to pay this off my cred it card - and then there was night in and night out of phone calls to recruit people, phone calls for training, and then there was the monthly meeting so it was pretty much like a full time work in itself and I already worked full time with 2 children! NOW, to those of you herbalife distributors tht are adament in 'justifying' the ridiculous 'glossing over' and 'covering up' on the way the company do things, you yourselves, ARE TOTALLY DECEIVED! The fact that they already have such a bad wrap, on the net and through word of mouth, is in itself enough for people to run the other way when you say the name Herbalife - I even had people say to me: 'HERALIFE??? Oh you mean, GET A LIFE!! then hang up!! no thank you! I still have an abundance of stock I don't know what to do with and am appalled at the prices they are asking customers for - for their products!! they are a RIP OFF!! I blame myself for being so naive and lacking in judgement and wisdom to join this company!! You may as well call them a religion because most Herbalife people are so obsessed its all they talk about and try going to their monthly meetings and living off shakes for, that does alot for my belly (and no herbalife smart allecs.....i do not weigh anymore than 65kgs's) before you even say; 'she must be a fatty'...again: GET A LIFE!! To anyone looking into the business...ask the person who introduced you to 'Online Business Systems' why they don't tell you it's herbalife upfront - I was made to 'cover up' and not answer any questions if they asked if its Herbalife because I was 'taught by scripts' to make sure I got that DVD & booklet out - thats the beginning of the deception process...they try and decieve you by painting the rich picture! I hung in there for most of last year but OH THE FREEDOM that came when I finally realised what a crock of frog crap it all was...

      Please: Herbalife people that are always defending the business: WAKE UP and SMELL THE COFFEE - you yourselves are deceived!!

    • profile image

      Jessica 6 years ago

      I disagree with you. You do not have to be a distuributor to get the products. 1 year ago I went to a nurtion club and met my sponsor and 9 months of using the products there and at home I lost over 40 lbs it was not till then I decided to get the membership and that was so that I could purchase the product at discount. The people that say they don't like herbalife have not really let the product work personally and fincially. There is months where my husband is out of work and if it was not for my part time selling of this product I would not be able to put food on the table for my kids. So to those who want to try herbalife go for it. I have tried many products and diets and pills and never got the results I have with HERBALIFE.

    • profile image

      JESSICA  6 years ago

      I am posting also for the previous comment. That was your choice to spend that money no one told you to that that was the way for who ever signed you up to make more money and they are wrong for that. Herbalife is about changing someones life, teaching them to eat better. Maybe the way the program was explained to you was not right, but I have my shake in the morning, I eat lunch, and then have a shake at night. Once you reach your goal weigh cut it down to one shake a day. Did they teach you that? When you start something look at it really yes everyone wants to make a quick buck, but don't put yourself in debt for it. That was something you could have done in time, but that is me I believe in this product and the company.

    • profile image

      sharath 6 years ago

      It is a business where very few will succeed, you have to be perfect SALESMAN, very few are. You need luck too, to have contacts. Yes some companies are better than others. We must see where we fit more or which job fits us more than others.

    • profile image

      brock 6 years ago

      Is there anything out there thats real and doesnt cost a fortune to do I need money I dont need to waste it please help thanks email me

    • profile image

      harry 6 years ago

      It helps if you need to lose weight or just improve your nutrition on the whole. My wife and I did, so we used the products provided by our sponsors. Our sponsors kept us informed, and picked up the phone anytime we called. If they didn't know the answer (rarely) they called their uplines. After we used and loved the products they then approached us about marketing. My arm wasn't twisted. My wife and I both worked full-time with 2 young children, and couldn't devote full-time to Herbalife. However, people at work noticed, and asked what we were doing. One thing led to another, and we soon had 50 eager retail customers, just by word of mouth and our successful results. My wife lost 38 lbs, and I lost 37 in just 10 weeks. I never felt better in my life. I was 47 at the time. We became supervisors, and are enjoying a nice supplemental income. Think about it--I took an order for a co-worker with me one morning, handed him the bag, presented a bill for $106, and came away with a $52 profit---that's tough work! Also, since we were successful at selling (neither my wife nor I had any selling experience) we won a cruise, and a laptop. I now am retired and looking for work---and guess what? I'm going to participate on a full-time basis now, so we'll see. But, I'm only doing this because of the confidence I have in this company, their products, and myself. By the way, losing the weight and feeling better seeps into every part of your life. It enables you to be more positive, and everything becomes doable.

    • profile image

      Liz 6 years ago

      I use all the Herbalife Products and I am a diabetic.

      My blood sugar levels from these products are perfect since I have been taking these products.

      I also suffer very badly from Depression and I have so much energy when I take these products. If I dont take the products my blood-sugar levels are through the roof and I have no energy.

      My father suffers from IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome), so he is on and off the toilet all day. When I got him to try the products, he doesnt have to take the Gastro-stops and other medication to stop his diarehea.

      My mother was also on Kidney Dialysis and she had to have her bloods taken every four weeks and this is the first time in over ten or more years, that her bloods came back perfect.

      My neice was a size 16 and she was only 9 years old, she was constantly eating, the doctors said that she was heart attack material. We put her on a Herbalife Diet and she is full all the time and the weight is dropping off her and the doctors are very pleased and so are we.

      We owe all of this to the Herbalife Products.

      I cant understand that some people think, that just because they didnt make millions with Herbalife, they are trying to DEFAME Herbalife by this internet site.

      Its crazy.

      Why defame a company that is out there to help the community, we need all the help we can get.

      Stop being so rude, ignorant and pig headed.

      If you want to make money, go and get a job.

      Money just doesnt fall in everyone's lap, we ALL have to work for it and your no different to us.


      So if you want to make money with any home business or job, put your MIND to it and you WILL succeed.

      You have to have your heart in the business and the business in your heart.

      And what did Peter.F.Drucker state:

      "Wherever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision".

      So dont listen to the negativity on this subject, make up your own mind. Peer pressure doesnt work on me, so dont let it work on you!

      Take a stand and give it a go. You will soon know if this business or job is cut out for you or not.

      You will never know unless you try.

      If you dont try, you will never know will you?

      No-one has "ever" been able to make my mind up for me. I am a strong believer of "giving the benefit of the doubt on everything".

      Its not as if your going to lose your life savings, its a cheap home based business, that works for "SOME" people and may not work for others. So what!

      You'll never know if you dont try. Remember the quote:

      "Wherever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision".


    • profile image

      Ida 6 years ago

      I couldn't help but laugh reading this article. The "facts" are totally wrong, and it's perfectly legal. Of course there may be distributors who should not be, they are way too pushy, and act like typical salesmen. But most are perfectly normal people, and you don't have to be "gifted" or anything to be able to sell these products. I know a woman who works at the local hospital by daytime, and with Herbalife in the evenings. She's not really a good speaker at all, but she still earns a lot on Herbalife in addition to her regular income. It's possible for everyone to make it in this business!

      And, by the way, I am sorry if my English isn't perfect. I'm not stupid or anything, I'm just Norwegian ;)

    • profile image

      tia 6 years ago

      Well I love the products and they do what they say they will do, but I agree it's not as easy as it sounds to make a profit from going into the business, research it very carefully. Yes some make it and make big money, but others just don't get there. Also depends who your sponser is and to what support you get from them, and I got very little so got a bit lost in it all as i have never been in business before, and it is true that those above are just making more and more on those that probably are not doing so well or in some cases have lost money. As I say the products do work and I still use them but if people were not making money right down the line (and who knows how long the line is!) the products could be a whole lot cheaper. The way it works is I by a product, my sponser makes a percentage then their sponser makes a percentage and so on down the line!!

      Where does it end. just be careful I have been stung.

    • profile image

      joe 6 years ago

      Lazy people will never get what they want.... You want to do less work and earn more money, no such thing, herbalife rules, you can suck one hahah

    • profile image

      frenchie 6 years ago

      went up there today and im not sure if it works but they gave me free samples of the tea and the shake and the tea was gross but the shake was great. im not sure what to do though! The owner was trying to get me to become a distributor he told me a story about his daughter is working part time and in school and makes 2000 a month. He makes over 100,000 a year and there is a conference in florida on february 5th, some woman called him to speak and she makes 85,000 a month. Not sure if it is a scam but it all sounds really fishy to me.

    • profile image

      annie 6 years ago

      I just got started in the business last friday and started taking the products yesterday. i weighted myself yesterday before i started then again this morning and lost 1 lb already. as far as the business goes i dont know yet. i am a little scared that this is a scam but what else do i have to lose. we filed bankrupcy 2yrs ago, lost our home, our car and is now in a rental house. we have to get food stamps just to buy food. we have already hit rock bottom. i did not join to get rich, i join to see if i could just make and extra $500 a month. i have my fingers crossed that it all work out. as far as the tea frenchie try putting no cal. sweetner in it makes it totally different plus they have other flavors. thanks for reading

    • profile image

      Dr. van Riezen 6 years ago

      Its so good t read all these positive comments! Cause Herbalife is the best.... If you wanna lose your money on cheap products that sell for a lot of money! Take a look at the back of the container and look at the ingredients all you smarties out there!! Your all so specialized?? well i am! i work in nutrition for over 15 years (pardon my English i am Dutch). And i made enough money on my own not to be jelous at this SCAM! The ingredients in these products are low budget and deffinitly not the best you can get for the money they ask! The pyramid system makes these products expensive and everybody needs to take some profit out of it. You can be a nutrition expert for liek 250 euro???? No you can't that requires school as i had in university! and i talked to some of there so called Scientist who knew a lot about marketing but nothing about the quality of there actual ingredients! Its all bull and people say its good have no background in Nutrition at alll!!

    • profile image

      Diddy dee 6 years ago

      I got involved in herbalife back in the early 90s, i made a BIT of money, certainly not enough to live on and not worth the effort i was putting in. However much depends on luck and what circles you move in, most people i knew at the time were not overweight so need for the products.

      I took them for a short while and would say they were over priced and did little or nothing for me, certainly no better than standard cheaper over the counter herbs and vitamins.

      I would not say it was a scam the people who were in on the ground floor in the 80s got rich others can make some money, but i would say if you are good at selling herbalife you are probably good at sales and would be better finding something that pays you better for your efforts.

      Also i met Mark Hughes back in the 90s he was very charismatic and an excellent motivator, unfortunatley his "story" was not based on truth.

      If it works for you go for it and good luck. Just don't believe the get rich quick part of it. Like most things in life hard work is required, wearing a badge and talking to people might be (or it used to be) is not all thats required to make the herbalife business work.

    • profile image

      Diddy dee 6 years ago

      For the true story on mark hughes read this

    • profile image

      suzy 6 years ago

      My mom just started being a Herbal Life Distributor, so she is all over the family to try her products. I am pregnant right now and keep turning her away because she has NO IDEA what these products might do to my baby, it just goes to show that there is pressure to sell these products.

    • profile image

      Dr. van Riezen 6 years ago

      Thanx to Diddy dee! I totally agree to what your saying.

      And yes there are probably a lot of "good" herbalife salesmen out there. Just like car salesmen they are charming and know how to sell. Nothing seems wrong with that, everybody makes a living in different ways. The fact that worries me is that people are starting to trust them. People believe that these salesmen know whats best for them. But they don't!!

      And the thing that makes me the most angry is that these salesmen claim to know a lot because "we had seminars on nutrtion". They went to some seminars for a couple of hours and think they are experts! Well sorry but i went to school for 5 yeas on university level and have work experience in nutrition. And these people claim to know just as much???!!

      People please be aware that these products are made for commercial purposes and to make money with very low budget ingredients. The only good product they ever made was called aminogen. An enzyme products that speeds up the breakdown of protein into amino acids. Actually a very good concept!! But guess what?..... They discontinued it! Not because it was so good but because the salesmen didn't know how to sell it (due to lack of knowledge) and it wasn't commercial enough! That it actually was a good product apparently didn't matter!

      Specially if you are into sports walk away from herbalife! if your into losing weight walk away!

      Supplements aren't bad at all to add to your diet but choose the right ones at the right value!

      (pardon my English)

    • profile image

      Alison 6 years ago

      Thank you so much for this page. I have just been scammed by someone who I thought was a friend. She sold me a tin of Herbalife 1 and it is horrible. But I didn't cotton on to this being a scam till yesterday. What a fool I was, but not any more. I don't expect to get my money back, it's been over 2 months and I haven't seen her, but I am now telling all my better friends to avoid this person. Joan, if you see this, know that I am absolutely bloody furious. Alison

    • profile image

      HLIB 6 years ago

      Herbalife is bullshit. Period.

    • profile image

      Miranda 6 years ago

      I have no idea where this information comes from, but herbalife is like any other multi-level marketing company, such as pampered chef, tastefully simple, etc. All of these companies operate the same way. If you get people to work under you, you get part of what they make. Also, the more you sell, the more you make. If you call herbalife a scam, then you need to call all these other home based businesses that sell things scams as well.

    • profile image

      Diddy dee 6 years ago

      Miranda, the problem is "the more you sell the more you make" is a great concept, but the more you sell the more peoples life you affect.

      Herbalife products are rubbish, cheap ingredients and overpriced. Thats not speculation, hearsay etc. Its a fact.

      Now here is the thing, herbalife works on the idea that you sell to family and friends you get family and friends to sell to family and friends. WHY would you want your family and friends to take cheap overpriced products just so you can make a few £s $s !!!!

      If someone in your family is overweight, herbalife is not going to solve the problem, proper diet is what they need. If they want herbs and vitamins see a nutritionist who knows what they are doing and can advise. Don't risk your health to a plumber or car park attendant or anyone who went to a 15 minute sign up with herbalife course.

      When i was selling this junk i was a baker! I had no clue to what was in it what it did, i had no clue about nutrition, vitamins, yet i was selling this to seriously obese people telling them it would make them lose weight. Lets be honest, i could not care less about how much they wanted to lose weight, i was not bothered about their health, i was thinking "commission" It did not take me long to work out how wrong this was and how irresponsible.

      Herbalife is about making money from desperate people, who will do anything and pay anything to lose weight. The best advice you can give is avoid herbalife and use the money to see a nutritionist or doctor who are qualified to help them.

      Selling herbalife is no better than selling dodgy perfume on a street corner, you have no idea whats in it, what damage it will do but you will make a few quid.

      Harsh comments but thats the reality.

    • profile image

      Diddy dee 6 years ago

      Just before some loon says herbalife is not just about weight loss, take a look at the skin care range, look at the ingredients, go into your local aldi store and you can buy similiar products of a better quality for £20 ( uk) so why would you want your family and friends to pay you £100 + For herbalife products.

    • profile image

      Jorge Pablo 6 years ago

      You can go to McDoanlds and get a double cheese hamburger for a dollar or to the Red Robin for a real hamburger, the cheaper the worst, more money you pay for a burger, the better and so on with vitamins, perfums, etc. You are free to choose to go cheap or expensive and about the HERBALIFE business. In this business you DECIDE to become an INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR, HERBALIFE gives you the tools, advices, suggestions to reach to the top because it is good for the company the customer and for yourself. As and INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR you make money depending on YOUR EFFORTS, please do not believe all you read, I wonder why the company is still growing, almost sells 4 billion dollars a year, now is in 74 countries, I drink the shake, I lost 30 pounds in 2 months so far and my 4 year old has her shake every morning and we are all happy and we are not YET making the money other people make, but I believe that working hard will make me earn money faster than working for somebody else, besides all of us, you just start investing $65.00 for a membership that you also pay to become a COSTCO OR SAM'S member, becoming a member gives you BETTER PRICES, if you want just to buy HERBALIFE products you can do it.

      My friend I am sorry that you are frustrated but it shows that a BAD INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR was on your way and for that reason you say that the WHOLE company is bad. Remember there are plenty of BAAAAAD INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTORS out there as well as in any other sales company or MLM like Oasis, Forever Living, Omnilife, etc. To finish, in 1985 the owner, Mark Hughes went to congress to proof that HERBALIFE is safe and there is no scam, after 30 years in business and having the Junk Food industry and the pharmaceutical companies as well as the soda industries behind us, they did their best to make us trip but they did not succeed.

    • profile image

      Jorge Pablo 6 years ago

      As for the business, I read most of your comments and it shows that you DO NOT understand how the business works in HERBALIFE, I am sorry that you have been misinformed and for that same reason you think that is a bad way to do business, expensive creams? expensive vitamins, a MEDICINE NOBEL PRIZE, Dr. Lou Ignarro decided to go to work for HERBALIFE, would a MEDICINE NOBEL PRIZE risk his name and fame going to work for a company like this? Please read book 1 and 4 of the Marketing Plan, but read it thoroughly and you will see, the plan makes the company make money, the money that is not used by other companies for advertising, Herbalife gives it to the independent distributors. Is as simple as I sign up, I take the product, I have a result, I am a testimonial, people I know sees me and wants to buy the product I take to feel energetic and lighter, after that I start to share my testimonial with people everywhere, I make contacts and make money selling directly, the other way is to build an organization that does more or less what you do and EACH person DECIDES how to DEVELOP their INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR MEMBERSHIP, it is your decision, you have to follow certain guidelines, but NOBODY WILL TWIST your arm EVER, come on, what I like from this system is that the HARDER YOU WORK the faster you make money and I have seen testimonials and my sponsor has been in business for 23 years now and is making over 30 thousand dollars every month. He is teaching me and I hope I can make as much as he is making now, so if anybody else is reading, please READ YOUR MARKETING TOOLS books 1 through 4 thoroughly.

      The best for you all either if you continue or no, This world needs people that does not take HERBALIFE and people that does.

    • profile image

      Jorge Pablo 6 years ago

      In HERBALIFE you can just find an independent distributor and buy retail, or becoming an independent distributor just to get minimum discount of 25%, from there you can decide to make money in 2 different ways, one is selling retail and getting people that want to buy the product every month if possible and at the same time get people referred by your customers, eventually you can teach them how they can become independent distributors just to get the discount or to start a part time or full time job. JUST SELLING FOR GETTING COMMISION like selling a car or an encyclopedia is not the way to make money in this company, the point is to get the people happy so they buy again, give them the best customer service and GET REFERRALS. The other way to make money is LOOK FOR PEOPLE that wants to do the same you and that is called MULTIPLICATION, you want more people doing what you do and for each person you recruit as a downline, the company will start give you different kind of incentives in money that start at 25% for retail and after that the big money starts, but everything is WORKING HARD because it is YOUR OWN business, you can work part time, full time or just for a few dollars, no pressure, please my friends I think is not ethical to talk about a company if you really do not know the details in depth.

      HERBALIFE is a very good company, I think it is not perfect but they are working hard on that and a lot of people is so thankful of what HERBALIFE has done for themselves and their lifes that you should just write after being very well informed.

    • profile image

      Diddy dee 6 years ago

      I think the best way to judge herbalife is to search the internet.

      No matter what the company or product there will be negative feedback, but if you find more negatives than positives, ask yourself why.

      I was involved in herbalife before the internet was a useful tool. I went to the metings, heard the storys of people getting rich, went to the seminar and saw Mark giving out massive cheques. I was sucked in. I could not afford to "invest" but i believed the hype and got sucked in.

      All i can advise if you are tempted to join the herbalife bandwagon do aa couple of things.

      1, if someone wants to recruit you and says you can earn great money, get them to show you proof of what they have earnt, what the person that recruited them has earnt.

      2, do as much research as you can so that you go in with your eyes open.

      3, dont belive the hype

      4, look on ebay and see how many people are trying to get rid of the products!

      If you have some spare cash and can afford to lose it have a go, if you don't have the money to lose PLEASE PLEASE think very carefully about what you are doing.

      Look at it this way, if you found a way to make a full time income working part time, would you share it with every man and his dog so that they can take some of your income? I think not.

    • profile image

      Diddy dee 6 years ago

    • profile image

      confused and irritated 6 years ago

      Diddy dee, I just looked at your ehow article, then I traced down the ehow's article's only scientific source page, and guess what? There was absolutely nothing in any of those articles that said anything about herbalife. There was a lot to do with the genome sequencing of different kinds of lab rats, because it was in fact the "Beyond the Genome" site. Then I went to the home page of the link you put up, and it seems to be mainly, an mlm version of better homes and gardens. I imagine that along with all of the wonderful lighting fixtures you must be purchasing from them you also consider them to be qualified to rebut your arguements? Really?

      I was a hospice nurse for the last 3 years. For 12 hours a night I sat at peoples bedsides and watched them die from various diseases, and you want to know something? The seriously obese ones, and even the highly overweight ones died the worst, screaming and painful in some situations because of the diabetes, congestive heart failure, or some other complication of being just plain too big for too long. Instead of being part of the problem in this country, helping people to buy yet another burger on the run, or sitting at their computer terrified of trying something that just might help them avoid icky painful death, maybe you should get off YOUR rump and find something useful to do with your time.

    • profile image

      confused and irritated 6 years ago

      By the way, the youngest ones, the folks in their 50's and 60's, were more often than not, overweight to obese.

    • profile image

      notanherbalifedistributor 6 years ago

      The so-called "negative" aspects of the initial comment could be said of your doctor, dentist, car salesman, insurance man, Amway, Shaklee, Avon etc., etc. ad infinitum. If you don't want to do it, don't do it, but don't bad-mouth it just because it makes you feel righteously superior. Crawl out from under your rock and quite whining about things you don't know anything about.

    • profile image

      Julie 6 years ago

      It comes down to what you are willing to do to change your situation. Be the partaker in your own rescue. MLM's are regular businesses just like any corner you walk into. They just don't have overheads. In many ways they are on the cutting edge of marketing, simply because people learn new and better ways of mastering the internet game.

      Herbalife is a company built on a solid moral foundation and compensation plan is far for the people that actually do to work. I suspect the people who fail become members then put their start up kits in the closet or under the bed and check it every now and then to see if it is growing. Unfortunately, that will never happen unless you get into your own trench. U need a work ethic to succeed. Follow the plan and recommendations set by your business coaches, this goes for Amway as well. Then plan work if you work them. They are not scams or pyramids, just regular businesses with low start up costs if you approach them correctly, with a success driven attitude. That is why they carry with them a system of self growth and development and business mentoring from people who have proven success. Just like if you want to learn to play golf you go to a pro. I think some of you need to get over yourselves, simply because you in general have negative attitudes, the whole world is against you, nothing is ever going to change. Boo Hoo. You definitely need books on self-improvement.

    • profile image

      Diddy dee 6 years ago

      Confused and irritated! The ehow article is not mine, i thought it gave a balanced look at herbalife PROS & CONS my opinions are my own, i do not have to qualify them to you. I do not claim to be right or wrong. But if i can make someone take a step back and think about what they are getting involved with before parting with cash thats cool with me.

      I wish someone had taken time to make me think before i got involved, the chances are i would still have "had a go" but i would have been better informed.

      what the hell that link has to do with light fittings is beyond me. I have just clicked it to check and it definatley goes to the herbalife page.

      If you were / are a hospice nurse you will know the nutritional value of herbalife, you will know the ingredients are cheap and for the money you are far better off not buying herbalife. But i would agree with you if herbalife helps someone to lose weight its worth every penny to them, and the rights and wrongs of the business model make no difference.

      I take it you are in the US where obesity is a major problem, here in the UK we are going the same way, i do not have the answers.

      All i am saying is before you get involved with herbalife for financial gain look at what you are getting involved with.

      As for the plank notanherbalifedistributor, had you read my posts you would know i do not what i am talking about, i was involved in herbalife in the early 90s i met Mark Hughes and i fell for the fancy talk - took the products, wore the badge, spoke to people. I loved the idea of helping people getting healty loseing weight etc. But i soon realised that the business is about recruiting people, not about health. I was making money at it, not a lot for the e ffort i was putting in. I recruited someone who was a dab hand at selling the concept and was recruiting people left right and centre, technically i should have been making loads of money, but it did not work like hat.

      I only ever met two people who made money and by that i mean money like the ads claim, both of those people were in at the start in the 80s.

      So before i get off my rump and crawl back under my rock, lets make it quite clear wher i am on this.

      I dont think the products are value for money, but if taking the products is the only way some people can lose weight, i think good for them, but a bit of research and they will find cheaper products that are far more beneficial, but i also see the idea of being part of something ie. Herbalife is a massive part of the incentive to lose weight.

      The business plan, the way its sold and the promises it makes, i do not agree with, its aimed at people who probably cant afford to lose the money. BUT i also think if you are armed with all the facts and reality of herbalife then it could be a way for you to make money. If you have the negatives and the positives is that not a better way to make a balanced decision?

      It did not work for me, at the time i was involved it was a fairly new concept, i needed extra income. I went to the meetings, "hello my name is dee, this week i lost 7lbs and made £55. Clap clap cheer." what i did not say is, i felt kack, i spent 16 hours posting leaflets that cost £50 spent two days in the rain doing questionaires, spent evenings trying to convince fat people that this was the miracle cure.

      One night i went to see a lady who was obese she was desperate to lose weight but she was also broke, so i am sat trying to convince her to buy into the business, she was so desperate she was going to get a loan to buy in. The next day i went back to that lady, gave her the weight loss program for free told her to give it a go, if it did not work for her she had lost nothing. That day i quit herbalife. I know whats it like to have to lose weight and i know what its like to be skint. Neither is fun. The idea of making money and losing weight seemed an oppurtunity not to be missed. Doh

      As for the lady, she could not stand the stuff and lost no weight. The good news is she went on to lose a lot of weight by eating a balanced diet and excercise.

      Its interesting to find loads of people come on here to defend herbalife, but nobody has come on here to say i make £500 a week part time. I suspect many find this site because they bought into herbalife and need justification that thy have not been scammed. Lets face it human nature is to jump in first then research later. Hands up, guilty as charged.

      So i stick by what i say, before jumping into herbalife or ANY of these type of business oppurtunitys, do your homework go in with your eyes open. If you fanatical herbalife distributors diagree with that i am not bothered, you wil find me on my big fat rump under my rock. :0)

    • profile image

      Diddy dee 6 years ago

      Julie - Liked your comments, and i would agree some buy in, put the kits under the bed and expect them to grow. :0)

      Herbalife is a business that requres a lot of work and positive attitude. Although i may come across as negative i am actually very poitive person and running two very profitable businesses no not mlm proper ltd comoanys. Its only while i am stuck in this hotel room with far too much time on my hands that i find the time to post on here.

      It was only because i was thinking about my herbalife mentor. That i looked him up hence finding this site, as it happens he also bailed out of herbalife as did his mentor and the one above him.

    • profile image

      Rob Trent 6 years ago

      Scam is probably not the right word to describe herbalife, misleading for sure, over hyped and misleading claims. The only people that I could find who thought otherwise were those that invested!

      My mother got caught up with it and was pressured to buy more products it left her very upset and out of pocket. I am in the process of getting her refunded. Like all of these money making schemes there are good and bad people. I followed dee diddy's link on ehow and it took me to an article on herbalife. So confused must be confused.

    • profile image

      Andrea 6 years ago

      Hi all, this whole forum was definately an interesting read. I was in Herbalife from mid 2005 - to somewhere in 2009. I don't know exactly when because they threw me out and wrote me a letter saying that I was selling the products on eBay (which I was not!) I replied to the accusations but never received any communication of any kind again, so I guess I am no longer involved.

      I was brought into the company by a information CD that stated that it was NOT sales and that it was ALL internet based. Yes, I was that naive that I did believe it!

      I never made any money as I always spent more than I earned in advertising or buying products to keep up the monthly minimum order.

      I don't blame Herbalife for my failure as I now know that sales and coaching people in weight loss really just isn't for me.

      This should make you all laugh. Contrary to Herbalife's promise:-

      - I never had people beating down my door to buy the products and most people hated the taste of it and never lost weight because most people would take the products and still think that they could eat junk food every day.

      - I did not have people ordering from my herbalife websites while I slept and it cost heaps to drive traffic there unless you knew about internet marketing (which most people don't).

      I remember one Millionaire Team members motto:- "We have products that everybody wants, and everybody needs. They just don't know it yet!" (YES! He was and still is a wanker!)

      I really wish I had been selling it on eBay as I was accused as I would most likely have made more money than I did by trying to sell it any other way.

    • profile image

      Julie 6 years ago

      I have been going to the gym a little while now, and a bucket of max's Hp $200, for the same money Herbalife you get decent value for money, plus vitamins. That is my thought.

    • profile image

      George Low 6 years ago

      Hi all just spent an hour reading this, my story is similiar to Andrea, herbalife kicked me out for selling on ebay, the thing is I was. But thats the only way i could shift the products I stupidly bought after falling for the false promises.

      Herbalife is certainly not value for money, unless of course you can sell enough to pay for your own. I too hated the taste of the shakes, also my doctor advised me to stop taking the other stuff as it had no benefit, unless you are deficent in a particular vitamin, your body will not absorb any extra. For example if you take iron and your body already has what it needs, no matter how much more you take your body will not absorb it. Thats how i understand it from my doctor.

      I lost weight because of herbalife. The stress from the debt i was in and all the products that i had and nobody wanted.

      For me it was a bad experience and an expensive mistake. We live and learn.

    • profile image

      Janet fraiser 6 years ago

      You will never convince the idiots that sell it, as far as I am concerned it is a scam, the morepeople that warn agaist it the better. Not many positives are said about it so what does that tell you.

    • profile image

      Ex herbalife 6 years ago

      Herbalife target the two most vunerable groups, those that are overweight and those that need money. I know quite a few people who started down the herbalife route, none made any money to speak off. One who took the products and was obese ended up in hospital.

      The best advice is before starting on herbalife products, see your doctor. The people selling it have no clue about nutrition or health. If you want shakes and nutrition go to costco, pay a few $ rather than $$$ and its better quality.

    • profile image

      George 6 years ago

      Herbalife charged me 20 euros to attend a 2-day educational seminar (so-called) at this luxurious hotel here in Greece just out of the city of Thessaloniki. As a newcomer I had attended another presentation at some other hotel in the centre of the city, open to all for free. The one that was free was full of newcomers, you could judge by their clothes and the questions they made. This one that I went to now (at the nice hotel) was full of smartly dressed up women and men who were all clapping their hands whenever a Herbalife member was giving a presentation or talking about their personal success, either making money or losing weight. A DJ was pushing the music up to make it sound like a party. I don't remember when was the last time I attended a company gathering with all their people praising their products and showing each other figure sales. Excuse me but I thought I was at a meeting with monkeys who automatically applaud at the sound of a bell. The president people wouldn't stop showing us pictures of their holidays with Herbalife around the world! While the 1st meeting was a humble gathering, the 2nd felt like a bit of a party for members only! We were told we could claim the 20 euros back if we don't wish to join them but the lady at the desk said we must attend the 2-day seminar untill the end. It shows my commitment she said! They are witholding my money?! If it's an educational seminar, where is the "education" in all of this? Also I am expected to spend my entire day at that seminar and all they can treat me is a short glass of one of their shakes? I am hungry and thirsty and I paid 20 euros, I could buy a meal at a restaurant! They said at the end of the seminar we can attend a buffet for 18 euros which includes a glass of wine. So I have to pay more money and wait untill the night! Also the hotel they chose is really inaccessible, it is a proper journey by public transport in the middle of nowhere. I sensed something was wrong when I felt I was the only one (newcomer) who actually took the bus while the parking lot was full of cars that didn't move at all during the first day of the seminar. Meaning most attendees in my opinion were Herbalife people. One car had the Herbalife logo printed all over it and on the rear bumber a large sticker read! It looked like a proper source for spam email! I felt like I paid for their little party and I don't think I will get my money back from this so-called seminar. At some point I had a chat with one of the Herbalife sales trainers and said that I may not be able to sacrifice the entire 2nd day for this seminar therefore I asked if I can get my money back from the 1st day. His reply was that you pay for this seminar like any other seminar in the world. As for the "educational" bit don't expect I turned any wiser. I had a notepad with me and a pen but the entire thing felt like attending a live session of very large Herbalife brochure. They also charge 100 euros for the starting pack, 3 bottles of samples, a DVD, some booklets and a budge... and the bag itself. This message has nothing to do with Herbalife products, but their promotion plan to attract new partners made me think they look like they are trying to get every last euro out of you. I am not going to pay the 100 euros, if I ever feel like joining it'll be easy to find them.

    • profile image

      Herb I Vore 6 years ago

      Wow, can't believe all the Herbalife automatons responded to your post. I typed in, just because I got sick of hearing the non-stop barrage commercials on the radio. I fully expected it to be a SCAM and was not disappointed. Don't kids yourself folks; there are no short-cuts or easy ways to wealth. I have a net worth in excess of 2 million, brought about by a lifetime of hard work and WISE investing! Not by ambushing my friends and acquaintances with a MML scam.

    • profile image

      New comer to Herbalife 6 years ago

      I have recently joined herbal life adn have personally seen people make a successful income out of selling the product, it is no way a scam and in fact a great opportunity to do something new and enjoyable while making money and being your own boss, seen as i am new to it all is there any chance anyone can give me some helpful tips on engaging and attracting customers to buy the product?? any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • profile image

      George 6 years ago

      I was involved with Herbalife in 1982. I was unemployed and got sucked into the hype!

      There were a few who made enormous amounts of money. Not by selling but because an unemployed real estate salesman found a loop hole in the system and used it to get his friends in at the top and thereby reap rewards. One woman was making $45000US per month since she was the one who "recruited" this guy.

      For the most part I think that any company that promotes health and has it's founder die at 44 has something wrong with it!

    • profile image

      Ray  6 years ago

      New comer to herbalife, in answer to your question, tips on engaging and attracting customers, its quite easy really. Find people who are desperate to lose weight as they will spend any amount of money to get healthy. So they are an easy target.

      But selling products is not how you make money. You need to recruit other fools like yourself who will part with cash in the misguided belief that they are helping people with their health

      and will get rich doing it.

      You are better spending your money on lottery tickets, at least you get enjoyment fromit and if you win its a bonus. Plus you have not ruined anyones health or wealth doing it.

    • profile image

      Janet 6 years ago

      I think herbalife is a scam. They charge lots of money for advertising and what do you get back. Nothing.I am just hoping I can get my money back 2000.00 approx for the product that I had to purchase for future distributors and suck up the 2000.00 for advertising. Costly mistake. Signed up 1 distributor after all that and my coach says are you excited you just made your first 100.00 wow cost me 4000.00 to make a 100.00 not good math to me. I am totally frustrated with herbalife they don't tell you the whole story until it is too late.

    • profile image

      Becca 6 years ago

      Add me to the list of mugs, I also got caught up in the excitement of the meeting I went to. I went and saw my doctor after getting the products and he advised against taking it and said the supplements would do nothing for me. Hope I can get my money back.

    • profile image

      Janet 6 years ago

      Spoke with the billing office this morning to find out how to get my money back for the product that is sitting in some warehouse somewhere and now have to write a letter telling them I am resigning and a copy of the invoice for the product, never got an invoice they just made sure they charged my credit card. I am not a happy camper at this point.There should be a law against people like this. And still have not seen the 100.00 my coach said I made on that 1 distributor.Will probably never see that either. My opinion. This is the biggest scam around.

    • profile image

      ola 6 years ago

      I'm not sure about it being a scam. I joined too a couple of years ago. But I couldnt recruit anyone however I used the products and they worked fine for me. I dropped from a 80kg to 71kg. Then I stopped and over the years the weight piled on. Totally my fault, I ate more and didnt exercise at all. On January 27th 2011 I had to go see my doctor my weight was a whooping 84kg. I quickly went back on herbalife and as of this morning my weight has dropped to 77kg and I have so much energy its unbelievable I can workout for hours none stop too. So I dont really know where the scam is. People have the option to sign up as distributors and then work hard to recruit. If you dont, there's no magic there...u cant make a dime.

    • profile image

      FILIP 6 years ago

      Its not a scam you fool, its a business. Someone have to make money. All this talk and you havent said anything about customers or product. Product is awesome. So its the sale, because of demands. Of course, you have to be a good seller to make a profit.

      Get a life.

    • profile image

      Curlylocks 6 years ago

      just a comment about the product ... I purchased my first can of the F1 and wanted to make sure I was getting my full 20 serves, so I weighed out 28grams each time, and what do you know, I only got 19 serves and 17 grams. I phoned them to say the can was short and the rude cow from Herbalife said it had never happened before - huh, I dont believe that for a moment ... I think if there is a scam it is in light-weighting the product. Imagine if they did this to every can, they would be making a fortune. I am weighing my next can too, and encourage you all to do the same. Grrrr ... very annoyed.

    • profile image

      Realestang 6 years ago

      I was a distributer about 10 years ago. It was and is a great product, we just did not care to take the tyime to sell others on the distributorship. so we quit1 I would say theirproducts are excellent, but at the time, we had other obligations and the money was not there to buy them, like it or not. Had we put some effort or had the tools of today, i think it would have been a very different story. We had no internet at that time, cell phone etc. So we pretty much sold the product only. We heard a lot of great results from people, and people who chose to come to us when their distributor moved, or no longer sold since they did indeed love the products. Scam no, hard work, yes, it is only natural to want to make more money, can you blame upline for encouraging you to bring more distributors in? Every company is a pyramid, every one has someone at the top making the most off of other peoples work. think about it.

    • profile image

      kyle 6 years ago

      Cant believe you broadcast your stupidity without checking your facts first

    • profile image

      Simples 6 years ago

      Its not rocket science, eat less and excercise and you lose weight.

      When you lose weight you feel better, you have more energy.

      You dont need over priced herbalufe rubbish. Most of whats in it, goes in one end and out the other and does you no good whatsoever.

      As for the business, never tried it, read up on it and made the decision to save my money. Thousands of negative feedbacks tell me to stay clear.

      Would you buy something from ebay if the seller had loads of negative feedback?

      Yet everyday hundreds of people buy into a company whos reputation is dubious.

    • profile image

      Marius 6 years ago

      The high ephedrine content in the Herbalife products I've been using, gave me a massive kidney stone. It was so big and hard that I was in agony most days and eventually it had to be surgically removed! THANKS A LOT HERBALIFE!

    • profile image

      Kenny 6 years ago

      I just started herbalife about 3 days ago. I already lost 7 pounds. If something thats not making feel sick, the shakes taste good, AND it's helping me lose weight why not?

    • profile image

      dragan 6 years ago

      1. You can buy other products containing exactly the same ingredients for 5-10 times less money.

      2. If you follow routine proposed by herbalife you will lose weight even if instead of herbalife shake you take an aple, or some juice, anything with no more then 100 calories.

      3. People are carefull when it comes to spend hardly earned money. Why they are not inherbalife case? because they are listening story about how rich they will become on long run. On short run they are short for hundred(s) for more or less nothing. Placebo.

      4. Most of herbalife byers are herbalife sellers (or at least they think they are).

      5. If you have good product for 30 years on market, it should be available all around in every shop, petrol station, pharmacy. Like cocacola or panadol. Why herbalife is not? Because it would be smashed by competition. Only in this half secret way they can find victims to pay such price. Check in China, probably you can find supplier who will copy shake exactly and for the same price they will give you a bicycle on top of shake.

      6. Enough for now. I am waiting reactions and then I will throw real arguments

    • profile image

      Dr. van Riezen 6 years ago

      THANX to DRAGAN!! you seem like someone with sence!

      I was hoping this dicussion would end and we would all agree its a SCAM!!

      Just like DRAGAN mentions, trow us prove that they are really good products?!

      And everybody that is like "well dont say they are bad cause they are not" and "you should not say it before you read into it" YOU SHOULD READ INTO IT. Oh no wait then you will need to go to school for 5 years and study NUTRITION!

      Otherwise you are a herbalife coach with no knowledge at all. Its an insult to me who studied to hear people say "we have classes once in a while". I did to for 5 years and have worked a long time in the industry.

      For making money. The scam might work for those who can talk smoothly and sell well. For those who want to help people with weight loss or whatever... First go to school.

      Would anyone take medication from a so called medication coach who followed a few lessons???

    • profile image

      is herbalife a scam 6 years ago

      Many of these companies similar to Herbalife have good products. Herbalife is not a scam but on the business end, it is about recruiting, that is if you want to make a lot of money. It's a recruitment business. Call it what it is and perhaps people will stop calling it a scam.

    • profile image

      Its a scam 6 years ago

      Its a scam. If it was not a scam there would be hundreds of people on here saying its not a scam and i am making loads of dosh.

    • profile image

      hateherbascam 6 years ago

      herbalife products ARE KILLING PEOPLE DONT BE SO STUPID TO BUY THEM!!!!!

    • profile image

      Harry 6 years ago

      I personally don't like the Herbalife products, but MLM is not a scam. I studied the Industry for nearly 6 years and have been around it for 15 years. I truly believe that MLM, Network marketing, Direct Selling or whatever you want to call it, is the only real way that the everyday person can achieve financial security. There are scams and get rich quick schemes around but you have to do your homework. Those that slate the Industry are normally those that have either not made it work because thay did not put the work in or did not understand it!

    • profile image

      Giorgos 6 years ago

      Guys, all you've been talking about here is business. How much one can make from selling HerbaLife's profits, whether it's actually profitable or not... I don't give a shit if it's profitable. No one asks the REAL question: Are those products LEGAL? Are they approved by the FDA? If not (which is actually the case here in Greece), then there's no point discussing it any further. I've heard that in many cases those products have caused health problems and even heart attacks. But even if they are, not everyone is a pharmacist. Not everyone is capable of advising people about what fits their needs and what's dangerous. So, if you don't care, go ahead, make your shitty money selling products that could potentially kill your customers. That's capitalism at its best.

    • profile image

      Sathish 6 years ago

      I started to take from past 5 days and i lost 1 kg. Thanks Herbalife

    • profile image

      Gary H. 6 years ago

      It is not a scam or pyramid scheme because a person below you can possibly earn more than you depending upon if you do more sales or not. If you sponsor someone you will receive a small royalty, however if you do not do any selling yourself the person you have sponsored may still make more money than you based upon their own personal distributorship that they have created!

      So if you do not want to sell or market and gain a lot more money then you know what you have to do ... it is a job where you pay yourself by selling the products to other people who are not distributors and charging them the retail price when you are purchasing it at wholesale prices because of your volume points, so the more you sell and place the order under your name so you collect your volume points the better the wholesale price will be, but you are selling the products to your customer at retail!


    • profile image

      Trish 6 years ago

      If you are prepared to put the work in you can make a good living from Herbalife. The products are excellent. My advise to anyone considering it is to start off on a part time basis and build your business up.

    • profile image

      MountainGrandma 6 years ago

      I have been a Distributor of Herbalife for about 5 months now. I am at the Supervisor level and I am not making that much money as of yet but I have not been working the business much either. I do believe that there are the sales to those that are willing to work but I am a bit dismayed about how to advertise the website that you buy. We don't have any control over the website and the only way to advertise it is to buy these paid packs that are VERY expensive. You will get the sales from the packs but you much invest the money first. We got into this business because we needed an additional income and after spending the initial money for startup we don't have the extra to advertise. The only other way they suggest to advertise is to go around and place "pull-tabs" all over town and hand out samples to people that you pass by in the store or on the street. We live in a very remote area, which is why I considered an online business, because it's one hour to get off the mountain and find a town or city large enough for a board to post a "pull-tab" ad and to run into a person on the street. I was a bit upset when I asked the questions in the beginning to be sure that I could do this business completely from home with no one- on-one contact and was told that it was possible, without a doubt. I now know that is NOT possible without paying out a lot of money to advertise. I only wish I would have been given the truth up front because I would not have chosen Herbalife. I do like the products though and I am searching for a way to make this "my" business, taylored to my needs. I felt that the intitial investment was exceptable because we receive product for the money we invest. I have now sold half of my original investment, just to friends and family that wanted to lose weight and I believe I won't have much difficulty selling the remaining amount. My customers have been very satisfied. I won't say it's a scam but I will advise those potential business lookers to ask ALL of the questions and realize that they will have to spend money to make money. Good Luck!

    • profile image

      ojjm 6 years ago

      My concern is do the products work! I am a muscle head and i know supplements. My mom brought me a container of their protein which tastes good but only offer 13 grams of protein per serving and has something like 15 servings for thirty dollars (can you say overpriced)! I can get thirteen grams in two eggs. And my required protein intake is will get rid of that jug in less than a week. the tea gave me heart popultations instead of energy, if you want energy you should derive that naturally from healthy foods. If you want to lose weight these supplements are not the magic cure. Many distributors promoting a product leave out the most important aspect of weight loss "diet and excercise" the only thing i have found that is actually a good thing to have in your diet is the aloe vera juice. The internet is an amazing thing because you can type in fatloss diets and exercise and easy as that you can well on your way to a healthy you.

    • profile image

      herbalife 6 years ago

      Very good Thank you

    • profile image

      this is bs 6 years ago

      After hearing that this kid I know now of works for this company I had to check it out. This guy is a total shady character, and it doesn't surprise me that he is working for a shady company. It seems like a total scam not only for the people using it, but for the people selling it. The general rule of thumb for this type of thing is: If it seems to good to be true, it is. Please, get a real job, not this. Just because the company has a website and publicly traded, does not mean it is a complete scam. Also, when you type in Herbalife on Google, the AutoCorrect automatically puts "Scam" next to it..."Herbalife Scam." Does that sound like a good company to you?

    • profile image

      ek gelir 6 years ago

      Very good Thank you

    • profile image

      luvinit21921 6 years ago

      i use herbalife but i have to agree with the way they work in the pyramid scam just like amway.the fact remains that people buy and will continue to buy the product and others will become distributors to make money at it.that is what makes this world go round so its not gona matter whether you like it or not..the fact is ..IF PEOPLE ARE GONA BUY IT THEN PEOPLE ARE GONA SELL IT REGARDLESS OF THE END RESULTS.

    • profile image

      George 6 years ago

      I just started taking the Herbalife products. They never told me that I had to be part of there organization. Its a business and a business goal is to make money and at the same time they are making people healthy. For all those people who doubt it thats fine, people have a right to have there own opinion. Find a rep. test out the product and see for yourself and then you can print your opinion

    • profile image

      herbalife 6 years ago

      You will never convince the idiots that sell it, as far as I am concerned it is a scam, the morepeople that warn agaist it the better. Not many positives are said about it so what does that tell you.

    • profile image

      Simon 6 years ago

      I joined herbalife a few years ago and was told at one of the meeting that "£500 per month can be made blindfolded" and "you can earn £250 per month standing on your head". I then contacted the person who signed me up with Herbalife and asked for helpand advice and she immdediatly fobbed me off and told me to contact my sponsor. And she gave me his number. When I called him, he was never in becasue he was one of the Herbalife "big players" and was always busy with clients and distributers who were making him more money - he also lived hundreds of miles away. I attedned STS meeting where I spoke to distributers who had regular meetings with their sponsors and who were trained on a "one to one" basis with their sponsors. I kept trying to call my so called sponsor by he only ever gave me 15 mins of his time as he was too busy to help. I then re-contacted the person who had signed me up and she just kept telling me to call my sponsor. When I argued that she was the one who signed me up, she said she signed me up on my sponsor's behalf while he was out the country....something that I should have perhasp been told before parting with my sign up fee.

      I then tried to ask local distibuters for help and advice as I was told "Herbalife is a network of distributers who will help and support each other".Instead, I was snubbed, looked at down people's noses and treated with contempt because I was trying and they were alrady successfull. The attitudes of my sponsor and these people is what eventualy turned me off Herbalife and why I found the whole experience one of disgust when I had been promised so much before.

      I was willing to work hard, I was willing to put in the hourse, all ever askied for was a few hours of one-to-one training to help me get started. Instead, I found negarvity which in turn made me nagative about the whole situation.

    • profile image

      kirsty 6 years ago

      first of all you dont need to be a distributor to buy the products..dont know where you got that from.

      distributors do not "have their arms twisted to find recruits". They do not "repeast the company motto 'recruit recruit recruit'" for starter that isnt even the motto!

      and of course the stats show that most people dont earn mega money out of it, becuase most distributors dont sell the products to other people they just signed up to get discount on the products.

      get the right facts :)

      oh and ps its Herbalife not 'HerbaLife'

    • profile image

      Kirsty 6 years ago

      oh and support is giving every single step of the way! especially if distributors actually bother to find out when their training is.

      im an 18 year old student and if i can make money from it, then a monkey can

    • profile image

      rekha 6 years ago

      if you cant succeed does not mean , no one can,

    • profile image

      rekha 6 years ago

      if you cant succeed does not mean , no one can,

    • profile image

      megamegasum 6 years ago

      i have just joined as a distributor, then my coach kinda twisted my arm to buy up to 4000 points to become a supervisor, which i did. Hadnt made any profit yet so far, the only thing i dont like about the herbalife family is the herbalife opportunity meetings or HOMs. They are kinda creepy. People they're kinda worship herbalife and some even have herbalife tattoos! when i became a distributor, some people asked me when i was gonna get my herbalife tattoo and i was really creeped out! some even have their 8 year old kids selling the stuff and even sporting the herbalife clothes daily! i like their products and stuff but the people that sell it are just plain weird! its basically a cult were you gotta meet each thursday, and praise the leaders of herbalife and brag about your earnings and monthly profits, i would say its a mix between a fraternity and a hardcore sect cult! Im just gonna continue to sell herbalife and not go to those meetings

    • profile image

      Aisha 6 years ago

      Ok, reading some of these comments is just plain weird. I don't sell it and no longer use it so you can't say I'm one of the cult members.

      My mums partner sells it and has been using it for over 20yrs he is in top physical condition and is 70yr old and looks like he is in his late 40's I don't know if it's helped but he loves it. My mum has lost weight and when I was on it I also did. But I was diagnosed with epilepsy and my meds encouraged weight gain. When my meds get changed I will go back to it. What the hell is this stupid person saying "it's shit

    • profile image

      Joanna 6 years ago

      It is what you make it, you want to work at it you can succeed. As for my experience in weight loss well, I spent $500 for two months and I didnt lose much. Why? because I didnt stick to it and been cheating like a nutcase! I know this is the reason because I saw my friend/coworker lose over 100 lbs. because she stuck with the program. SO, it is what you want it to be. I did lose weight but not as much as my friend cuz,,,ima cheater lol. I wish you all luck and you can email me at if you would like the site to purchase it at a lower price. I ordered my second month from this site with fear that it wasnt legit. Well it is so your safe! luv ya all and God Bless!

    • profile image

      herbalife iş paketii 6 years ago

      Very good Thank you

    • profile image

      ek gelir imkani 6 years ago

      Very good Thank you

    • profile image

      truthinsider 6 years ago

      hahahaha.... as a former insider since 1990 i have a lot to say about this company but suffice to say that there are many things going on with "herbalife". 1. the products work. 2. WHAT the products are actually made up of -- well do you believe the labels or are you going to independently take your powders to a private, independent lab and have them tested for the REAL contents? 3. the biz opp - well for those that are willing to sacrifice their life -- yes, life as they currently know it -- and join the "inner circle" of very select few at the top, it will make you lots of money but not without the costs involved -- your soul, your voice, your individuality, your freedom from a mental prison built by those around you, your family, your friends, and a whole lot, lot more.... 4. mark h - lived in his OWN SELF-MADE PRISON and was obviously in A LOT OF REAL PAIN from the choices he made.... did the money REALLY make him happy and was the price he paid to have the materialism REALLY worth it? No - and it DROVE HIM MAD/CRAZY/MISERABLE. So much so that the only way out of this hellhole he created himself was to take his own life. VERY VERY UNFORTUNATE. 5. many deep lessons of "life" to be learned from Herba"life". 6. those that are making the big bucks sold their souls to the devil long, long time ago and have no concept of right and wrong anymore. they are "plastic people" and very, very phony, lack empathy (a # 1 characteristic of sociopaths - lack of empathy) and probably have no qualm about taking lives, either. they do take hostages all the time - seen people over the years lose their life savings, end up homeless, divorced, losing everything they own to these plastic people. stay away unless you want to end up in their never-ending prison which they will keep you inside of without way out into the real world 7. Mark H died for a reason - learn his story -- it is terribly tragic and a strong WARNING to all who would be tempted by the fruits of materialism. those of you strong in faith with God will see the parallels unfold. 8. the products work - but do you know what they are REALLY made out of? without taking their "word" for it, why don't you take your own products to a lab yourself in private and have them tested. GET THE FACTS STRAIGHT FROM SCIENTISTS WHO HAVE NO CONNECTION TO THE COMPANY AND DO NOT TELL THEM IT IS HERBALIFE. LET THEM TELL YOU WHAT IS IN THOSE PRODUCTS. Then, maybe you will see the light.

    • profile image

      Секс шоп 6 years ago

      ? ???????????? HerbaLife ??? ????? ????????? ???? ?????? ??????? ???????? ??????? ???? ??? ??????? ?????. ? ??? ?????? ???? ????? ???????? ???? ???????!

    • profile image

      Секс шоп 6 years ago

      ? ???????????? HerbaLife ??? ????? ????????? ???? ?????? ??????? ???????? ??????? ???? ??? ??????? ?????. ? ??? ?????? ???? ????? ???????? ???? ???????!

    • profile image

      Angel 6 years ago

      This herbalife really gives me good nutrition and it works! Not only works as a food supplement but it improves my overall health condition. It is indeed a personal choice whether to remain as a customer or a distributor. That's all I have to say my bit.

    • profile image

      Susie 6 years ago

      I saw an ad on Kijiji for a weight loss challenge, my friends and i signed up, with the knowledge that it was run by a personal wellness coach, who had her own line of personal wellness products, and that we were not obligated to purchase, and that we could lose the weight however we wanted. Once we arrived at her house, we were subject to a long story about Herbalife, and the brand was completely forced onto us, and we felt like we were completely being pushed into buying Herbalife products, it was hardly about the weight loss challenge at all! we were told excersize and diet were not enough to lose weight, and that we would have to drink two shakes and protein bars for the rest of our lives in order to take off the weight and maintain. the worst part was that we had to pay a non-refundable $40 in order to join, only to learn that it was a big marketing scheme for herbalife!

      please tell me how that is NOT a scam.

    • profile image

      Donny Deutsch-PHD (professionl herbalife distributor) 6 years ago

      To the author of this post. You havnt got a clue what your talking about. Herbalife is a great company. Your facts about how Marc Hughes died are nothing further from the truth. You

      DO NOT have to be a distributor to purchase products, however it only cost $67 to become a distributor and then you start getting 25% off your products so if you are going to use them why not get them at a discount? It idiots like you that actually help our business so thanks for your feed back.

    • profile image

      JENSMEYER 6 years ago






    • profile image

      JENSMEYER 6 years ago






    • profile image

      Ruth Ann 6 years ago

      Herbalife is a great product if you follow the instructions. You can make money off of it if you put the time in. I would verymuch like to get back on the products just have to find a distributor in my area . I live in MichiganCity so any one out there can email me .Or tell me where I can get the products

    • profile image

      Kim 6 years ago

      If anyone reading this blog wants to buy Herbalife products my friend sells them @

    • profile image

      Grant  6 years ago

      are you angry cos u coould not sell your products...please give them the me this company pays me well every month and ive been all over the world all expenses paid.....whats your company done for you ;lately.....

    • profile image

      Cor 6 years ago

      Ubelievable! herbalife is like any other business.You have to work to earn money.You cannot fail in Herbalife,you can only quit.I'm in the business just over a year now part-time and made R26 000 last month.The best is the people I help with health issues.You can have all the money in the world,but if you haven't got your health the money is useless.People complaining about Herbalife is probably to lazy to work!

    • profile image

      Ron Ennis 6 years ago

      The Herbal Life products may be good. I have never taken them. I do know they are highly overpriced. The thing that makes them considered a scam is how they go about introducing you to the company. The don't tell you up front that it is a MLM. MLM marketers per capita are the lowest paid people I know of. Sure some make big bucks, but most MLM'ers never make enough to pay off their investment. MLM itself is a pyriamid, just like chain letters. Almost any attorney will agree. Most people soon learn to avoid most MLL'ers because of the hype and out right lies they are told at the beginning.

    • profile image

      Herbalife 6 years ago

      ? like this thanksss..

    • profile image

      Brenda 6 years ago


    • profile image

      HERbalife 6 years ago

      That is really Bs cus i sell herbalife and i consume it ive lost 40 pounds thats why i started to sell!!!!

    • profile image

      herbalife 6 years ago

      thanks yoau admin is good sites

    • profile image

      LLL 5 years ago

      I love Herbalife :) Herbalife is the best!! See ya in Extravaganza in Barcelonaaa ;)

    • profile image

      Get A Life 5 years ago

      Herbalife is a fine product and your income is a result of the work you put into it. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It is a lot of work but the reward is rich if you stick with it. Stop trashing a great company and get a J.O.B

    • profile image

      LOL 5 years ago

      This is one of the most misinformed pieces i have ever read. The Herbalife company has done wonderful things for people and changed some people’s lives. You just need to have passion and drive as you do to be successful in any business. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!

    • profile image

      jude britto 5 years ago

      do any idiots who speak in favour of the MLM have guts to give your personal contact information on this website ????

      if no just c**k up your A** and leave this website ,,,,

      i have just one question for all the MLM distributors,,, if everybody in the world have joined an MLM say herbalife,,, where will be the source of money after that,,, whome will you go and sell your shit.,what will happen to you pyramid link,,,???? do you have answer for this,,,

    • profile image

      Alejandra Padilla 5 years ago

      I work in herbalife and by the look of it your first paragraph is wrong everybody has there own cards with there own numbers I would know because I have my nutrient center!

    • profile image

      Damian 5 years ago

      I'm trying to decide whether or not to become a distributor. Should I do it or not? I can't make up my mind!

    • profile image

      Fuzzbuster 5 years ago

      Herbalife is a total scam. A fraud. I signed up, paid my money, bought product and this is what happened to me:

      1. I lost all of my friends and alienated my family because I did what they told me to do - go out and recruit. Turns out that most folks, other than me at the time, were already hip to Pyramid Schemes such as Herbalife.

      2. I ended up with a bunch of product which did not make me healthier, did not cause me to lose weight or do any of the other things that they claim. Just a bunch of useless chemicals that I paid lots of money for. I ended up throwing most of the crap away.

      3. I ended up stressed out from the high-pressure recruiting (brainwashing) meetings. What a waste of time and energy, and it probably was detrimental to my health as well.

      4. I was forced to resign from my part-time job, because I did what Herbalife said and marketed to people that I worked with. Apparently, one of the company owners had a family member that was involved in Amway and hates MLM scams like Herbalife, Amway, etc.

      So, that is how Herbalife ruined my life. It's been almost 10 years now, and I'm still trying to recover. If someone says Herbalife, my advice is to RUN AWAY, as if you are running away from a thief looking to mug you.

    • profile image

      Mic 5 years ago

      One thing I can say is some of the information the writer of this article is saying is false. It's not a scam! It's like any other job where you have to apply yourself to move forward. Herbalife never tells you how much you can make per week, only and estimate for how much you could possibly make in a month. And they will not twist your arm to get you to find new distributors. You work at your own pace and if you decide it's not for you then you can stop. There's nothing that says once you start you have to stop. And honestly, everyone has their own opinion, but it's just an opinion, not the facts. In my opinion everyone that I have met through Herbalife is a positive upbeat person that I look forward to seeing again. I also have family who have been on the Herbalife product for a little over a year. My stepdad used to take perscription medication for diabetes and other conditions and he used to be a little overweight. Now, he has been taken off his medication and is the weight he wants to be. He's happy that he can go running and bike riding and anything else he wants to do without feeling tired and crabby. I also use the product and I am in a better state of mind than I was year ago. I used to stress about everything and I never had enough energy to go out and do anything. Now, I go running, work out, spend time with friends, and I have more energy all together. And the difference in my health, My doctor had told me last year that I was gaining weight and my metabolism wasn't where it was supposed to be. I went in a few weeks ago and she was amazed by how much better and healthier I looked in general. Herbalife is not a scam! I haven't ever been pressured to find new distributors and I'm going at my own pace. I still am working at my normal job the same hours I've been working since I started and I'm a full time student. Herbalife has not taken any time away from that.

    • profile image

      mai 5 years ago

      im one of the distributor here in m place (japan)no problem at all,i just pay 10dollar something for a yearly membership,n has 25 percent for every item i purchased,so its not true that herbalife is SCAM,

    • profile image

      F.A. 5 years ago

      What I learnt from this article... its easier to type than work! haha

      Im a University student and looked at the business. After I saw the products and the Marketing Plan, I was very interested. Signed up with the full pack.

      I've been doing the Herbalife business part time as a student for just about 2 months now. I also got on the products and lost 7 kgs. I made a bonus of $1500 on top of the $3000 retail I did and I'm just getting started!!

      I have sold to two close friends who now love me more. One lost 6kgs in a week and the other 8kgs in 2 weeks. Tell me the products don't work!!

      Thank you Herbalife!!

    • profile image

      know before you act 5 years ago

      I have bought the herbal life also. I like their product and I am not a distributor. I am however going to start, as for having the product at home, if you go through premier team international you don't touch the product other than the sample they give you. they do the packaging and shipping you just deal with the customers. It is not a scam, it is a business where you have to work, no one ever said that you didn't have to put your time in. if any one wants to make money they have to put their time in, unless they win the lottery. Just because you don't succeed does not make it a scam. know what the product is, how it works, and how any businesses associated with it works before you act on it. You can not expect to get into any career with out spending money.

    • profile image

      Actually... 5 years ago

      My best friend just showed me a check of 2,000.00 that she made this month with Herbal life. It is not a scam, and is not all about recruit recruit recruit. If you want to use the products(which i like some and buy from her) then you can, is not like they force you to join in. Of course, they will tell you about it and try to cause it benefits the distributor but if you dont want to you dont need to its fine. Anyways, I'm not a sales person so i just buy the products from her and at first I thought it was crap but now that I have seen the results I'm thinking about it, after all, with this economy the best way to go is working independently. It is not a scam , just because you don't like it or want to do it doesn't mean is a scam. I actually heard they faced a lawsuit once in 2004 and won because there was nothing illegal going on. One of the few legit companies out there honestly. I might just go ahead and become a distributor too heck if she makes that much so can I ,if i can get out of my comfort zone of course, idk I'll see lol I'l come back and let you know how I'm doing in a year. ;D

    • profile image

      concerned 5 years ago

      I am currently at supervisor level in Herbalife.I can honestly say that I have had great results with the products.My concern is that although I have made some money in my business,I am not happy with my upline Prez team.I have not put in the time I needed to on building my business.I have had alot of family issues and some personal problems I have been dealing with.I am in PTI,and my problem is when your prez team says they want to go over your 90 day plan,and then calls and ask you if you want to do this f***ing business or not,just because you haven't done what they thought you should have been doing.Does that seem very professional to you guys?To me it seems very self centered,and not really considerate of what someone else is dealing with in their life.All I want to do is build a business,to where I can help someone without being dishonest,or misleading.So why do I feel like the bad person when I'm getting talked to like I'm a child ,and their my boss?I have had more stress since I've gotten into this business than I have had in the past ten years.I was told I could build this at my own speed,but thats not whats happening.I have a pretty good group below me ,and I want them to be successful.I also want our group to have integrity and morals.How do I fix this problem without losing my whole group?

    • profile image

      Lesley 5 years ago

      You should really check some of your facts before trying down talk, such a good and successful company. You do not need to sign up as a ditributor to enjoy our products. Its suits the person because they get discounted buy products by signing up, but it is NOT obligated. Ive personally met lawyers, Doctors, Chefs etc that have left there career for herbalife and are now earning 20,000$ a month. Our CEO of Herbalife, once worked for Disney World and is now working for us. Why, would a person do such a thing, if this 'Marketing Plan' was a such a scheme. Really ? Learn what your talking about before you down talk on stuff like this. Anyone intrested in learning more I promise its a GREAT company, with GREAT products.

    • profile image

      kerry marrone 5 years ago

      I went along to what I was told was a community event - a community challenge to lose weight. My phone calls with the contact prior mentioned nothing about Herbalife. when I got to the meeting with two other people I had influenced to come along, we were disappointed and agreed afterwards to ask for a refund. Initially, my communication was ignored, then my husband received an insulting phone call from the distributor. We are now going to escalate our complaint to State authorities. the distributor insulted my husband, called his position in the household into question and told him that he would "always be fat"...what does that say about their values. Don't touch Herbalife.

    • profile image

      Pedro 5 years ago

      @ Kerry Marrone...yea its not a good thing for someone to get you somewhere with false pretenses and it sounds like the distributor was an asshole and dont worry if he has that attitude he wont suceed..but not everyone is like that.Its a question of a distributor and have major results...we get over 200 people a day in our 2 nutrition clubs daily and everyon has had a result..a lot of friends and family are doing it as a business as well and let me tell you :) its great, im goin to Vegas in october thanks to herbalife and quit my 16 an hour job as a market manager. Less stress..more sleep and less headaches u should give it another chance with someone who really wants to help you

    • profile image

      herbalife ürünleri 5 years ago

      Very good Thank you

    • profile image

      barbara 5 years ago

      i started using herballife and to me its great also i could purchase products with out being a member and it does not cost that much to join either maybe u was misinform

    • profile image

      Mama Mia 5 years ago

      I would like to ask people who are saying it’s possible to make good $ with HL: are YOU making it? If not (which is most probable answer) than how do you know it’s possible? You’ve heard it on the presentation? They were talking about it on the STS meetings? C’mon... Use your head!

      I think the whole HL system is a brilliant idea – for HL owners/shareholders. That is the only party that gets real juice. The rest of us are suckers.

      Here is why:

      The crucial part for every business is to have customers. There is no business without them. HL did one even better: HL customers do not just use products themselves – they sell products to their family and friends. And even better than that: they advertise HL business on their own nickel. Every business in the world would prosper with customers like that.

      HL marketing machine is the heart of the process of finding such good customers as well as grooming them to go to their limits (even further than that!). That means HL finds customers who would not only gladly spend top $ for overpriced vitamins/shakes but other products as well: customer leads, web sites, STSs, grandioso events. You can only imagine how much money they earn on events like Extravagances and like - it’s jaw dropping!)

      The fact of the matter is they pray on desperate people. People who are miserable because of one of more areas in their lives. Weight, career, money to name just a few. Just those thre areas cover about 80% of any population.

    • profile image

      alex Khoo 5 years ago

      well well well, herbalife is a great product!

    • profile image

      Mama Mia 5 years ago

      Nobody says it isn’t, alex Khoo!

      HL products are brilliant! They are too expensive too. The story passed on training is that you have to pay top dollar for top quality. I beg to differ! HL products are not as much advanced in quality as much they are advanced in price. C’mon, people, someone has to pay all those royalties to the whole branches of people above single distributor. It is NOT the quality that we pay for, it’s rewarding scheme for army of people who benefit from sale.

      Did you ask yourself – you, Helbalife people – WHO is paying top dollar for vitamins and shakes? DISTRIBUTORS! They MUST use product and they are only ones who stay on the shakes and vitamins forever. Every other customer drops out. If they stay on, they end up being dealers as well, they get caught into “make zillions part time” fairy tale.

      When it comes to “sales training” on STS meetings they are so full of ignorance it’s not funny. They would praise HL vitamins like they are gift from God, claiming that no other vitamin tablet works. Proof? Who needs proof? They don’t have to prove that. They turn on loud music and start jumping. Unfortunately, people from outside do not jump at the same tunes and they do ask how come one bottle of Omega3 is five times the price those from supermarkets. How you can say that HL Omega3 works and the other one doesn’t? You can’t. So that’s the point when HL “customer turned salesperson” starts plucking stories out of rear end. I mean, you have to understand this guy. So much money put into business that does not need start up money (yes, right) and all he has in his hands is bunch of expensive vitamin pills.

    • profile image

      CrazyCousinLance 5 years ago

      I also agree the products are over priced, but more than that, If you wish to sell the product in any capacity, you must beware of some of their bait and switch tactics. I had signed up for the basic $55 distributor package, and did not receive anything for 10 day, in the mean time, they have signed me up for as many services that they can think of. I call and remind them that I have not received my package, they seemed surprised and say that they will send it right away. Conveniently, it arrived after my credit card billing cycle, so I did not know that I was charged $199. Of course, they had me testing the products for some sort of testimonial research. Mind you, I have been taking protein powders and supplements for many years, and these left much to be desired. The price being 2 to 3 times what I was paying seemed excessive, but heck, how else can you get rich. So all in one strategic move, I was charged almost $150 more that I was told. And further, they are so secretive about all aspects of their company and sales, I did not even know what to expect in my package. After they told me to take the product, it was no longer able to be returned, and a refund was not able to be had. I just wanted to sell their over priced products, and they made it impossible. They are more interested in recruiting than selling their products. And now I see why.

    • profile image

      Mama Mia 5 years ago

      I don’t know about other parts of the world but in Australia you are not supposed to sell products @ discount. Can you believe that sht? If it is MY business I want that I have a say in such crucial part of my business. “It’s not fair to other distributors” Really? “Products are too good to be sold for a cheapest price” You are kidding, right? But you know, somehow, brainwash or whatever, they manage to get people singing the same song.

    • profile image

      Neeraj 5 years ago

      Hello Hally,

      You seem to be too negative about the company, it may be because, you never tried one, MLM is/never was a bad concept to work with, the only requirement is Dedication.

      A Nobel Price winner doctor or the one who has server Walt Disney as COE, would never want to join any such company.

      I hope no has sued you so far to call a company a SCAM.

      Please take care and live long and if you wish to live longer, please join Herbalife and see the difference in your life.

    • profile image

      Neeraj 5 years ago

      P.S.: Correction "has served Walt Disney as CEO

    • profile image

      Jessica 5 years ago

      @ concerned. Just wanted to let you know, that if you are worried about your upline you may want to personally contact another high level supervisor and let them know what's going on. Not every upline is that way, there are many that focus on your needs and not theirs. This is a great company, I am not a distributor, but I am close to many who make great money and are enjoying their lives. I love the product and has helped me with a lot of health problems. I may consider one day becoming a distributor, but for now just watching and learning. So concerned, please talk to someone, because I can personally say that there are many who would be more than willing to help you. Feel free to email me if you want :)

    • profile image

      scamola 5 years ago

      This is an obvious scam/pyrimid scheme

    • profile image

      lucero vargas 5 years ago

      look i am currently entering herbalife and i am 14 i have been taking the product since i wuz a little gurl i absolutely love it and the distributers arent all about the money itz to make people feel just tlike they do nd mark huges did not die of over dose get your factz straight hahahahahah things like this make me laugh hysterically:D

    • profile image

      Supervisor too 5 years ago

      @ Concerned... I too am a new supervisor in HL and I too am in PTI. I wouldn't normally respond to a thread like this, because most of what Hally stated was based on her personal lack of success and you get what you put into it; however, when I read your post, I felt that we had a lot in common. I haven't been able to put as much attention into my business as I would like due to some family issues as well as the fact that I am still working full time. I don't want to give names, but are you Pres Teams initials "GM"? If so, then we share the same upline and I would agree that he can be a bit of a handful. I would agree with Jessica that you should look to another high level Supp for assistance. I am free to email as well...

    • profile image

      Sblmgrl 5 years ago

      Ive reasearched this all day long because I would like to become a distributor. All Ive gotten so far was bad reviews, and this site is the only one that has talked good about it. Im am so lost right now. I really want to start my own business with this and I really want an honest anwswer from some body. Work is work right?...I just dont want to be lied to and spend 399 on my package if im not going to get anything out of it...Is it too hard to do? do you really get the help and support they say theyll give you?

    • profile image

      ElijahsMama807 5 years ago

      To the pro-Herbalife people..I don't mean to paint you all with the same paintbrush so to speak, but most of you come off as rude and condescending to anybody who doesn't share the same views as Herbalife. It's almost as you are all "shooting the messenger" (in this case, the person who posted the entry about Herbalife) just because you cannot handle hearing anything negative about this product. I am willing to bet if there were tangible proof that this product was unsafe and Herbalife was a scam, the people on here who are pro-Herbalife would be saying that it's all lies, and that anybody who had side effects or died brought it upon themselves and got what they deserved. That's the impression I got from reading your comments, and I would not want to know how you treat people who decline taking and/or selling Herbalife.

      For the record, I have never taken Herbalife, never sold it, and have no interest in doing either. However I do know two people who boyfriend's sister and her husband. They began using Herbalife (and still are), and they lost weight. Good for them. From there they decided to start selling it. Okay fine. But at this point, they have put this product before everything and everybody, incuding family. To them, this product is more important. From what I have noticed, they don't seem to be making very much money from it, because although they are selling Herbalife, they are constantly struggling financially and are having to borrow money constantly. My boyfriend's brother-in-law even suggested to his wife that she quit her job (she works a regular job plus sells Herbalife) and sell Herbalife full time. Now if they aren't making a whole lot --or anything-- from selling Herbalife as is, plus having to borrow money to cover living expenses and trips re. Herbalife out of state, then why quit a job that provides the only steady income in the home to work a job where you are hardly earning a living? Also these two have been as condescending as some of the people on here that are pro-Herbalife, acting as if anybody who criticizes the product or has had side effects to it is lying, even referring to those who declined their offer of Herbalife because they had their own health plan as being "full of shit" (pardon the language, but I'm quoting what they said). To me, I don't see how it would be worth it.

      In conclusion I say, the good and the bad about this product should be posted. It is up to everybody else to form an opinion about it, and if your gut instinct tells you that something sounds too good to be true, usually it is.

    • profile image

      Mc 5 years ago

      i have some serious questions

    • profile image

      Mc 5 years ago

      im on the fence with the topic. what id like to kmow is:

      if herbalife is such a great product then why dont they offer a 90 day free trial-or even 30 days? why wouldnt the coach or mentor in the company tell you that if you want to i will send you a certain amount of product for free and you can do what you like as far as selling it(via,our program or your own)and whatever you are able to sell the company will get.after the said amount of product is gone you can decide wether or not this kind of job is for you or not.that way its a trial period for both sides to be able to watch and see the results of each side. the company may not think your a good enough seller and each person might not think the product sells good enough. either way both sides should win.

    • profile image

      European 5 years ago

      Listen up people. This herbashit ruined life of my friend when he started selling this product. He even used it himself, saying it was good and saying he lost 10 kg. He truly did lost that 10 kg, but then things started to complicate. When he was going to toilet, he noticed blood in his faeces. He was scared as hell and stopped using it. After that, he gained 20 kg and he is fatter 10 more kilos than before! People, don't play with your life, start running or doing some simple exercises, eat less, don't drink soda and everything will be much better. First, it's NATURAL PROCESS and second, IT'S FREE!

      Be smart, don't believe in this MLM propaganda.

    • profile image

      Willchil 5 years ago

      I joined herbal life for about a week, I believe that money can be made but they leave out some fact in the begining of the process. For one, they tell you in the begining that you don't have to sell to friends and family but later on down the line they tell you to try to sell to friends and family. In short, I feel lke they should just tell you that you will be a sells person and let you decide if that what you want to do up front. But, I do feel like the earning potential is there, if thats how you want to make it. Not every one is made up to make money this way.

    • profile image

      Susie 5 years ago

      it seems that NO ONE responded to my previous comment, all you pro-Herbalife people just completely ignored it! Which means you didn't have an argument as to why in my case it wasn't a huge scam. I think all the posts saying "I made X amount of money" are all from the same person. Now listen up, and i would LOVE for someone to explain to me how this ISNT A SCAM:


    • profile image

      Jana blake 5 years ago

      I'll been on the products for months, I've had results. It's changed my life n health. It's making it's way through my family with their struggles. It's not about the money, it's about the change. I sm not a distributor, I soon will be. U don't have to sign up to buy products. An who ever posted it was a scam is bs. U change lifes, if ppl r wanting u to send them in a direction for help might ad well be the person. An who the heck said it's 200 plus? It's 67.00 dollars to be a distributor. U dint have to sell it, u can use it to get discounts on products u buy for ur self. N by the way it's a diet pill, it's nutrition. With the correct nutrition is weightless. Herbal life gives you that. There are to many negative ppl out there. Until u take the product or don't see change in ppl, don't complain. Herbal life has its benefits but they all have heart, if u don't care about change u won't succeed.

    • profile image

      Jana blake 5 years ago

      Correction: it's not a diet pill or program. It's nutrition, herbal life shows you the correct amount of nutrition to give your body what it needs. With good nutrition you lose weight , with or without herbal life. It's a whole lit cheaper with herbal life though! It ends up being a dollar something a meals for everything ur body needs! So how can that be a scam? Look into the product not just the money part of it!

    • profile image

      enlightened 5 years ago

      I was always sceptical of this herbalife scheme, yet i still read this blog with a little pinch of it's only the opinion of one person who has probably had a bad experience with the company. HOWEVER - the comments above me, from brainwashed recruits of herbalife, and herbalife ADDICTS, have just confirmed what I had previously suspected - SCAM SCAM SCAM - run a mile from these evil p.i.s.s peddlers. And if you are one of the few who make some money from the scam, I don't know how you sleep at night!

    • profile image

      Mark 5 years ago

      Reminds me of Primerica....

      Nothing good here.

    • profile image

      NaturallyFit 5 years ago

      Aside from believing that products like Herbalife are business ventures and that alone, the absolute sure way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to eat right and exercise. Yes; there are those that are vitamin deficient, and for those individuals I say, consult with medical professionals that have the credentials to identify your deficiency and pick up a supplement at your local drug store.

      I lead a very healthy and carry a well-balanced weight but I am a Type 1 diabetic. I was approached by a Herbalife distributor, or whatever these folks are called, at a local grocery store. The person noticed that I took care of my appearance and complimented my physical appearance. She then proceeded to sell me her products. I decided to allow this person to explain her case, but when I challenged her, she was at a loss for words. I informed the distributer that I was diabetic, and if the product that she sold would affect my diabetes. Having dealt with the condition all of my life, I am very well aware of my condition. The woman was ignorant about diabetes, and concocted a philosophy about how well the products control blood sugars. Really? My body can’t even control my blood sugars, but Herbalife will miraculously do that for me. Ha!!!!!

      There is no reason why someone should have to spend an excessive amount of money on any products.

    • profile image

      John 5 years ago

      This page is completely false and one sided.

    • profile image

      Henry Stavin 5 years ago

      I understand where your coming from because i felt the same way till i actually got the full experience.

      I have a friend who is an herbalife distributor. He gave me his sales pitch and i told him i wasnt sure because i, like most people, are cautious of scams. After around 6-7 months i got to experience customers and learned a lot from my friend about the products and the business side of things. I saw the results within his customers. Im talking obese people, people who needed to lose 100+ lbs. These people really lost weight and saw results. There is a science behind the products. You will not find any nutritional products that come anywhere close to the quality of herbalife products. This is why they are priced a bit higher. In fact, they really arent that expensive and you would know that if you ever purchased any.

      I decided to try HerbaLife after seeing what it could do. I lost 11 lbs in the first week. Im not over weight so from there i switched to a more sustainable program rather then the weight loss program. The products are delicious, they make you feel great and the best part is that they WORK. I am not a distributor and i am not on a hard strenuous program either. I am simply a customer who tried the products and had amazing results.

      It really bothers me that someone would say such things about these products because its evident that you really dont know what your talking about. These products could really help a lot of people in this world.

    • profile image

      Steve 5 years ago

      I read this long threads about Herbalife scam with great interest. Obviously there is a serious flaw in how Herbalife distributors recruit their distributors. They seem to think all people should be offered the opportunity to be their own bosses. But unfortunately, judging from school leaving results, 75% are just happy being mediocre, preferring just to get by to pass their exams and hope to find non challenging jobs and look forward to the government for welfare which is their God given rights. The majority of the complainers of Herbalife are those rejected and the first to be retrenched from their jobs by their own companies. And you Herbalife distributors are so eager to welcome them in as distributors? No wonder you get all the flak. These people are NOT self motivators, not hard workers, not natural leaders and downright not natural promoters. They have very bad attitudes and need constant supervision and thus in dire need of a government job because the private sector cannot sustain their non productivity. Do us a favor, Hold the standard high and DON'T EVER RECRUIT THEM. If they ever wanted to join in as a distributor, TEST them for a week and see if they EVER do what they promise. Either use the products seriously to get the desired results or bring in 10 customers to you so that you know at least they have the ability to seek out potential customers. Otherwise, FIRE THEM AND TELL THEM AT THAT INSTANT, they are NOT yet suitable in this business and LET THEM GO!

      Of course, they being negative, they will still scream being cheated of spending time being trained by you, but remember, you can NEVER change the leopard's spots.

      Hold the bar high like in Franchise and Job interviews. Most people who want to try your business shouldn't be allowed to even set foot through your doors.

    • profile image

      Steve 5 years ago

      Dear SBLMGRL

      I don't know what country you are from. But I suggest you dial directly to the Herbalife office in your country to find out how much the distributor kit cost. So far, as I have read, it only cost somewhere from USD 50 to USD 100 depending on the country policies of whether products are included into the kit or not. It CANNOT cost you USD$399. Do your homework.

    • profile image

      Jane 5 years ago

      I read this page because my fellow backpacker friend bought a bottle of Herbalife Formula 1 in Korea and we couldn't figure out what it is.

      We were on a shoestring budget traveling around Korea. We stayed in very cheap hostels to make our funds last. Obviously the food in Korea isn't cheap. 6000 W was the cheapest we could find when a Big Mac Meal would set us back 5000 Won. We tried the F1 shake. Made it as we were shown how to. It worked out to be 1,400 Won a meal. We felt full, lots of energy unlike feeling sleepy after eating a Big Mac meal, and we happily toured the city.

      I don't know what's all this scam about but let me tell you this. I can't get a decent meal for what I got from Herbalife at that price. If it is a scam and it is illegal as many of you prove it to be, I hope the authorities let this company stay open for people like us who are budget conscious.

      An apple in Korea would cost us 1000 Won and that didn't keep us full for more than 30 minutes. This drink keep us full for 5 hours and gave us lots of energy.

      Incidentally, we both lose 3 inches off our waist each and lost 10lbs each within 10 days. Truly amazing.

      Even if anyone wants to pay me to say bad things about this company, I won't because my friend checked her blood sugar level everyday and recently discovered it normalized. This Herbalife is amazing. Too good to be true.

    • profile image

      Kurt 5 years ago

      I am not a Herbalife customer nor a distributor but from what I have read, I think the government should seize control of this company and nationalize it. If the products are so good as it is claimed to be, then only Doctors and Hospitals should be dispensing this products. They can do it so cheaply because doctors are sworn to do good to patients without profits or enriching themselves. These products would be available to all public at 1/10th of the cost since there will be no profits involved and no advertising and all the ills arising from heart attack, stroke, diabetes and other diseases associated with obesity will be removed.

      Instead of an illegal pyramid of scam distributors, specialized doctors and nurses in all clinics will dispense this at no extra cost as they do with other pharmaceutical medicines which they do not earn anything from.

      Everyone will be working a decent salary and if there be any wealth generated, it should be placed in the hands of the super smart bankers who run the economy.

      And there will be public service to help all mankind improve their health and wealth at the same time.

      Then we can spend more time debating whether global warming is a hoax and a scam to scare us into using more expensive alternatives. I believe Geoutge Bush is correct. There is NO GLOBAL warming even with all the CO2 and methane pumped into the air. If there were real global warming, I'd believe it when the trees in Alaska and Russia burst into flames during winter and when all the ice has melted in the Artic and Antartica during winter, and when the fresh water lakes have all dried up. But there is no evidence of such as yet to be conclusively proven.

    • profile image

      Lee 5 years ago

      Dear Susie,

      As I read as many of the comments, it is fairly obvious that you had a raw deal in your weightloss challenge program. I researched the Internet and according to the Herbalife Weightloss training program, the money gathered as the registration fee CANNOT be pocketed by the distributor but instead put into a kitty fund for disbursement of prizes to the winner of the challenge. There is no compulsion in the Weightloss challenge to purchase Herbalife products but those who want to accelerate their weightloss are encouraged to use Herbalife products for effective and fast results. There is a nutrition and exercise training program about healthy balanced diet with healthy exercises for weightloss challenge training and although Herbalife is occasionally mentioned, others can use alternative means like organic natural food to achieve those goals.

      So, yes there is misrepresentation of the weightloss challenge on behalf of that distributor and you need to submit you complains to the Herbalife office in your country. Furnish the details of that distributor so that disciplinary action can be taken against rogue representatives out to make a fast buck against the public. And make a police report to get your money back.

      In the meantime, if you just want to lose weight with your friends, stay away from fried food, eat more greens, and for meat, make sure the farm animals are NOT feed on corn or cornfeed. And drink lots of water. And instead of taking the car, taxi, bus, take up cycling and walk and climb the stairs. Target 1kg per month of weight loss. That would work.

    • profile image

      Lee 5 years ago

      Dear Susie,

      This is the manual of the weightloss challenge used worldwide in Herbalife. Any deviation from the rules contravene the practices of Herbalife. Read it. Use it and get your money back.

      All the best.

      If you still want to lose weight you can

      1) Use the manual in Herbalife Weightloss Challenge, buy Herbalife Formula1 shakes directly from the distributor office to lose weight.

      2) Get a physical fitness 12 weeks program such as by Bill Phillips who owns and promotes another nutritional supplement product call EAS... And yes... He also has his fair share of "SCAM" complaints.

      3) Join a gym such as True Fitness, Gold Gym, California Fitness... And yes... Again they have their fair share of "SCAM" complaints too of enrolling gym members at $3000 to $6000 enrollment fees.

      4) Sign up a slimming spa package from gentle soft spoken but hard sell sales women getting your credit card for $12,000 package.

      5) Follow Dr Bob Delmonteque's exercise and diet regime. Hey! At 88 yo he looks as good as 50 years old. Won't you like that?

      6) Follow Dr Atkins diet of eating lots of fat and protein and stay off carbs. Logically it just doesn't sound right but there are people who swear by it so one man's meat is poison to another.

      7) Get a bicycle and peddle to work. Stand while working instead of sitting. Drink ONLY water. No coffee no tea no sugared water no diet coke no milk no alcohol. And just eat organic greens and soybased products. I have NEVER seen a physical laborer flabby and obese.


    • profile image

      Peng 5 years ago

      I am 132kg, 1.55m. I am tired all the time. I lost my job recently because of my absenteeism and my regular visits to the doctors for medical leave. I have diabetes and high blood pressure. I am in debt to USD $23,000 in credit card bills.

      I am looking for a Herbalife distributor to sponsor me. You shall provide me with all the required Herbalife products to make me slim down to 55kg free of charge.

      You will also give me a regular monthly income of USD $25,000 and a growing monthly 10% increase for my royalties and bonus starting from USD $10,000 to promote your company during your big events.


      Now, who wants to sponsor me, please give me your email?

      You are sponsoring me.

    • profile image

      Christine 5 years ago

      I read all this diet and scam with amusement.

      I just loss 10 kgs by just focusing on eating Big Mac Meal 3 times a day.

      It is stupid and make no sense reducing calories to lose weight. Any fitness instructor will tell you that the only thing you lose when you reduce calories is your muscles.

      I just consume my Big Mac meal with French Fries and my Coca Cola for lunch and dinner and my Big Breakfast in the morning and I loss 10kg in 4 weeks.

      What I changed is to include a 15 minute exercise in the morning, then another 15 minute exercise in the afternoon and then 15 minute exercise at night every day.

      And I didn't spend any money at all.

      It is FREE!

      So I can honestly tell you, all these diet pills and meal replacements by doctors and companies are unscrupulous scamming.

      All you need is trusty old MacDonald's and KFC to the rescue to get you nutrition back in balance.

      And you don't need to be cheated out of your hard earned money.

      Shame on you, scammers!

    • profile image

      Jane 5 years ago

      I read through some interesting comments made on this site. And after that, I called up a Herbalife distributor and asked him a few questions and asked him to show me proof of what he said were true.

      That guy spent a gracious 2 hours of his time showing me the rules and regulations of this company.

      Here goes.

      1) Herbalife company is a networking company or Multi-Level Marketing company. It pays a total 73 % of the product price back to the marketing arm, via discounts, commissions, royalties and bonuses. (not a lot considering what a doctor gets for selling Cambridge Diet to his patients, 90%, meaning he buys at $10 and sells at $100 in his private clinic and he gets overseas holidays and car allowances if he meets the sales target)

      In Herbalife, 50% is the maximum discount a distributor can get directly from Herbalife. The rest of the other 23% is through hardwork building and training a team of salesforce. Most lower ranks supervisors earn the 15% royalties while the top earners share out the 7% bonuses in their massive organisation. This means that those top earners have to recruit and train a massive number of sales force to earn that miserly 2, 4, 6 and 1% bonus. No wonder doctors don't like to market Herbalife in their clinics because it does not give them lucrative retail profits unlike other drugs and vitamins.

      I can find better returns on my efforts in IT line for the massive efforts put into by these top leaders. They seem to work hard, not smart.

      2) You can buy Herbalife at retail price from a distributor without joining the company as a distributor. And you get a 30days money back guarantee even if you have consumed 3/4 of the product. This is marvelous. I can't even return my Whopper after my first bite claiming I don't like the taste but with Herbalife, I pay the whole ultimate set, use it, lose my 5kg weight, call up the distributor and ask for my money back and I get my full refund, then look up another unsuspecting Herbalife distributor and buy another set to lose another 5kg, and after that get my refund.

      What better way to lose my weight for free? Indeed. For poor people who can't even afford any meals, this is FREE food!

      3) When one joins Herbalife as a distributor, it only cost from $50 to $100 depending on what products are included in the kit. In some countries, joining is for free for their citizens. The annual processing fee to retain the distributorship is only $20.

      Heck! It cost me $200 to keep my Citibank credit card annually.

      4) There is no necessity to be a supervisor nor any reason to invest $4000 or $7000 to buy a whole load of stocks and there is no compulsion to maintain any form of sales targets if you are just retailing. And if you foolishly bought so much stock without knowing how to retail or distribute it, SELL them back to the company. They have a 2 month to 6 month return policy on unused products in pristine condition and you'll get 90% of your "investment" back. I had a friend who started a shoe retail store and he gave up after 3 months. He couldn't return the shoes back to the supplier and had to dispose of it as a massive discounted clearance sale.

      5) I observed the characteristics of some of the distributors and I form the opinion that

      a) these distributors are generally a happy lot. Either it is from consuming the products that gives them better moods or from natural selection "Darwinian theory" where the negative, serious downcast distributors are hiding away somewhere or have dropped out and spend time writing articles about how Herbalife is a scam.

      b) they do look great. But then so do the gym trainers so I guess it goes with the vocation. But I have never seen more mature older folks looking that great teaching in the gym.

      c) these people are talkative and they just too jovial, but who wouldn't be if one who have been invalid for 5 years due to stroke suddenly get up and walk about. I half expect a "Hallelujah" shout to hear a blind man regain his eyesight or a corpse raised from the dead. These people are passionate to the point of religiously fanatic. Thank goodness Herbalife does not sell bombs and guns the MLM way or we would be in serious trouble.

      6) I don't like the way they seem so genuinely happy that their illnesses have gone away. Even in a hospital, a patient who got healed isn't that joyful but then again, he would have to be burdened with a heavy expensive medical bill to even be joyful. - "got healed with the pill, got killed with the bill"

      7) I think the income claims should not be so ostentatious. In certain parts of the world, it is an invitation to robbery and kidnapping. Even managers and CEOs do not divulge their income so why should these people boast about theirs? Income should be private and secret. That's what employers highlight to all employees. It should remain private.

      There you go.

      My 2 cents worth of opinion.

      Now, let me find a Herbalife distributor to try out the 30 days money back guarantee offer.

      See ya in 3 months after I lose 15 kg for free! NOW ... I truly love Herbalife. Hahaha.

    • profile image

      Loretta 5 years ago

      I sold herbalife five years ago. Their products are great, but I could not afford the $2500 two months in a row to keep my supervisor position to earn the 50%. The products are good, but they need to make it easier to join and keep your membership. I have sold other health related products since then, they are hard to sell due to the fact they are so expensive. Personally, I joined avon, and have done better in it than anything I have ever sold and its only $10 join in fee. I would definitely think twice before committing. If you are an excellent sales person and know a lot of health conscious people you might do good.

    • profile image

      Steve 5 years ago


      Congratulations with your Avon business. It is good that you have taken an active venture to provide for your own living.

      Herbalife has heard from many of the distributors and have improved on its marketing plan lately.

      First, ask yourself why is it that you need to be a supervisor? To be a supervisor, one has to have distributors under them to supervise. As such, when you don't have any distributors under you, that is the reason why you have difficulty to requalify supervisor status.

      This is a multi level marketing business. Start as a distributor first and build your customer base. If you have 5 customers taking a weightloss program, each buying 100vp, then you can decide to become a Senior Consultant with a 35% discount. If you have a customer base of 10, then you can decide to be a Success Builder with 42% discount. At this point, you can teach some of your customers who WANTS to be a distributor to build his/her own 5 customer base. If you have 4 of these distributors, together with you, there is more than 2500vp a month to help you requalify supervisor.

      If you don't know how to build a team of distributors and only like to retail, you can work slowly up to Qualified Producer and then be a Supervisor with 5000vp in one calendar year. That is less than 500vp a month. Or keeping your 5 customers every month.

    • profile image

      Roslinah 5 years ago

      If people criticize you, hurt you or swear at you, don't be bothered!

      Just remember,"In every game, the audience makes the noise, not the players."

    • profile image

      Hurt and dejected 5 years ago

      I am complaining to all of you that Herbalife weightloss program doesn't work at all. A Herbalife distributor tried selling me the QuickStart Program but I was smart, I negotiated with her to give me the same weightloss result with lesser products. I got her to promise me to lose 5kg weight with just one bottle of Formula1 Shake. I even managed to pay her only 75% of the price claiming I will give her the remainder 25% when I receive my Salary the following month.

      I knew she just wanted to make me consume a lot of the Formula1 so she could sell me more so instead of the 2 table spoonful to mix with milk, I used 2 teaspoon to make the shake last longer. And instead of replacing 2 meals with the shake, I replace only one and skip my other meal.

      Well, let me tell you the truth!

      HERBALIFE product is a scam. It DOES NOT WORK. I never lose the promised 5kg although I did feel my dress seem a bit looser, but the point is I didn't get to lose 5kg at all.

      I stopped using Herbalife after a week since it wasn't working. And worst of all, once I stopped, I gained 10kgs more. This Herbalife is toxic and poisonous! I heard from friends that Herbalife contains a lot of LEAD and MERCURY, and traces of Arsenic in it that causes people to lose appetite and have organ shutdown because of it.

      My friends told me they heard of people dying of cancer and liver failure after taking Herbalife.

      Don't take Herbalife, everyone!

      I also want to warn others about Colgate Toothpaste. The dentist say it is good for my teeth and prevents bad breath. Well, I tried it and while initially it did remove my badbreath, but guess what! When I stopped using the toothpaste, the badbreath came back and even got worse. It is totally useless. Now, because of the toothpaste, my badbreath is unbearable. I am going to sue the dentist for giving me this badbreath.

      And another thing, I was advised by a promoter that FA soap will remove my body odour. I bought one and tried. Let me tell you all. It is a total scam. When I used it, it did make me smell better and my friends did comment about it, but when I stopped using the FA soap, my body odour was more pungent than ever. Now I stopped using the FA soap and I lost all my friends because of this stupid soap.

      Everyone, please take note. Avoid these brands Herbalife, Colgate and FA, at all cost because they do not work and they cheat you of your hard earned money. They are scammers.


      I am thinking of suing them for causing me emotional distress.

    • profile image

      Jake 5 years ago

      I graduated with Masters in Business Administration in a well renown university in Texas. I spent 3 years to get my first degree and another year for my Masters. I spent over $200,000 for my Education including accommoration and expenses and lost of income opportunities so that I can get a better head start with better qualifications.

      I have difficulty getting a job here that will pay for the tuition loans I took up to get my degrees. All of them pay pittance and the jobs are too menial and degrading. Although I have no experience but based on my education, I expect to be hired as a senior manager or director in the company.

      Then I heard about the opportunity that Herbalife gives I went for the job interview. Imagine to my disgust. First, I already invested so much in my education, I refuse to invest another dime in this. They ought to PAY me for my expertise!

      I find it abhorent that this company gives a person with no education equal opportunity with those who have tertiary education. This is upsetting as it degrades the high very we place of education.

      I also find it totally unacceptable that a US company would give equal rewards to Europeans, Asians, Africans and Latin Americans. Shame on you. Where is your patriotism? All other major companies eg Kodak, Hewlett Packard, Ford, will differentiate citizens from aliens by giving them better pay for being patriotic.

      An engineer in US will get USD 8000 for the same job an Asian would get USD 1000 or in Latin America USD 300 to reflect our standard of living and the taxes we support.

      So Herbalife. SHAME on you for not taking care of the people and country that supported you.

      I demand that you give minimum pay for different education levels for Americans who work for you as distributors. And make sure that there is a big pay difference between our country and other third world countries to show how superior our country system is.

    • profile image

      Teacher 5 years ago

      I came across this company Herbalife. Let me tell you the TRUTH!

      I have high blood pressure and I have diabetes for 10 years. I never believe in supplementation nor get rich quick schemes.

      I hear with disgust that Herbalife distributors who present their testimonies that after taking Herbalife, they no longer have diabetes and high blood pressure.

      The TRUTH is NOBODY can be healed of diabetes nor high blood pressure! Unless you are on doctors' medicine, you will die suffering the effects of the disease. I don't believe in Vitamins and supplementation and never will. If you ever once mention about vitamins and supplementation, I already know you are trying to sell me some useless overpriced poisonous stuffs which can kill people. Get a life, Herbalife distributors! Of you truly want to help, study hard to be a qualified doctor or nurse and quit your witchcraft hocus-pocus herbal poisons on vulnerable people.

      I never believe in business. Only dishonest people run businesses. Why can't you Herbalife distributors get an honest job in the government sector? They need teachers and it is far more rewarding teaching students the truth instead of you training your recruits how to lie and pester people about how much money you made. Your profession is worse than a drug pusher on the streets. Do something worthwhile.

      Money isn't everything in this world. Love is. And it is better if you go out and help people without earning a single cent rather than fill your hands with blood money.

      May God forgive you for all the damage done to mankind.

    • profile image

      Observer 5 years ago

      I reproduce this for you both those who are for Herbalife and those against to evaluate whether you want to take part and work in Herbalife. If you even have a tinge of uncertainty or doubt in you, my advice is DON'T join because that is your intuition or Godly conscience telling you not to.

      7 MLM Myths Busted: Product does NOT mean legal, anti Pyramid law, and other Network Marketing Myths explained


      In studying multi-level marketing, and its evil twin, the pseudo-MLM scam, I came across many myths, misinformation, and outright lies perpetrated by scammers, naive participants who were mislead, or so-called "network coaches" who simply don't know any better, trying to claim that a pseudo-MLM scam is in fact, its "good" twin, multi-level marketing.

      We will highlight seven myths on what makes a MLM legal, as told by the perpetrators, and explain the reality behind these myths, and why they are not quite true.

      Please note that I will be citing US law and US cases in the past. If you are in some other country, you will need to check your local resources. I am not a lawyer, so I will be citing articles written by lawyers who specialize in MLM law.

      North Carolina law N. C. St. 14-291.2(b) defines "pyramid scheme" as:

      [a]ny program utilizing a pyramid or chain process by which a participant gives a valuable consideration for the opportunity to receive compensation or things of value in return for inducing other persons to become participants in the program.

      Myth: This MLM is a Legal Business

      Status: Maybe

      A MLM is not legal just because it claim to be a MLM, or adopt a MLM business model. It must also satisfy some stringent tests to make sure it is not a pyramid scheme. The moment it slips past the boundaries, it becomes a pyramid scheme, and thus, illegal. There are also scams that claim to be MLM, but is in fact, pyramid scheme, since it proclaims "you do not need to sell any products".

      The boundary between MLM and pyramid scheme is not clearcut and exact, because new variations and schemes are invented every day trying to blur the line. However, the law, which can go under several names, such as pyramid scheme, endless chain, business chain, and so on, has the same 4 elements:

      1) a program in which;

      2) participant pays to join; and thus

      3) gets opportunity or chance to get compensation; of which

      4) compensation is "earned" by participant by recruiting others to pay and participate

      If all four factors are present, it is a pyramid scheme.

      " If a program compensates participants, directly or indirectly, merely for the introduction or enrollment of other participants into the program, it is a pyramid." -- Grimes and Reese,

      Myth: This MLM pays on mixture of sales and recruiting, so it is legal

      Reality: False

      A legal MLM can ONLY pay commission upon sales by downline(s).

      ANY sort of bonus on recruiting only, whether "per head" or "filling a matrix", whether mixed with sales commission or not, is illegal, because it would fit the definition of "pyramid scheme", as explained before.

      If one part of the compensation package is an illegal pyramid scheme, the ENTIRE BUSINESS then is an illegal pyramid scheme (albeit with some legal aspects).

      Myth: This MLM has a product, therefore it is legal

      Reality: False.

      The "Amway Rules", as a part of compromise reached between FTC and Amway, has three items of note regarding product(s) and inventory:

      1) "inventory loading" is NOT legal -- unscrupulous uplines force downlines to buy a ton of inventory (which are far too numerous to be resold), i.e. "load the downline with inventory" so upline can earn the sales commission. Basically, it is a way to "game" the pyramid scheme definition by disguising compensation as sales.

      2) product sales must be to "ultimate user" -- most of the sales, 70% as per Amway rule, must be to ultimate user, which, according to the case FTC vs. Omnitrition, means people who are NOT distributors. In other words, "internal consumption", i.e. distributors who buy stuff for their own use, is NOT legal!

      3) there must be product buyback -- company must have a buy-back or repurchase policy where it will buy back inventory that cannot be sold by the distributors. This is to allow distributors to get their money back if they were victim of "inventory loading", as explained above.

      Merely having a product does not make the scheme legal. it must also follow the three rules outlined above. And even then, the rules must be enforced.

      Myth: This MLM has a "sales requirement" rule, so it is legal

      Reality: Maybe

      MLMs that requires its member to sell to a minimum of X retail customers (thus encouraging it to follow the 70% sales rule) are NOT necessarily legal, because the rules may be on the books, but never enforced, and unenforced rules cannot be used as a defense.

      In the case FTC vs. Omnitrition, FTC charged that Omnitrition is a pyramid scheme because the "distributors" are loading inventory that can't be used, and the "Amway rules" were not followed.

      Omnitrition responded that it has signed statements from the distributors where they promise to have at last 10 retail customers, and certify that 70% of their sales are to ultimate users.

      However, further investigation showed that such certification was never audited, and actual audits indicate the 70% rule was rarely followed.

      Omnitrition lost their case.

      Myth: This MLM has inventory buyback, so it is legal

      Reality: Maybe

      One of the three "Amway Rules", the inventory buyback rule, is designed to 1) limit inventory loading, i.e. make sure the members don't get stuck buying too much inventory that could never be sold in a reasonable amount of time, and 2) make sure the inventory was sold to ultimate users. The actual implementation may vary, but the eligibility must be for a reasonable period of time (more than 3 months), and repurchase needs to be at least 90% of original wholesale price.

      Having inventory buyback rules that nobody have ever used or or found it impossible to use, can still makes the company ILLEGAL. Some state and jurisdictions have more specific requirements on the buy-back program such as longer period of eligibility, maximum amount, and so on. Failure to follow those can make the company illegal.

      Check your state's MLM legislation and make sure the rules are followed, or your MLM may be illegal.

      Myth: This MLM follows every Amway rule, so it is legal

      Reality: Probably, but not always

      Again, if the rules are NOT enforced, then it will be declared illegal and sued for large amount of damages.

      Another danger is "auto-ship", where inventory is sent to a "subscriber" automatically, every month. While auto-ship is great for cutting down paperwork and generates sales, it has two major problems:

      1) If the autoship is to a new member, that's considered self-consumption. Unless the new member has many OTHER ultimate consumers (i.e. NOT members) and can prove 70% rule can be satisfied, autoship would make the MLM an illegal pyramid scheme.

      In fact, auto-ship can be considered "inventory loading", albeit done over a longer period of time, if the inventory was shipped to member, not the ultimate user.

      2) Auto-ship can potentially change the relation between the member / distributor and the company. Instead of an "independent distributor", the member may become in fact, a "franchise" purchaser or "business opportunity" purchaser, and those are governed by VERY DIFFERENT LAWS than MLM, and are significantly more restrictive and require more disclosure.

      In "California vs. YTB" case, California attorney general (now Governor) Jerry Brown charged YTB with unlicensed business opportunity selling and unlicensed marketing plan selling, in addition to being a pyramid scheme. YTB was eventually forced into a settlement and agreed not to business in California.

      Myth: This is not MLM, but a "buyer's club", so it's legal

      Reality: False

      Merely "claiming" to be a buyer's club does not make the company a buyer's club in fact.

      A buyer's club's primary purpose is to provide discounted goods to members. If such a club's primary purpose is instead, to promise its members substantial income for intr

    • profile image

      Observer 5 years ago

      The 5 fatal flaws of Network Marketing: does your MLM plan sell the dream, not the reality?87

      rate this page

      By kschang


      I will get straight to the point.

      In studying network marketing, i.e. multi-level marketing (MLM) for two years, specifically by studying a scam that claims to be MLM, but also a lot of peripheral research, I have came to the conclusion that MLM business model is fundamentally flawed, and thus, can be a VERY DANGEROUS business to participate in, if you don't go in with all the facts.

      Basically, if a MLM is selling a dream of "passive income", not selling products, that MLM is essentially encouraging the itself to turn into a pyramid scheme because of the five flaws in the system itself.

      The five flaws are:

      Creating your own competitors

      Conflict of Passive vs. Active Income

      Questionable profitability of product

      Similarity to Pyramid Schemes

      Cult-like indoctrination of members and prospective members

      Add to that problems like

      Pseudo-MLM scams

      Late Government Intervention

      And you have a VERY dangerous business to be in.

      Let us study the five flaws one at a time, and the two additional factors. We will later discuss what are the warning signs to look for, and whether any legislation or reform can be done about it.

      Actual quote from a travel MLM compensation package, note the part about getting bonus if you "sponsor" more "associates":

      Weekly Dual Leadership Bonuses

      • Paid down to 3 Generations when Teammates Cycle

      • Sponsor 4 Associates earn $75.00 for each Compass Cycles

      • Sponsor 6 Associates earn $150.00 for each Horizon Cycles

      • You can be paid $225 over and over again as Teammates Cycles

      What about Real Estate? Don't they train agents who then become competitors?

      There are non-competition clauses written into most training contracts. Furthermore, all real estate agents must work through a licensed broker, and real estate agents work better in groups where more needs and wants can be matched. Real estate agents work off large ticket items where commission split still results in significant pay. Real Estate agents are licensed and tested, and numbers are limited, unlike MLMs where there is no qualification (other than joining).

      Flaw 1: Creating Your Own Competitors

      In a multi-level marketing plan, you need to sell things, but you also need to recruit other people who also sell the EXACT SAME THINGS and get a split of what they sell as commission. Essentially, you are creating your own competitors. Is that a sane business practice? (What the "things" are will be discussed in Flaw 3)

      Think about it: if you recruit someone from within your own social circle, you pretty much just creating an equal competitor, and that will decrease your own sales. Will what you gain from recruiting that person (i.e. the cut from his sales) be enough to offset the loss of your own sales, and thus, income?

      Some of the MLMers are taught to recruit your best customers. That is even MORE insane. You just turned one of your best assets, a repeat customer, into a COMPETITOR!

      Not only are you expected to create competitors, you are supposed to create lots and lots of them. Most so-called "matrix" plans asks you to create as many competitors as you can, all vying to sell the same product, and you are actually REWARDED for such behavior by "filling the matrix" or "cycle out of the board" and so on!

      What sort of sane business rewards its sales people by encouraging them to create competitors, AND train them, all selling the same product? This only benefits the company, not you, but they lure you in with the promise of "creating passive income".

      Remember, the company doesn't spend a penny on training and marketing. YOU, as a member, will be doing all the training and marketing, and PAYING FOR IT YOURSELF. (Also see flaw 3: questionable profitability)

      Usually the business and upline explains this problem away by rationalizing it as "generating passive income" by training their downlines. However, that is the next flaw in the MLM system.

      NOTE: Scenario presented is extremely simplified and thus only serves as theoretical illustration of general concepts involved. Most compensation plans are much much more complicated than this, using various terms like business volume, points, ladders, boards, matrices, and so on, with different commission at different levels. Furthermore, marketing costs, because they are borne by individual members, can only be estimated.

      Flaw 2: Conflict between Active vs. Passive Income

      One of the "draw" of MLM is the promise of passive income, in that if you recruit enough good people under you, they will make themselves, the company, AND you lots of money, without you doing anything else. However, this is inherently contradictory with the message that MLM is about marketing a particular product, because you basically must recruit a LOT of people in order to make that sort of passive income. So what are you supposed to concentrate on, recruiting, or sales?

      Or stating it another way, if MLM is REALLY about selling products, why does its very business model rewards recruiting more people, with the promise of "let someone ELSE sell the products"? If everybody wants to "let someone else sell the products" (i.e. generate passive income), who will actually sell the products?

      Are there any scenarios we can look at to see if passive income is viable? This question is very difficult to answer without using a lot of assumptions, as there are a lot of factors, such as profit margin if selling alone (which is heavily dependent on marketing costs), company sales requirements, market size and expansion when new people are introduced, and so on. However, we will construct a theoretical scenario: let us compare one guy, selling the stuff alone, vs. the same guy, living off only commission.

      Let's say this guy is selling $10000 worth of stuff every month, and profit margin, after accounting for all marketing expenses, is 10%. So profit is $1000 per month.

      If he recruits another sales people, who basically took over all his leads, so he just sits back and relaxes, how much can he make? This depends on what sort of commission he can get from the sales. However, let us assume... 5%, which is a decent number. We will assume a flat 1 level organization, as a multi-level commission structure is just too hard to calculate with the space available here.

      So he simply makes $500 without doing anything. However, that's HALF of his income from before. So he needs to sell stuff to maintain his $1000 per month income.

      But he won't be able to sell $10000 worth of stuff as before, since he no longer have the leads, as he just created his own competitor. Let us assume they each found 10% new customers somehow. So the total sales is now $12000. However, it's now split between two guys, so each makes $6000 sales, so each pockets $600, and the upline pockets additional $300 as commission (5%), so he has $900.

      What if he recruits TWO people, sits back and do nothing? Sales is $12000 (assuming each new guy manage to expand the business by 10%) so this guy makes $600 doing nothing. Each of the downline makes 600 in direct profit.

      The numbers don't improve much if you increase the number of downlines, assuming that every sales person increase market by 10% so recruiting 10 people doubles the market somehow. At that point, with $20000 in overall sales, he can sit back, do nothing, and still pocket $1000 a month. Unfortunately, each sales person now has only 2000 (20000 divided by 10) in sales, and they each make $200 (10% profit).

      So the choice is pretty clear: he can work his *** off every month, and sell $10000 worth of stuff to make $1000, or he can recruit ten other people to sell the stuff, do nothing else, and still pocket $1000 every month.

      After all, isn't that the dream? To be making money even when lounging on a beach somewhere? It is no surprise most MLMs sell you this particular dream: do no work, make money.

      It teaches the guy on the top to recruit a lot of people, and let THEM do the sales, and get rich off THEIR efforts. That is the optimum result, and is what everybody strives for. Everybody will want to be on

    • profile image

      yourdecision2011 5 years ago

      Hey Hurt and should watch Dr. Oz. His shows have answers to your very real problems. Brushing the back of your tongue and washing away that smelly bacteria will probably help and you don't need any toothpaste to do that. Body odor is another story. Every body reacts differently to different products. There is no guarantee on the brands you mention. Many people out there have great results using them. Your experience doesn't necessarily make them scamming products.

      Herbalife, on the other hand, is very focused on the recruitment aspect of the company. It IS, in fact, the majority of profit for the company. If you go the the Herbalife Internation website it actually gives you the statistics for 2010. It states that "the average" YEARLY profit for a "Supervisor" position is (and I quote) "The annual gross compensation paid by Herbalife to all Leaders during 2010 averaged $2,700.00. Over 37% of Supervisors are "Active" (defined as those who generated at least 2,500 points of volume in 2010 after becoming Supervisor). The annual gross compensation paid by Herbalife to Active Leaders during 2010 averaged approximately $7,100.00".

      Now, break that down by 12 months in a year = $591.67/month. With royalties and commissions (assuming you are a Supervisor) you would need to have recruited a lot of people just like yourself to realize even that $591.67/month. This is an attainable number but at what cost? You must decide if you are willing to recruit and take money from the next unfortunate individual who just wants and probably NEEDS to make some money for whatever their reasons may be. Sadly most people down on their luck are vulnerable to the prey that exists in MLM companies. Now I am not saying that it is something you should not get yourself into just think before you jump in. Do your research thoroughly. Search your own soul too. Realize that there ARE alternatives to taking the Herbalife products that at just as effective, less costly, organic or not to take anything at all and eat less and exercise. Whatever your preference do not settle on being sole ANYTHING!

      Yes, I am presently researching the "Supervisor" position within Herbalife. The sales pitch is brilliant! What a concept and if you can and are willing to recruit others just looking or needing to make a buck to survive then maybe this IS for you...or not. Realize that you may be getting pressure for your "mentors" to "make that sale!" after all THEY get the real $$. If you are a numbers person, like myself, I would be curious to know just how much money goes into actually making their products. I realize that an incredible amount of it goes into advertising, operations, commissions, royalties, bonuses, seminars/webinars/ vacations and a litany of other money making enticements! Recruitment is definitely the money keeping it on the New York Stock Exchange. Kudos to the corporate "Big Wigs". Too bad we all can't be you. Contrary to your sales pitch of "being our own business" we are still being paid by Herbalife as indicated in their 2010 Statement of Average Gross Compensation. THEY compensate US. The could compensate us with "free" product but they compensate with money. Sounds like PAY to me.

      You decide.

    • profile image

      Canice 5 years ago

      What a foolish thing to say?


    • profile image

      Dawn 5 years ago

      Actually, there is a store down the street from me where I can go buy anything Herbalife I want and I've never been pushed to see it! You say the same info above about MaryKay products...its smart really. I make it if you chose not to be a go getter, your bad, I didn't waste a salary on you!

    • profile image

      Frungi 5 years ago

      I don't doubt the principle behind this article, but is there any kind of source for its figures like "1% of distributors make 85% of the gross sales"? Without a source, there's no way to tell if it was completely made up.

    • profile image

      Justin 5 years ago

      To Dawn,

      Under the employment act, it is necessary to pay a fixed salary and provide all the employment benefits eg medical, dental, vacation, education even if we are not hard working. It is the onus of the employer to gain our respect and impress us to do better. So I disagree with the way how Herbalife USE people to further their I'll gotten gains on very over priced products that do not work.

      I will not work for Herbalife unless they pay me a guaranteed salary of $20,000 a month with their over inflated product prices.

    • Myrtus profile image

      Myrtus 5 years ago from Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

      For what it's worth, I have actually used Herbalife products, and they work! The shakes are very palatable, the protein product enhances the diet, the other products are all good quality, and I would not hesitate to use them or recommend them to others. The only drawback is the marketing method - Herbalife would do well to review the whole setup for selling their products.

    • profile image

      Pratik Shrotri 5 years ago

      Let me tell first that say something without going through it is worth hopeless. I'am a herbalife distributer and using product from many days I got the good result and for ur kind information please see the working plan of company and then give the free advice to people ok.

    • profile image

      Jono 5 years ago

      You people that are talking about herbalife being a scam are idiots, sorry but in every job there comes a time to play and a time to work. Working never killed anyone so get the dumbass stick outta your ass and do some work! All you freaks are looking for a quick fix job that actually doesnt exist....

    • profile image

      James 5 years ago

      Perhaps scam is a bit strong of an accusation, but shady scheme, absolutely. Herbalife is virtually the definition of a pyramid scheme. A few will make money, most will be left holding the bag.

    • profile image

      Usha 5 years ago

      I am 150kg, 1.60m female. Let me tell you that Herbalife is a scam. A Herbalife lady approached me saying she wants to help me lose weight. I told her I was not interested. I am happy with my weight. My doctor monitors me and gives me medicine and he doesn't even tell me to lose weight. But the Herbalife lady pestered and hounded me until I gave in. She sold me some stuffs and said I would lose weight easily. I took those stuffs according to her instructions. I fell sick immediately. I was in pain. I was bleeding. I vomited. Yet she was adamant that I was detoxifying and wanted me to drink more water. I tried. In a week, I lose 1 kg due to no sleep, excruciating pain, diarrhea, vomiting.

      Then somehow she convinced me to purchase more of the products telling me that I am on my way to losing more weight. I thought perhaps if I was more committed to using the products, I would lose more weight. So I passed her the money. She disappeared and never came back. I googled and called the Herbalufe office only to find out there was never any lady by that name.

      So I tell you. This Herbalife is a major scam.

      They get people to sell their products and scam people of their money and then deny they ever employed those sales people. Utter scam! I will never ever use such dangerous products again. Herbalife? NOT INTERESTED AT ALL.

    • profile image

      Julie 5 years ago

      I tried Herbalife and it doesn't work at all. And it is so so expensive. I can get the best weightloss program from Nutrilite at 10% of what I spent on Herbalife and it really really works. The best of all is those people in Nutrilite are not money focused and they have no intention to make any money at all but to help others achieve their dreams. So please please, I tell you, avoid Herbalife and instead use Nutrilite at a fraction of the cost. And it taste good. Not the yucky Herbalife medicinal taste that cause vomiting and diarrhea.

    • profile image

      Aware 5 years ago

      I have checked this company Herbalife. It is a pyramid scam. Biggest scam on a bunch of useless powders and tablets from some third world country sold at a phenomenal over-inflated price 99% more.

      Nobody makes money at all. All they do is get you to invest on a bunch of useless illegal drugs and get you into trouble. All those who claim to have made any money are a bunch of liars and actors paid to lure you into their illegal pyramid scheme.

      Better to go get proper nutrition advice from your expert doctors.

    • profile image

      Andrew 5 years ago

      I noticed most of the negative comments about the company and products of Herbalife. I have used another product that is genuine and researched based. It is professionally endorsed by doctors and general practitioners and thoroughly safe and good tasting. Very effective for weightloss and used widely in hospitals.

      The one and only genuine weight management company in the world approved and used by doctors and hospitals.

      Forget about the pyramid Herbalife fakes.

    • profile image

      Mary 5 years ago

      I was approached by a lady Herbalife distributor and she managed to convince me to try the products with a 30 days money back guarantee to lose weight.

      I asked for some time to consider and so I decided to research about Herbalife. To my surprise, I never knew there are so many reviews and comments about this product.

      From what I gather so far in the Internet, 80% of those who used the product had adverse reaction and suffered badly to the products. That is highly unacceptable for any food based product let alone medicine.

      The 30 days money back guarantee is rarely honored. Customers are forced to buying too much products to consume.

      There are medical reports of deaths from cancer, liver damage, heart attacks, strokes of Herbalife customers.

      I am so fortunate to have avoided taking Herbalife after careful research in the Internet.

      I am so grateful of this site and the internet search results.

      So people, you should consider yourself lucky NOT to use this stuff.

      Shame on you distributors.

    • profile image

      Mary 5 years ago

      I was approached by a lady Herbalife distributor and she managed to convince me to try the products with a 30 days money back guarantee to lose weight.

      I asked for some time to consider and so I decided to research about Herbalife. To my surprise, I never knew there are so many reviews and comments about this product.

      From what I gather so far in the Internet, 80% of those who used the product had adverse reaction and suffered badly to the products. That is highly unacceptable for any food based product let alone medicine.

      The 30 days money back guarantee is rarely honored. Customers are forced to buying too much products to consume.

      There are medical reports of deaths from cancer, liver damage, heart attacks, strokes of Herbalife customers.

      I am so fortunate to have avoided taking Herbalife after careful research in the Internet.

      I am so grateful of this site and the internet search results.

      So people, you should consider yourself lucky NOT to use this stuff.

      Shame on you distributors.

    • profile image

      Phil 5 years ago

      I write here with disgust.

      I tell you all pyramid companies cannot stand up to the scrutiny of genuine accounting audits.

      So I don't understand why governments still allow such scam companies operate with such impunity.

      The governments must investigate diligently into these pyramid companies to protect it's citizens instead of allowing corrupt officials to pander these companies as genuine companies trying to help others.

      All I see is these companies all help others to line their pockets with illegally stolen money from innocent citizens.

    • profile image

      rematch 5 years ago

      the government is a pyramid scheme




      state government



    • profile image

      Herbalife Insider 5 years ago

      yes, this company is a scam for the most part. I say this with personal experience of being an Insider for many years close to the top 1% of the company. what nobody really seems to realize is that there is MUCH MORE going on than selling vitamins or recruiting.

      (this is the illegal stuff)

      there is a separate "order menu" of unreleased products to distributors unless you are an "insider". the international front - is just that - a front. there is a reason why they are in so many countries - and clue: it is not to sell vitamins although the labels are really pretty and colorful - and so are their recruiting pitches.

      So -- realize that this company may only be kept afloat on the stock exchanges by definite INSIDER TRADING between distributors and company execs who know that the timing of the stock will go up at certain times - and they buy / sell the stock as INSIDERS ahead of time.

      Also - realize that vitamins - what is the definition again? - can be other things with fancy labels.

      A warning to all who really want the "inside" scoop - unless you plan on living under the spotlight of the elitist, "insiders only" Mafia of this joint, stay away - unless you like to be controlled by much more than meets the eye.

    • profile image

      andoug11 5 years ago

      Are you just an angry past distributor who didn't make any money? I'm not really sure where you got your facts....but a lot of those distributors aren't really selling products....they sign up as distributors so they can get a 35% discount on their products. And you can make $1500 a month...I just did last month, on my own, with no one selling under me. It's about motivation and working hard to get what you want. If Herbalife was a scam, it wouldn't continue to grow and grow and grow each year and be backed by SCIENCE...with a Nobel Laureate on the board of medical doctors. Do some fact checking before you write a story.

    • profile image

      johnt 5 years ago

      hem bastards scammed me 200 bucks an no help or support from the company, don't inlist its a scam

    • profile image

      Stupid 5 years ago

      Madoff 's financial system was a scam. It didn't work at all but he got other reputable people to join in to make it look legitimate.

      So this is illegal down to its core. Putting on external nobel laureate and exfda or senators into this company does not one bit make it true. It is illegal and downright dishonest. It will collapse when the distributors realises that they have been cheated.

      As for those who sign up for 35% for the discount for personal consumption, it just goes to prove my point that you cannot do a retail business because nobody is willing to pay for this expensive products unless every customer can get 50% discount. And for your information, those overseas distributors, you have been cheated.

      Customers worldwide are getting 50% discounts directly from USA, which one Formula 1 only cost USD$ 12 per bottle whereas overseas, you pay retail USD $65. Talk about daylight robbery.

      That is more than 5 x the price you can get if you bought directly from a distributor.


    • profile image

      lea 5 years ago


    • profile image

      Gerry 5 years ago

      Yes, I totally agree with you. That Herbalife stuff is just hogwash. They take common supermarket stuffs and slap a Herbalife sticker and claim it to be genuine weightloss products.

      And those photos of weightloss, it is reported by some experts that they are photoshopped! Those who know the people in the photos attest that they were never overweight much less obese.

      If you truly want to lose weight, try the genuine company Melaleuca.

      This 8 Billion Dollar company does not consider profits important. Its sole purpose is to help people get better and it even makes loses so that people can benefit its patented proprietary products for the benefit of mankind.

      Down with the Herbalife scam and its get rich quick lies.

      Use Melaleuca

    • profile image

      James 5 years ago

      Consider this.

      If Herbalife is truly a real company and truly a genuine product, it would be used in hospitals and approved by doctors.

      None of the Herbalife products are condoned by any genuine impartial doctors in the medical field.

      Hospitals strictly forbid Herbalife distributors from harassing their patients while still allowing other genuine good products of other companies like Mannatech and other weightloss dietians to help their patients.

      Doesn't that show how dangerous this cult is? The people who get sucked in lose all their brain cells, their money, their future and their friends all because they blindly follow this cult.

      I pray the governments will shut this company down and punish these cult leaders.

    • profile image

      John 5 years ago

      I am testing their product and considering them for my gym. So far they have proved to be far overpriced and of poor quality. The sales could work but I would consider it unethical for me to endorse the product to my current clients and students.

    • profile image

      John 5 years ago

      I suggest you test no longer those products.

      All those products can be found in any nutrition store eg GNC or Nature's Farm or any supplement stores at a fraction of a cost and usually of much higher quality.

      I suggest you get into contact directly with the manufacturer's so that you can get to the cheap but high quality products so you can honestly endorse the quality products in your gym.

    • profile image

      Lisa marie 5 years ago

      Herbalife is a scam 100% and its kinda like religion ur either up its arse or not. Please dont waste ur

      Money on herbalife it will not make u money. The ppl who say they have are full of it or if they do make money its from scamming ppl the whole thing is a joke check out u tube

      Dont buy these products and put more money in the hands of these criminals

    • profile image

      dr bass 5 years ago

      u poor uneducated BRAINWASHED ppl, thinking herbalife is good and u actually make money from selling a good product. u knobs u make money by selling hope to the less fortune you should all be shot. u and your marketing will be brought down one day you cant mess with people lives like this. i have money but i joined to see what would happen and no way can u make money unless u are scum and me personally would never sell a product that even the aussie government said no to. ITS NOT FDA approved it causes kidney failure u all know this yet u still target people to make money. NO ONE will make legit money with HERBALife that is one thing for sure. herbalife has ruined so many families and if we all stand up and do something we can stop this. i have no problem making sure not one more person ever pays a cent to herbalife and there disgusting distributors who sleep well at night because they have NO SOULS

    • profile image

      please help 5 years ago

      help me take these scammers down, i cant do it alone. please send ur story to i will NOT publish ur info or use it for anything but my own personal education unless we discuss and agree first. i know many ppl have tried this before but with enough ppl and support i beleive that we can make sure that herbalife uses full-disclosure when paying a cent in incomeathome businesses. this is unfair all the testimonies and the phone calls and ppl using your family and friends to make money. what is worse is if you say you have no money left they tell you its your fault you cant change your life, if you want to suceed you need to pay 9.99 then 39.99 then 325.00 then 400.00 and so on and so on. how many ppl desperate for money have been scammed with these false hopes and let downs. help me bring these scammers down- help me so that no women has to sit there so excited waiting for the package arrive and thinking all i have to do is put in the effort and i can make everything all better, then they get the package and it will cost them a fortune to make things better and if they dont well they dont really want to make things better they are just losers! right?? wrong no way help me fight the fight please

    • profile image

      sean 5 years ago

      Wow, impresive reading sorry but skipped a large amount as their is soooo Many comments, all I can do is post my story!

      I started with herbalife in July of this year I was a little over weight, low on energy and fed up. I already run a business so have business savy and was informed of the business opertunity from my accountant who was a distributor. so after using the products and getting great results I feel great and am starting to make a retail profit.

      Unfortunatley like any organisation their will be negative information flying around ... However as a distributor of Herbalife products you can see that most of the negative comments are illinformed as they do not tell the story how it really is! If you sign up and become a distributor, work hard, listen to the trainings, have a supportive sponsor you will do well and you will find out the real information and then see who is right!

      Initial start up costs are £94 this is your licence to retail the products and to help you get started, their is other items you can pay for but they are by choice to enhance your business.

      The business is Simple and Fun but obviousley hard work!

      I shall just end on this if you buy other weight management products in a supermarket does the chekout person call you up to see how your getting on with the product? if you buy suppliments in a health store does the sales assistant call you up and support you? That is why Herbalife products are sold "Directly" as it is all about the customer support, follow up and Result!

      love to here from you .... @SeanGreatHealth

    • profile image

      Sean 5 years ago

      Sorry I forgot to say ... in regards to the "markets too over saturated" comment

      A great friend of mine quite aptly pointed out "we are saturated in FAT" just look at your community! so their is plenty of space in the market place!


    • profile image

      petra 5 years ago

      ppl need to lose weight the proper way excerise and eat right, herbalife wont really help. it might be sheading the kilos now but make sure u get ur kidneys and livers checked because if u have done ur research, which im sure u have, u will know that its known to cause some problems and also bladder but thats only in smoking males apprently.

      we have banned herblife from our ui and our local mothers groups, some ppl are catching on but also its so easy to brainwash ppl these days, so o easy. thes ppl selling u herbalife only make money if u pay them, thats it no other way do they make money so of course it is the best weightloss, healthy solution recommended by our doctors and pharmistis, oh wait its not! no way would a doctors recommend this iim a student and we do basic studies of diet supliments and weightloss shakes and our findings, over a scheduled time, correspondes with other unis or independent labs who may be interested or have done a study themselves. all these studies are published for the consumer and no one read them or cares its insane. herbalife is not something an educated person would recommend. however its not educated ppl selling u the product its a greedy one.

    • profile image

      Rick 5 years ago

      I am overweight. 1.62m and 115 kg. I have diabetes and high blood pressure and gout. 2 months ago, I was advised by a friend to use Herbalife. I tried the products. They taste good and during the period of two months I lost 20kgs. My high blood pressure normalized and my blood sugar became normal. My gout pains have eased and test readings showed my uric acid has fallen. I felt lots of energy and I am alert the whole day.

      But I was shocked to hear from my doctor that Herbalife is banned in most countries because of death cases from liver poisoning.

      I immediately throw away those Herbalife drugs and told all my friends about the banned drugs.

      My doctor advised me to remain using his prescribed medicine as diabetes, high blood pressure and gout can never be cured. One should have a continued lifelong medication to control such disease.

      And it is dangerous to lose weight faster than 1kg a month.

      HEED the advice of your doctors and refrain from putting dangerous stuffs like Herbalife in your body.

      Make sure if you want to lose weight, only lose weight with prescription drugs from your doctors.

      Currently my doctor has put me on Clenbuterol and other medicines. I feel dIzzy and high heart palpitations but that is to be expected as my doctor has informed me before hand.

      I am so glad I was saved by the quick thinking of my doctor.

      So everyone. You should avoid using Herbalife.

    • profile image

      petra 5 years ago

      yes the quick thinking of your doctor possibly saved your life as we will start to see in 5,10 years when all these regular heralife consumers start to die off. however any research on herbalife will tell you that they cause liver harm along with many other things. its always better to look into a product thats just too good to be true by the person selling it. a couple of websites have claimed that the man who invented herbalife died from a overdose at 44, his liver failed and nothing was ever done. why not? because u can make money out of it. who cares really if it hurts ppl as long as our wallets are full and our ipads fully charged. DISGRACE herbalife distributors

    • profile image

      Peter 5 years ago

      My father had a major stroke 3 years ago which paralyzed him on the left side.

      He couldn't speak and was bedridden. A friend of mine introduced Herbalife Niteworks and shakes to him and after taking those products for 2 1/2 months, he could talk, get up and walk about. We bought the products as a wholesale member for US$ 300 for 3 month supply and we were truly amazed with the results.

      Then we went to see his neurologist who has been taking care of his paralysis and showed him the Herbalife products.

      To our shock, the neurologist immediately banned us from using the Herbalife products. He told us they contain very dangerous poisons and will cause liver failure and cancer. We stopped immediately.

      Then the neurologist got us to get real scientific medicines to improve my father's health. So we bought from the neurologist USD $10,000 worth of medicine from USANA.

      We have not seen any improvement in my father's health the past 2 weeks but the doctor says it will take one year to get better. I am very grateful the doctor was so kind to prevent us from being poisoned by this Herbalife products.

      Everyone should use USANA medicine because they are doctor prescribed and fully tested to be safe.

      Health. It is not how fast you become healthy or how cheap you become healthy but that you remain healthy in the long run,

    • profile image

      Sean 5 years ago

      The recent comments .... why do we all trust our doctors? they are also making money! and he/she was probabaly shocked to see that your doctor office visits reduced! Herbalife has not been baned in any country it is in 79 countrys with the recent country of Garner opening this month!

      Herbalife F1 which is the shake is a food NOT A MEDICATION!

      funny we are quick to accept prescription drugs from our doctor but not food from HERBALIFE which has had numerous scientists and doctors check it out! oh and one of our doctors was the chair of the FMA.

      The choice is yours I'd rather have health and happiness now rather than in years to come! who knows what is around the corner for us tommorow!

      would love to here from you @SeanGreatHealth

    • profile image

      petra 5 years ago

      sean ummm are u serious, u too are selling this product yes?? who who we trust the person who went to medical school to give us his medical opinion or u a overweight man who well admits he actually makes money via selling u this product mmm gee a uneducated overweight guy who was clearly sucked into the herbalife cult or a doctor who yes gets paid to see u but would get paid anyway, he doesnt rely on one medication to help you get put you on what is best what is approved what really works and doesnt cause bad side effects. he does get paid either way and he spend 8 years study to care for you, not 8 years beig over weight and looking for the last resort. u really think u have it good too i bet, ur using this fantastic product thats not only helping u now but also making u cash. little did u know r liver and kidneys have already started to put a barrier up towards all the defensive cells... well u dont need me rambling on about the truth when ur well earning a crust. i just cant beleive this the more and more i search and research the answer come up the same, HERBALIFE BAD from the products themselves to the person who tries to sell the business to the desperate for money.

      did u know that 10 or so years ago they used to advertise herbalife income at home as well... herbalife but now they cant even do that because ppl have actually start to catch on that herbalife are NOT safe products and well they have to make money so they still get a few suckers but the money really comes from the ppl trying to earn a quick buck.

      u feel great now and really i hope ur health does improve but research and stats dont lie, they just dont if u dont change ur lifestyle the right way eat healthy and excerise u will die, herbalife is just helping u get there quicker and from what i read more painfully.

      the choice is actually yours sean grow up and see whats really going on or stay asleep and earn the money take the killer herbalife and well...stay asleep

    • profile image

      Jennifer 5 years ago

      Point to note.

      All doctors are paid fixed salaries. It is never their intention to push any drugs to anyone. It is also their oath to treat all patients with highest and utmost care.

      Doctors don't work for money. All doctors work for the betterment of sick people.

      Similarly, all hospitals are caring institutions. They are never profit centered. All of the hospitals make losses and needs subsidies from the government to stay open.

      On the other hand Herbalife distributors are greedy. Their concerns are money at the sake of safety and public health.

      As long as any products are marketed under the MLM structure, you can bet that they are fakes and dangerous. Otherwise they will be endorsed by hospitals and doctors.

      Point to remember.

      All doctors go through the ethics course and they are informed specially to ban any of their patients from using Herbalife products as they cause liver damage and cancer.

      Even all universities throughout the world are up against Herbalife.

      If you are looking for some good supplements, use USANA, the supplement designed, manufactured and endorsed by 90% doctors and hospitals.

    • profile image

      u fools 5 years ago

      petra- we know how u feel, a few yars ago we were sucked into incomeoneline and we actually didnt think at all that this would actually be herbalife. i had done herbalife is the ninties and was taken for about $2500 and im not the only ones. i remember hearing many stories over the years about how herbalife has ruined marriages and taken people live saving from them, all in the hope that they would infact make money. from what i remember the only way to make money was by selling to family and friends and well i didnt have family or friends that needed nor could afford the product. i spent months and months working my butt of with the advertising and flyers and still i made nothing. i finally after many many aurguements with my family decided that they were right, it was a scam. i remembered back to the testimonies of this must have product and i thought? they actually dont even mention the product at all in the info package and dvd, that should have been my first clue. im actually surpised that people are still paying money for a product that is unapproved by our approved and that they scam money out of people. the distribtors, or lecches as our community calls them, demand this money in promise of higher return with hard work and when you do everything they say they still want more money and then when u are not making any money they say its your fault because you dont truly want to be sucessful or your family deserves better and wouldnt you love finanical freedom well its only three steps away. these mlm scams are costing innocent desperate people billions of dollars a year that is why they are making so much money because they market to desperate. who wouldnt pay a little amount of money in promise for large amounts??? yes you can call these people dumb for doing this in this day and age but what anout heralife, how are they still doing this and why hasnt something being done. why does the government let this happen when the search proves its a unhealthy product that causes cancer and many many other health problem with long term use and they get paid $1000 of dollars of your money so you can earn $1000's of dollars too. they shouldnt market to people as and the after they have your credit card details tell you its dodgy herbalife that your dealing with. Come on people use that head on your shoulders and realise if it is too good to be truth it is, these distributor only make money if you pay them so of course they are going to tell you anything you want to hear, please dont let herbalife and its fake promises suck any one in, SINGLE mothers dont do it, i know your thinking about it because its so tempting you could really use that extra cash and you have a few hours every night right ?? WRONG, it will cost you thousands and will take up every minute of your day until you finally realise you have been SCAMMED!

      DON'T DO IT

    • profile image

      Peel 5 years ago

      What are you all thinking off?

      Get a job. All these doing your own business and investing in yourselves, in shares and forex and studying are all a scam to take money away from you.

      If they truly want you to work, they should pay you to train you and guarantee that you qualify after you have done 50% attendance.

      Get a job because the true boss desire is to take care of you for the rest of your lives and your families' lives. They will protect you with insurances and also give you untold benefits, earning income while sick or absent.

      A true boss is never concerned about profits but really care and concern about the most important assets in their lives, their workers.

      So don't pursue these stupid dreams but focus on giving your all and dedication to your true savior, your bosses who have great plans for you, plans to give you good lives through loyalty and dedication.


      If you want a good boss, work for USANA, the one and only true company that gives and gives.

    • profile image

      petra 5 years ago

      oh no please dont tell me we have a new herbalife? USANA.

    • profile image

      USANA IS HEBALIFE 5 years ago

      UMmmm just did some reseach into this USANA is the same type of thing as herbalife, u have to pay to work for USANA from homw what are you talking about PEEL?? Its another MLM compamy where 80/90% of people never make money the 5_10% who do which is usually money made from selling to friends and family and the rest who are the people who sit back and wait for the low income to dream big and start handing out there money. Its the same thing.

      There is no bosses who like are care for you, they DONT pay you to work for them YOU pay THEM to work and then even nearly ALL dont make money.

      PEEL you should be ashamed, they may not be the same ingredients or have the same name or packagng but its the same thing as herbalife just another way to make the rich richer and the poor worse off. ur a dickhead.

    • profile image

      Apples 5 years ago


      If you are looking for a good job, apply to






      Exxon Mobil



      Fannie Mae

      General Electric

      Berkshire Hathaway

      General Motors

      Bank of America

      Ford Motor

      Make your demands, set your conditions and let those companies acceed to your requirements.

      They take care of their employees like family.

      And stay out of this site. This place is for telling the truth about Herbalife and letting people trash only the Herbalife company.

    • profile image

      Try this 5 years ago

      Do you know there is an over-saturation of this Herbalife business that it no longer becomes viable to even do any business at all and make any money?

      These people are so desperate to recruit you that they will do anything to get you to sign on the contract.

      I am a business woman and I got approached by a distributor who genuinely wants to help me lose weight.

      I lost 5kg in 2 weeks and I kinda love the products but I was then approached by a President's team who saw me being served by this distributor. She then followed me to the Carpark and offered to sponsor me free of charge and even told me I could buy the products at 50% from her as she has a line of people waiting to qualify as supervisors and I can get into the line at a tremendous discount. When I was hesitant, she even promised me 65% discount at 1000 points.

      I was flabbergasted. Then she volunteered to give me 2 extra packs of ultimate programs and help me seek my 30days refund from the other distributor to get my money back.

      At this point, I decided this is a totally unethical company and I refused to be part of it.

      I got back my refund, stopped answering the harassing non-stop phonecalls from these people. And told that President's team lady that I have already joined my brother in the business (a lie to stop her from pestering me).

      Imagine my surprise when I was cursed and shouted at by this lady. Well, I will never ever want to even hear the name Herbalife anymore from now on.

      Please beware of this company.

    • profile image

      Herbalife ürünleri 5 years ago

      I do not think Herbalife is a scam. Doing this business and gain a good friend of mine. Also a friend of mine also escaped overweight using Herbalife products. I know a lot of people were satisfied with using.

    • profile image

      Larry 5 years ago

      Hey Gays,

      I read all the comments above and i found it very intresting . In fact we can't hid that this world if full on unEthical and money hungry people or Company .

      in any field or professions we will find the debate and we find unhappy or unsatisfied people but at the same time they are pleanty of happy , successfull people.

      it's all depends on you and how you treadt the situation.

      I have been using herbalife for a while and i found it very perfect, as any one else you may like or don't like butteh TRUTH it's Owsome and it works . the problem here you could expensive some people or you might be introduced to the most expensive package . Herbalife has the right prodcut to much your need and your budget .

      Talking about teh business opportunity , i found it not bad at all but its helping us to pay a lot of our Bills.

      My freinds that is a business you may fail an may get what you want or it may not suit you at all. i never heard that someone is forced to be involved in a business . if you are considering any business you need to make your search , risk assesment , ask the questions and if you don't feel confident about just leave it .

      I saw and i know many people are making lost of money which is more than CEO can get in a moth . but don't ever think that buiness mean lottery . Business maens effort . the more effort you put the more income you get . my personel opinion its verry good opportunity wil low investment and risk .

      Also being a distributor for Herbalife doen't mean you have to work hark you may just get the product if you lik it at discounted price.

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