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Where Do You Find The Highest Paying Affiliate Programs?

Updated on June 16, 2010

What is Your Health Worth?

As an affiliate marketer, do you know where to find the highest paying affiliate programs?  Here is a hint – look for something health related.  The health niche is exploding and is becoming more and more lucrative with each passing day.  Why?  People want solutions to their health related problems, and they want them now.

Many people do not want to make a doctor’s appointment, they want to order items that will help them with their problem and they will pay a lot of money for a solution.  The highest paying affiliate programs are in the health niche because they offer products that people want to buy.  This is the key.  You can join an affiliate program and promote your little heart out, but if the products are not something people are looking for, then good luck making any sales.  No sales equals zero commission.  Pretty simple huh?

Health Affiliate Programs = $$$
Health Affiliate Programs = $$$

A Hungry Crowd Is Money In The Bank

The health related niche has some of the highest paying affiliate programs because these products fill a need for thousands of people.  It is important to find your specific niche and then match that with a product.  You can also look at some of these health related affiliate programs for ideas.

One very good reason why health related niche programs are the highest paying affiliate programs is the price point of their products.  Many of these products are priced over $80 per product and you can expect at least a 40% commission.  If you only sell a few products per week, then that translates to a pretty decent pay check for you.  Some of these affiliate programs offer cost per action.  In other words, if a person orders a trial of a product, you still earn a commission.  Most affiliate programs do not offer this, and so this is another reason why the health niche has the highest paying affiliate programs available.

People world wide have various health issues that can be treated with products you can promote from these types of health related affiliate sites.  Some sites offer ready made websites, all you need to do is choose the products you would like to promote and your affiliate links are already embedded.  This is the perfect solution for many marketers who have no experience building websites.  It also means that you will not be out of pocket with many expenses, such as paying for web hosting and domain names.

Time For A Change - Take Action!

It is surprising that when marketers look at promoting commission based products, they do not even consider these high paying affiliate programs that are available in the health niche.  It is time to change the way you approach marketing and look at it from the side of your typical internet user.  This person is using the internet to find a solution to a health related problem, so if you can provide them with the answer and a product, you are well on your way to making a great income.


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