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The History of Dr Pepper - King of Beverages

Updated on November 9, 2012
History of Dr Pepper
History of Dr Pepper

Invention of Soft Drink “Dr Pepper”

Dr Pepper is the world’s oldest and one of the main branded soft drinks in America. The Dr pepper Company is also a major manufacturer of many soft drink concentrates and syrups. This drink was first introduced to the world in 1885. The history behind the origin of this famous drink is quite interesting.

Dr Pepper, the unique flavor of America was invented by a young English pharmacist named Charles Alderton, who worked at Morrison’s old corner drug store. The Morrison’s store was situated in the Central Texas town of Waco. As a pharmacist his main work was mixing the medicines. But he used to find time to serve carbonated drinks at the soda fountain. It was at this time that he decided to experiment on a different and unique smelling drink. Finally he was contented with his new invention that was made by mixing various fruit syrups. He offered his new drink to his boss, Wade Morrison. He was greatly impressed at the unique taste and flavor of the drink. Finally he served it at the soda fountain and the customers there also liked it very much. Soon he started getting orders for his drink.

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The Path to Success

The drink started gaining popularity and Mr. Morrison suggested a name for the drink- “Dr Pepper”. He named it so in memory of Dr. Charles Pepper, a kind man, who gave him his first job when he was in a very bad situation. Alderton’s drink became so famous that other drug stores also started ordering this soft drink in large quantities. As the need for this drink increased it became impossible for the drugstore to fulfill the demand.

Great demand for Dr Pepper

It was at this time that a young chemist named Robert.S.Lazenby came forward with the idea of expanding the business. Alderton wished to concentrate on pharmacy work and did not want to pursue the business. As suggested by Alderton, Dr Pepper was further developed by Morrison and Lazenby by becoming partners. They started a new firm at Waco, the Artesian Mfg. & Bottling Company in 1891, which was later renamed as Dr Pepper Company. Later in 1923 this company was shifted to Dallas.

At the World's Fair Exposition in 1904 conducted at St. Louis, Dr Pepper was introduced to about 20 million people by the company. Almost three other major products were also introduced at the same fair (hamburger, hot dog buns and ice cream cones). Since then Dr Pepper became outrageously popular.

The oldest Dr Pepper bottling company is still located at Texas. Dr Pepper has now become a part of the society. Some slogans also emerged in connection with it- "King of Beverages", “the friendly Pepper-Upper”, "Drink it slow. Dr.'s orders" etc. The newest one is "There's just more to it". Even though many other soft drinks have gained much popularity after it, the fame of Dr Pepper still remains as such in the United States.


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      Michael Kromwyk 5 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      I must say that Dr Pepper is an aquired taste, hence it has never done well in the Aussie market, but then again no-one but Aussies like Vegemite. I like to try this when I am in the USA and know I can look informed with my kids when we share a Dr Pepper or two. Cheers Michael