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The Horrors of Log Trucks

Updated on March 4, 2019
kenneth avery profile image

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

  Log truck on Litchfield   Paper Company Log Yard.
Log truck on Litchfield Paper Company Log Yard. | Source

My Dad, Bless His Heart

Summertime, 1961, I was sitting in my place: the backseat of our car. My dad was the driver. Always. I found out years later that (this) was a “Man Thing,” which needs to elaboration or explanation. I read an article somewhere in a doctor’s office and it talked about how most of the scars that has been carved into our hearts have been placed there when we were between the years of five and nine-years-old. I was somewhat skeptical until the writer went over the Age Areas, and I quickly placed my magazine back to the table where I found it.

But the writer of this story was right in the (between the years of five and nine-years-old) and I suddenly went back to This area of my life and the remainder of the article went on and on about how the Males are always inflicted with fearful things (always), and the Male is always the one who is more prone (than Females) when we are in the Areas of Age that I have told you twice.

I want to head into the Main Thing about What Scarred My Heart and Drove Me Almost Mad From Hearing About. . .the Log Trucks! I could have trashed this piece, but why? I need to face my fear and that way, I just might learn (from writing this piece) that there is absolutely nothing to fear. Didn’t FDR coin this phrase: "we have nothing to fear, but Fear itself?"

My Dad, Bless His Heart

did not fear anything or anyone, except God Almighty. My dad oblivious as it pertained to Bobcats, Mad Dogs and Rattlesnakes (what a great album title for Alice Cooper) and a lot more “fearful” things! Not my dad. He would meet anything on two or four legs and come out in great shape—oh, at the four-legged beasts that he sent to Heaven.

Not me. From age three and until my current age, 65, I fear a lot of two and four-legged living things—rhino’s, lions, hyenas, cotton mouth snakes and persistent telemarketers. There are more that I can put on the list, but I don’t feel like boring you right now.

Actually, it is like FDR said, “we have nothing to fear—but fear itself,” and when I first heard this governmental cheer,, I applauded our president for instilling these words into our lives. Note: FDR Did make this statement when he was campaigning against Herbert Hoover in 1932. Gotta love that history! Just felt like sharing with you.

I hate to be a shivering bowl of Jell-O, but there are Five ways that ONE (loaded) log truck can injure you or kill you or both. Seriously. Log trucks (and the Logging Industry) are vital to the American Economy . . .still, there is always “that” danger each time that they roll over the highways and byways of our highways.

Please allow me to share my expose’ to the Six Ways That Pose Serious Dangers to the American Drivers . . .

1.) If you are driving behind a log truck, well, you can be involved with a load of logs that some guy somewhere wasn’t paying attention and did not secure his load well enough and I tell you . . .the logs that travel over our highways ARE heavy and can work themselves loose with enough bumping from bumpy roads (that were not fixed during the Obama Administration).

2.) If you are riding along In Front of a Logging Truck and the driver resents YOU riding in front of him, just maybe, you pose an of Competition for Him and then he has to get you off of the road by allowing his truck to get closer and closer until his front bumper bumps your back bumper. . .and by now, you feel waves of horror wash over you and if you are wise . . .you pull off the road and let the Logger pass.

3.) If Mr. Logger is driving too slow, then you can, make a Legal Passing Area and get by the Logger, but if the Logger has a short temper and very competitive . . .he can drive to the Left of you causing you fright and you hit the brakes allowing the Logger to continue down the road. And remember . ..Jesus said, “it is far better to give than to receive.”

4.) Of course this Area of Fright works similar to the Logger moving to the Left, but the Logger starts his truck to moving toward the right and you (being scared) simply hits the brakes—allowing him to truck right down the road as he laughs at you being a Wimp, but at least you are alive.

5.) I would guess that drivers of both cars and Log Trucks can afford to show a certain amount of Sympathy when the two meet on the open road. It is known fact that Log Truck Drivers do not have a lot of time when it comes to stopping long enough to eat a hearty lunch—due to the drivers having to pull a certain amount of logs that they haul to (a) Paper Mill and this hauling of logs is known as a Quota and explained the easiest by saying that the Log Truck Drivers have to pull a certain number of Trailer Loads of Logs in order to make good money—and if the Log Truck Drivers pull more than their Quota, the more that these drivers are paid, but with that exception, comes a dangerous exception: Log Truck Drivers cannot eat a full-meal, so they buy a soda and a bag of pork rinds and drive while they eat and drive at the same time. The danger comes when a driver starts around the Log Truck, and the driver has finished his soda and simply tosses the empty soda bottle out of his window and it falls to someone’s car windshield and a wreck wreck ensues.

7.) (Some) Log Truck Drivers love to smoke cigarettes or chew tobacco while they “pull” their Logs to the Paper Mill, so the Logging Company can tell the Drivers to NOT smoke and chew in order to prevent them from causing severe wrecks when they toss out a cigarette or a cud of tobacco—both can cause distraction and when an automobile driver is distracted . . .awful things can happen and we do NOT want this to happen.

What I would love to see happen is the Log Truck Owners to have frequent-meetings with the Log Truck Drivers and make them aware of just how dangerous it is to not follow these Six Rules as Driving Affects Cars and Trucks and Each Driver Should Respect The Other Drivers.


I would, on any other time, publish a Guide for Riding on The Highway With a Log Truck, but These Seven Safety Rules CAN be Applied to The Bicycle Rider. All except Rule No. 8.) Lazy Bicycle Riders are NOT permitted to ride up to the Log Truck and “hitch” a ride on the Log Trailer by Holding Onto the Trailer and Not use Their Pedals.

Remember . . .if you drive an automobile or bicycle, please Use Safety When Operating Your Vehicle When Driving The Same Highway With Log Trucks.

March 4, 2019____________________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery


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