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Receptionist and Telephone Call Courtesy in Hotel

Updated on March 1, 2011

It is essential, being a hotel receptionist to know-how to answer and make phone call appropriately. By just answering the phone call, the hotel as well as service is being publicized at the same time promoted. The telephone call received at your receptionist desk can be varied such as a reservation, an inquiry, a call looking for a client in the Hotel and other miscellaneous calls. Whatever calls it is made or received, your duty as a receptionist is to handle it with courteousness.

Before you pick up the Telephone: Stop your conversation if you were in the middle of talking with somebody. If your hotel policy is a receptionist standing policy, then stand straightly. But if it is sitting then sit on your chair straight. Exhale and make a smile before you pick up the telephone. Even if you are busy with another stuffs, try to escape from it pay your full attention to the telephone. Wait for  two or three times ringing before you pick up the telephone. Prepare a note pad and ball pen to take note.

On the Telephone: Assumed that you are already on the smile. “Hello, Good Morning/Good afternoon/Good evening. Welcome to Hotel Red Canal reception. How may I help you? (For example) Mr. Twobmad speaking.” Speak pleasantly. Do not be in a hurry. Speak clearly.

Be familiarized with the total number of in-house guests list and names. Help the privacy of your guests. Do not give the information of confidential things on the phone such as room number and complete address of the guests. If they insist, “I am afraid but Sir/Madam, this is our hotel policy.”

If the caller would like to talk to the in-house guest, ask him to hold on for a moment. But do not let it go over more than 30 seconds. Then set the caller’s telephone on “Hold on” mode. When you got back to the caller, start with an appreciation word, “Thank you for waiting, Sir/Madam.”

If the telephone call is not for the Front Office desk, “Would you like to please hold on for a moment, I will connect you to GM or Business office right away.” Remember that you, being a receptionist, you will receive all kinds of telephone call. All the call will first arrive at your desk.

At the End of the telephone calls: Always leave an impressive word to the caller. If he is able to talk to a person whom he would like to talk, ask “Would you like to leave a message?” And try to mention his/her name before the telephone hang up. Do not hesitate to say “Thank you for calling.”


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