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How A Hubber Should Do Keyword Research

Updated on July 2, 2015

Finding A Niche The Hubber Way

Many people find it hard to find a niche thinking it involves creativity or specialized knowledge. It Doesn’t. Just look around you and think about what you use on a day to day basis, what is on the news or media? Type that into the keyword planner and see what pops up.

Take one of those words and plug that into the keyword planner keep doing this over and over until you start seeing groups of words that appear to have some commonalities.

Let’s take an example: I was watching TV the other day and I see that Kim Kardashian was in the news again for this new fad called “Waist Training”. Am I interested? No. Am I curious about what has a bunch of women in an uproar talking about it? Yes. So I put it into the keyword planner and see what pops up. I see phrases like “best corset for waist training” and “waist training cincher” and “buy waist training corset”.

Using Excel To Uncover Your Niche

Keep in mind I don’t know what any of this is at the moment, but whatever, I export the the list (about 800 keywords).I see a word I dont know (Waist Training Cincher) , but its related to "Waist training" since its came up.

I place that into the keyword planner and export the list that phrase brings up, I see a few more words or phrases I'm not sure of or want to dig deeper into and place them into the keyword planner and export the lists that pop up, Repeat this process until you have about 4-5 list. They will have duplicate words on them but that's fine.

By this time you will have 4 to 5 lists with a bunch of keywords related to corsets, cinchers, and waist training. At this point I’m really starting to wonder if I want to become an authority on this wait training fad. I don’t, But do I want to make money? Yes.

So I copy and paste all the lists into one excel spreadsheet and delete the duplicates. If you don't know how to copy and paste words around in excel and delete duplicates? Then it may be time for a little crash course and that's what writing is all about, so get crackin.

Finding The Long Tail Keywords

There is probably a million and one ways to go about finding good keywords, but I'm going to take you through a methodical step-by-step process to finding all kinds of great keywords that would make good hub articles. FYI The only "Columns" I keep are Keyword and Average Monthly Volume.

Step 1: Sort the "Monthly Volume" From Largest to Smallest

Step 2: Scroll strait down to the words that have a keyword search volume of 1000 and below. This here is the hubbers keyword paradise. highlight all the words that are 4 or more words long, the longer the better, do this until you get to keywords that have a search volume of 100. I wouldn't go below this as these words would not be worth your time to target.

Step 3: Now head to the column filter--->Text Filter--->Contains. Here you can search for key words that may be in the keywords themselves, some you may have not covered. The first words I always use are Who, What, When, Where, Why, How, For, Best, Top, Review. Do this and highlight the words that filter through and are 4 or more words. By Now you should have a pretty good list of 30+ longtail keywords that are great for hubbers to write a group of hubs about and see how well they do.

Like I said, there are several ways to go about this, and this definitely wont get you all the best keywords, but it will get in in the ballpark of a lot of great keywords and it is a simple easy approach anyone can follow to uncover great topics and even a niche to start writing about.

Ok, now that we have found a healthy list of long-tail and possibly low competition keywords from a lost of about 2-3 thousand keywords. That doesn't mean these are all words you want to target, maybe someone has taken interest in a few of these words and your time would be better spent somewhere else. Now its time to take a quick and dirty approach to keyword competition research.


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