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The Human Resources Manager

Updated on January 8, 2013

Human Resources is my profession when I am not writing hubs or writing on my blog. I've been working in the field for almost 20 years. Currently I am a Human Resources Manager and supervise two employees at a company with about 170 employees. I manage the whole arena- recruiting, benefits, training, employee relations, salary administration. I report directly to the CEO/President, which makes me a part of the Senior Management Team.

I have a service personality and that's what we do in HR- we serve the people of the company. It is an outstanding field and I highly recommend it to anyone. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my job, but sometimes I want to run out the door screaming. I could literally write a best selling novel on the stories that I've accumulated while working in HR. My stories would go from bad management decisions to the office romances. In HR, you hear and see it all!

How do I enjoy the different aspects of my job?

Recruiting is a fun aspect. I love to attend job fairs and career days. I love to people watch. I always have fun at those events but I am bushed when I return home. Talking to hundreds of people desperate to find a job in this economy is very tiring.

The Employee Relations part of my job puts me into the counselor role. I've counseled everything from performance issues to relationships at home. Some of the choices the employees make are unbelievable. You just try to give the best advice and move on.

The Training aspect of my job is probably my strength. I don't train much anymore since my staff does the new hire orientation and job training. But I can honestly say teaching and training has always been something I excel at.

Benefits keeps me knowledgeable of insurance, Health Care Reform, Retirement products. When it's time for insurance renewals, bids and negotiations, it gets intense. With insurance cost sky-rocketing, trying to get the best deal for the employees is truly challenging.

I contract out for a company to prepare our Salary Administration program. I just manage it. I review all the performance evaluations and approve all salary increases. I have to make sure the evaluations are worded properly to minimize any potential legal battles.

Of course the firing and layoff responsibilities of my job is the most un-enjoyable. It's hard to fire the bread winner of the family or anyone for that matter. The technique is to not get emotional when you do it. State the facts and move on. Don't apologize, just explain why and try to make it as palatable as possible. You always need a box of tissue available in the HR Manager's office.

Being on the Senior Management Team, I make presentations. Yearly I have to present to our Board of Directors and give them an update on the status of HR in the company. I show them graphs, charts and explain our initiatives. I also present to the management team yearly to give direction. Therefore, presentation skills are vital in my job.

Finally, I need event planning skills. We have a annual all employee awards event, a Christmas Luncheon and other events that I have to plan. Fun stuff of course, but can be a headache at times.

Are you interested in a career in Human Resources? If so, you must decide if you want to be a HR Generalist or a Specialist. A generalist handles all components of HR like I do. A specialist will only work in one area of HR, like recruiting or benefits- specializing in that area. Undecided? Consider using a career counselor or coach who can help guide you to the right decision.

Human Resources is great career. Human Capital is any company's most valuable asset. Therefore the need for a great HR team is paramount for a company to succeed.


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    • Evans4life profile image

      Evans4life 6 years ago

      Thank you so much stars439.

    • stars439 profile image

      stars439 6 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Wonderful hub. It is a job that must be done, and you are a good person because you care, and do what must be done according to rules you must follow. If you had the power to make everyone happier, and have better lives you would do it so always know in you're heart that you are doing the best you can. GBY


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