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The Illusion Of Everyone Getting Rich

Updated on May 4, 2011

It seems that many popular articles these days are aimed at making people rich. While the techniques vary greatly with each article, sadly, there is missing the truth about the nature of our environment and us as well.

We live in a predatory-like environment that is constantly engaged in a state of struggle. The food chain existed long before we humans ever arrived on the planet and will no doubt continue well after we have left.

Our resources here on earth are limited. While we have food and water to feed the planet many times over, we fail to do so. Why? Something that we are born with - incentive. Incentive pushes us to capitalize and profit from doing such things as feeding the masses.

Now, precisely the reason that everyone cannot be rich is that there would be no one profiting in our predator-like environment. Unfortunately, most people profit at someone else's expense and that is why cheating, stealing, scamming run rampant in our society.

People who have made fortunes honestly, have found a way to benefit the people they reap from (creating a demand). The demand is the key.

What can you offer to fulfill a demand of the masses that would make you rich? Once found, it would only be a matter of communicating that offer and supplying it (fulfilling the demand) and there you have it - you are rich beyond your wildest dreams.

The challenge is to find out what that is. Not everyone can do it because they are not conscious of it, they are not interested, motivated or maybe capable. Competition means that more people are trying to rise above the crowd to fight for that rarity of being rich.


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