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The Impact of Face to Face Communication on Your Home-Based Business Success

Updated on May 6, 2017

Face to face communication is still one of the most effective forms of communication, not only for home-based businesses but for any type of company looking to grow, whether non-profit or cooperate.

Although other communication channels, including all forms of advertising, are certainly necessary for reaching your target audience, such forms don’t possess the speed of connective trust which comes out of physical contact with customers.

When you can establish a relationship of trust with your target audience, you gain improved loyalty and increased customer acquisition. For example, going out into the streets, shaking hands and introducing your product or service to people who need and want it will go a long way in building recognition and trust.

One of the biggest mistakes a home-based business entrepreneur can make is to hide behind the internet and hope that customers will come knocking at his or her door. Such assumption is never the reality. You must go out and make yourself known to customers and other possible networking partners.

Making Yourself Known

What are some of the ways you can make yourself known? First, accept the fact that you are responsible building your customer base. No one else is. If you refuse to go out into the market jungle, you will never really get to know your customers personally. As a result, the growth of your business will be stagnated at times due to lack of market exposure.

Business Cards

One of the simplest thing that you can do to meet people is to pass out business cards wherever you go. Such approach is still effective. For example, whenever you are at an event or other people-gathering function, handing out business cards is an effective way to make yourself known. Distributing business cards gives you a chance to talk to potential customers and position yourself for instant connections.

When you laugh, and talk with people and make eye contact, you establish a bond, especially if you have a product or service in which people are interested.

Another major advantage of getting to know some of your customers personally is that you can always interact with them to discover changes in their needs and desires. Since the economy is always changings, you can take surveys and conduct personal interviews to obtain their feelings about current trends or technological advancements.

Assessing Your Face to Face Communication

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Net Working Events

Running a home-based business in isolation can be difficult and lonely if you are not connected with others who are self-employed. Many start-ups fail because they choose to go at it alone without the support and insight into what is happening in perspective their fields.

For example, if you run a home-based photography business, you will do well if you are connected to Professional Photographers of America(PPA) or local or state picture taking groups who meet on a quarterly basis.

Meeting and engaging in personal interaction with people who love to do the same things you are doing provides its own inspiration.

Finding the Motivation

Chances are by working at home, you may have gotten too relaxed while working in your home-based business. When you find yourself in such mood, you must determine that you will not settle for less than your worth. Your worth millions. What makes your think others are worthier of remarkable success than you are.

Of course, meeting people face to face takes time, energy and a respectable wardrobe. However, excellence in business just doesn't happen out of the blue. Excellence must be earned. You must look at the big picture by constantly seeing yourself in the ideal situation. For instance, you might want to picture yourself at the top of the marketplace or see your home-based business earning a lucrative annual income.

Although motivating yourself can be difficult, the more you keep your thoughts positive by being around encouraging people, reading inspirational books and realizing that you are making a difference in the lives of your customers, you will make considerable progress and will most likely experience substantial success in your home-based business.

Getting Beyond the Awkwardness

In the beginning, it may be difficult for you to go out and meet potential customers or supporters. You may be shy or lack basic people skills. However, even though you will experience moments of awkwardness and comfortability, you are still responsibility for leaving the four-walls of your home-based business and making yourself known at times.

Getting beyond the awkwardness of meeting people will take courage and consistency, but the experience will eventually become more natural and you will obtain the inner excitement and joy of connection with others on a regular basis.

It took me several years to face the possible rejections, disappointments and abandonments sometimes experienced when dealing with other people. But eventually, I overcame people and begin to not take people-reactions personally.

The Bottom Line

The significance of face to face communication to home-based business success cannot be over-emphasized. We may hide behind a computer screen day in and day out but seldom do we make dynamic progress without getting out into the marketplace and meeting and interacting with some of our customers face to face.


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