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The Importance of Communication within the Workplace

Updated on July 20, 2011

What is communication? Communication is simply the exchange of information that contains ideas and thoughts with others. Business communication is important because it is utilized to improve employee performance in a positive way.

There are three important things that are directly connected to effective communication skills:

· Ensuring people understand your message

· You understand the message

· Controlling the flow of communication

The way you communicate in your business is labeled “business communication”. Good communication skills are not only imperative in our professional lives but also our personal lives. The way you communicate within your workplace can prove the difference in failing or succeeding. One of the most common reasons that company goals are not reached is due to lack of good communication.

Verbal and written communication

On a daily basis, we work and deal with verbal and written forms of communication. No business is exempt from this practice. If good communication is not present, many business goals will not prove successful. When communicating via written means such as emails, memorandums and others, you must be accurate and clear in your communication.

Effective business letters

If you are writing business letters, ensure that you know who your distinct target audience is before composing your letters. Write the letter with the readers in mind. The business letter should prove easily read while relaying pertinent company information that leaves no doubt of the point or points you is trying to relay. Try to avoid run-on sentences while shortening up your sentences. You want to write enough words so that the audience will get the point, however, you do not want to write a letter that proves so long that people will stop reading it.

Communication skills are important

Verbal Communication is the foundation of business management. In order to excel as a business professional, you must obtain proper oral speaking skills. Anyone with a business degree can attest to the numerous oral speaking projects and classes needed in obtaining a business degree. You would be surprised at the people who lack this skill as well as the confidence to obtain it.

Create your own style of communication

There are basic skills to obtain in conquering oral speaking skills however; there is nothing wrong with structuring your communication with people that proves appealing. When speaking in front of a crowd or in business meetings, you have to be aware of people around you while ensuring that they understand the important points you are trying to present to them. Professionally speaking, great communication skills are necessary.

Basics of communication

When speaking, ensure that you make direct eye contact. Keep your gestures to a minimum. Remember to not talk with your hands. Some people will consistently flail or wave their hands around while making important points and this proves distracting to anyone who is trying to understand what you are speaking. The way you present yourself when communicating is a direct reflection on your business approach as well as your business attitude.


Some people will disregard great communication skills if they do not work within an office environment such as online business people. You may not be orally communicating with people but you will communicate with people through written communications. If you do not effectively communicate with clients and potential clients, you will find that your clients will seek another company to help them with their problems. This is why it proves imperative that when customers email you with their issues and or problems that you relay to them the answers they are seeking with great communication skills.


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