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The Ingredients of a Career in Web Design

Updated on April 15, 2015
Web designing jobs CareerBuilder India
Web designing jobs CareerBuilder India | Source

The Internet industry in India is making news every passing day. Every day you might be reading news articles about some or the other startup scoring millions of dollars as angel investment or some web service acquiring another web service.

All these developments might have caught your attention and might have made you crave for a career in any of the new age startups that not only offer fat paychecks but an indelible sense of achievement and recognition.

So let us take a look at what all goes into a career of a web designers and why have we only chosen this profile, must be your question. Simply put, web designing jobs are the foundation pillars of a web service or a startup, nonetheless, web designing jobs are now present in diversified sectors, as businesses have realised the power of being on-line, to get discovered by prospective clients all across the globe. Hence, amplifying the scope of web designing jobs, which are no longer confined to the Information Technology sector. These are the reasons why I am suggesting you to dip your toes in this domain. Here are the ingredients that will ensure your success in this job domain.

Web Designing Jobs In India
Web Designing Jobs In India | Source

Who is a Web Designer?

As the term suggests, a web designer is a resource who is primarily responsible for designing the basic structure of a website using various tools and programming languages. They are involved in the process of web development right from conceptualizing to the delivery of the final design of the website. The process of development is done taking into view various aspects, not just the design. Information Architecture, User Experience, Navigation, Functionality, Look, Layout, Colors, Fonts, Plugins and Visual Media; can be regarded as the elements that are brought together to develop a web site.

A web designer needs to know the limitations and benefits of the elements of web designing and they can further develop a specialization in any of these, however, a deep know-how of all the elements or components of web design would make you more efficient and will serve you with the ability to develop out-of-the-box web designs.

Web Designing Jobs on CareerBuilder India
Web Designing Jobs on CareerBuilder India | Source

How do they do it?

A web designer is armed with a broad range of skills that are associated with the domain of web development, however, creativity and innovation are their key competencies. Organizations continually improvise their web design, to make it more interesting, engaging and captivating. Hence, the creative side of a designer plays a leading role, in his daily job as they need to work towards re-designing a website to keep it fresh and alluring to the users.

Apart from the tasks associated with design, they also need to take into consideration the hardware that has to be used, the software and plug-ins that would make the user experience smoother, as well as effective, the design and the functionality, should be aligned to what the business has to offer. A web designer, at times might have to play the role of a database manager, to review and update information on the website, they also analyze the performance of a website by collecting data and information on user behavior when they come to their website, the rankings on various search engines.

After a website has been developed and is live on the internet, they keep a close watch on the performance as well as conduct maintenance tasks to ensure that users keep returning to the website. To cut the chase, web designing is a never ending process, as a website needs constant upgrades for its components and optimization for enhanced rankings on search engines.

web designing jobs by CareerBuilder India
web designing jobs by CareerBuilder India | Source

Independence to Choose Your Trajectory

Web designing is one of the few careers which offers three different career paths to choose from. Web designers can work with Corporates, Web design agencies or as a freelancer.

Corporate: Here you would be holding a full-time profile of a web designer, where your performance would be closely monitored. As a web designer, you will be a part of the web development team and would cater to the web design requirements of the company. However, your role here would not be confined to web development, you will also perform tasks associated with web development, maintenance and updation of your employer's website as well as social media platforms, e-mailers and landing pages.

A website's success is primarily dependent on its user experience or user interface, hence, to apply for web designing jobs in a corporate, acquire skills in user experience, as companies pay maximum attention towards making their website engaging and unique.

Freelance: This is one of the most popular career paths which a web designer has traversed and led him to success. As a web designer working as a freelancer, you can offer a wide gamut of services, not only web design. Product development and Consulting are the two sub-domains where you can wet your feet as a freelance web designer.

Product development is the process of creating technology driven tools and products that help businesses or users to solve real world problems in the most unique and simplified form. As a web designer, product development can help you snowball your paycheck when you are facing downtime. You can develop your own themes, templates, plugins or other services and sell them online.

Web Design Agencies: Web design agencies are the vendors who develop and maintain a client's website, depending upon the demands of the business and marketing strategy of the business. Here, you would be engaged in client interactions and will be a part of an enthusiastic team where new ideas will pop up, every now and then, which would make you feed your creative urges.

In an agency, you will develop a strong portfolio of work, as you will be working with a diversified range of clients from several sectors, which will help you develop insights into; what works the best for a particular industry, from the design perspective.

There are several agencies which have developed their own niche and develop industry specific websites. For example, an agency can serve as a specialist in education sector, services sector or medicine. This will help you know the fine details about marketing for a specific sector.

Pre-requisites to Apply For Web Designing Jobs

To apply for a job one has to have a certain set of skills that makes him or her competent enough to pursue a job. Similarly, Web designing jobs demand an extensive set of skills, or to say as a web designer one has to align themselves with latest tools, technology and updates that would enhance their performance. However, there are certain key skills that pave a way for a web designer to master the advanced skill-set.

The key skills that would make you eligible to apply for web designing jobs, include; HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVA Script, MySQL Database and a strong design sense. If you are armed with these skills then you can apply for entry-level web designing jobs and once on the job, make sure that you learn what your peers are doing or what are the skills that your manager is a maestro at, this practise will help you grow and level-up your game. Being a technology driven job profile, the more extensive your skill arsenal is, the more sought after you become.

Some Tips for Freshers


We cannot doubt the job scope when it comes to web designing jobs, as the world is progressing towards making their presence marked on the world wide web, making a web designer an indispensable part of the economy. Henceforth, as a web designer you would never bear any consequences of an unstable economy or any other unforeseen situations. As you can choose the trajectory of your career path whenever the need be.


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    • antigravity profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago

      Thanks Shivali.

    • Shivali Sharma profile image

      the vibe 

      3 years ago from Delhi, India

      Nice post. A good read Antigravity.


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