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The Job Search-Resume and Cover Letter Tips To Help You Get More Responses

Updated on September 9, 2014

3 Tips That Will Get You More Responses from Your Job Search

The job market is tough. With layoffs, furloughs, people looking to transition from one position to the next it can be very stressful when looking for employment. Preparing yourself to find a stable position is a job in itself. Researching job boards, creating resumes to fit a specific job, applying to positions with a cover letter so that you stand out from the rest can be a daunting task. A friend once told me that every 100 positions you apply to, you can expect at least 25 to respond. I have yet to experience that exactly, however I have learned that getting assistance on your job hunt can help you out in the long run while increasing your chances to find work.

  • Research

Researching job boards that display current job openings that fit your qualifications could assist in your job search. Creating a profile and uploading a current resume helps to establish a place to follow up every day during your job search. Job boards such as:,, and allows you to set up a profile and apply to numerous positions. You can create a job search specifically for positions that you are interested in. When those jobs become available you will receive an email notification. Your job search has now become a lot more convenient.

  • Proofread

Some people get discouraged with job hunting due to the lack of responses from the job applications being submitted. If this happens you need to take a step back and figure out why your applications are being overlooked. You should start with your resume. It doesn't matter how many times you proofread and edit your resume another set of eyes could help improve it. Improvements like: grammatical errors, formatting mistakes and word choices. Once these areas are corrected you will have a polished resume that sounds more professional. When updating your resume think about creating multiple resumes to fit specific positions you want to apply to. Transforming your resume by adding 'key' words that will show up in search criteria and computer databases gives you a more fighting chance at landing the job that's right for you. Once those improvements are made, you're ready to upload your updated resume to job boards and watch your resume gain more reviews and searches. If your resume meets the standards of what employers are looking for your resume will show up in search results among the most qualified candidates they are seeking to join their organizations.

  • Learn

Cover letters are to help sell your qualifications and experience to the person seeking a new candidate. You can be specific in a cover letter by pointing out why you feel that you would excel in the position for which you are applying. Cover letters can be personable especially if you have the details of the recruiter and or hiring manager. Learning about the company and adding this knowledge to your cover letter is a great selling point. A cover letter shows that you are interested in the position because you have taken time to pin point your skills and experience with the job description specifically. You will find that having multiple cover letters for a particular field of interest will save you time when needing to add a cover letter to each job you submit an application.

  • Submit

Though job hunting is a job in itself with creating resumes, cover letters and job profiles you will find that all of your hard work will pay off. Getting past the job application and being considered for an interview is the reward of all that hard work.

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