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Update your resume for 2015

Updated on December 25, 2014

There has been much activity taking place throughout 2014, some okay and some not. The cause of much negativity originally began with the recession which did cause the economy to drain and in turn fell upon business owners which then turned upon the employees then the consumer. If you vision a line of dominoes set up perfectly in a style maze then that first domino is pushed it falls forward onto the next and so on throughout the entire maze untl all dominos have fallen.

When the above action takes place everyone feels the effects just as in the financial recession that has taken place. There are slow signs of financial growth throughout the United States but that growth has been very slow over the past many months because there are still many underemployed or persons who are unable to find work because of their higher education. This does bring a list of concerns to the forefront even though the DOW went past 18,000 points before closing this week.

So now that we are soon to be entering 2015 and there has now been more signs of companies that placing ads in classifieds it would make me assume they are geared up for 2015 with a new budget. With that being said, when a job posting is seen then it should be applied for but a question to ask yourself before doing; is your resume updated? With that being said, do you have a resume specified for the type of job you are applying for?

Updating your resume

This is a very simple issue and can be quite a quick thing to do. Start by opening up the latest version resume you have been using and carefully read through every section. Pay attention to every detail you have written. Should you need to add something then add it. The important detail and this is what is quite important if you have multiple resumes. Let's say you have a resume for technical and one for business you can choose the jobs that focus on your career if they over run one another. Another point to make note of when having multiple resumes is to show off your professional skills on each resume but keep them focused toward that specific career. For example the management resume should have skills that are based on business and communication with others.

The technical resume can show communication but that should be far down on the list. What needs to be seen on a technical resume are things like SQL database programming, HTML coding, JavaScript writing. I always sugest to go seeking the classified ads to find out the latest of what employers want for skills before updating your resume; it will help you stand out to hiring managers. This will also give you a helpful tip if you are considering the option of taking a class.


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