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The Journey of Earning Online

Updated on July 10, 2010


Earning is one necessary factor to sustain human existence. Money or a source of income from a job or a business has become one of life’s highest priorities so that there will be a way to pay the bills and a means to buy the things man needs.

Nowadays, earning online has turned out to be one option by which income flows into the household. Although not yet a common and acceptable source of earning for the majority, it is fast evolving to become a familiar term for both job seekers and employers alike. One proof is the flourishing industry of online sites which act as third-party entities that match potential employees to advertised job openings. Examples of such sites are oDesk, Guru, Elance and Freelancer. These sites ask for fees from their advertisers, and they act as the headhunters for possible applicants to whatever positions are available in their company. These positions may be online or office-based, but in the end dependent on the specific need of the business. It is also worth noting that the demand for virtual workers has been steadily increasing, and as such, more and more applicants now prefer the convenience of working online. There are even vacancies for call center jobs now which are home-based.

Another example of the burgeoning venture of earning online is the increasing number of jobs available for online workers. From writing to transcribing, to reading / reviewing articles, doing small tasks, more jobs are now available online than ever before.

Writing is a talent which not everybody may have, but it may be studied and honed with sufficient will-power, dedication and practice. Writing online is a career which can be productive as long as one looks in the right places. Writing scams abound the internet and it will take some time before a potential writer will be able to wade through the ocean of writing sites which thrive in the internet. Some writing legitimate online academic writing sites which pay are: Academia-Research, Writerighteam, Asiawriters, and Freelancewritingcenter. Other sites which accept and pay writers for articles submitted are: Hubpages, Bright Hub, Triond and Bukisa. Still others who do not want to write academic essays or articles may write reviews. The websites which will pay the writer for reviews submitted are Review Stream and Shvoong.

There are some who acknowledge that they are not really skilled in writing but are competent in other areas. The possible ways of earning online for these applicants are transcribing and doing other small tasks. Quicktate and Call Graph hire transcribers for their transcription tasks. The applicant only has to apply, take an exam and once approved, the transcription tasks will be offered, usually through e-mail; there is no limit to the number of jobs one can take, but dependent on the amount of jobs available. Readbud allows the worker to read articles, rate them and then they get paid once they reach the required amount for pay-out. Small tasks are offered by Microworkers, Smalltasks, Minijobz and Cloudcrowd. Here, simple tasks are given and there is a corresponding payment, usually in cents which is paid out to the worker once the required amount is reached.

You can read more about these sites on this link below.

Hence, earning online is no longer just a theory or an intangible concept. It is one legitimate and valid method of earning income and just like any other authentic job, should be treated with reverence and due importance. With the way technology is fast evolving, who knows? Sooner or later, all jobs may be done virtually from wherever the employee may be.


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    • souvikm16 profile image

      Souvik Mukherjee 4 years ago from Bangalore, India

      This is one of the best hubs I have come across which gives authentic and practical solutions to earning from home. Bravo! Super effort!

    • profile image

      Bluebelleangel 7 years ago

      Hi Jo, You never cease to amaze me. I admire you in your advocacy of giving the others the same opportunity to earn as you do. In your selflessness, you'll never know how many out there you've helped, that includes me. Keep it up friend!