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The Joys of Trying to Sell Online

Updated on April 27, 2014

What Did We Have to Lose?

We were naive in our efforts to sell, not factoring in our time, labour and listing fees which included both listing fees and selling fees.

Everyone has dreams of making massive amounts of money by selling online. Few succeed. We were certainly not among those who did.

After a time, we began to find our niche in the selling on Ebay world. I have always been intrigued by vintage costume jewelry and had purchased much of it over the years. I loved to wear the sparkly gems and had fond memories of my grandmother's brooches which were dazzling and when the light hit them in just the right way, the aurora borealis crystals sent a beautiful light show in to the air. I was fascinated by them. Yes, I'd have to say that my love of the vintage jewels stemmed from my grandma. They often adorned her outfits and she wore them proudly.

Ebay Leads the Way in Online Marketing

My husband and I began selling items on line several years ago, using the Ebay method. At that time, there were not many online auction sites and certainly none that had more publicity and traffic that Ebay boasted.

So we hopped on board. We began by listing smaller items we had around the house. We had not done any research and dove in trying to sell various items. We were pleasantly surprised when some sold, not realizing that we were not making any profit on the items at all. We had underpriced items and spent countless hours in the listing process. This includes taking pictures and uploading them to the site, filling in the listing forms, including description and figuring out shipping and handling costs.

For the Love of Vintage Jewelry

Family Time

Not Too Bad

I'd say we did "not too bad", back in the day when we were listing. At least we learned what our customers were looking for and gained a lot of knowledge in certain areas.

Among other tasks, Dave usually handled the packaging of parcels, making shipping labels and sending them out. He was very diligent and careful in this process, which is important when selling anything online, but particularly when selling breakables. Our customers seemed happy enough and we had a steady stream of orders (notice I said orders, not income). We did have some income from it and it got better as time went by.

Ebay was popular and sales were good. We also had fun perusing other ebay stores and purchasing gifts and things from them.

Sales slowed down, we got busy with life and stopped our online selling.

Where do you sell online?

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Starting Over - Selling Online

So, that brings us to the here and now. We are researching and learning. Sometimes, the more you learn the more there is to learn.

We are trying to find the best place to sell that actually gets traffic. We've tried selling on ebay again, but the buyers seem to be few and very far between. Our listings hardly get any hits anymore. It seems that shoppers have gone elsewhere to buy.

There are so many choices. How does one know where to start? I've set up a small store, selling small collectibles and low priced items. It is on a site called blujay...see link below. I haven't put a lot of time or effort in to it yet, as I'm waiting to see if anyone bites. So far, not even a nibble :)

After much searching, we decided to try to sell on Bonanza....our booth is shown in a link below. Hubby wants to give up, but I'm trying to persuade him to be persistent and not give up. Things take time and this will to.

What I'd really like to know is what others are finding effective with their efforts to sell items online. Have you found any places to sell that actually have buyers looking at them, rather than only sellers?

I guess that's it for now. Time to go and post some more listings. I'd welcome any and all suggestions you have :)

Thanks for taking the time to read and hope to get some replies and recommendations from some of you.


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