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The Key Elements of Personal Branding Statements

Updated on August 22, 2016

When customers, potential employers, or clients want to know about you or your company, they typically will ask somewhere along the lines of, "Tell me about yourself" or "Tell me a little about your company." The key to answering their question without boring them with long lines of overused clichés that drones on endlessly. When making a personal branding statement, you want to address their concerns on why they should give you a moment's notice or consider you value that is relative to their needs.

It is essential not to bore them with ramblings of how much work you have done in the past or the impeccability of your past. Your value statement, also known as your personal branding statement, should include things such as your driving passions, why those passions matter, and what you have done professional to support your passions. These areas will propel you a positive relationship with whom you are speaking.

Here are some steps that you should implement when making your personal branding statement:

• Start with introducing yourself and your company and quickly move on to the next subject.

• Identify your profession and the primary focuses of your profession.

• At this point, you want to transition to the area of how your passion drives your primary focuses.

• It never hurts to add your target audience such as who you help and how you help them.

• Target your relevant audience. If you want to be successful in what you do, ensure that you understand your target audience or client, and tailor your messages specifically to them.

• Include how you accomplish your goals. Your target audience wants to know what kind of results you provide that relates to them specifically. They do not want to know how you helped a restaurant become successful when they are involved in stock trading.

• Emotion in what you do always helps convince them of the passions that drive you and your business. Convey those emotions with a smile if possible. People generally feel at ease when they are speaking with someone that enjoys what they do professionally.

It is not just a job title

Some people create a personal branding statement that is a few sentences long, and some people create a resume that brands them as leading professionals in their field. Your personal brand should sum of your distinct value in what you do and you alone. It is comparative to a tagline, catchphrase, or a summary description on websites. It is not just a job title; it is an opportunity to show your prospects how you are a great fit to fulfill their needs.

If you are a jack of all trades, but a master of a few, it is important to zero in on specific skill sets and results that relate to the different genres and venues that you are targeting. In the end, it is essential to zero in on the different target audiences that you have and make them relative your leads and successful in converting them into business relationships.

Just being a mediocre marketer, business man, investor, or the like is not enough to stand out from the rest. If you do not have a stellar description that personally brands you, you end up competing with a lot of competition that has an effective handle on their branding. No one wants to deal with a large assortment of jobs that you have done with everyone else and everything.


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