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The Law of Allowing

Updated on May 21, 2012

The Law of Allowing

The Law of Allowing

What messes up your Law of Attraction

What a subtitle! Has any professional writer ever used “messes” in their titles? Well, I did because it is the only appropriate word I could think of when writing on this law. Before I knew about the Law of Allowing, I could never figure out why I was not getting everything I was desiring by using the law of attraction.

I have to credit Esther and Jerry Hicks once again. They are really the only people that I have found that cover this important law. One of the silliest things we do as people is, that we care too much about what others think of us. We compare ourselves everyday to others. What they have. What they do. How they talk. What kind of car they drive. Most of all, however, is what they think about us. We begin seeking approval, in my mind, at a very early age. Most boys are looking for approval from their dads and most girls from their moms.

We get compared to our siblings at home and classmates at school. “Why can’t you be more like your brother”, is the sentence I heard most of my childhood from my parents as well as my teachers. I am sure most people can relate to this. This conditioning has a great effect on us when we get older. I never realized how much until I started studying these laws.

One scenario is this. You start a new business. You are very excited and you start utilizing the law of attraction to gain more clients. One night, you have dinner with your family and your dad says to you, “I don’t know why you started that business, it is very risky”. Now, at this point, you have a couple of options. Number 1, ignore it. Number 2, take action to make your business less risky. Number 3, lose sleep and eventually quit. Most would say, ok, I will just ignore it and move on. I will not let it come into my thoughts. However, most will attach an emotion to this comment. They will feel anger, or maybe resentment towards the dad. Even though they think they are not thinking about the comment, the “emotions” they are allowing themselves to feel are negating all the good thoughts they are thinking. It’s like bad music playing in the backround.

When I was taught this, I examined a lot of my emotions towards people. It was true. I was hanging onto a lot of emotions, especially resentment. The key is to be an “allower”. This is a hard bit! You have to allow people in your life to be themselves and attach no emotion to them. I had a quote hanging in my office that went as follows:

“Love is the ability to allow those you care about to be themselves, without any insistence that they please you”.

This is a great way to live. I found as I started to emotionally detach myself from people’s opinions and statements, I got more of what I was attracting. This was not easy because most of the people that I had to deal with were close friends and family. Most were good at putting guilt trips on to me and that is no easy task to not emotional over.

Another great benefit of being an allower is that over time, the people that were giving me the hard times went away. I found that by using the law of attraction and the law of allowing together, these people started to stay out of my way and if they did come into my space, they were far less of a worry.

My challenge to you is to go after the life you desire. My hope is that this has helped you along in your journey.

My partner and I are gearing up for a Health, Wealth, and Happiness tour in the USA in the near future. Please be so kind as to take the poll in this Hub. It will help us in assisting those we are attracting. Thanks!! Steve & Leanne

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