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The Luck Habit Summary- Part 2

Updated on March 4, 2017

What Brings Fortune?

What brings good luck? Is it properly arranging your items in your room in a certain manner, Feng-Shui style? Or is it following the advice of the daily newspaper about the daily horoscope?

Over the years, I learned that many things in life can be controlled. That also includes the ability to bring yourself into a position in which good fortune and opportunities can come flowing into your life.

This will be the sequel to my first Hub, The Reasons why you are an Unlucky Person. This is part of the series in which I dissect the key points which I took from The Luck Habit by Douglas Miller.


1. Failure is Good

2. Knowing your Capabilities

3. Modelling your Learning

The difference between average people and achieving people is their perception of and response to...failure.

— John C. Maxwell, Failing Forward

Not everyone can be a NBA-level basketball player. Not everyone can sing as well as a Grammy winning singer. Not everyone can be successful in entrepreneurship.

The statistics below, taken from Statistic Brain, highlights the failure rates of businesses. The figures are eye-opening.

So now, being a business owner or the head of a start-up is not such a good idea right? What people fail to realize (despite being drilled about this all the time), is that success does not come overnight.

Despite this, there are some entrepreneurs who never gave up. They believe strongly that they will become successful one day. One such example was Sir James Dyson.

James Dyson
James Dyson | Source

He is a British inventor and the founder of the Dyson Company. Before that, he failed not once, not twice, not even a hundred times, but 5126 TIMES! It took him 5126 tries to create a vacuum cleaner which is innovative, and it all failed. He did not give up and give one more try. Voila, he managed to create a successful version (Dual Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner). Dyson Company became a multi-billion dollar company known for its creativity and forward-thinking designs.

We have to accept that setbacks and failure are a natural healthy part of life. It should be something which you can learn and grow from, rather than destroy you. To achieve that, you should have a proper mindset and response towards failure.

When you look at failure, identify the factors which led to it. After that, identify the factors which you could control and those you cannot control. After that, learn to avoid the uncontrollable factors and find ways to overcome your controllable factors. That is the only part to success.

2. Knowing your Capabilities

Have you ever felt inadequate? Do you think of yourself as a mediocre good for nothing?

Or do you feel like you are a God, capable of doing anything and everything?

Both mindsets have flaws. The former one will only lead to a path of self-defeat and self-pity. You feel that you will forever be in your current state. There is no motivation to improve, no hunger to succeed. On the other hand, the latter mindset is also destructive. Feeling that you are always the best will only lead to the path of stagnation and arrogance.

Man is something that has to be overcome. Once man overcomes himself, he overcomes all obstacles.

However before we reach that state, we need to see what are current strengths and weaknesses. By making a truthful evaluation of ourselves, only then can we make steps towards our own growth.

There is a very simple way to understand what are our current capabilities and limitations:

How to know your capabilities

Sit down
Sit down | Source
Take an empty notebook
Take an empty notebook | Source
List what you are good at (Be Truthful!)
List what you are good at (Be Truthful!) | Source
List what you are bad at (Be Truthful!)
List what you are bad at (Be Truthful!) | Source
Voila! | Source

If you feel you can’t trust yourself, let me tell you something. Don’t bother seeking self-improvement. Don’t bother reading this article anymore. Why? Failure to trust in yourself already means that you have gave up on yourself. As mentioned earlier, only by making a truthful self-evaluation, then we can slowly accept our CURRENT reality, and begin the path of self-improvement.

Done? Alright now, look at your current strengths. Are these strengths fully utilised in your daily life? If not, find ways to use them. By doing so, we will strengthen further our current abilities. Also, look at ways to develop those strengths. And always aim for the top.

Life is an eternal struggle. We have to understand that Mother Nature or God or whoever created this planet bestowed people with different strengths. Only when we start to acknowledge and make sure effort in developing our strengths then can we be the best we can be.

3. Modelling Your Learning

Don’t you feel inadequate? Aren’t there times where you feel you are the average chump? Successful people accept the fact that there will always be somebody better than them. Instead of focusing on feeling adequate compared to other successful people, it is better if you focus on being the best one can be, which can be limitless.

Don’t be jealous of the best. Ask what you can learn from the best. Not only that, instead of competing with people weaker than you, you should focus on competing people who are better than you. This is because your weaknesses will be magnified as your opponents will identify these weaknesses to defeat you. By learning what your weaknesses are, you will be able to rectify your weaknesses.

By learning from the best, you will be able to appeal to your heart as the best will be your source of motivation, not of envy. You will also be able to appeal to your mind as you will be able to gather practical feedback from the best on how to improve yourself.


That sums up this little lesson. Life is a long journey, akin to that of a long marathon. Every single second of your life matters.

Stay tuned for the next lesson.

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