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The Merits of Using Colored Mailing Tubes

Updated on February 11, 2010

I’m sure that everyone by now is familiar with mailing tubes.  They come in all different sizes (although the large mailing tubes can be difficult to locate), materials (the most popular being cardboard and plastic mailing tubes), and now colors.  These colored mailing tubes are nothing novel, just a bunch of different colors on the cardboard, no big deal right?  Maybe at first glance nothing special but there are several very useful things about colored mailing tubes.

The first instance where a colored mailing tube would come in handy is for promotional products.  Using colored mailing tubes in advertising is a great way to make your product Pop!  First of all, if you’ve got a great product but because of its long and awkward nature requires a mailing tube, do you really want it to sit in a plain old cardboard mailing tube that looks like every other boring product?  Nah.  You want to catch people’s eye with the high-gloss, sleek, black mailing tube; really make people wonder what exactly is in there. 

The second great reason to use a mailing tube is the incredible branding opportunity it presents.  Everyone knows that they see that large red envelope in the mail that their Netflix movie arrived and are really psyched to get their movie watching on.  If you have to ship out a product, use a colored mailing tube with your brand’s colors.  They make these tubes in just about every color so it’s easy to get the right one and now you can get colored caps to go on the end to complete the bi-colored branding scheme.  And this works for any business at any level.  I don’t care if you’re shipping out posters, blueprints or death certificates; if it’s going out in a mailing tube make it a colored mailing tube. 

The last great reason I’ll talk about now (there are many more) is that colored mailing tubes are an incredible organizational device. There are dozens of colors available and if you have different products you have to ship, or even just the same product but maybe has a different brand association, the different colors can help keep these items separate.  This also works great for storage too!  For instance if you have to store many large paper items that are difficult to file, like blueprints or legal documents, you can get an assortment of colored mailing tubes and file them by client, jobsite, or whatever.  You can use regular paper mailing tubes with the different colors to sort them out but what if you want to be able to check what’s inside quickly?  They now have clear plastic mailing tubes that allow you to quickly reference the document inside and these tubes have many different colored caps that can allow you to organize them in the same way. 

Now if you work for a large business, you’ll probably want to get wholesale mailing tubes.  This way you get the best prices on mailing tubes.  There are a number of wholesalers on the web and a brief investigation will net you the best prices.  However, if you’re just a small business you probably don’t need as many and can find good deals at typical retailers such as staples or office max.  Frequently, these companies will post the best prices online and offer free shipping so it’s easier than going to get them.  One less thing for you to do.


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