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Mobile Cell Phone Marketing Strategy To Upgrade The Way You Do Business

Updated on July 8, 2013

Mobile Cell Phone Marketing Business

Mobile cell phone marketing businesses are catapulting their business to another level. Please understand the magnitude of marketing to billions of people on cell phones.

People literally don't leave their homes without their cell phones. People don't carry their laptops around using all day. But they use their cell phone continuously.

That means billions of people that have Internet on their phone are targeted by savvy Mobile marketers at a minimal cost compared to the ppc of Google. Yahoo and other such programs.

Mobile Cell Phone Marketing Businesses

Check out the cell phone marketing business site called to see how easy it is to set up marketing for your affiliate business or for offline businesses.

These websites may seem foreign to you now but you will know more about them later and hopefully not after being smashed by competition.

The affiliate programs you will be marketing online will first require an ad or banner that must be formatted for cell phones.

Mobile Cell Phone Marketing Banners

The banners for mobile marketing has to be formatted to fit cell phones. The banners you are used online is much too large.You may have to use a program to make your own or pay or to do this for you. You can make a banner in paint with your computer and upload it. You can set your banner to any size that is required.

Text Ads

You can cut a piece of an picture of an ad to use as a little picture on a text ad to keep it interesting for viewers. Using just text without a picture will not get much attention.

Making Money With Mobile Cell Phone Marketing

Making money with mobile cell phone advertising is a little different when getting paid by affiliates. You can advertise an affiliate 800 number and get paid for every call lasting over 1 minute.

You can also get paid every time a visitor fills out a form online. This is called Pay Per Action much like regular affiliate marketing. Except the pay out is treated as a lead and is bigger in most cases. Companies such as has affiliate programs that are formatted for cellphones. You can not use the same affiliate programs you use as a blogger.

What Devices Are Targeted?

Most companies you will be dealing with will only have ads that are formatted for the iPhone, Blackberry or Android. But don't worry, many companies target any cell phone or iPad with Internet service.

My point is if you begin to market through cell phones you would be competing on a whole new level and maybe explode your income for once.

The New Face Of Mobile Cell Phone Marketing

I will always write but I will eventually do it just because of the love and not the free marketing it brings. Mobile marketing is inexpensive for now, but later there will be some serious changes.

It was not to hard to figure out how to market with due diligence in the search engines but with diligence you can be get up and running the same day (evening).

I actually did get Mobile Monopoly and looked at all of the video's. I learnt that mobile marketing is really a new language of marketing than what I know.

There are many video's but you can just go to the proven strategies and be set to go. If you are a newbie as far as marketing online please learn mobile phone marketing first. I wish I did. It will take you less time to make money than the old way just because million of people are on their devices constantly. Starting a Mobile Cell Phone Marketing Business is a good move.


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