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The Modern Sales Person

Updated on November 22, 2015

In this modern world, sales people are becoming a thing of the past. I have found after years in retail, the on-line world is killing brick and mortar stores but we all knew it was bound to happen.

another thing I have found is its not the sales technique or skill that makes a sales person great, the main reason is appearance,surprised? im not, its the world we live in now. im 6ft3 and about 120kgs, i would rate myself as a 7/10 and for this im an average sales person i get my air share of customers. my colleague is much shorter then I am but he his built like a tank, he has been gyming for years now, he gets all the customers going to him as they believe he is cute, this pisses me off, I work my ass off to sell but miss out because people want to go to the ripped tattooed sales person. knowledge and a friendly manner doesn't mean anything now days, if your hot you'll get the sale, this is the case for both males and females, it pisses me off! well ive started the gym, almost 2 months in and hopefully in a few more months I will see more effects of this trend, hopefully happening to me. I dislike my body so if the gym can help both with my job and appearance ill take it.

if you ever want to get into sales make sure you're fit, tattooed and ripped. it will make for an easier time and give you a more successful life, I only wish that society would change and not out so much pressure on appearances, let the skill and friendly manner sway you but this will never happen.

I guess the retail shops are doomed to fail, everything will be on-line stores will be empty/a ghost town. at least the "hot" sales people will be out of a job, the only positive point.


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