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The Modified Dolls.. Hypocritical?

Updated on December 20, 2011

Accepted then Rejected

This blog is to debate why I think the Modified Dolls should be named "The Modified Dolls if your modifications are extreme and no other dolls are jealous of you"..

Definition provided by

mod·i·fy (md-f)

v. mod·i·fied, mod·i·fy·ing, mod·i·fies To change in form or character; alter.2. To make less extreme, severe, or strong: refused to modify her stand on the issue.3. Grammar To qualify or limit the meaning of. For example, summer modifies day in the phrase a summer day.4. Linguistics To change (a vowel) by umlaut.v.intr. To be or become modified; change.

I applied for the Modified Dolls in hopes of joining their efforts to help the community and others in need by sponsoring and donating to certain charities through the dolls. Upon completing my application and supplying photographs of my modifications, I was accepted! I promoted for them on my websites, and participated in the group's probation page for new dolls hoping to get fully accepted in. I was so excited that I contacted a photographer friend of mine to do a professional shoot. I was told about the modification requirements from the start, and met the requirements. Upon reviewing the GA chapter of The Modified Dolls, I noticed a girl in the magazine that had been very rude to me in the past. I didn't let it discourage me because of my urge and willingness to help others in need. I wasn't going to allow that to stop me, after all one of the main policies of being a Modified Doll is to respect the other women and to cease any drama that may interfere with your work. After it was clearly announced that I was in the probation period and had been there for 4 days, the following messages were sent to me by the owner of the Modified Dolls. Notice in one of the messages that was sent before, she states that my pictures are not really what matters, it's my willingness to help others that counts. She also clearly states she was a hypocrite. This is FACT not FEELING.

A "Modified Doll" where are the 5 visible mods at???

Where is her 5 visible modifications? Can you see them?  Isn't that what the so called requirement is??  hmmm This is the intellectual property of The Modified Dolls.
Where is her 5 visible modifications? Can you see them? Isn't that what the so called requirement is?? hmmm This is the intellectual property of The Modified Dolls. | Source
Still, I can't find 5 VISIBLE mods?   This is the intellectual property of The Modified Dolls.
Still, I can't find 5 VISIBLE mods? This is the intellectual property of The Modified Dolls. | Source
Still can't see the so called "5 VISIBLE MODS" This is the intellectual property of The Modified Dolls.
Still can't see the so called "5 VISIBLE MODS" This is the intellectual property of The Modified Dolls. | Source

Actual Messages from Holly, the owner of Modified Dolls

(The text labeled NOTES is my opinion of the comments she made. )

  • December 11Holly
    • i didnt see your app..this weeks wont be posted until tonight and then it takes 3 days about for voting and then we contact you...when did you send it in love?

  • December 11Holly
    • do you have a total of at least 5 modifications

  • December 11Holly
    • of course hun..we are NOT about pics actually...we are about your app and how excited you seem to actually put in work!

    • NOTE (this was a LIE)

  • SaturdayHolly
    • hey very sorry to let you know that admin group is not happy with my decision to allow you into the proby group so I had to remove do not qualify for our modifiication minimum requirement and I was being a hypocrite by allowing you in because I liked you sorry..but when you get some more tattoos or more mods PLEASE reapply..again I'm so sorry...

    • NOTE( she admits in her message to being a hypocrite. How many women has she done this to, and how many more women will this happen to?)
  • SaturdayHolly
    • i really hope you continue to support us and reapply once you are more modified! And of course continue to make a difference in less fortunate ppls lives..but from seeing your pages I'm sure you will!

    • NOTE( of course I will, I have a website, I donate to several charities including Domestic Violence prevention, but I WILL not be a part of a group that is like this. EVER.)

  • SaturdayKelly (ME)
    • I really think it has something to do with a couple of girls in your georgia chapter. But thats okay. Good luck and best wishes. I am getting more tattoos .

  • SaturdayHolly
    • well please reapply when you do!

  • SaturdayKelly (ME)
    • I'm getting more tattoos in 2012 but i will not be re-applying. It''s not really about how many modifiations you have its about how much your willing to help.

  • SaturdayHolly
    • im sorry to hear that..but we do have mod requirements since we are the "modified dolls" ...we wish you nothing but the best..really we do

    • NOTE ( Modified? If your modified, it only means one technically! She needs to read the definition of modified!)

  • SaturdayKelly (me)
    • just out of curiousity, how many modifiations do you have to have to support this charity group? i have 2 nose piercing's , tongue piercing, 2 tattoos, and a gauged cartilage piercing.

  • SaturdayHolly
    • you told me you you only had two tattoos and one nose piercing and a tongue ring..ears dont count..those are things everyone has..and thats also what you put on your app

    • NOTE ( I put on my app that my ear lobe piercings, in my opinion didn't count NOT my gauged cartilage piercing that took me a year to get finished! ( a gauged cartilage piercing is NOT something everyone has) (And I thought it wasn't about my pics, but rather how much I am willing to help)

    • NOTE ( I put one nose piercing on my app because I do not wear jewelry in the other piercing that much, which I stated in the app that I could if it was required)
  • SaturdayHolly
    • and you dont have to have any to support us..but you have to have at least 5 visible to be a Doll..and we are not a charity..we are a not for profit org that supports charities..

    • NOTE ( 5 Visible?? Well, why is that? I see some of the dolls do NOT have 5 "visible" and I will be adding pics to prove this) AND, I have 5!!
    • SaturdayIf thats how this group is, i'll pass.
    • NOTE( I do not want to be associated with a group this shallow and hypocritical.


I am entitled to my opinion because that is my freedom of speech.

The photographs used were properly cited from the source, so I didn't copy their intellectual property.

The opinions in this blog are based on actual FACT not FEELING.


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    • profile image

      KELLY 3 years ago









    • profile image

      BusinessOwner 4 years ago

      This group is a major scam. Ive reported them to the IRS for 501c3 fraud. No one should work with these women. They are nothing like what they claim to be. This is why they will never host an event in my club. Ive informed MANY other club owners about this as well. Good luck scamming people ladies...your time will shortly be up

    • profile image

      CurrentDoll 4 years ago

      I am a Modified Doll and I personally think all this is ridiculous. It sounds like my 6 year old throwing a fit because she didn't get a toy in the supermarket. You didn't get approved...move on. Don't tear down an organization trying to help people. There are bad apples everywhere but that doesn't ruin the whole tree.

    • profile image

      Roadblock 4 years ago

      Doing Research on the Modified Dolls I have come to the conclusion that this Organization is an Illegal Scam. It is not registered and is taking in unreported money. Not reporting any of this money to the IRS. I have heard that the local Chapter Skims money and they were wanting to do an event at my venue. I decided after doing Research to decline because I dont want to be involved in anything being Done Illegally. The IRS should investigate this in depth and nail their ass to the wall

    • profile image

      Anon 5 years ago

      I am currently a modified doll. I joined the group to try to make a difference. I am seriously considering leaving the group. Yes, we do raise some money for charities. In some months we only raise as much as all the girls paid in dues. This makes it seem like we would be just as affective by donating our due money to a charity. In fact I do not completely understand why we should have to pay dues so that we can be a part of a group, so that we can make a difference.

      There is a definite social hierarchy within the group. It almost seems like some sorority.

      I have seen members leave and not say one words about the dolls, only to be attacked publicly on FB by the dolls.

    • profile image

      FriendofTMDs 5 years ago

      The federal officer is the one you should be listening unbiased approach to the FACTS and I mean obviously if your creating this much drama then Holly made the correct choice. And no she does not make a living from TMD that woman works her butt off every day and has created a non-profit organization that actually does A LOT of good and promotes positive images for modified women that may be judged harshly on their appearance for the art work they decided to decorate their bodies with!

      And I am sorry but the fact your citing your sources from Wikipedia is freaking hilarious because I could go on that site and type a monkey has a finger up his butt under the definition of free speech and it would be accepted as credible! And just to mention in passing I would work on those research skills hun and I've noticed quite a few of you women come off extremely uneducated which is why most people wont take this post or the comments seriously because the ones bad mouthing this organization can't even spell, try spell check at least then people can understand what exactly your typing and the point your trying to make and then can take you seriously.

      Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and yes we can admit as women we are more susceptible to drama and gossip but I truly find this talk about mean girls club but what do you call a bunch of women jumping on the band wagon to bad mouth an organization that has been proven to do good work with reputable charities? Sounds like you ladies are stuck in high school whining because the cool kids wouldn't let you sit at their table.

      I also see quite a few women complaining about being rejected because they don't have enough body mods ummm hello look at the hundreds of organizations that allow people in to them and then turn others away BECAUSE of their body mods, that's why Holly created this group for women who normally would be turned away because they look to thug or hoodlum or Gothic so they have a place to join other women who have gone through the same thing and finally be given a chance to make a difference we normally are not allowed to participate in.

      I have done the research and know quite a few of these women and sad to say but *gasps in surprise* they are almost all genuinely honest good hearted ladies who wouldn't just turn on someone because they where told too and believe it or not *looks shifty eyed imparting great secret* they have their own brains and thoughts too! Go figure ;-)

    • profile image

      Form your own opinions 5 years ago

      Some of the chapters donate their money directly to the charity itself, so please don't let the opinions of other affect anyone who has not personally dealt with the modified dolls. Documentation of all money raised is needed to run a non profit. Please just form your own opinions by going out and meeting some if the ladies in your area. If you don't happen to like what they are doing and would like to donate to a charity directly they would gladly supply you with the tools and information you need to do so.

    • profile image

      Regretful Doll 5 years ago

      What you are saying is not far from the truth at all. And the hypocrisy continues well in the group. Some are not involve enough to see it though anyone you point it out to can see it. I know of many dolls that are now stuck! They love making a difference but hate how others have run it and give off a bad name for all the other dolls. And some of us can't just leave without a huge battle occurring. Honey you are not missing anything. Talk it from some one deep on the inside of this group and been here a year. You are better off.

    • profile image

      Eat a Bullet 5 years ago

      All that your receipts prove is that money was donated, not how much was actually raised.

      And many people knew Holly used money to fund a trip to FL, and she denied it up and down many MANY times. Even when called out on it to her face or through messages. I hope she rots. Her and her little club harassed me for a month solid after I left. I felt horrible just logging onto my FB and seeing all their shit. It was about building people up and doing good works, but all it turns into is tearing girls down that leave for whatever reason.

    • profile image

      Lilith Sweet 5 years ago

      I am a Doll and have been one for almost a year and while some of the things that have been said about girls and their drama are true some of the things that are being said are not true in the slightest.

      In every group that has more 300 members there has always been some drama. Even more so with it all being girls. (They all can’t be brainless can they?) I have never been apart of the drama and if that’s all you want to focus on then you really aren’t in the right place. Yes if you do leave a lot of girls get bitter, honestly I don’t know why nor do I care for it. I don’t see why anyone should care anyways. If you want to leave that’s your business. I’ve never heard Holly bad mouth anyone. And I do believe that some girls idolize her but would you rather have people idolizing someone who doesn’t do good things or would you like to look up to someone who does?

      TMD is all about Modified WOMEN who work to help other people (charity). We are a group of women who are trying to show that while being different we can still do good things. To say that TMD is hypocritical is like calling the kettle black don’t you thing Kelly? TMD is trying to be drama free but when girls start trying to bad mouth a good thing we do take offence so maybe before you start talking you should really know all the facts. Thank you to Officer Jeff Peterson for posting FACTS.

      I don’t see how people can call us a scam, but if you want to think for yourself you go to the TMD FB page and there is paperwork from the charities we have donated to that have THANKED TMD for donations and receipts you can actually see with your own eyes instead of listening to the bitter ramblings of upset women who obviously aren’t TMD material.

      I don’t know where you people get your information but maybe instead of calling people out or getting wrong info maybe send a message and ask someone who really knows the truth… email is

    • profile image

      Former Member of the Mean Girls Club 5 years ago

      To begin, I would like to say I am not "worked up" over anything, I simply would like to share my opinion concerning my experience as a former member of the Modified Dolls. Yes, I am aware I was required to sign "a contract" prohibiting me from discussing anything concerning The Modified Dolls with non-members (which should have been reason enough for me to not connect myself with this organization) but I was blinded by what I thought it stood for and I feel that after recent events have come to light, someone should step up and inform the public. Forgive me for that...

      The concept behind the Dolls is great in theory, in practice...not so much. I joined and loved that it was suppose to be about making a difference and camaraderie and NO drama. However this is truly not the case.

      I do not believe the founder is making a living off the group but I do know she has purchased plane tickets using TMD funds to travel to Florida and I don't know about you but I am not okay with being required to pay dues to foot the bill for travel expenses for someone else, founder or not when the whole point of the Dolls is suppose to be about giving to charity. I left because of all the drama connected with the dolls before I found that fact out regarding the plane ticket and after witnessing the fall out and back lash MANY former members received due to their decisions to politely leave the group for whatever their reasons after the cat was finally let out of the bag, I have decided to come forward and I am certain I made the right decision to leave this sham of an organization. I witnessed with my very eyes, Holly (the founder) & Jolly Jane (from above) verbally attacking (if you will, as it was all posted on the Bama Dolls facebook page) former members from that chapter due to their mutual decision to leave TMD and begin their own thing. I also saw many posts in the main group and on Holly's page that I felt were slanderous to several other former members when they decided they could no longer be a part of the Dolls. Posts were made by Holly encouraging all dolls to write off these former members, we were not allowed to speak about or ask why any of these things were occurring or given any explanation other than that we should do as we are told and be good dollies. Sounds a little fishy right? Kind of like some scary cult almost... Whatever you do, Don't drink the Kool-aid!

      Many of the posters above are 100% correct in that many of these women will turn on you in a heartbeat as soon as Holly begins to play the victim card. I do not know if this is due to the fact that she may be afraid someone is going to take something from her or if she truly has a horrible self-esteem problem that requires countless women to worship her... ( Either way, she should probably seek counseling.)

      Regardless... I would advise anyone looking to become a member of this group to make sure you know what you are getting into. If I knew then what I do now I would never have pursued this endeavor as it does require ALOT of work and ALOT of your hard-earned money that may or may not go towards the greater good. It is true that you will meet many great women with hearts of gold, however some of those women will turn on you for little to no reason at all simply because it's Holly's wish they do so. Hypocritical is right when it comes to No Drama as well, those in charge are queens at it! Take the advice posted above... If you want to make a difference, save yourself the time and aggravation and donate to whichever charity or charities you would love to support. I'm sure some of Holly's minions will have something negative to say concerning my opinions or even try to sue me for slander even though I have tried to show the good and the bad and for this reason I would prefer to steer clear of their retaliation which is why I am choosing to stay anonymous. Again, I will reiterate that now that I have seen how the Modified Dolls work you couldn't pay me enough to be a member. If you are still interested in trying them out, just take care and be cautious and remember to think for yourself, don't let others try to manipulate you or control your thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to read this and I wish you all a great day!

    • profile image

      Nonya 5 years ago

      I'm amazed that anyone would actually allow thselves to be so worked up over something like this, isn't there a better place to apply that energy?

    • profile image

      anon 5 years ago

      actually if you CALL THE IRS they are not a real non for profit and lulu is right holly is making a living off of the girls in the group.

    • profile image

      Would rather eat a bullet 5 years ago

      I would rather eat a damn bullet that be involved with this group. They say they dont want to be discriminated against, yet they discriminate all the time. And Gods forbid if anyone of their members ever have anything negative to say about them! Or even people in the general public! Then the claws come out and their true selves shine through.

      I wont say all of them are like this, but most of the ones on the top are. And yet people still buy into them. People still give them money! If you want to donate to a charity, do it! See them advertising one that you want to look into? Good! Go to the website and make a donation right to them. Skip the middle man. All you have is their word that 100% goes to the charities, but there are no bank records to prove it.

      And who wants to be involved with a group that welcomes you with open arms, talks about you behind your back in other private groups, and then if you leave makes you feel like shit if you try to go off and do something without them? Not I. I had a friend in this little clique, and once she left it was like none of them wanted to be her friend except a few. And then when she spoke out about how they were treating her, how they were harassing her, they threatened to sue her for slander.

      All these girls (because I can't call them women) that came here to defend this horrid group are wither brainwashed or delusional. There is nothing goos about this organization. Anyone can have a good face to the public, but it is what happens on the inside that really counts. And I can tell you from what I saw in their groups that they have some serious problems. Among them being they are nothing more than bullies with a license to collect money.

      One more thing. They have this 'must be genetically female' rule. Really? So a man t hat gets a sex change can't apply because he was not born a she? Well, what about a woman that has all the requirements to be one of you, but happened to get a sex change to a man? He is technically female according to what you lay out in your rules, so he should be able to apply and get in. But of course he wont, they would just claim he is not actually a woman because he chose to become a man.


    • profile image

      PortlandMama 5 years ago

      I did some research on the "Modified Dolls" after hearing about them in my community. I heard good and heard bad things. It's very obvious that peoples opinions are very divided when the subject of this group comes up. Most of the people (other than the ones in the group) seemed to have a problem accepting it. So I looked into it. First off,as an outsider looking in,I must say the "application" process in which you have to have a certain amount of visible tattoos and piercings to even be considered? Wow...that just really put me off from the get go. I am in my 30's and have more tattoos than I could even begin to count. I feel like groups like this are an embarrassment to me as a heavily tattooed woman and everything I believe in. They are JUDGING others on their physical appearance/lifestyle/body modification choices and then it goes so far as to REJECT someone from HELPING because they don't have "cool" enough or even just enough tattoos??? Ha!'re in it to help. If you were REALLY in it to seriously help you wouldn't reject someone who truly wants to help! That's obsurd!

      Sorry...that's where I could see right through this. It sure looks like a -not so cute suicide girls -club that uses "charity" as a way to get their obviously MUCH needed attention. Sad. And like the person above said,the magazine is VERY tasteless and almost pornographic! I really truly hope that people think about it before they give their money to this group (instead of directly to the REAL charities,themselves,without a third party).

      Smells fishy, looks fishy = usually IS Fishy...

    • profile image

      TMD bites 5 years ago

      Seriously, you are better off. If you had gotten in and then left, they would have bullied you online and made you feel like nothing you ever did was worth anything. Yes, they may donate 100% of their proceeds to the charities, that just makes them true to their word, not a good organization to be involved with.

      THey are all 'sisterhood is everything' until you leave. THen you are fair game. And there is blatant favoritism in the group. Trust me, you are better off without them.

    • profile image

      anon 5 years ago

      This group is full of crap. They want you to be strong and voice your opinion, but when I made a comment similar to yours, whoever is mod'ing the FB group talked down to me for calling them out, then deleted my comments. Why is a group who is trying to break the stigma of being modified, being so damned picky on what is considered modified? I was only interested in the org because my best friend just became one, and you couldn't PAY me to join, especially not after the childish way they responded to being called out on their shit. I agree- they should change their slogan from "the different making a difference" to "the tattooed and, if you happen to have piercings that's cool, making a difference." I have two industrial piercings, two rooks, and the usual orbitals and lobes done, but you have to have gauged ear piercings to count. Seriously? They obviously only see tattoos as real modifications, and anyone else who disagrees better not voice their opinion. When a REAL group decides to band together and that it doesn't matter how modified you are, as long as you want to make a difference, I hope these dolls see what kind of wonderful, amazing women they've discriminating against. In the end, that's all their doing.

    • profile image

      sticky doll 5 years ago

      im all about freedom and rights to your own opinions but i ama doll also and i can say that the other girls here who have posted in support of the dolls are correct in all that they say- it is not easy to be a doll- there are alot of requirements beyond ur mods- alot of timke and effort to put into it- alot of caring and taking away from your free time but it is all worth it 100 percent and im sure by looking a tthe post you have made that they made a wise decision and when you get more work done and reapply if you can handle it then you will make a great doll - as long as you can get over the drama- save the drama..if you are really about the charities and caring about the people and being a part of somethign awesome then you will do whatever you have to do to be a part of the modified dolls- if you dont want to do whatever it takes then you dont need to be a doll- bc that is what we do- sacrfice for others and do whatever it takes to keep this orginization alive and growing...that being said we have a small family and i love all the dolls.. ilove our openness and the ability we have to be individuals together- we dont always agree - we are a group of women who spend most of our time together personally and virtually.. but we make it work with no drama- we get the sand out of our vag's and get along like we should :) we are like sisters :) and holly is awesome :)

    • profile image

      Jane Voorhees 5 years ago

      When Holly says that it isn't about the pics, its not. She could care less if you are 400 pounds and take pics in your bathroom mirror or 115 pounds and have professional photogs take pics. What matters is who you are as a person. As a registered Non-profit organization they had to register rules and guidelines. One being a genetic female, the other being "visably" modified. Also what you have on your application means a lot. My sister qualified to be a Doll, but she half-assed the app and was turned down. She didn't get mad, they are weeding out the weak ones that will stick around for a couple months and not do anything. This organization is about the willingness to be something better, destroying stereotypes. And JAX not liking you has nothing to do with your application being turned down if you don't have 5 visible modifications. Get some more ink and put on your big girl panties.

    • profile image

      Not a Doll/ Federal Officer in CA 5 years ago

      So I did my research on these Modified Dolls... As I work for a Federal agency. They have done a lot of good things for their communities and charities. They are in fact a real non profit org. This single person has her own opinion and experience with them but that doesn't mean everyone should cut The Modified Dolls down. The founder, Holly does not make profit off this ORG and actually works as a Nurse. So put down your pitch forks and look at the actual ORG not listen to one person's opinion. Officer Peterson, Jeff A25843

    • profile image

      Nixie Sunrise 5 years ago

      I am a proud modified doll, but I found out about the group by a woman that did not make it through the probation period. She still let people know about the group and still supports us. She is a true lady and when she is ready will re-apply and will be a great doll. We are abut helping others and that is really the long and short of it, Charity, not yourself, something bigger than you. Remember you also had an application that you filled out that you signed and agreed to which stated if you were not accepted after probation to please re-apply and that you would be professional and courteous.

    • profile image

      One DISGUSTED woman 5 years ago

      Everyone is entitled to share their personal experiences and opinions on whatever public forum they choose. This girl was brave enough to put her terrible experience out there for everyone in detail. I sense no drama from her what so ever, it is a detailed account of her feeling wronged. The "modified dolls" is nothing but a DRAMA FUELED mean girls club dedicated not to charity but to encouraging young woman to be self centered and promoting a deliusional sense of "fame" and public attention. The work they put it does NOT I repeat, DOES NOT promote the helping of those in need nor the cause they claim to work for, but to manipulate themselves and each other into feeling some sort of public notoriety. It is a great waste of time, money, and effort. Congratulations to this Holly woman for creating a successful source of income and career for herself (NOTE MY EXTREME SARCASM)!!! Also let me express my absolute disgust in what they refer to as their "magazine"!!! I have been less offended by hardcore bondage porn!!! I cannot see ANYONE who has or is affiliated with the organizations, illnesses, etc thinking that their awful and disgusting portayals of such is in any way shape or form "helpful" to the cause. It is an embarrassing misreprentation of who these people are and how they feel about their illness or situation!!! The "modified dolls" is a joke and at some point those involved will realize it.

    • profile image

      LuLu 5 years ago

      The only reason the people commenting on this post,saying they understand the reasoning for the rejection is because THEY are in this stupid group themselves! This group is absolutely ridiculous & you will be glad they didn't accept you when you look back in a few years and see what a joke & a SCAM it actually is. This lady is making a living off of this group. It's gross. If you want to give money to charity,give it directly to the charity. DO NOT give it to a THIRD party to decide how much will go to it. Probably not very much will!

    • profile image

      NeoVizual Doll 5 years ago

      I agree with the other doll above me.

      It's a drama free zone, you taking the time out of your day to post this -drama- filled, libel, (you're lucky they aren't based in FL because that's persecution worthy here) post where you are pushing people to thing things about the dolls and not support them or the charities they are a part of (which doesn't sound like a willingness to help at all)is melo-lookat-woeisme-drama.

      Also please educate yourself as to why you could not use those pictures:

      They belonged to the photographer, not the dolls. The photog gave the dolls temporary trademark/ownership to print them in a mag. Or if you pulled them off the facebook/tumblr they are purely the property of the photog.

      You can't break stereotypes for modified women if you can't even tell from a picture that they are modified.

      You sound like Verruca Salt. It's quite amusing.

    • profile image

      Doll 5 years ago

      DRAMA was a big no no for the group. Seeing this post makes one realize maybe they made a good decision. Y U MAD?

    • profile image

      Lady Love 5 years ago

      I am a doll, and they have never been hypocritical of me or anyone else I've seen in the dolls. The reason, as Holly stated, for not allowing people with less than 5 visible modifications is because we are just that "The Modified Dolls" it would be stupid to have a bunch of ladies in a group called "The Modified Dolls" that don't appear to be modified. As far as denying you, maybe it was because of another doll, but I'm sure Holly and the other admins had good reasoning. Our group is a drama free group, maybe they didn't want to add you because they thought it would create drama. Whatever their reasoning, I trust them. And it seems to me that if you really wanted to help out, it wouldn't matter if you were in the group or not, you could have helped just by supporting and promoting.

    • profile image

      unknown 5 years ago

      I think they made a wise decision... judging from this rant, I don't know if you would have been able to handle the "drama free" rule..

    • profile image

      Brandi 6 years ago

      When you stated that you thought it had something to do with the girls in the GA chapter, she did not deny that comment at all. Must have been true. Who would turn away someone that wanted to help because of the way they looked? This group does seem very hypocritical.

    • profile image

      Jaded Doll 6 years ago

      The only problem I have, is that you didnt get permission from the Model or the photographer to use the picture of the Doll, and thats not okay.