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The Moral Dilemma

Updated on October 17, 2011

Ethics, Principles and Moral Standards

I like to think that my parents did a good job of raising me. They taught me right from wrong, to respect my elders and those more senior than me, they also taught me to be happy with what I have because there is always someone out there that is worst off than me.

Now that I myself am a parent, I am trying to instill the same principles and moral standards in my children, which is not the easiest task given the world we live in today.

In recent weeks, I have been confronted by a situation; a moral dilemma which has led me to conclude that someone is truly testing my ethical and moral standards.

During my course of work, I am required to interface with people from varying backgrounds. I must say that I truly love my job. There is never a dull moment and I never do the same thing twice.

As we all know, the entire world except maybe for Canada and Australia are going through the worst recession known to man. People are without jobs, families are losing their homes and people are going hungry every day. While my family and I are not starving and my partner and I are still employed, the rising cost of food and basic living is still being felt in my household and has put the brakes on all discretionary spending for the time being at least.

The bait...

So, one beautiful day, while at an out of office meeting, I am faced with a client who looks me in the eye and plainly says without a shudder or stutter that they would like to pay me "tax free" for all of the business I send their way.

In my line of business, while that is not seen as a conflict of interest, it would create an uneven playing field and disadvantage other players in the market. At the time, I didn't hesitate nor did I have to think twice when I simply said, no thank you. I just thanked my parents for raising me right.

I will be honest, if I had been a morally weaker person I probably have sure, why not....but not only do I enjoy being able to sleep at night, but I also enjoy knowing that my possessions were not obtained by ill-gotten means that will haunt my family and I the rest of my life.

To accept or not accept, that is the question

Would you accept payment for actions event if it disadvantaged others?

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    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 6 years ago from The Caribbean

      Congratulations! It's great that your conscience is so clear on the difference between right and wrong. It is better not to be concerned with what other people would do.