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The Most Effective Marketing and Advertising Strategies for Philippine Market

Updated on February 25, 2013

Not a lot foreign business owners or companies that the Philippine market is completely different ball game when it comes to marketing and advertising strategies. In the Philippines it is widely known that the following mediums derive most potential traffic for your business if you:

1. Put an ad in a billboard that is located in a high traffic highway or street.

2. Put an ad on TV.

3. Get a celebrity endorser.

4. Ask likes in Facebook in return for a chance to win something.

5. Ask likes in Facebook by giving discounts for products or services.

6. Team up with a coupon website like metrodeal, groupon or ensogo.

However if you are a small business owner and wondering how you can make it big out there with all the competition and in the same time trying not to increase your capital investment on marketing and advertising alone; the question remains how do you do it?

Here in the Philippines I can only assume that 50% of the country is online; meaning people who has internet at home, office or even at schools. Not everyone is still knowledgeable on how to use the internet to its maximum potential. Some business may be conservative or some just really don’t know what they are doing yet.

To sum up my point the underlying question remains, can my business, make it out there? Even if we tell them we can provide them with SEO, SEM and all other campaigns. Would our target market understand its potential? Let me know your thoughts. Your comments are highly appreciated.


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