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The Most Important Elements of a Business Plan

Updated on July 15, 2016
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A blog writer/musician. A year ago, a friend and I started a few blogs...So, we write!

A plan is a backbone of every strategy in life. You go to the grocery store with a list of things to buy as a plan. You go on a trip with a list of things to visit as a plan. And obviously, when it comes to the most important thing - your business, a plan is a must-have.

So, what are the elements of a winning business plan?

  1. Product/Service Description - Your products or services tell the story behind your brand, and describing them well in the business plan is essential. After all, these are the unique selling aspects you are preaching your business upon.
  2. Feasibility/Competition Analysis - Does your business have what it takes to rank well with the competition - and be profitable? Will it make you meet the ends? Or maybe make you a rich man if done right? This point is all about sorting these things out.
  3. Financing Plan - Acquiring finances to operate a business is a reality for every owner. However, there are lot of financing options to consider. That is why your business plan deserves this point as well.
  4. Marketing Plan - Do you have the right mediums to spread the message of your brand? Do you have the right budget plan and team to realize a marketing strategy?
  5. Management & Operational Plan - How well are you managing the entire business? Do you need more people, supervisors or in general - employees? Do your operations take too much time - or individual efforts?
  6. Legal Requirements - Playing it legal is a no-brainer. Every business should be clean when facing the government. Stick to the legal requirements within your business plan and make sure you tick every one of them.

Whether you are in the position of a startup or are managing an established and full-fledged company, you need a business plan. It's the direction unit leading you to the right path, making you aware from where you came but also letting you see what came before you.


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