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The Myth of the Entrepreneur

Updated on August 28, 2009

The traditional idea about business is that it is a special activity that only a few people are qualified to do. The belief system that is behind this idea is that entrepreneurs are special people, with qualities that few others possess.

If you believe in this idea, that i call the "entrepreneur myth", then you certainly feel that opening a business or a successful company is extremely difficult and beyond your capabilities,

Sadly, subscribing to this kind of idea has lead a lot of people to avoid taking responsibility for their future. Instead of concentrating their efforts into opening a business that supports their dreams, such people have stayed in the same situation for a long time.

It is time to understand that being an entrepreneur is not a magical ability, that is found only on a few people. Rather, it is a skill that can be improved like any other. Moreover, is a skill that provides extreme freedom of choice for entrepreneurs.

Why the Entrepreneur is a Myth

There are several reasons why we can consider the traditional idea of an entrepreneur as a myth. The first reason is that no one is born with the ability of being an entrepreneur.

Babies are similar everywhere. They have only the abilities that they decided to develop. Being the ability musical, mathematical, or business oriented, everything that a baby learns comes from their interest when applied to the environment in which they are.

The environment will shape the development of kids into what they will become as adults. This is how entrepreneurs come to exist: they develop abilities such as auto-confidence and business knowledge over time. Only after careful practice and difficult lessons, a person becomes any good at running a business.

The other reason why we can see that the entrepreneur is a myth, is that people in business have the most different personalities and personal interests.

A few people in business are highly extroverted and interested in meeting others and making acquaintances. While these people may be more outspoken, they are not necessarily more successful in business than others that are not as outgoing.

In fact, observation of great business people has shown that they are extremely varied. Some are talkative, some introspective. While some of them have no advanced degrees, many have higher degrees and even doctorates.

Therefore, it is interesting to see that some preconception about entrepreneurs exist, they play little role in the realities of doing business. There is no specific personality trait that will make you more successful in business. In fact, as in most professions, successful people in business come from all areas and backgrounds.


While deeply ingrained in the minds of most people, the idea that entrepreneurs have special abilities doesn't correspond to the reality of business. 

By freeing oneself from the idea that special traits are necessary, one can fully become aware of the possibility of creating and growing a successful business.

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