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The Only Marketing Books You Will Ever Need

Updated on July 6, 2012

Below are 5 of the most significant books on marketing ever written. By reading these 5 books and applying their principles, you will be light years ahead of most people working in the industry.

Ries and Trout are the godfathers of modern marketing, and this is probably their best book. Learn how to maneuver your products and organization through a competitive landscape. They give you tips on how to develop strategies regardless of your position in the marketplace like defending your position as the category leader, but also how to overtake the leader if you are new to the market.

This is a very simple book that should not be overlooked. It lays out the ground rules of marketing in an almost children’s book sort of way, meaning that it should be understandable by anyone. Written nearly two decades ago, the laws in this book have stood the test of time and can be applied by anyone working in the marketing or advertising industry.

A stellar book written in a bit of an irreverent fashion, but nonetheless it gives powerful insight into how to differentiate from your competitors and connect with your consumers. Known as a whiteboard book, it is written in a way that feels like you are going through a live brainstorming session; however, it is very clearly organized and succinct with lots of valid points and how to apply them.

Although not technically a marketing book, the methods of persuasion detailed by Cialdini in this book can be directly applied to answer almost any marketing problem. Cialdini highlights a number of psychological processes inherent to all humans that are susceptible to marketing tactics. By learning when and how to spot these basic human conditions you will be able to better maximize your marketing efforts.

More of a sales book than anything, Getting Past No will help you craft your message to consumers. How to find mutually acceptable ground and persuade consumers to say yes in situations they would normally say no are staples of Ury’s writing. Read this one a couple times as it will help you become more considerate of what your customers wants rather than what you want are trying to force onto them.


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