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The Outcome Of Outsourcing On Fiverr

Updated on February 2, 2014

Alright, so maybe I was being a bit optimistic in terms of outsourcing my keyword research. Many of the keywords that were considered easy to rank for had an average of 100-300 searches per month. I suspect that this is due to the increase in people using the Internet. I remember back in 2008, it was very easy to rank for keywords. Now there are so many things to pay attention to and the number of competing pages rises each day. Just think of it logically and you’ll see my point.

All of the sellers did very well but my favorite gig would have to be the keyword research gig by a fella’ named “spencer” on Fiverr. He gave me an organized spreadsheet of keywords to choose with amazing being the most profitable and terrible being not so profitable. This would be a great gig for newbies, since not too many researches add that. Actually, he was the only one who did that out of the four different gigs I ordered. Here is a couple of things that were included in the report:

  • Searches per month

  • CPC (cost per click)

  • Number of real competing pages

  • Comp strength

  • PR of the top ten sites in search

  • Ad count

  • Rating of keyword

The columns are neatly organized and everything is easy to read, so I had no problem whatsoever. By the way, I got a whopping 171 total keywords! Of course, you should only pay attention to the ones marked as “amazing” or “good”.

So, if you want to order this gig - I recommend finding him. Actually, his username on Fiverr is spencer_. Actually, I’ll be ordering my next gig from him tomorrow but it will just be for 10 quality keywords. My requirements for the gig are:

  • At least 10 keywords from ANY niche
  • Over 300 searches per month
  • Under a PR of 3
  • Under 300 competing pages
  • CPC should be $1 or over

How often do you use Fiverr?

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Best of Fiverr

So recently I found this cool site called “Best of Fiverr” and it publishes funny or bizarre Fiverr reviews. It also includes how-to’s like one article they published on “crowdsourcing your graphics project to Fiverr”. I liked their post because they showed the three different design concepts that the worker gave. Too bad they didn’t post a link to the freelancer’s gig. Exposure and karma.. that’s what I believe in!

Case Study On Keyword Research

I’ve decided to do a case study on my findings. And no, this isn’t to earn money or gain attention. This is simply so I can keep an organized journal and learn along the way. It is also to help other people so they know what to look for when it comes to keyword research.

One of the reasons I am doing this is also because it helps me follow through on projects. I am notorious for not completing things. I tend to move onto the next thing too quickly. This will definitely help me put my priorities straight.

How will I do this case study? Simple.. outsourcing and then posting my findings. Each article I post will be carefully analyzed when it comes to rankings. I’ll see what articles are getting the most traffic. Each article will be top quality - at least 600 words or more. It’s simply not worth doing a 300 word article because readers want the best. They want tons of information. Not just information but also pictures, videos, and easy to read modules. *Wink wink* Hubpage modules!

Why it’s so easy to rank on Hubpages

Ranking on Hubpages is fairly easy because it is considered an authority site. Most articles aren’t even noticed unless they have a lot to offer. Of course, Hubpages usually never publishes low quality articles. There are “checkmarks” that your article goes through before being able to publish. Unlike Squidoo, eHow, and Seekyt - you can earn from their ads program.

What’s tomorrow’s schedule?

Well, there are only a few things I need to do tomorrow and it looks like I’ve already finished outsourcing the articles so we will see how that goes. Tomorrow I will be doing something entirely different for those who are interested. I have other projects going on at the same time so things are a bit hectic. Ever since the death of eHow’s writer compensation program, I have learned my lesson when it comes to putting all my eggs in one basket. It’s a horrible idea actually. So, for those of you who are curious - here is what I plan on doing tomorrow:

  • Re-hiring my new favorite keyword research guy on Fiverr

  • Adding new digital art on Etsy

  • Updating everyone regarding my Etsy experience

Stay tuned to hear my story on this craft art site. The passive income on there has been building up slowly but then again - I do it as a hobby. Basically I sell digital backgrounds, printable monograms, and art prints for the home. By no means am I a professional graphic artist although I do have a few tricks up my sleeves when it comes to


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