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The Part Time At Home Job Guide

Updated on January 23, 2011

Finding the Right Part Time Job

 A part time job has many different definitions. Some part time jobs only require you to come in once a week. Other part time jobs can be nearly a full time job. People who are looking for part time jobs fall into many different categories. A college student might look for a part time job that fits around his class schedule. Someone who is retired might want to work just a few hours a week to bring in a few extra dollars. Others look for part time work as a bridge to finding full time work. Whatever your motivations, the right part time will require at least some research before you can find it.

One of the best places to look for an online job is online. A part time online job can fit in with your scheduling needs and help you avoid a commute.

Work at home jobs fall into several different categories. Many work at home jobs are ideal for someone who is looking for a part time job. Many jobs offered are part time rather than full time. Part time online jobs require the same skills as you might expect to find in a full time job. Employers expect the employee to have useful skills and the right educational background.

Any part time online job search should begin with a close examination of your background and skills. Even a teenager can find a part time online job if they can meet the employer’s demands and requirements. A teen who has a worked with numbers might find online jobs for teenagers that ask employees to crunch numbers and work with spreadsheets.

Think carefully about your areas of expertise and background. For example, if you have a teaching background, you can look for part time online jobs that center around the needs of the medical field. A nurse can get a part time job answering questions from patients or lawyers seeking to investigate medical claims.

Once you’ve sat down and thought about your abilities it is time to start looking for a part time online job. If you are already employed consider speaking with your employer about turning your part time job into a real work at home job. Real work at home jobs can be created if your employer will let you. Point out your skill with computers. Offer a presentation centered around turning all required activities into at home activities.

If you don’t already have a job, there are several areas of investigation you can pursue when looking for a part time online job. The first thing you should do is investigate forums devoted to online job searching. Places like rat race rebellion have done the work for you. They offer legitimate work at home job opportunities. Read the forums carefully. Look for jobs offered. Very often this is an excellent way to get a true idea of what the job is like. Many companies want only part time workers for their part time online jobs because that allows the company far more flexibility.

The second thing you should do is start applying for jobs. If you see a job you like, send off your resume immediately. Make sure the job in question is for a part time position. The employer should indicate this before you start. You should also have some idea of the hours necessary, the requirements demanded and the pay scale.

Another thing you can do is to search each company’s website. Many companies have websites that have job listings. A job listing will indicate if the job is part time or full time. The job listing will also indicate if you need to be physically present or you can work from home. Colleges and universities allow teachers to give online courses. An online adjunct faculty job can be ideal for you if you have a serious teaching background.

You can also create your own online part time job. If you craft, work with companies that let you sell your items such as eBay and etsy. If you write, you can write for magazines and websites. Even if you’ve never been professionally published or you don’t have an arts degree, you can still try out your skills and make money doing so.



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