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The Perks of Being a Stay at Home Parent

Updated on May 26, 2013
Enjoying the sun as a full time stay at home parent.
Enjoying the sun as a full time stay at home parent. | Source

The Perks of Being a Stay at Home Parent

You just had a child and now the decision needs to be made whether or not you are going to stay home with the child or look into daycare and continue to work full time. The decision is not an easy one to make, but if you or your spouse decides to stay home full time and raise a child there are so many wonderful perks of being a stay at home parent. Many people believe being a stay at home parent is a lazy profession, but in reality it takes more work than any job in an office, and it is way more fulfilling than any other job as well. It is quite an amazing experience to stay home with your child as they learn and grow, and you will never miss a milestone in their young lives! If you choose to be a full time stay at home parent, never feel bad about your personal decision and read these many perks you will have in your new lifestyle!

Building Forts

Building forts is an amazing childhood past time and many of us parents still desire to build a fort, hide away, and never come back out to see another mundane day. Now that you have children of your own and you stay home full time to raise said child or children, your dreams have finally come true. You can now build all the amazing, intricate, sheet and blanket structures filled with pillows and toys and never come out (well, at least until your significant other gets upset with you that you have colored inside a fort for days and the house looks like you have been robbed).

building forts
building forts | Source
Building forts
Building forts | Source


Who doesn't enjoy coloring? Another fabulous perk at being a stay at home parent is the non stop coloring, drawing and teaching those kids how to stay in the lines and not scribble over your perfectly colored Dora the Explorer.

Coloring/drawing | Source


Now that you have your own kid(s) you are finally able to watch cartoons all day without anyone ever judging you. Before you had kids everyone would you poke fun at you for sitting in your underwear on a Saturday morning with breakfast and a beer, but now that you have kids you can do that everyday (minus the beer) and no one will ever judge you, laugh at you, but they will think it is amazing that you allow your kids to watch Sesame Street, Road Runner, Garfield, and all the other awesome classics you have missed out on as a grown up, and they may even be a little jealous.

Days Full of Imagination

Playing house, having tea parties, pretending you are being attacked by an alien invasion or giant robots, there is never a dull moment in your house anymore. Put on the cowboy hat and boots, put on that rain coat and splash in puddles, sit down and enjoy some pretend tea with your pinky out, and enjoy watching your child smile, play, and pretend to be someone different (I promise you will have more fun than you have ever had before). Playing pretend and having a full day of imagination (without television) is one of the highlights of being a parent, and no one will look at you weird when you are a grown man wearing a tea hot drinking air out of a pink cup because your little girl is sitting right next to you.

Tea Party!
Tea Party! | Source

The Days are Never Boring

When staying home full time with the kids you will never be bored again. Just because you do not work doesn't mean your days are mundane, boring, and uneventful, actually they are anything but. When staying home to raise children your days will be filled with imagination, building forts, coloring, watching cartoons, teaching your child new things, watching them laugh and smile, watching them play, learn and grow. Your child will wake you up, smile up at you, grab your hand, force you to play, read, and run, and then they will go to sleep, allowing you to relax until they decide they need a midnight snack or a glass of water, and you will do it all over again in the morning.

Something New is Learned Everyday

Not only do you teach your child something new every single day, but your child will also teach you something new. You will live everyday through the eyes of your child. Your child will teach you to appreciate the butterfly that lands on the ground next to you. They will teach you to stop to pick flowers and smell them. They will teach you that clouds are puffy, awesome, and that you can find pictures within them. They will teach you puddles are lakes you can go fishing in. They will teach you to enjoy the playground, to enjoy going down the super fast slide, or pump your legs fast and go as high as you can on a swing. They will teach you how to crawl around the house and pretend to be a super scary and giant dinosaur. They will teach you to enjoy every second of your life because you never know how many chances you may have left to do so. They will teach you that everyday is a gift. They will teach you important life lessons that you never thought were possible to accomplish. They will teach you how to be a parent.

(Sara is a photographer and a family friend, she took this wonderful photo) My daughter stopping to smell the flowers.
(Sara is a photographer and a family friend, she took this wonderful photo) My daughter stopping to smell the flowers. | Source

Everyday is an Adventure

Everyday is an incredible and new adventure when you stay at home full time with the children. One second your a dinosaur in the mesozoic era, the next your a princess stuck in a high tower of a castle, and then you end your day either at a lovely tea party, or sitting around the knights table enjoying a huge feast.

No One Ever has to be Stuck Inside

You never feel like you have to be stuck inside when your job is taking care of the kids and the house. Even in the rain you can enjoy running around outside, jumping in puddles. When it's snowing you can make snow angels, igloos, and snowmen, then you can go sledding down the biggest hill you can find and ending the day all snug and warm in bed watching movies with some hot chocolate. When it's sunny you can go lay in the sun, pick flowers, go hiking, fishing, walking, or just play in the park. You have endless possibilities when your not forced to stay inside working in an office.

A day at the river (summer 2012).
A day at the river (summer 2012). | Source
A day in the leaves (Fall 2012).
A day in the leaves (Fall 2012). | Source

If You Forget to Clean because of all the Fun You can Blame it on the Kid(s)

One of the best perks of being a stay at home parent is that if you feel tired or lazy and all you want to do is hide in your fort, coloring, and watching cartoons that's okay, when your spouse comes home you can just say, “honey, it was the kids, they insisted on destroying the house” or “I swear I tried but the fort just wouldn't come down, it must be a magical fortress” or “I'm sorry those kids were wild today, I barely had any control”. Some days life is just to fun to take a break and clean the house, so enjoy the mess, and hide away with the kids.

The kids rooms will look like this...
The kids rooms will look like this... | Source
and the house will look like this on more than one occasion, but that's okay, because so much fun was had by all!
and the house will look like this on more than one occasion, but that's okay, because so much fun was had by all! | Source

Pure Joy in Watching your Child Grow and Change Everyday

One of the most amazing perks of being a stay at home parent is being able to watch the pure joy on your child's face as they learn, grow, and change every second of everyday. It is a truly an amazing experience to see your child learn, watching them enjoying life, and taking the time to experience something new.

Never Miss a Milestone

Finally, when you are a stay at home parent you never have to worry about missing a major milestone in your child's growth and development. You never have to worry about missing their first word, their first tooth, their first steps, or their first sentence. You can always video tape the precious moments in their small lives because they will only be that tiny once. You will be able to document everything so that the entire family can look back fondly on the memories when everyone is all grown (or so you can embarrass your kids when they bring home their first boyfriend/girlfriend). You can take pictures of the precious and amazing moments and be a major part in them. You can be a wonderful parent who takes a huge part in your child's life. So enjoy being a full time parent, it is an amazing experience!

We do it all for their beautiful faces. Enjoy being a stay at home parent!
We do it all for their beautiful faces. Enjoy being a stay at home parent! | Source

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    • angryelf profile image

      angryelf 4 years ago from Tennessee

      I'd love to be a stay at home mom when the time comes, but then again I want to be a vet. Going to be excessively hard to pull that one off! Great hub and voted up!

    • Abby Campbell profile image

      Abby Campbell 4 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      JamiJay, I loved being a stay-at-home mommy when my kids were younger. I came home full-time from working out in the field when my youngest was three. I loved absolutely every single minute of it, and I also homeschooled all three of my girls which provided beautiful times for us of learning, growing, and building relationships. They are my favorite memories! I sometimes wish I could bottle them up and keep them little forever. LOL. Enjoy every moment you have with yours because they grow way too quickly. ;)

    • JamiJay profile image

      Jami Johnson 4 years ago from Somewhere amongst the trees in Vermont.

      Bill, I am for sure storing up all the memories, I had way too many pictures to choose from for this hub, haha. It is a precious time and I truly never want to work at a regular 9-5 job ever again (which is why I am being very diligent with my writing these days).

      soconfident, I agree there needs to be more stay at home parents (not nannies) to take care of the kids. Times are tough and both parents usually work to make ends meet or to enjoy some luxuries in life. I stay at home and I absolutely love it! I do miss my personal income, but watching my daughter grow is priceless.

    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      Parents need to be more at home with their kids, the problem is that nowadays both parents are working. We need to have more stay at home parents.

    • billybuc profile image

      Bill Holland 4 years ago from Olympia, WA

      Without a doubt it is a great gig! Enjoy those years and store up the memories. :)