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The Perks of Being a VmWare Certified Professional – Advantages of Getting VCP Certification

Updated on May 16, 2013

Businesses and institutions that engage in computers and ventures on the Internet all across the world are looking for one thing in particular – a way to make their desktop deployment and server space more efficient and with more power to meet the demands of a growing company or business venture. In the past, these establishments often found themselves buying more hardware units and servers to meet expanding needs. This was an expensive and space-consuming solution that made companies groan.

The advent of virtualization provided a new and better answer. With server and desktop virtualization like that provided by VmWarevSphere, multiple servers and desktops can be virtualized and run simultaneously on a single computer or hardware unit. It saves money, saves space, and makes running a business with heavy server use less grievous in general. Thus, in the race for efficiency and improved convenience of business, companies are turning to virtualization.

What does that mean for the world of IT professionals? It means that organizations all over the world are going to be in need of virtualization experts who can help run and manage their business’ virtualization programs. As of present, VmWarevSphere is one of the most popular virtualization systems for businesses and corporations, not only in desktop virtualization but also server virtualization. Many companies are willing to pay good money for even an entry-level VmWare professional.

Becoming A VmWare Certified Professional

For those reasons, there is ample evidence to say that becoming a VmWare Certified Professional, or VCP, will ensure you that your services will always be in demand and money will not be an issue anytime soon. The program is divided into two distinct certifications, which are the VCP-Data Center Administrator and the VCP-Data Center Designer. Both certifications are in demand, and both pay very well. Other than that, VmWare Certification has a few other benefits. Not only does it prove your competency and commitment to the IT business, it also develops your personal growth by providing you with good IT professional connections that can help advance your job. Becoming a VmWare Certified Professional is an excellent decision, no matter how you look at it.

Are you still not convinced that getting your VCP certification is a good idea? Here are some more reasons that could change your mind.

Trustworthiness and Credibility

Above all else, VmWare is a name that can be trusted in IT services. Thousands of companies avail of their products every day, and many of them are still in desperate need of trained professionals who can service the products. Becoming a VmWare Certified Professional makes sure that you join the short-list of top priority servicers, should you wish to apply for a job as a servicer for a company. The industry will also have open arms for you, since your certification is proof that you want to take IT and the industry itself seriously.


Furthermore, you are entitled to utilize the VmWare logo and trademarks on your business cards, websites, or anywhere you would like people to know that you are a VCP. Being certified is an honour unto itself, but being able to be identified as a certified professional is a nice little bonus as it earns the respect of fellow colleagues. Being able to install, deploy and troubleshoot a program as complex and ingenious as the VmWarevSphere is nothing to be sneezed at, especially in the IT industry.

Complementary License of the VmWare Workstation 9

Every technical professional deserves an easy-to-use system support that can be accessed at any time and at any place. It also needs to have enough power behind it to meet the high-maintenance operating system needs of a working IT professional. The VmWare Workstation 9 is a cutting-edge system that ensures high-quality system support for anybody’s possible needs. It is a name trusted across the world for operating system performance and excellent features – and it can be yours for absolutely free. Becoming a VmWare Certified Professional automatically entitle you to usage of this amazing product that has won scores of awards in the industry for its quality.

Other VmWare Perks

VmWare also gives you several benefits and incentives for passing their certification exam. As a VCP, you can immediately access the VCP Portal and store for all your VCP needs. The company will also offer you money-saving discounts at any VmWare event that you attend, and will give you invitations to try out beta exam programs.

Finally, passing the VCP qualifies you for higher forms of certification and training in VmWarevSphere virtualization. The VCP certification program is an entry-level certification in which intros the VCAP, or VmWare Certified Advanced Professional, and the VCDX, or VmWare Certified Design Expert. Becoming a VmWare Certified Professional can be a step on your way to advanced IT professional work, higher salaries, and even more opportunities for you to exploit.


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