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The Pimps of the Business World

Updated on July 2, 2013

Majority of the jobs I've held over the past decade were mostly through staffing agencies, Temporary placement services and or our word for them the "Pimps of the Business World". Yes I went there, pimps. Let's think about it they have men and women working for them that they pimp out to others for a fee; the men and women get a fraction of this fee for providing their services of course. Seeking out employment through staffing agencies has its positives and negatives.

The common aspects that I have encountered would be that in many cases you don't have to weed through the pool of other applicants by awaiting for the employer to make a decision. The agency does that for them. This could be good and bad. There are certain reasons why you may or may not ace in interview with the interviewer. Personalities tend to rub off wrong or really well with certain people. The agency may look at you and have a prejudice mindset on who would fit the position before you open your mouth or they could take a look at you and know immediately that you're a good fit.

One of the negatives of having the agency be in control of the hiring process would be that they are looking for temporary workers to work a long term temporary position with no set end date. They stumble across an applicant with the ability to perform the job, the applicant aces the phone interview but then questions are raised on whether or not the applicant would be a great fit? Their job search consists of temporary, temporary to direct hire and or direct placement. Why wouldn't this applicant be a great fit?

The agency has many “what if's” about the recruiting of this position. Many details are given about the job first interviewer feels that its a great fit but the account manager will be doing interviews. Immediately the phone interviewer (account manager) dives into a speech: “well we are looking for someone that can work temporary until the contract ends”. The applicant agrees to this and gives good reason they are a good fit but the agency states: “well the position may not go past this date, but it could be extended after the date and the assignment may go on longer. We have people who have been working at this company as temporary agents since last year.” Keep in mind the position is a temporary one, with no benefits. (Is this still legal?)

Despite the odd conversation and to make matters worse, the applicant makes the mistake to say that they're a seasonal worker but possibly looking for temporary to hire employment. Due to they are looking to maintain a position that will give them the ability to switch their career. The interviewer rushes in and restates the obvious, this is a temporary position. It may extend past the fiscal year once the budget has been met or not. It could also end after the fiscal year due to the budget. The position could also extend past the new year until-whenever?

Question from the applicant would be to ask if the position was a long term temporary, key word here “indefinite” position. Response given would be that the assignment is definitely long term and temporary. The interviewer would not confirm if it was “indefinite”. There's a huge communication gap, the response is bias and because the applicant can't interview with the actual employer, is there really a reason why someone seeking a temporary assignment would not fit a temporary assignment?

The phone interview was based on true events that has only confirmed opinions about staffing agencies. The staffing agency for this company was misleading with their recruiting process. They are staffing for a temporary assignment which the applicant proved they could work, but the staffing agency doesn't want anyone that is seeking long term 'definite' positions yet they're not in the position to tell future applicants just how long the position will last. Sad case but a common process surrounding staffing agencies. That's over 13 years of hands on experience with working with temporary agencies.

Bottom line, the agency can hire more than 20 people advise them on the 'indefinite' time frame and wouldn't blink an eye when that time frame changes from a lesser date or greater date with no apparent end date. Offering of no benefits, just wages, to keep working indefinite. As they move onto the floor with the actual employer, they will hear rumors of a few, let's say three or four that came on permanent. The applicants hopes are then tested. It's a bias system, but there's absolutely no way around it. The applicants searching for work, are in dire need for temporary agencies such as these. Its a win lose situation for most.


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