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The Porpoise Driven Life on eBay

Updated on June 20, 2013
Large Art Glass Dolphin Figurine
Large Art Glass Dolphin Figurine | Source

DISCLAIMER: This writer apologizes for taking marine biological license in using the terms, porpoise and dolphin, interchangeably. In the SEO keyword-saturated online business world, however, the practice is necessary.

If you happen to be a purist reader and are thus distracted by my liberal and perhaps erroneous use of the word, porpoise, I apologize for the inconvenience of my limited knowledge. Please consider taking solace in the following comforting statement.


One Can Only Wonder


My HubPages handle is Hawaiian Odysseus, and as the pen name might suggest, I've done a bit of traveling on the high seas.One of the sights that will never cease to hold me in the grip of sheer fascination is the way of a porpoise or a dolphin as it glides effortlessly over, through, and just under the surface of the water. Against the subtle melding at the horizon of azure sky and turquoise sea, the shining, glistening, and mesmerizing silhouettes of these amazing ocean ballerinas hold many a mariner spellbound. Were these the ancient sirens that hypnotically lured Homer's Odysseus to the brink of madness? After viewing these majestic creatures propel themselves through the sea at fantastic speeds while maintaining a graceful and fluid choreography, one can only wonder.

Intent, Hope, and a Springboard

My intent with this hub is to share with you an account of one dolphin figurine that I've sold along with recent porpoise or dolphin finds my wife and I have found in various places in the Walla Walla Valley that I will be listing on eBay shortly. By doing so, it is my earnest hope that you'll incorporate some of my ideas into your eBay selling methods or use them as a springboard for your very own innovative strategies.

10-1/2" Handcrafted Art Glass Dolphint

Whenever I'm out hustling (synonymous with picking or treasure hunting), I'm looking for three things:

  • Proven sellers--things like Starbucks or Disney mugs; the June, 1985 issue of National Geographic featuring the green-eyed Afghan Girl; Beatles, Elvis, or Marilyn Monroe memorabilia; books about the Civil War or WW II; Andrea by Sadek figurines; remote control sets
  • Vintage collectibles--Beatles, Elvis, or Marilyn Monroe memorabilia; copper teapots; pewter plates; NFL or college snapbacks; Star Trek memorabilia; Betty Crocker cookbooks; old license plates;
  • Oddities and rarities--handcrafted tin biplanes; handcarved wooden toys; Arabia Finland kitchenware; paintings with the artists' signatures; old movie posters; autographed baseball gloves.

In addition, I pay attention to my body chemistry. There's something to be said about the Hustler's X Factor (and, no, I'm not talking about Larry Flynt's iconic magazine, the one that most of us men might have browsed through because we were so interested in the articles).

The Hustler's X Factor is simply that hard to define trait known as your gut instinct. You can't describe it, and you either got it or you don't. It's a quality that makes you stop on a dime as you walk through a thrift store or the lawn at a yard sale or the living room of an estate sale or the foyer of a church rummage sale. Your head, turning on a swivel like Linda Blair's noggin in The Exorcist, spies a certain something hidden beneath the rubble. You reach for it, your hands sweaty as you make like a pirate finding a trunk full of doubloons (I was going to say, booty, but I already got my one pass with the Larry Flynt crack). Anyway, I think you know what I mean.

So that's what I felt like when I saw this gorgeous art glass dolphin figurine at a church youth center sale not too long ago. And you know where I saw it?

In my wife's hands.

Yeah. You got it. That whole spiel I just laid out for you? In this case, it applied to my wife. She beat me to the draw. Hey, what can I say? All I can do is report the event as it happened.

Okay, so maybe next time I'll see the prize first.

Anyway, on this particular day, the people running the sale were offering half off on everything. The listed price on the glass dolphin was $12.99, so our cost would be $6.50.

Now, here's a key thing to remember if you want to be a successful hustler. Please, if you take nothing else away from this hub, be sure to take this...

The profit you'll make on your eBay sale is determined at the point of your purchase.

I'll say it again, and this time with emphasis.


That's just basic ECON 101, folks! But you'd be surprised how many eBay newbies overlook this important concept and then wonder, months later, why they aren't making more sales or profiting as much on the sales they are making.

When I saw the glass dolphin, I initially saw us selling this item for $49.99. Based on experience, I crunched the numbers in my head and saw us walking away with a $25 to $30 net profit.

So, after a short discussion with my wife, we agreed to buy the item.

Later, when I eventually listed the item, I had done more research as well as thinking about my pricing. I decided to set a $69.00 Buy It Now price with the customer paying for shipping and listed it in our eBay store.

Because it is my intent to share my eBay knowledge by way of these hubs, here is the actual bulleted template of the listing. You will thus have one eBayer's idea of how to draft a listing. I welcome you to incorporate my ideas while establishing your own unique style and variations of listing.

  • Large Dolphin Art Glass Figurine and/or Paperweight
  • Beautiful studio handcrafted art item
  • Exquisite design, professionally formed
  • Country of origin unknown, but our best educated guess is that this lovely piece was Italian-made
  • Dolphin's tail extends to the left, its body thus forming, when viewed from the top, a reverse L-shape
  • Strong, durable, and powerful
  • Intrinsically majestic
  • When viewed from certain angles, glass figurine takes on a liquid metal appearance, reminiscent of the T-1000 android in Terminator
  • Figurine can double as a paperweight
  • Approximate measurements: 10-3/8" tall by 9-1/2" wide by 7-3/8" from front to back
  • Figurine alone weighs 7+ pounds
  • Excellent, gently used condition
  • A perfect holiday, birthday, or all-occasion gift for that corporate executive, yuppie, or very significant special someone
  • A wonderful complement to your home or office decor
  • A great novelty item for the art glass figurine or dolphin memorabilia collector
  • Sure to be a topic of lively discussion among family and friends
  • PayPal is the preferred method of payment
  • Shipped via USPS Priority Mail to either USA or international destinations

Thank you very much for viewing and participating in our eBay listings. Welcome back anytime!

We sold this item not too long ago to a woman in Canada. Our purchase price had been $6.50. After I crunched the numbers, calculating the eBay and PayPal fees, we realized on this deal a net profit of $54.64.

4" Blue Glass Porpoise

Okay, so these next four items are figurines that I will soon be listing on eBay. For each of these, I will share with you my purchase price and what I hope to sell them for.

First up, we have this 4" Blue Glass Porpoise. By the way, a porpoise has a chunkier body and a smaller and blunter snout than that of a dolphin.

I paid 25 cents for this item. Originally, I thought about asking $14.99 in an auction, but I just noticed that the point of its dorsal fin is chipped off, something I didn't see at the yard sale, but for a quarter, what can I say? I'll honestly mention the flaw in my listing. You just never know. Someone may still want it. My starting bid? $7.49.

4" Hand Carved Ironwood Porpoise

The owner wanted $3 for this piece, and I haggled it down to a couple of bucks. Ironwood is a solid and enduring substance, and the fact that this was a hand carved piece gives it, in my opinion, an intrinsic value. In addition, this particular figurine was made in Hawai'i, and to finally be able to offer something made in the good old USA is worth a few more bucks. I'm asking $15.00 for this piece and listing it in a 7-day auction.

8" Ceramic Mother and Baby Dolphin Figurine

This lovely 8" pearlescent ceramic figurine features a mother and baby dolphin. I think the price on this one was $2.17. I'm asking $25.00 for it, with shipping paid by the buyer.

Another lesson I'd like to share with you is to never be shy about setting your prices at the high water mark. Think of it as a way of honoring yourself for the hard work you're doing. I never let other eBay sellers dictate my prices. Within reason 90% of the time (and just going plain nuts the other 10%), reinforce your self-worth as you simultaneously bestow value upon the goods you've rescued from someone else's trash pile.

2000 Christian Lassen Sunset Splash Bradford Exchange Dolphins Plate Art

This lovely plate art figurine featuring three dolphins cavorting in the waves is entitled, Sunset Splash. It was created by the world-renown Hawaii-based marine artist, Christian Lassen, for the Bradford Exchange.

My wife and I bought this piece at a yard sale in Milton-Freewater, Oregon, for $2.00. It's in great condition, so I am going to put it up for $35.00 plus shipping.

So, there you have it--a bevy of beautiful sea mammals with wonderful sales potential on eBay. What a great way to celebrate a porpoise driven life!

20 more hubs? How am I possibly going to meet my goal and still effectively run my eBay business?  Here's the answer: Matthew 19:26!
20 more hubs? How am I possibly going to meet my goal and still effectively run my eBay business? Here's the answer: Matthew 19:26!


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  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    Hi, Brandi!

    Yours is one of those rare comments that I could rate up and across the board. It's definitely no surprise that you have an outstanding HubPages score of 100. You are definitely one of the most engaging and active writers here on HP. Thank you so very much for stopping by to read and enjoy yet another one of my hubs. It's always a privilege and a delight to hear from you. Aloha, and have a wonderful week!


    PS I have faith that you could go to yard sales and not give in to the Barbie compulsion. : ) Truth be told, I'm the same way with Starbucks mugs.

  • CraftytotheCore profile image


    6 years ago

    I have that instinct too Joe. I just never knew what it was called! LOL A lot of people collect dolphin figurines. I used to take inventories for estates when I worked at a law firm. You wouldn't believe the collections I came across.

    I have stopped going to yard sales because I have a bad habit of buying stuff we don't need like more Barbies. When I was a child, I had no Barbie dolls so it drove me to madness. hehe. Now whenever I'm yard sailing, I have been known to crawl under tables and other people to get what I want! No, just joking. In all seriousness though, I can spot a rare Barbie across a crowded room and I go right for it, hands starting to feel numb with coldness as I make sure no one is hot on my trail for that Barbie. My daughter is one lucky little girl.

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    How very coincidental, Cris! We're doing a yard sale on Sunday, too, mostly because we're beleaguered by all the items we never got around to processing for selling on eBay. Whatever we don't sell, I will go over carefully and glean items worth listing on eBay. The rest, we will donate to charity. Best wishes to you for a very successful yard sale AND for your upcoming move. Congratulations on selling your home. That's a major victory, alright, and one worthy of celebration. I will be thinking of you. As you already know, you are one of my all-time favorite writers here on HubPages. Aloha, my friend, and God bless you and your loved ones!


  • CrisSp profile image


    6 years ago from Sky Is The Limit Adventure

    Now, how can I possibly missed this one with a very catchy title? Enjoyed the soothing music on the video as well. Very nice Joe.

    I wasn't that good on my ECO class in the University and although I have my Diploma on Public Relations & Marketing, I still do not possess the innate skill of a good business person. I tried but more often my selling is just as good as giving it for profit. Lol!

    BTW, I'm moving to the new place by the 15th. House is sold and thus, I'm doing a garage sale tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you and shall apply the knowledge I've learned from your previous hubs on selling. :)

    Love from the sky~

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    Wow, pinto2011! Thank you for your kind words. It has always been my hope that in writing these hubs, they didn't come across as purely self-promotional. Feedback like yours, therefore, means the world to me in terms of whether I should continue this particular niche of hubs or not. Your value to me as a peer writer here on HubPages is beyond mere words. Thank you so very much, my friend! Aloha, and have yourself a wonderful new week! Thanks for keeping in touch!


  • pinto2011 profile image


    6 years ago from New Delhi, India

    Hi Hawaiian! It is like taking a university lecture from a scholar about eBay sales. I really learned and enjoyed your writing. It is theory with practical lesson for me. I would definitely look for some items from India which the westerners are interested to buy over eBay.

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    Hi, Rajan! It's always a delight to have you drop by and share in my hub experiences. I enjoy sharing these eBay tips, and I always appreciate hearing how some people may be applying them with their own unique flair. Have a wonderful week, my friend! Aloha!


  • rajan jolly profile image

    Rajan Singh Jolly 

    6 years ago from From Mumbai, presently in Jalandhar, INDIA.

    Joe, reading your hubs about your eBay experiences is always a great learning experience. I appreciate you sharing useful tips and motivating and guiding wannabe's in this business.

    As always this is a useful and interesting read.

    Voted up as such and shared as well.

    Aloha, my friend and have a good coming week.

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    Hi, JIm!

    Even if part of my intent is to put out content for my 30/30 Challenge, I try to do my very best with the quality aspect of these hubs, and the eBay ones are no exception. In the sharing of my experiences, I truly want to be able to share lessons learned from making tons of mistakes. Thank you for always being an enthusiastic and supportive HP peer and friend, Jim! I am sincerely encouraged by you. Aloha!


  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    Hi, Kathryn! Thank you very much for your stick-to-it follow-through ways, my dear friend! Ha-ha! The day after I wrote the hub, I listed the dolphins. My usual plan is to run them as auctions for a couple of weeks and then place them in my store as Buy It Now listings. I got the blue glass guy for only a quarter and was feeling quite proud of myself until I discovered later that his dorsal was missing the pointed tip. Of course, I honestly mentioned it in my listing because the photograph doesn't always show the flaws clearly. One thing I've learned is that honesty is greatly appreciated (both on and off eBay) and can even sometimes be part and parcel of why a sale was made. We'll see how it goes! Thanks for the nice visit, Kathryn! Aloha!


  • xstatic profile image

    Jim Higgins 

    6 years ago from Eugene, Oregon

    Reading your eBay hubs is like going to a seminar for newbies. This is another great one. I am a bit behind, but will catch up soon. You certainly accomplished your "porpoise" here.

  • Kathryn Stratford profile image


    6 years ago from Windsor, Connecticut

    Cute play on words ("Porpoise-driven life").

    I started reading this late the other night, and just realized I didn't have time to comment before I shut my computer down.

    I love dolphins, and I used to collect them. Christian Lassen's artwork is stunning, so that is my favorite one amongst your products.

    Thank you for sharing your tips with us, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    See, Nancy, it's the warm and sincere comments like yours that makes this business of writing a compelling addiction. Ha-ha! I so enjoy your good humor--in the hubs you write, comments you share, murals you paint, and life you lead. Yes, I agree with you--I could have used your artistic touch to promote these dolphins and porpoises. When you get a chance, look up Christian Lassen on YouTube or via Google. I mention the artist of the plate figurine in my hub because you both have an aesthetic sense of everything around you. Thank you, my friend, for your loyal support and appreciation. I am all the more encouraged to write more...something I really need to do in order to meet the Challenge deadline. : ) Aloha, and have a great Friday and weekend!


  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    Hi, Dahlia!

    Your warm reception to my hub means the world to me. In the UK, I understand that the term for things similar to our yards sales and flea markets is BOOT SALE. However different or similar our countries may be, it is still a common denominator that the seller must find his or her inventory somewhere and then have a business plan of sorts, whether simple or complex. These are the things I try to address in my hubs, not blatantly, but with enough "seed planting" to inspire others. I hope I never come across like I'm boasting or merely self-promoting...the ministry, if I may call it that, is to help the common man find hope in the value of reclaiming, restoring, re-establishing worth and value in, and re-selling these throwaway items. As I mention now and then as a common theme in my hubs, I'm only doing what God did for me. Thank you for "listening" to my testimony, Dahlia! Aloha, and have a terrific Friday and weekend, my friend!


  • Nancy C Moores profile image

    Nancy Moore 

    6 years ago from Lakeland

    Hey, Joe,

    Me again. Good job again. Very good information thx again. You need my tile I painted the dolphins on I have a pic on the mural hub I did. Love the levity too don't ever apologize for your fun it is always clean and that is what counts my friend. Oh, by the way your wife has great taste hahahaa it's a good thing you think a lot alike. It is just awesome the way you include you wife that makes reading your hubs so real. Take care and keep those keys typing looking forward to the next one.

  • livingsta profile image


    6 years ago from United Kingdom

    Very interesting Joe. You make your hubs interesting to read. I like the way you tell a story and give us some tips related to selling items or doing a business on eBay.

    All the best Joe and thank you for sharing this with us.

    Voted up and sharing.

    Have a good day my friend :-)

    Sending you warm wishes and blessings!

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    Hi, Natasha!

    Always so nice to hear from you. I know that you have a striking presence on Etsy, but I didn't know you used to sell on eBay. If and when you have the time and inclination, please send me a private message via the fan mail portion of my HP profile page and share with me a little more specific info regarding what you sold and how things fared for you. The thrift stores I regularly go to have old board games, but to be able to "tap into" the wealth of information an experienced seller has is an invaluable opportunity. Again, only if you have the time and inclination. Thanks for stopping by, my friend!


  • Natashalh profile image


    6 years ago from Hawaii

    That ironwood dolphin is cool! I used to sell a lot of eBay, but I primarily sold vintage board games and painted miniature figurines.

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    Heidi, in this entrepreneurial era of generation-crossing, I think kitschy works quite well with one's brand and mascot. Your friend is on to something, and I think with your good looks, professionalism, video promos, and business savvy, people would love the lighthearted balance. Thank you so much for stopping by. I have so much respect for you and your accomplishments. Would love to purchase an autographed copy of your bestseller autobio when you finally decide to get around it. : ) Aloha, my friend!


  • heidithorne profile image

    Heidi Thorne 

    6 years ago from Chicago Area

    Okay, being biz oriented, love the "you make the profit on YOUR purchase" emphasis. Thanks for spreading the "net profit" lesson! BTW, the porpoises are beautiful. Since my tagline is "Promo with Purpose," a friend of my suggested I bend it a little bit to create a mascot ("Promo with Porpoise"). Too kitschy, but maybe a cute idea for something someday. :)

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    Ah, Liz! I love your wit! It is, in my opinion, one of the most attractive features a man or woman could ever have. That said, I objectively appreciate the recent hub you've written because it was such an easy, flowing, well-balanced in terms of the right mix of text and media style of writing. Your unique voice was incredibly "audible," and even if I were absolutely disinterested in eBay, I would have been compelled to read the whole thing through. (The reality is that I've bookmarked it so I can refer to it time and time again as an aid in searching for these fabulous YouTubers.)

    In short, you have me wanting more of these eBay hubs. Heretofore, the majority of the eBay hubs have smacked of drab SEO content mill fare and thus a very superficial kind of writing.

    What I see in your hub is a blue collar's fare of meat and potatoes--the true substance that attracts the very people that can turn their lives around via eBay (and similar online sites). That's the same kind of practical and useful advice I want to share with others by way of my eBay hubs. You've thus inspired me with a transfusion of your eBay energy and effervescence, Liz, and I applaud you as well as remind you to keep sharing your haul videos, sales results videos, and related HP articles. You are certainly on the brink of carving out a huge niche and following, my friend! Aloha and blessings!


  • Radcliff profile image

    Liz Davis 

    6 years ago from Hudson, FL

    I love spotting dolphins! We see them every so often down here and it's always a delight.

    Doesn't it just drive you crazy when flaws don't show up until you get the item home? It's the worst.

    I'll have to keep an eye out for porpoises/dolphins. Only recently did I discover that those glass and crystal figures are more than just bric-a-brac. Congrats to lovely Rita for that nice pick!

    Thank you for sharing your costs and price points. I see that people often worry about setting a price too high when you're not sure of the value. But if an item doesn't move, you can always drop the price. You can't raise it after it's sold!

    I also appreciate that you share the true profits on items. Many sellers like to say that they sold an item for a certain amount, and you have to estimate the fees in your head (and shipping if they've offered it for free). I guess it's human nature to want to make your score look bigger than it actually is. But enough about your Larry Flynt reference . . . ;-)

    Ok, lots of random thoughts spewed out in this comment. Eloquent and useful, as always. Aloha, Joe!

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    Hi, Bill!

    The rain finally stopped, but it's unusually chilly outside, and the gray clouds are still barking and meowing. Yesterday, I told you it wasn't raining cats and dogs but that there was this incessant drizzle. Well, minutes after I said that, somebody opened up the valves, and the rain came down in a torrent. Them thar liquid UFO's are hovering overhead, and the pregnant clouds look like they're ready to let loose! That said, the extra moisture and cool air were a nice complement to the mini heat wave that preceded it. See you at the next hub, Bill!


  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    Hi, Pearl!

    The hectic pace with which I have to now work, thanks to my procrastination thus far, means that I have to keep this short, so I'll get right to the point, my dear.

    No, it's not that I ignore other people's prices. For me to have a grounded rough idea as to where to start, I need to compare prices. What I mean was that if I notice a trend where sellers are gouging prices just to come in cheaper than the next guy, I am unwilling to participate in that. I will set the price I want...maybe a tad bit higher than the norm...and bank on my decent feedback score of almost 7000 and 100% rating to hopefully attract buyers to my credible and reputable listings. If things don't work, I tweak the listings and reduce the price, offer sales, or change up from one format to the other (auctions to Buy it Now, and vice-versa) or patiently wait for the holiday time of year when things literally fly off the storage shelves. When things stall, I try to find other niches that might work during that down time for my original niches. I write Hubs that reinforce my eBay business, creating invisible links that somehow get the word of mouth thing going. But I do so with a teaching/sharing format that hopefully prevents the Hubs from getting flagged for overly self-promoting reasons. Thank you for your very thoughtful and provocative questions and comments, Pearl. Have a super day! Aloha, my friend!


  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    Thank you, WND!

    I wish I had some of your writing scheduling discipline rub off on me! LOL! I'm glad you liked this hub. Today is day 20, and what that means is that I HAVE to crank out two hubs a day if I want to meet this Challenge. So, my response will be short because there's so much to do! Keep up the great work and pace, and know that even in my hectic and stressful day, I am pulling for you and Karen. Aloha, my friend!


  • billybuc profile image

    Bill Holland 

    6 years ago from Olympia, WA

    The first paragraph was beautifully written. The remainder of the hub was incredibly helpful. I love that you are willing to share your expertise in this field and it is quite obvious that you know what you are talking about.

    Well done, Joe, and I wish you a fabulous day.



  • grandmapearl profile image

    Connie Smith 

    6 years ago from Southern Tier New York State

    Joe, I really appreciate that you so generously share your expertise as a long-time seller on eBay. These gifts you bestow are golden, and I will cherish them as such when I am finally able to embark on my own eBay journey.

    It is very interesting to me how you come up with your prices. So even though the 'eBay gurus that be' suggest checking out what similar items have sold for in the past, you bypass this practice entirely? Is it a gut guesstimate, or do you have an actual formula based on years of experience, that determines your selling price? Just wondering ;) Pearl

    Voted this awesome hub Up+++++

  • wetnosedogs profile image


    6 years ago from Alabama

    What beauties to see doing their oceanic thing.

    You got great finds here and have great fun ebaying them.

    Glad to finally know the difference between a porpoise and dolphin. Thanks for explaining.

    It is so easy and entertaining to read your hubs. I wish some of that would rub off on me.

    You are doing a swell job with your challenge.

    Have a fantastic E-bay and hub and otherwise day.

  • hawaiianodysseus profile imageAUTHOR

    Hawaiian Odysseus 

    6 years ago from Southeast Washington state

    Hi, Sally!

    I appreciate you and your beautiful words so very, very much! Sorry about the play on words with porpoise driven life--sometimes, I just can't help myself! Ha-ha! I'm learning to deal with the immense stress of this Challenge by being liberal with the silly humor.

    So, Sally, is your home of origin South Africa? If so, do you have a South African accent? I love accents! Let me know if you ever do a video so I can sit there enthralled. : ) I saw the Man of Steel the other day, and I'm always amazed at how the British actors can sound so very American!

    Well, I better get back to work! Aloha, dear friend!


  • sallybea profile image

    Sally Gulbrandsen 

    6 years ago from Norfolk

    What a great way to celebrate your purpose driven life Joe and yes, you either have it or you don't! You sure do. These magnificent creatures were often seen by me on the coast of South Africa. Sometimes they would swim in shoals as far as the eye could see - a truly remarkable sight. I love your Dolphins. I love your Hub. You are always so inspirational and giving - especially when it comes to sharing your ideas with fellow E-Bay Sellers - just like me. May your Dolphins and Porpoise swim high when you list them. Have a great day Joe.


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