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The Power of Following

Updated on April 20, 2012

Linda M. Cross

Linda Cross
Linda Cross | Source

The Power of Following

Who are you FOLLOWING in your Online Marketing Business?
We all are following someone.
The question is this: “Is it profitable to your life?” We become like those we follow.

My first article I called “The Power of Focus” was the first is a series,
and this article is “The Power of Following”. The next one will be on “The Power of Finishing”. I realize that it may not be grammatically correct - but it is a way to remember the principles.

The first word is FOCUS. One of my favorite books of all times and the one that
motivated me to action was "The Power of Focus" by Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Less Hewitt.

This article is about FOLLOWING. Who are you following in your online or network marketing business?

Who we follow affects what we think and believe. What we think and believe determines what we choose to act on, and what we act on, determines what results we have in our life. I've heard it said that our income will be near that of our five closest friends. Why? Because we feel comfortable being around people who think and live like we do. If we want to have more financial success we have to change. We need new thinking and believing to have a new success in our life. If we feel that it's wrong to have money, we'll never have money. We have to change our inner world before our outer world will change.

I've been reading the book "Secrets of the Millionaire Mind" by T Harv Eker. On page nine he states: "It's not enough to be in the right place at the right time. You have to be the right person in the right place at the right time."

To change our inner world we have to ask ourselves what are we putting into our heart and mind? Who are we listening to? I've heard it said that the wealthy elite train their children to discern "Who" they are listening to. They also train them to be "teachable" and willing to change when they hear and discern a truth or principle that can profit their life.

In your daily activities who are you listening to? Are you listening to people who get
results in their business? The kind of people who are able to generate leads everyday? If your up-line sponsor is struggling just like you - find someone who is getting results and then take the kind of action they are taking. Follow the kind of people who have the kind of success you want - then do what they do. We all need mentors in our life - someone to follow.

If you have been in a MLM for any length of time, you have struggled!
How do I know? Because I have had to struggle. I have also had success.
In one company I was able to personally sponsor over 150 people and have a team
nationwide of over 3300 people. I had a great mentor and followed what he did.

Today, I am marketing online through video, blogs, Facebook, Twitter and more.
I love it! It’s never boring and always something new to discover and learn.

The problem I had when starting to market online was things changing so
rapidly and so much information, I had NO IDEA where to start!
That’s when I went looking for someone to follow.

I found a great system who has hundreds of hours of training - all current and easy to understand! So I jumped on board and I’m so glad I did. Now, I finally understand what it takes to market online - after eight years of struggling. Every day I enjoy listening to their WakeUp call because it gets me going with motivational teachings. Then every Wednesday they hold a WEBINAR taught by a successful online marketer, and Thursday night a LIVE prospect training call, which teaches how to talk to a prospect. There is also hours of training inside the system. I love the practical step by step instructions.

We become like those we hang with. We all are following someone. Whether that's following the couple on King “of Queen TV show or a successful man or women in a MLM or affiliate marketing company that you've joined. It's a matter of CHOICE whom we follow. Our inner world creates our outer world.

In every area of our life we need mentors and teachers with the knowledge and principles that help us live a more successful life. Who is your mentor? Who are you following?

To your success in life!

Linda Cross

Linda talks about Our Enemy - Procrastination

Beautiful Rock Picture from Glendale Arizona

I love hiking and taking pictures and video too! This was taken when I was hiking in Thunderbird park in Glendale, AZ,  It was taken with my LG Optimus smart phone. Gotta love those smartphones! :)
I love hiking and taking pictures and video too! This was taken when I was hiking in Thunderbird park in Glendale, AZ, It was taken with my LG Optimus smart phone. Gotta love those smartphones! :) | Source


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