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The Power of Online Marketing

Updated on May 8, 2014

Facebook rules online marketing

While some people may not agree with this it is in fact true. Social media networking enables one ad to become a viral success over night all because of the maneuvers, like and share. In fact, you don't even really need a superb marketing plan to get noticed on Facebook. All it really takes is great advertising skills when it comes to creating ads. In addition, Facebook also provides the options of paid advertising, which creates a whole other pathway for one to introduce their business to the world.

Online advertising campaign success

The only real way to achieve online advertising success is to build an audience from the internet. There are various ways to do this. Social media is one, but having a high ranking website is another. You might ask, "How can I get my website to appear on the first page of Google or other top search engines?" That's a good question that I do have the answer to. While researching Search Engine Optimization facts I learned about some tricks that you can do as a website creator that will help you rank much higher on search engines. Think of the internet as a spider web. There are what is called spiders that crawl the internet searching for data that people type into search engine boxes. Depending on what words are typed into the search engine boxes, the spiders actually target any websites that are in relation to the words that were searched for by the person. At this point the normal search ranking appears and they choose which website they want to go to from there. So this is what you want to do when you own a website or blog. Add as much content to it as possible so the chances of the spiders finding your website are higher. This in turn will give you way better chances of reaching the top search engine ranking list. In addition, using social media networks will optimize your advertising power, but in the long run it all relies on promoting. Constantly promoting your business is number one when it comes to achieving online advertising campaign success.

What about offline advertising skills?

This is always a way to go because no matter how popular your business is you always need to promote it. Wearing shirts and hats that are personally made with your business logo or info is a very good way to promote. Business cards are a smart choice as well because even though the internet is king when it comes to social networking, you should always give people a business card. You can also advertise your business on your vehicle or other areas that you know a lot of traffic will see. Visual communication is the key to having any real success with advertising whether it is on or offline.

How can I maximize my chances of getting more traffic to my website?

The reason I did not choose "business website" in this title is because anyone can advertise their business on their personal website too. Traffic is the number one thing you need to have when you own a website no matter what. It is the traffic that enables you to have your website viewed. So how can you maximize your website's traffic amount? Earlier I discussed Search Engine Optimization facts but decided to save the best for last.

There is a more advanced way to create heavier traffic for your website than I mentioned before. It is called "keyword placement" and I have used this method before in the past. It is truly amazing! There are companies that can assist you with this process. They specialize in keyword placement. I witnessed how my website ranked number one in competition with millions of others that were in the same genre. Like I said, it was amazing. You might be wondering how exactly does keyword placement work. Well it is easier than you think. In fact, all you need to do is choose specific words that relate to your website. That's it. The rest is done by the company that specializes in keyword placement and ranking.

What's the next step?

Once you have a high traffic website that you either use to advertise your business on, or is your business website, you should see a significant improvement when it comes to sales. The reason for this is because of the increase of traffic, of course. Without substantial traffic your website will never be acknowledged on the level you need it to be in order to make sure you are as successful as possible. Keeping this in mind, always promote your website as much as you can. This keeps the chances of people going to your website higher, which in turn means more business for you.


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