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The Power of Superior Quality Relationships

Updated on August 18, 2014

Build Trust

To build strong relationships with your staff you have to start by building trust. And as a manager you need to demonstrate to your staff that you trust them as well as wanting them to trust you.

If your staff feel that you are looking down at them and only ever tell them what to do, instead of showing them what needs ot be done and working through any issues with them, then they are only going to be very defensive and distrustful of you.

Always act in a way that is not going to harm the relationship that you are trying to build. Once damage is done and a separation is built between you and your staff, it is going to be very difficult to bring them back on your side, just in the same way that it will be difficult if not impossible to bring a customer back on side that you have chased away.

The three key things that you need to remember:

1. Always be sincere and honest

2. Make certain that your words and actions do not harm

3. Have the patience and invest the time in the relationship.

Strong Relationships are Key

Strong relationships build strong businesses. If you have great relationships with your customers then they are goign to want to keep coming back and working with your business.

The same applies to your staff. The saying that "People don't leave companies, they leave bosses" is a very real one. A common mistake that managers make is thinking that their staff cannot desert them as easily as their customers can and this is even more costly an outcome for a business.

You are always going to struggle to get people to behave in a way that thjey don't want to and to do things that they don't want to do, so it is far better to focus on working with your staff to get them to do the things that they want to do.

Think about how you would get joy from your pet that you are training. Positive relationships are ALWAYS better than negative ones.
Think about how you would get joy from your pet that you are training. Positive relationships are ALWAYS better than negative ones. | Source

Accentuate the Positive

When managing staff one of the biggest mistakes that managers make is to focus on the negatives and what someone has done incorrectly, rather than focus on what they are doing right.

Positive reinforcement is often seen by managers as a sign of weakness, rather than as demonstrating that you recognize the efforts of your staff and appreciate the good job that they are doing.

Ask yourself, Do you know what motivates your team and have you ever made any effort to find out? If not, then look at their overall performance and see if that is a contributing factor to not getting the most out of all of your staff.

If you have staff that have to do very repetitive, boring work, it is important that you as the manager ensure that they remain interested ans involved in the process and the way that you do that is to remain interested in them and how they are going.

Do you take the time to build trusting relationships with your staff

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If you see one of your staff doing the wrong thing, or has already done the wrong thing, rather than swooping in like a bird of prey going for the kill, approach the situation like a friend guiding them the way to do the correct thing.

Staff members that are fearful of their manager will have little trust and will not hesitate to abandon you and your business, with all of their corporate knowledge, at the first opportunity.

Always remember to think of your staff as you would think of your most fickle customer. Treat them with respect and dignity and they will treat you in the same way.

We all know of staff that have left companies because of terrible managers and we hear of the cost to that company when that happens, so make sure that your business doesn't suffer the same fate for the same reason.


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