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The Presentation of Self

Updated on October 25, 2016

Presentation of self

Being told to reflect on your professional skills is a difficult thing to do. But when you walk into a job interview you need to be confident enough to basically sell yourself to the company. This means you need to put yourself out on a limb and show the company what you can bring to the table.

Some people are born with these skills and yet others learn it through experiences whether in school or previous work places. That being said, there are two different kinds of people in this world; those who are handed everything, and those who work hard for everything they earn. Nothing in life has ever come easily for me, so I mostly identify with the hard working classification.

Employers have heard all the typical responses when asking what skills the interviewee might bring, so just saying things like ‘I’m dependable,’ or ‘well I got perfect attendance in school’ probably won’t sell them on you; and it certainly won’t wow them. Of course that doesn’t mean it can’t be part of your presentation. You have to use a multitude of skills, and since we’ve learned that “All the world’s a stage” it’s really important to play your role to the fullest.

To exploit your strengths or skills you need to be prepared to utilize resources. Technology, for example, is a great way to express skills. The objective is knowing the job; the skill set used, the description of the position (what you will be doing), and of course how to dress.

For the longest time, every time I saw or heard “what skills do you have” I would panic. I thought I didn’t have talents, my skills seemed useless; until I realized that wasn’t really the case. That I really did have like a magical backpack filled with skills, I had forgotten about. I have a strong background in customer service, I know how to operate phones and use computer software like excel, word, and power point; communication and filing, and I enjoy learning and being cross trained in other departments. Now not only am I experienced in those skills I also have awards I can bring to the table such as Perfect Attendance and placement on the Dean’s list.

As I said though even with all these skills it’s extremely important to be confident in yourself. Though the point is to exploit your strengths, talk about what holds you back as well. I have all this experience with writing, reading, or filing but my weakness is math. I’m the first to say, ‘hey I struggle in math, although I got a C+ in that subject, for me it was like getting an A.’ it shows to my potential employer that I am a hard worker, and though I may struggle here and there I won’t let it discourage me. I don’t mind attending meetings and have no problem public speaking, but there are other important things that potential employers look for.

It is important to keep a professional image, and I don’t just mean how you look or what you wear, although that does count. What I mean is the employee’s attitude. Are they enthusiastic or miserable; do they have common sense and thinking skills?

It’s not always easy to determine what your special skill set is. I honestly didn’t even begin to reflect on it until I had to write this. I think that’s when it really hit me that I have way more skills then I thought I did, some I learned and others I was born with. Now that I realize I’ve always had these skills it’s crucial to focus and hone them, in order to become a Medical Administration Assistant. I love that I can work in the health field but I like to be the mind behind the madness not the spotlight. I find paperwork, billing, coding, and scheduling, to be the best way I can contribute to a company, because that is where my passions as well as my skillsets lay.

I’ve really decided this career path is for me. I’m currently working in an administrative assistant position, where I get to dress up every day. Everyone in the office treats each other with respect and goes out of their way to help each other. I feel important, I feel like a member of the team and though this job is not directly in the medical field and I am not doing the coding and billing that I’m beginning to learn in my classes, I am utilizing my other skills by working for New York State of Health, as well as gaining experience for future positions.


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