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The Professional Advantages of Getting CWNA Certification

Updated on May 15, 2013


Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) certification validates enterprise Wi-Fi technology at different levels, all the way from beginner to expert levels. This certification puts your knowledge of RF technologies to test, as well as Wi-Fi applications in enterprise, and ability to use the necessary tools to troubleshoot enterprise Wi-Fi networks, and secure them.

There are different types of certification under Certified Wireless Network Professional certification, and CWNA - Certified Wireless Network Administrator is among them.

CWNA –Certified Wireless Network Administrator

This certification is designed for networkers already in the field, who have a keen interest in RF behavior, surveying sites, and installing basic security for Wi-Fi, at administrator level. It is at through this certification that one learns how RF and IP form a Wi-Fi network. This certificate required to be renewed after every three years. CWNA - Certified Wireless Network Administrator forms the basis for Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) certification.

In 2012, network administration was rated as the number one skill required by companies. It was one of the jobs that had a lot of open positions at all levels from the most basic to the most proficient. This shows that CWNA - Certified Wireless Network Administrator is a relevant certification with a lot of opportunities in companies all around the world, and undertaking it is worthwhile.

Prerequisite Qualifications

One must pass the PW0-105 Exam available at all PearsonVUE testing centers

Revision Material

One uses the Sybex Official CWNA PW0-105 study guide. The CWNA practice test is also of vital importance.

Skills Attained

One acquires a variety of skills

  • Radio Frequency (RF) technologies
  • Antenna concepts
  • Wireless LAN hardware and software
  • Network design, installation, and management
  • Wireless standards and organizations
  • 802.11 network architecture
  • Wireless LAN security Troubleshooting
  • Performing site surveys

There are many Professional advantages of CWNA –Certified Wireless Network Administrator Certifications, such as:

A Basic Course For Entry And Expertise Into The Network Administration Career

The CWNA Certified Wireless Network Administrator certification forms the basis for Wi-Fi enterprise for the CWNP Program. This certification is a sure way to launch a career in wireless communication. It equips you with the appropriate skills in surveying, installing and administering enterprise Wi-Fi Networks.

2. Higher Pay

According to the Certification Magazine, the average salary for CWNA –Certified Wireless Network Administrator increased by 36% in the USA since 2005: as follows

2005 – $69,000
2006 – $74,000
2007 – $78,000
2008 – $86,170
2009 – $94,150

3. Discipline

Learning requires commitment, discipline and focus. During the learning period one is able to acquire skills that are applicable in their career, which help to give value to the certification, and enhance efficiency in performance.

4. Wider Scope of Knowledge

As one studies for CWNA certification, they are able to explore other technology areas which not only sharpens their skill, but also improves the quality of the certification. One may develop interest in another area they probably could have ignored, which not only expands knowledge, but could also become a source of income. This knowledge may also be required to pass the CNWA Certification exams too.

5. Competitive Edge

Certification gives one a competitive edge over other interviewees, when looking for a job, and may enable one to get promotions at a current company. One stands out as a true expert in technology, as they are up to date, in data solutions. Their credibility is also improved, as the company can entrust them to provide solutions even to current problems that may arise due to technological advancement, which the rest may not be skilled in.

6. Skill

Some companies like to hire skilled and certified CWNA experts, and if one does not have the certification, they do not automatically qualify to work with such companies.

7. Recognition

One may get recognized in a company because of CNWA certification in terms of higher remuneration, more responsibility, more prestigious titles, or even some benefits which are not available to people who are not CNWA certified.

8. Recognition Among Peers

When one has got certification, their peers recognize their expertise, and even in informal discussions, the opinion of the certified matters, which is a boost in one’s self-confidence and self-esteem.

9. One Can Offer On The Job Training

On acquiring CNWA certification, one may offer on the job training, which could benefit the organization and the trainees as well, as the trainees become equipped with skills that benefit the organization.

10. Credit Potential in Colleges

One may be exempted from some modules in College if going back for further studies, as a result of certification, which saves on time and money.


There are indeed Professional Advantages of being CNWA Certified both to the individual, and the organization as it benefits from those skills.


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    • soconfident profile image

      Derrick Bennett 4 years ago

      Whoa! this certification can open up many doors.