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The Qualities of Leadership

Updated on August 16, 2011

Being a Good Leader

The qualities of good leadership can make or break a Nation. A leader should be many things, and his main role is to direct the people within his authority to perform their duties and actions for the good and benefit of all. A leader should be a good listener and strong of character, but be willing to have an open mind and not determined to have his way or else. He should be an actor and not just a talker. His actions should be backed by strength and support of his constituents and in knowing right from wrong. He should be a clear and concise speaker, but not boisterous and full of empty promises, and the rhetoric of the less than adequate attempts made by some of the weaker characters in the public's eyes in years past. He should be willing to change if the needs call for change. A leader may be of the female gender as well. He/She should respect the opinions of others but be able to stick to the policies or responsibilities, at times without compromise, when the situation calls for it.

What if George Washington decided that he would not cross the Delaware in pursuit of the enemy and that his role as the leader of American forces was not really important enough, so he did not have to make the decision to lead his country against the British, as did other founding fathers in the early days of our country's formation. Would we have become the United States of America or remained under British control for a long time to come?

What if Abraham Lincoln had not made the decision to put and end to slavery and to let a rebelling South have their way in its continuation? Would it have been easier to end the war and decide that enough lives were lost and allow every thing to go back like they were before the war began? The heart break of the great loss of life on both sides was a terrible result of the Civil War, but it had to be seen through to the end that was necessary, for all that was needed to be accomplished back then. With great sorrow, President Lincoln made the right decisions.

What if President Truman had decided that the atomic bomb, as terrible as it was, would not be dropped on the enemy in WWII and allowed the war to go on longer? What if the American scientist did not push with every ounce of there energy to create and complete the atomic weapon that was released in that time and our enemy had gotten the weapon and used it on us first? Would we be the great country that we have become and led the world in science and technology, defeat of diseases, and powerful industry? Decisions were required that would shape our world's history for years to come.

What if President Kennedy had allowed the Russians to put nuclear missiles in Cuba during the crisis and how might that have led to their possibility black mailing and threatening this country, if they had been allowed to succeed. What if Saddam Hussein had been left to his own intentions of attacking and taking over the entire Middle East and killing thousands more of innocent people? What could be the results of allowing world terrorist to be given a free reign in attacking countries around the world and we had sit idly by and not taken on the warring factions? The leaders in our country had to make hard and right decisions so that the appropriate actions were taken for the good of all people of the world.

Can we as a nation sit and not address the creation of more nuclear weapons by sworn enemies and those who will definitely use them on the peoples of the world? With the atrocity that occurred on September11,2001, we saw how world terrorism could directly effect our own nation right before our eyes, and that a determined enemy was not going to stop attacking at every chance they will be allowed. The country must have strength in our leadership and make those responsible for acts of aggression and terrorism, stop or face destruction of their forces.We cannot talk about it or visit and only be shown disrespect and laughed about. The wrong doers only respect those in the leadership position who show willingness to take action at the appropriate times and places. It's then they begin to listen. That is the time they are genuinely afraid themselves and the terror will be felt by them against their acts of wrong doing. The true strength of the ages must be shown to deal with evil doers that would seek to take over this world and ts peoples. The role of a leader is a hard one and those who face its duties have endured the strain over the centuries, but it certainly has taken its tole on them. May God help them in the days that lie ahead of our nation and the world's peoples.


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