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The Day of No More "Queen Bee"

Updated on March 25, 2013
Private collection
Private collection

(This is written based on the recently published Wall Street Journal article, "The Tyranny of the Queen Bee")

In the not too distant future, the women workers gathered. They clapped. They cheered. The last of the Queen Bee has finally been... transformed. A new history is on the making!

It was true that her reign was born in a male-dominated world, the patriarchal culture. Where the majority of leaders is still men, she earned her way to the top, as an alpha female. It was her earned right for her hard work. With this special achievement, bound by her humanly features, it is no surprise that the Queen Bee would sting her co-workers. She only did so to secure her throne...

But on the day of her transformation, her needs to secure her rightly won throne, diminished. She no longer sees her subordinates, as threats. She stopped seeing them as potential opportunists awaiting their chance to stab her back and steal her throne. She realized there is no need to see them as competitors to be pushed aside, to degrade, and to undermine. Worst, to be bullied as a way to make sure none rises up. With her transformation, her focus shifted from her own survival to what's best for her kingdom, even when it means a daily struggle between her ego and being a humble ruler.

Under the Queen's change, her subordinates - now seen as team members and future leaders - start to feel nurtured. They feel like they are true part of the kingdom. They feel respected, valued, and they begin to see that there is a future for them to build themselves as as leaders. For them, work is no longer work. Their passion blossoms. They want to be part of the kingdom, and help it to prosper.

The new future is very much welcomed. Expected.

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