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The Recruitment

Updated on June 4, 2015



stay with us " and "Hiring in progress "is a slogan of my virtual(hypothetical) recruitment and hiring with the single aim and objective of hiring employees who would stick around with the company or employees for a long time . certainly, when any organisation wants that the workforce or employees get in for a long time , it means that there has to be certain sops and good career growth plan for them. Amongst these good and congenial work atmosphere is utmost essential so that employees can give in their best out of sheer loyalty and expectation of a good return at the end of the month not under the constant fear and apprehension of monster supervisor who would remind him every time of targets AND targets AND TARGETS. Good pay , quick promotion , better incentive plans , better future , congenial and amicable work environment can always make a good game plan of ensuring that the level /rate of attrition is brought down and employees remain loyal with the organisation. Simply saying that we are looking out for those guys who would associate with the organisation for a long time wont fetch them such employees unless there are measures and sops to keep them in. As I said congenial work atmosphere at times keeps even the most lethargic of employees in for a long time provided such class of employees are able to meet up their expectations and expected ( targets ) . Target means what an employee is expected and supposed to do in the workplace and the reason why he or she is hired. Lowering the intensity of work pressure is another good step that can be taken in this regard because it is seen in most of the cases of employee dissatisfaction that these group of employees often succumb to the intense work pressure they are put to . Of-course , work pressure can be compensated with good pay package - if a company pays good pay at the end of the month then , that can basically lessen the severity of work pressure and the different work - hysterias . Moreover , i would certainly give high priority to those employment - seekers who have career - work gap because they are the one's who genuinely and urgent need to be employed. There are no rules in HRM ( Human Resource management) that a person with career gap cannot be employed. Yes , after thorough investigation and background check , more credibility can be thrown about the reasons for such gap . Rejecting some one on the basis of such gap without proper analysis about the reason is the worst hiring rule that needs to be corrected. what is wrong if some one wants to start off or continue from he or she left . There is nothing to bluff around or nothing fake in that.

Of course , these are re-commendatory steps and its absolutely my personal and individual thinking that can vary , but then if this campaign "stay with us" is to succeed , the above measures are a must and mandatory.

Tanveer Mohammad Masood certified S.A.P - HR


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