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Anik Singal: The Responsible Entrepreneur

Updated on February 20, 2017

Anik Singal is a digital publisher as well as an online business man. Anik Singal is also a CEO of many digital startups including: Lurn Inc. Anik successfully built a multi million dollar business out of a dorm room. His online publishing sales alone exceed $100 million. His companies have created over $20 million in profits for his clients. Anik Singal has a long list of accomplishments. Of those accomplishments he was recognized by Business week as a Top three entrepreneur under the age of 25.

Anik is a clear example that hard work and determination pay off when you follow through. With all that success at such a young age, one has to wonder how he became so successful and what obstacles he faced on his journey to success.

The Early Years

As a young adult Anik Singal would receive a full scholarship to an Ivy League school. Coming from a long line of doctors and lawyers in his family, it seemed that he was destined to pursue medicine. He was accepted into a pre-med program. Despite his success with the pre-med program he found that the hard work and determination involved still left him wanting to pursue other passions. He would ultimately decided to leave the scholarship and pre-med program behind and search for a more fulfilling path to success.

Longing like so many others to be his own boss and control his own company, he began pursuing knowledge about making money online. Dedicating large amounts of time researching digital marketing. It would be a long hard road ahead on his pursuit for success. As with many pursuits there were many obstacles, and ups and downs along the way. The learning process was a trial and error of what works, and what did not.

In the early years Anik would spend much time dedicated to build a bussiness of his own from the ground up. Not all success stories are without their devastations. For the first 18 months Anik would not make a single penny.

Then finally as if kismet, something happened. Anik began to be successful, and his dream was coming true. He had built something from the ground up, and was living his dream.

The Rise and Fall of Initial Success

After the initial 18 months without earning a dime, success started coming quickly. It seemed as if all of Aniks hard work and research had indeed paid off. After the initial success Anik seemed to forget what his ultimate goal was and he moved away from digital marketing. The decision would be a costly one. Moving away from digital marketing resulted in Anik's initial successes being but a distant memory.

Moving into and pursuing other income streams would result in a $1.7 million debt hanging over him. He would spend time reflecting on the decisions that lead to the failure, realizing that he should have stuck with digital marketing as it had been wildly successful for him. Fearing that he was going to remain in debt, and completely lose the bussiness he worked so hard to build. He decided to once again pursue digital marketing in the hopes of building his bussiness and becoming successful again. After managing to pull himself and his company out of debt he has enjoyed 13 years of financial success with digital marketing.

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Entrepreneurial Success and Giving Back

After putting a lot more hard work and going back to his original plan for success Anik was able to turn his failures into positives. Reflecting on the uphill battle that finally brought him to his current success and being named one of Businessweek's 2008 Top 3 Entrepreneurs under 25 he decided to give back.

Anik would then go to decide that he wanted to share his success with others. So he decided to create a non profit organization. He founded an organization and called it: 'For All Our Good'. The non-profit is aimed at helping people globally to succeed the way that Anik has, as well as avoiding the pitfalls of failure that he was able to overcome. Remembering his hard work and dedication and how they affected his life,and success he wanted to empower others to achieve the same goals and dreams. The non-profit stems from his idea that he wanted money to be spent in the world for the best possible reasons, and for the most benefit.

For All Our Good has been a huge success as well. The nonprofit has managed to serve over a quarter million students, as well as building three schools in India already. The nonprofit has plans to continue building schools and will construct and build another 100 schools in Mumbai.

Anik has a very diverse portfolio these days. He not only built a multi million dollar bussiness from the ground up. He has also starred in the film 'Lethal Commission' in 2011. Anik Singul has also authored the following books:

  • 10 Website Traffic Tips
  • Passion To Profit
  • The Circle of Profit: How to Turn Passion into $1 Million
  • Driving with Shambo: The Story of a Fallen Entrepreneur Who Found Inspiration in the Most Unlikely Place

Many of the books listed above are available to the public as free downloads. Anik also uploads many videos to YouTube with tips for driving traffic traffic and digital marketing methods that are proven to help. This is only a small glimpse as to the rise Anik Singal and all his success, you can find out more on his website.


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    • Cynthia Hoover profile image

      Cynthia Hoover 4 months ago from Newton, West Virginia

      R Lucas Xander, thank you so much for your comment. They are extremely informative and enlightening courses, glad you are having luck with them!

    • azonyx profile image

      R Lucas Xander 4 months ago from Paradise Valley AZ

      I'm taking several of Anik's courses at and could not be more pleased and impressed at how they were put together. Quality information from a really genuine businessman. I have learned a LOT.

    • profile image

      Michelle Mollohan 11 months ago

      Nice to see a businessman giving back

    • Cynthia Hoover profile image

      Cynthia Hoover 11 months ago from Newton, West Virginia

      Sparklessoft123 Thanks dear, I love it when Entrepreneurs do things to give back and help others.

    • sparklessoft123 profile image

      TOOBA UMBER 11 months ago from LAHORE PAKISTAN

      worth to read. thanks for sharing this