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Your Domain Name and the Importance of Starting Your Blog

Updated on October 9, 2017
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Deon Christie, successful affiliate marketer. Professional Blogger and Search Engine Optimization expert. Published Diamond Expert Author.

Why A Hobby Is Important

Blogging And Affiliate Marketing
Blogging And Affiliate Marketing | Source

Knowing how to choose your Domain Name

Valued Reader,

Your domain name is the address for people to visit your site, and it should be targeting a specific niche based on your profitable niche. Your domain name is the most important part of launching your own blog, which is why hosting is needed and should be part of your online budget.

Yes you will need a budget to actually making money online, because if you really still believe you will be a dotcom millionaire without spending a cent then you’re sadly mistaken. None of the truly successful marketers got to their success level by not spending a single dime, not to mention how many times they actually lost money and failed.

But we never really fail which I think is part of the beauty once you achieve success, it’s then when you realize how much knowledge you’ve actually been gathering. Content is your only secret weapon, and knowledge is the only way to be able to create unique content.

The Only Real Secret to Success is to Keep Going

One can never add a specific time frame as to exactly how long it will take to eventually make money online. If you're already a Content Master, then perhaps a few months. If you're not a Content Master yet, then it will take a little longer. Just how long, depends entirely on yourself.

Deciding the Right Domain Name based on Research

How to Decide on a Domain Name - Always try to include one, and if you can two of the keywords you wish to target. Two short tail or primary keywords, but don’t make your domain too long. A short but targeted domain comes highly recommended because it must also be easy to remember, so your visitor can return easily.

Let’s just assume you wish to have a striking domain targeting Networking and Blogging. Now use the two primary suggestions and broaden the horizon a little. Add some other keywords that will go well with your primaries like marketing and best.

Based on this example a good domain name may be something to the extent of – http (://)bestmarketingblognetwork(dot)com – Now just as an example, the keywords used to decide on this domain have 1,000,000 – 10,000,000 Google searches per month combined. These keywords to use in your domain will be different to each individual person and/or blog and you have to be extremely objective when deciding.

Never use any S.E.O unfriendly characters when deciding on your domain name, these are any characters where you have to use the Shift key on your keyboard to type the character. These include characters like - ?) : (*&^%$#@! – They are not S.E.O friendly and will influence your Google Rating.

The Better your Content the Bigger the Boost

When you truly love what you do, It will be impossible to give up. A Purpose Fueled by Fascination is the Greatest Tool of them All. Affiliate Marketing is an Art that Favors Precision and Preparation.

Importance of Doing Product Research Right

Blogging And Affiliate Marketing
Blogging And Affiliate Marketing

How to Create Unique content for Better Conversion

How to create Unique Content - After selecting your domain, the real work will start because now you have to get relevant, useful and unique content to your blog. But first you’re going to want to visit a few blogs, forums and sites within your niche to research a common need. Find what your potential audiences are looking for because you must provide them with a solution presented by your Blog.

Even join the discussions (Preferably join the Discussions) and if you are not able to offer a solution, then rather ask a question to the group. Other professionals will answer your questions based on their own years of research, and in doing so you will have gathered more knowledge on the subject.

Now you may wonder how to get to the most engaging audiences, where discussions are actually active because there are many “Dead” sites out there right? Allow me to suggest you use tools like – Drop My Link and Put My Link to search for sites within your niche by using primary keywords. You have quite a few search options with both these tools so spend some time and do proper research.

Your blog is your viral salesman and you have to give this salesman enough power to convince your audience that your content is the answer to their needs. As an affiliate marketer, this is where the perfect fusion between product knowledge and content will play their roles perfectly. You must provide your audience with the kind of content nowhere else available on the internet, because it’s word for word your own work.

There are way too many copy/paste marketers out there and you need to distinguish yourself as a professional with the content you provide. A great way (I think one of the best ways) is to purchase the product you wish to promote, but choose a product that will satisfy the need of audiences you have just corresponded with. That is part of offering a product in demand, by first identifying a need.

Do proper research on the particular product, and if it’s a membership then purchase your membership and review the product properly. If it’s an eBook then buy the eBook and read every word, follow each step and truly understand the message.

With many membership sites you will have to complete certain tasks to setup the system, and follow steps to the next. All of this is how you gain that much needed knowledge so you can be able to create your own content. You can decide to write about your own researched methods and tactics, or you may choose writing a review about your research and post that to your blog.

Regardless of your choice, you must always ensure that every blog page and post have written content no less than 1000 words. You must learn how to write useful content, and product testing is one of the best ways to accomplish that. Product testing will take you down several roads, just take your time and let the knowledge really sink in.

How To Do Keyword Research

The importance of a Google Rating above 80%

Important Attributes for a Higher Google Rating – Your site Google rating is determined by around 25 identifiable aspects. For the purpose of this demonstration we will take a look at the most common attributes influencing your site S.E.O Score.

Your blog domain https protocol should be activated by registering an SSL certificate to your domain, and this is normally done by simply contacting your hosting provider support. This may not influence your actual S.E.O Score, but it will build a better trust relation with your audience. It is also speculated that Google prefers the https protocol over the more widely spread http.

Image Alt Attribute – This is normally a section provided inside your Blog cPanel where you have the description and origin details of the image. It is also the last bit normally to the completion of any html code. Always load images as large as you can to your blog, and then crop or resize for better resolution.

A Site Favicon – The favicon is the little image that appears in the search window next to your site title. With Facebook you will notice the little blue square with the white “f” inside. With WordPress it’s the round “W” sign, and with Twitter the tiny blue bird. The site favicon is normally also the image used when you decide to have your own App.

Site Title – Your site title is also your H.1 header and must also be striking, containing the primary keywords. Don’t make your site title too long because most major search engines only accept 60 characters, but it’s best to keep it at around 55 characters.

Research is the Greatest Weapon You Have

You must be prepared to spend more time researching than you could possibly anticipate. Be prepared to watch training videos and contact support again and again. You must never rush in an attempt to make money faster...

Product Research Done Right

Your Site Meta Descriptions and Authority

Site Meta Description – Allegedly Google no longer accept Meta keywords, but your Meta Description remains crucial. The Meta Description must not exceed 160 characters, but 155 is more advisable to satisfy all major search engines. Describe as best you can what your site is about by not exceeding 160 characters.

Inline CSS Styles – This is a certain code sometimes present with some images, it may be found more frequently in that of banner images. Inline CSS Styles will influence your S.E.O Rating when present in your Header, back ground and Widget sidebar images. Inline CSS Styles will not influence your S.E.O Score when present in images on blog posts, which is why it’s better to promote your affiliate offers from inside your blog posts.

Domain and Page Authority – Your domain and page authority should both be above 20, even if it’s just 20.5. It is important to have this above 20, and this will be determined by the content and activity on your blog. A responsive audience and your own unique content is a great way to boost your site domain and page authority.

Know Your Audience to Know Your Product

Easy Internet Money And jobs
Easy Internet Money And jobs | Source

In Conclusion

Get your domain out there by following these simple steps, but do not rush your research. You will be amazed at the results proper research can bring you but it is an exceptionally time consuming exercise.

Successful WordPress Blogging is tiny objective steps in the right direction, there is no such thing as a giant leap to fame (Not legally anyway) unless you win the National Lottery and we all know the odds of that. Keep researching and gathering knowledge until you get to be so good they cannot ignore you.


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