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The Role of Sociology in Management and Business World

Updated on January 25, 2018
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I am Bilal Khan I have more than 10 years teaching experience at university level.

The Role of Sociology in Management and Business World

In today’s business world, it is very important to understand people who are working in as well as outside the organizations. The importance of sociology increases because the business organizations require to know the behaviors, attitudes, perceptions and motivations of these people like employees, managers, and customers in particular. Sociology has the potential to provide facts to the managers to understand employees, consumers, customers, publics and other organizations. The knowledge of sociology enables the managers how to deal with employees, and help them how to keep good relationships with them. It also helps managers to identify and understand the requirements of employees and provide them various sources of actions to meet their needs. To further elaborate the importance of sociology, the following main points are needed to be considered in managers’ decision making and taking.

Analytical Thinking and Capabilities

The knowledge of sociology can help the managers to increase their own analytical thinking process by which they can easily understand their employees and customers. Sociologists conduct different researches in a society and organization in order to investigate the influences of a phenomenon on the employees and other institutions. For example, managers gather information regarding the employees’ diversified cultures that include norms, values, believes, symbols, languages, religions of and then treating each employee in the same way they want. It is only possible when the manager has sufficient knowledge about social aspects of employees and organizations.

Employees and Management Relations

Great leaders and managers never let their followers and employees down. There are different ways that managers and leaders use to manage their employees in the organizations. The sociology gives knowledge about people’s relationships, behaviors, likes, dislikes, cultures and religions in the society. Cultures and social aspects both guide individuals to shape their behaviors. For example, different employees from various societies and countries working in an organization will lead to complex culture where management faces difficulties to handle employees and keep good relationship with them. Thus, sociology helps the management to manage their diversified employees and create such policies that give maximum satisfaction to employees and can create better relationship among them.

Developing Entrepreneurial Activities

Entrepreneurship is the process of creating new ideas, implementing them successfully and taking risks and rewards into consideration. Managers can get help with sociological knowledge to start new businesses, or produce new products and services where there is great demand for products and services. Sociologists conducts researches in the society on various aspects like, gender, age, size, income, family life cycle, markets, social structures, cultures, socialization, religions, organizations and many more. For example, sociology gives information about income and gender, now if a business is producing a product or service only for males in the market, the information about gender and income will support the managers’ decisions to start producing products or services for females and providing various sizes of products and services at various prices based on the data for income and gender. Thus, sociology studies society and create various opportunities for entrepreneurs or managers to start new businesses and produce new products and services to expand the businesses.

Public Relationship Management

Public relationship is one of the most important parts of an organization. It requires continuous improvement in dealing public or customers. As the public or customers generate profits for the business organizations because they buy their products and services. For example, managers need to keep public informed and busy communicating with them through social medias, company’s website, emails, commercials, mobile apps and many more. In public relationship management, managers should keep trained employees on the front desk to attract public and engage them to become the loyal customer. As it is said that first impression is the last impression, public always come to the reception and asks whatever he/she needs about the organization, if the employees in the reception office are treated well, they will obviously be motivated and will create long lasting relationships with the company.


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      Kashif Aziz 

      18 months ago

      I think this is among the most important information for me. And I'm glad reading your article


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