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The Role of a Hospital Manager

Updated on May 24, 2014

In essence, the main functions of management include: financial management, ensuring the welfare of human resources and patients, and coordinate the operations of the organization. In particular, the manager is mandated to plan, organize, lead, and control. These are the main four aspects of management.

Some of the planning aspects of the hospital manager include: to receive referrals from other physicians, coordinate with the community members, scheduling work for staff and also ensuring that the staff are adequate to handle all the cases in an effective manner. The managers are responsible for planning on how time should be utilized, booking matters, financial aspects, and appropriate payments from each patient. In addition, they also plan for emergencies, the unexpected arrivals of acute care patients, which may require more personnel or space.

The aspect of organizing is also another function of the managers. This task however appears to be challenging for many managers. Among the tasks involved in organizing includes making in –home calls on schedule, ensuring that contingency plans are placed in motion to reduce the aspect of patients having to wait for longer time and so on.

Managers are also expected to be leaders in their work contexts. In this perspective, they are expected to conduct meetings with their employees on regular basis concerning various issues. The manager is responsible for setting goals that each employee is expected to achieve. These may include how they are supposed to use their time, how they are expected to relate with patients and other workers, and dealing with emergencies. The leading aspect of the manager also involves a regular discussion and addressing of the issues affecting employees and the organization in general. For instance, they are responsible for upgrading or renovating the equipments and the structures, address the expenses for repairs and maintenance, ensure employee’s welfare and deal with insurance matters. Managers are also responsible for creating awareness programs among their staff on how they are expected to relate between themselves, clients as well as their seniors.

In essence, leading entails a lot and not just sitting around some desk as bosses. It also entails showing others through example. For instance, a manager in a healthcare setting may be out on some occasion with nurses as well as other staff, holding meeting with service employees, HMOs, health insurance companies and other hospital representatives.

Controlling on the other hand is another crucial managerial function, which is subjective in nature. Effective control necessitates an appropriate attribute in leadership (Rakesh, 2010). For instance, control in a healthcare setting may mean establishment of teams and an atmosphere for teamwork. The managers are not expected to operate as lone rangers but in collaboration with others. For example, a manager may require suggestions on the best way to handle a certain task or case from other staff.

Management Skills

A manager ought to have the skills of planning, coordination and processing. This will enable him or her to ensure the welfare and safety of the workers and as well as the clients. With regard to the healthcare setting, the manager ought to have essential skills on technology. In addition, it would be good for a manager to harbor business skills that would assist him or her deal with business related issues such as capital accessibility, replacement of fund assets, costs, overhead, purchasing arrangements as well as matters related with joint ventures. Apparently, the health care manager should be versed with skills of safety management and hazard identifications to help him or her deal with such issues in case they occur.


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