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The Role of the Public Relations Writer

Updated on August 29, 2017
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There are many different responsibilities that public relations writers have to overcome in their professional lives. The public relation writer plays a very large role in the level of success of public relations campaigns.

The Role of the Public Relations Writer

“Public relations writers prepare messages for any medium that can convey information” (Newsom & Haynes, 2013). This makes public relations writers vital to the success of public relations campaigns. A public relations writer must possess strong communication skills, knowledge of the principals or persuasion, expertise in dealing with the media, and an understanding of public opinion (Newsom & Haynes, 2013). Public relations writers can often be called upon to perform a wide variety of tasks depending on the company or organization who employs them.

The exact role that the public relations writer will play in the success of public relations campaigns can be found in the job description provided by the public relations writer’s employer. Though the duties of a public relations writer can differ between employers their main role is to write promotional content designed to generate publicity or to convey content to stakeholders (White, n.d.). The public relations writer’s role might include writing press releases, content writing for websites or blogs, seeking out publicity opportunities, writing speeches, social media management or writing, editing new releases, writing news releases, tracking the results of a public relations campaign, and/or working with publications to write content for a public relations campaign. The role of the public relations writer is essentially to write and possibly promote the message designed for a public relations campaign in whatever way their employer needs them to.

The public relations writer is one of the most vital members of a public relations campaign team because they are the people who write and promote the message. Without the public relations writer there would be no written message for the campaign to disperse or any written speeches for the team to perform. The public relations writer is the backbone of any public relations campaign and, without a writer, there would be no public relations campaign as there would be no message to promote, advertise, and disperse to the public or stakeholders.


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