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The Seasonal

Updated on October 2, 2012

America is experiencing a shift in it's workforce, and its is something that I've come to experience firsthand.

For those of you who are out of work all across our country, you've probably heard the term "seasonal hire" or "seasonal worker" and let me tell you that in my opinion it's a terrible blow to America and it's ever dwindling workforce, but let me explain this.

Just a few years ago, America had a fairly strong workforce.

That's not to say that people didn't find themselves out of work, of course they did and that was before the latest recession that began to dig into America back in 2009.

But back then we all knew of the "temp" worker, it was certainly something that I was familiar with at the place where I was employed at back then, but in many cases after an initial trial period (usually about 90 days) these temps were given full-time positions where appropriate and the openings were available.

That was then...

Today we are in a glut here in America, and a new job position has been created by companies that have a demand for what they term seasonal work positions, that they use to hire people to fill certain short term jobs, and then after those jobs are no longer deemed necessary to their business...they let those seasonal workers either go or they offer them part time positions.

Since being unemployed at the end of 2010, I have had two of these short term seasonal jobs and in a word they just suck!

First of all... to all of you companies that hire seasonal workers to help drive your businesses for the short term... someone should let you know that we're in the middle of a very deep recession and that there are many Americans who are out of work and losing their homes and their will to live due to the current economy.

The seasonal worker cannot count on a 40 hour work week for the long term, so in many cases they cannot afford to even make a budget they can stick to in order to pay bills and just keep their heads above water.

Frankly, as we head into an election year I have to wonder if there is a real solution on the horizon, a solution that will help to get America back to work. Long term work that equates to at the very least the standard 40 hour work week, with wages that actually are in line with America's present economy.

These jobs have to pay above the minimum wage, and at this point every job in the united states should have a starting wage of $10.00 an hour, because here in America we have a high cost of living and with gas prices still going through the roof and groceries that usually cost a family of ( to be fair let's say three) at least $115 plus at a local supermarket if not more a week.

I for one think that every large company should be able to employ a work force that's guaranteed a 40 hour work week, and the occasional overtime as necessary.

To American business, it's time to step up to the plate and bring American jobs back to America. It's time to stop worrying about the bottom line and start to get the country back on it's feet and do away with the practice of hiring workers for the short term and then just throwing them away like rotten tomatoes.

Let's do away with the seasonal worker,make them all full time employees. Do away with the uncertainty of a bleak future and start to turn our country around, one seasonal worker at a time.


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