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The Summer Job Forecast

Updated on May 20, 2012

the summer job forecast looks great

summer employment prospects look very good for the unemployed. more than one third of employers are expected to hire more workers this summer.
summer employment prospects look very good for the unemployed. more than one third of employers are expected to hire more workers this summer. | Source

the summer job hiring forecast looks good this year

Its summer time and as the old song goes-for many the living may be easy, but making a living may not. We are still struggling with a fledging economy and trying to make it work. There are some Americans that are inching their way from the unemployment line back into the workforce, but the road certainly hasn’t been easy. If you are wondering about the summer job forecast you have a right to be.

Summer job hunters are in luck because the hiring conditions are improving around the country, but certainly not as fast as we would hope them to be. Although the jobs are available for job hunters, there are always more jobs than job seekers. Jobs this summer are going beyond the student summer job. This is the summer job forecast.

Career Buildings Annual forecast for summer jobs indicates nearly 30 percent of employers are making plans to hire workers for the summer months. This is an increase of over 20 percent from the summer of 2011 and almost 22 percent better than the previous 4 years for job seekers.

What are the hot jobs for the summer?

The hot jobs for this summer include manufacturing. Over 45 percent of manufacturers are planning to hire for the summer months. Other jobs that are hot for hiring workers this summer include;

Retail-slightly over 35 percent

Finance-over 30 percent

Hospitality-almost 45 percent

Along with these big numbers the customer service and other office support staff are expected to be in the position to hire summer workers. The job market is expected to continue strong into second half of 2012. Although college student summer jobs are what most job pursuers have in mind, these summer jobs are being offered beyond this segment of job hunters.

*according to CareerBuilder North America president Brent Rassmussen

What is the job salary for the summer jobs?

If you are wondering what to expect for a job salary as a new hire this summer you may be slightly surprised.

Employers were forthcoming when it comes to the pay being offered to summer job help. These are the responses found for summer job salary or summer job pay;

· 20 percent will pay $16 an hour or more

· 64 percent will pay $10 an hour or more

· 29 percent will pay between $8 and $10 an hour

Are summer jobs temporary or full time?

There are some employers that consider a part time summer job an extended job interview. Although many summer jobs are seasonal jobs or part time work there is always the possibility that they can transform into full time employment positions for job hunters. A number of workers may find the summer internship convert to a long-lasting place of employment.

Some summer workers are seeking the part time employment position on purpose. After the summer ends they are satisfied with their employment ending. However, there a vast majority that would be happy to extend the part time summer job into full time employment. For the latter there appears to a good indication this will happen.

Most employers are hiring their summer workers during the month of May. Nearly 20 percent of employers will continue to hire through June and July for their summer jobs.

If you are looking for summer work get your resume out there. Get your foot in the door this summer while the hiring is great. The careers available are abundant, the pay isn’t half bad and many of these positions will extend through the summer months.


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