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The Telecommunication Industry’s Culture and Work Environment.

Updated on September 20, 2015

What is Telecommunications

We all use telecommunication every day all day, in fact if you are reading this webpage your using telecommunications right now. In short, telecommunications is the transferring of information between electronic devices. Devices like computers, cell phones, televisions and satellite communications are all parts of the telecommunications world. We use these devices to transfer inputted data from one device to another. Most of society survives on the use of telecommunications and most parts of the American economy would be slowed to a stop if we lost the ability to use telecommunications. Banking, travel, ecommerce, logistics and education all depend greatly on telecommunications and would practically end if we lost telecommunications.

You and Telecommunication

Could you go one week without telecommunications and still live your normal life?

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What is Organizational Culture

Organizational culture is the vales, ideas and behaviors that an organization promotes. The culture of an organization effects the rules, decisions and actions of its employees. The mission statements, Standard Operating Procedures and other publication of the organization will follow a certain tone, theme and rhetoric influenced by the organizations promoted culture.

Organizational culture of telecommunications

The organizational culture of the telecommunications industry is much like any customer service focus organization. I work for CenturyLink in the data repair team and CenturyLink has published their mission statement and values online.

CenturyLink believes in promoting the values of:

COMPETITIVENESS: Our competitive spirit is demonstrated by initiative and urgency, with a focus on solutions, not obstacles.

INNOVATION: We innovate with practical ingenuity that results in simpler and smarter products and processes.

TEAMWORK: We work as one team, we look beyond our own interests to create the efficiencies that only collaboration can bring.

COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: We involve ourselves in service to our communities in ways that demonstrate a commitment to be both good neighbors and great service providers.

INTEGRITY: Our integrity means that we hold ourselves accountable as individuals and as a company to keep our word.

REPUTATION: CenturyLink's reputation for outstanding customer service, quality and fair dealing brings CenturyLink capable and diverse employees, loyal customers, respectful regulators and other stakeholders that are vested in our success, including consultants, contractors and suppliers. What we have worked hard to build can easily be lost by one inappropriate action. Each of our individual business dealings is an opportunity to reinforce our good name. By carefully guarding our good reputation, you can help secure CenturyLink's future success.

CenturyLinks mission statement goes on to say:

"CENTURYLINK MISSION: CenturyLink's mission is to be recognized as the first choice to serve the total communications needs of our communities," means that CenturyLink must set the standards by which customers in our communities measure the industry. We will lead by setting and exceeding the highest standards for excellence in business ethics as well as for technology and customer service".

The CenturyLink Code of Conduct for Consultants, Contractors and Suppliers. (n.d.). Retrieved from of Conduct.pdf

As you can see the organizational culture of my work place has a huge focus on customer service and satisfaction. There is also a big focus of innovation as in creating better products and services for our customers and to reach as many customers as possible. This idea is promoted in with the employee's to by the company always looking for new ways tools for the employees to use as well as new ways to help the employees become better at their jobs. CenturyLink also conducts many town hall type discussions with their employees as well as focus groups for Q and A and other information meetings directly with the employees.

CenturyLink: You'll love it here!

Other keys parts to the CenturyLink Organizational Culture

Here are some other key parts to the culture that is promoted at CenturyLink:

  • Casual dress work environment

  • Great sized work spaces with the ability to display your personal items

  • Internal promotions

  • Job opportunities in other departments

  • We are a part of the Communications Workers of America Union

  • Very competitive pay with raises every 6 months

  • Great benefits and other programs to promote good mental and physical health

  • Employee functions like Lagoon day and themed dress days or events

    These are all great examples of how CenturyLink promotes its values towards its employees which in turn promotes the employees to project those values onto each other and their customers.

Writing styles in Telecommunications

Taking all these factors into consideration someone that is coming into the telecommunications industry has to understand what the communication and writing styles are. It is good to keep in mind that there are different levels and different context to consider when communicating in this type of work culture. A person could be writing to a customer, a manager and a co-worker all with in just a few minutes. With these different levels the conversations will have their own writing style. When communication with a customer it is a good practice to stay as professional as possible and with the lowest level of technological jargon as there can be. This way the customer is being as treaded as respectfully as possible and still able to understand what the convection is about. When communicating with your manager it is good to keep thing professional but you can still make it a little more personal in respect to the relationship you have with your manager. Communication with co-work should still have a professional context but a more personal touch is good as well to promote inter office relationships and comradery.

Professional writing recourses

  • Johnson-Sheehan, R. (2015). Technical Communication Today (5th ed.).


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